Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Johnathan "Jans"Gruber - The Democrat Wonk Who Exposed the Democrat Party's Real Objectives and Their Views on the American Voter

Mr. Gruber was hired by the Democrat Party to fashion Obamacare.  Readers must recognize and comprehend the depth or arrogance and illegal actions within the Democrat Party.  Gruber is merely one member of a Progressive Democrat cabal in the government.  

The people in the cabal despise the American voter. Gruber stated their collective sentiments; their assessment of Americans:  Too Stupid... too ignorant... unable to understand what is good for them.   Gruber and Democrats do not care what the American voter wants or thinks.  They fashion laws to obtain their political objectives, no matter the consequences - death, loss of employment, loss of insurance coverage - are three outcomes Democrats plan and legislate to obtain - against the will of the voters.  

When Democrat mouths move, they are LYING.  

The lying allegation is not over the top.  It is a gracious and accurate assessment that does not consider the incalculable damage their actions in government assure.  The American family is only considered when Democrats need to fabricate the LIE needed to motivate their vote and inflame their hatred of the political opposition when election time arrives.

Voters must re-assess every ISSUE Democrats advance.  They must know for a certainty whatever Democrats declare - is untrue.  

The ENDS justify whatever MEANS are needed to enact the issue.  

The outcome of each political objective is calculated to:
Acquire more power, 
Control the lives of Americans, 
Steal unearned tax dollars to reward political supporters, elected members of government, and agencies of government administering the issue, 
Punish the political opposition - using the Media, or the Courts.  

Obtaining absolute control, and/or the elimination of individuals freedoms and decisions rightfully belonging to the American citizen, freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution, are the target for Democrats.  

Because the American citizens values their freedoms and often refuse to willingly give away their freedoms to Democrats, explains WHY Democrats choose to; Lie, Deceive, adopt criminal actions, and refuse to listen to the voters.  

Indoctrination - to compel citizens to accept what Democrats will next do to them, which freedom they plan to eliminate, or reduce, is the Democrat's primary obligation.

Whatever Democrats accuse their political opponents of doing, is precisely what Democrats have done or plan to do.  

If lives are lost, or if the standard of living of an American family is degraded due to Democrat actions - they don't care.  Accomplishing their mission  - acquiring absolute control over the lives of citizens is the only concern.  Think about Fast and Furious... the death of an Ambassador in Benghazi, the out of control border, Global Warming, and all the other Democrat issue all being LIES.  They are!!!

Mr. Gruber... the pompass, arrogant, MIT graduate who is the architect of Obamacare, the man who denigrated the intellect of American voters (a view shared by all his Democrat colleagues) is unable to pronounce: "Plate-able? Pellet-able?; Palpable? - "Palatable" .  

The election earlier this month would have a dramatically different outcome if voters heard Gruber's comments.  But I am confident, the stupid American voter will not forget these comments and will express their ability to remember Gruber's (and Democrats) assessment of the American voter.  

One truth Gruber indentified - the average intellect of a registered Democrat voter - is the stupidity Democrats measured. The Democrat's assessment and opinion was projected when Gruber spoke onto all voters.  

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