Monday, November 10, 2014

Lucifer and the Power of Evil.

If you believe in evil, to whom, or from where do you attribute evil's source?  Is evil a caparicious intangible that spontaneously erupts?  Or, is the evil we experience a physical manifestation of a malignant, universal source that influences or possesses a human life and behaviors? 

Have you experienced an erstwhile normal person; a reasonably well behaved individual inexplicably change and begin displaying evil charateristics - acting as if they became possessed without the Linda Blair theatrics?  There are numerous examples of evil inhabiting every facet of life and endeavor.  

Evil is a genuine force and it is ubiquitous.  A cursory examination of the globe reveals certain areas where diabolical and nefarious behaviors and ideologies thrive.  The current beheadings and unrest in the Middle East or Africa both qualify.  Those areas where Communism was adopted and implemented also qualify - USSR, China, Cambodia, Cuba and others were once rife with atrocities and corruption - evil again assuming control.  Man must reject and abstain evil overtly to prevent it from assuming a position of power in a society.  

Morality once stood as a rampart.  A Godly, unambiguous, morality modified behaviors and imbued a common attention to society's members - even when the membership was not a religious adherent.  Morality requires behaviors conform to a universal standard of "Goodness".  

If a society loses its morality, or morality is so structurally changed it is rendered relative, subjective - each member defining it to suit their needs and wants, evil is advanced an opportunity.  Goodness is vanquished.  Evil obtains.  If evil is a legitimate force, someone or something claims it for dominion.  The same influences that mandate the operations within an atom, may exert control over evil - as atoms comprise every source of matter or energy. Learning how to control these forces is possible.  It is probable an entity has learned how, and/or was taught or assisted in assuming control.  

Positive and negative matter and energy, are realities that comprise our physical universe.  Nothing exists without both. In balance, or a functioning equillibrium established, a positive or negative environment is obtained.  When absolute opposites confront oneanother, they annihilate. Obviously, the equillibrium exists in our reality.  Managing the reality begins with recognizing the evil in our lives - and controlling it.  

Lucifer is the Christian entity that was given the evil domain.  The belief an entity controls this force is not simplistic and based in myths.  For God to exist, his evil counterpart must exist.  When ever God speaks to man, Lucifer accompanies him and the person contacted must overtly choose God and reject Lucifer.  These examples reveal the need for balance and choice.  When mankind chooses to ignore or reject God, by default they embrace Lucifer.  Modern Science and political organizations have framed this question with only one secular option.  Ending prayer and public worship assures fewer and fewer people are exposed to Goodness.  It also assures they confront evil ill-prepared.  When illprepared, they make poor choices - like in 2008.  It tool six years for them to learn the error of their ways and many still refuse to recognize the evil in their lives.  

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