Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why & How Politics Jeopardize the Soul

The human soul is comprised of electrical impulses generated by the physical senses and the processes of thinking - thought.  These bits of electrical energy are named electrons and photons.  Without getting too complicated, know these forms of energy are the same.  They literally change physical "states".  As such, the same piece energy can assume either state, photon or electron, and, how this happens continues to defy logic and confound physicists, even though the physicists found a mathematical way to work around inconsistency using the "Uncertainty" Principle.  The environment where the particle is studied, predicates which state the energy will assume.  The processes of investigating the particle determines which state it assumes.  

These particles, the particle, move at light speed orbiting the nucleus of an atom.  The electron is present in every atom, in every piece of matter in the universe. Its speed is important.

Are you beginning to question my sanity? The "behaviors" of these bits of energy are unusual and defy conventional "Classic" Newtonian physics.  

My sanity is confirmed - I am not the one who conducted the experiments that provided evidence leading to the theories that define the electron/photon behaviors.  These particles when in the photons state, are waves of energy.  

The act of investigation, conducting an experiment, measuring, or looking for the waves of photons, changes them into particles - bits of matter.

The behaviors of these particles are amazing and troubling. If investigated persistently, one begins to consider the particles may possess an ability to adapt to their environment, based upon external stimulus - investigation.  If they do, and they can adapt, that suggests a potential for these particles of matter possessing a rudimentary form of "sentience".  

It is the behaviors of electrons and photons that moved me to create this blog - as the human soul is comprised of these particles.

When I learned about the behaviors of the energy it deeply influenced my spirituality and relationship with God.  

The soul is like a hard drive that collects each physical sensation: taste, sight, sound, touch, and thought. God is be able to read, interpret these bits of energy accrued over your lifetime, and know, exactly, what you did, experienced, and thought.  

Einstein's relativity expression suggested achieving light speed stopped time - overcame the time space curiculuum.  Learning these particles move at light speed, and they are the same energy powering the human body and mind, means they, when configured as human soul, are capable of overcoming the time space continuum.  Time stops.  The particles are eternal.  

Your soul is ETERNAL! 

The environment we place ourselves in, profoundly impacts our senses and our thoughts. 

Politics determine the society we live in and the rules governing our lives. Correspondingly, a person must act to shape or create an environment that optimizes our ability to obtain God's grace. Electing officials who share our spiritual perspective is very, very, important.  

One political Party works to reduce religious worship - Democrats.  Their perspective in this regard influences their other decisions and those create a less than optimal environment
for spiritual growth.  Remember this the next time you vote.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Johnathan "Jans"Gruber - The Democrat Wonk Who Exposed the Democrat Party's Real Objectives and Their Views on the American Voter

Mr. Gruber was hired by the Democrat Party to fashion Obamacare.  Readers must recognize and comprehend the depth or arrogance and illegal actions within the Democrat Party.  Gruber is merely one member of a Progressive Democrat cabal in the government.  

The people in the cabal despise the American voter. Gruber stated their collective sentiments; their assessment of Americans:  Too Stupid... too ignorant... unable to understand what is good for them.   Gruber and Democrats do not care what the American voter wants or thinks.  They fashion laws to obtain their political objectives, no matter the consequences - death, loss of employment, loss of insurance coverage - are three outcomes Democrats plan and legislate to obtain - against the will of the voters.  

When Democrat mouths move, they are LYING.  

The lying allegation is not over the top.  It is a gracious and accurate assessment that does not consider the incalculable damage their actions in government assure.  The American family is only considered when Democrats need to fabricate the LIE needed to motivate their vote and inflame their hatred of the political opposition when election time arrives.

Voters must re-assess every ISSUE Democrats advance.  They must know for a certainty whatever Democrats declare - is untrue.  

The ENDS justify whatever MEANS are needed to enact the issue.  

The outcome of each political objective is calculated to:
Acquire more power, 
Control the lives of Americans, 
Steal unearned tax dollars to reward political supporters, elected members of government, and agencies of government administering the issue, 
Punish the political opposition - using the Media, or the Courts.  

Obtaining absolute control, and/or the elimination of individuals freedoms and decisions rightfully belonging to the American citizen, freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution, are the target for Democrats.  

Because the American citizens values their freedoms and often refuse to willingly give away their freedoms to Democrats, explains WHY Democrats choose to; Lie, Deceive, adopt criminal actions, and refuse to listen to the voters.  

Indoctrination - to compel citizens to accept what Democrats will next do to them, which freedom they plan to eliminate, or reduce, is the Democrat's primary obligation.

Whatever Democrats accuse their political opponents of doing, is precisely what Democrats have done or plan to do.  

If lives are lost, or if the standard of living of an American family is degraded due to Democrat actions - they don't care.  Accomplishing their mission  - acquiring absolute control over the lives of citizens is the only concern.  Think about Fast and Furious... the death of an Ambassador in Benghazi, the out of control border, Global Warming, and all the other Democrat issue all being LIES.  They are!!!

Mr. Gruber... the pompass, arrogant, MIT graduate who is the architect of Obamacare, the man who denigrated the intellect of American voters (a view shared by all his Democrat colleagues) is unable to pronounce: "Plate-able? Pellet-able?; Palpable? - "Palatable" .  

The election earlier this month would have a dramatically different outcome if voters heard Gruber's comments.  But I am confident, the stupid American voter will not forget these comments and will express their ability to remember Gruber's (and Democrats) assessment of the American voter.  

One truth Gruber indentified - the average intellect of a registered Democrat voter - is the stupidity Democrats measured. The Democrat's assessment and opinion was projected when Gruber spoke onto all voters.  

Monday, November 10, 2014

Lucifer and the Power of Evil.

If you believe in evil, to whom, or from where do you attribute evil's source?  Is evil a caparicious intangible that spontaneously erupts?  Or, is the evil we experience a physical manifestation of a malignant, universal source that influences or possesses a human life and behaviors? 

Have you experienced an erstwhile normal person; a reasonably well behaved individual inexplicably change and begin displaying evil charateristics - acting as if they became possessed without the Linda Blair theatrics?  There are numerous examples of evil inhabiting every facet of life and endeavor.  

Evil is a genuine force and it is ubiquitous.  A cursory examination of the globe reveals certain areas where diabolical and nefarious behaviors and ideologies thrive.  The current beheadings and unrest in the Middle East or Africa both qualify.  Those areas where Communism was adopted and implemented also qualify - USSR, China, Cambodia, Cuba and others were once rife with atrocities and corruption - evil again assuming control.  Man must reject and abstain evil overtly to prevent it from assuming a position of power in a society.  

Morality once stood as a rampart.  A Godly, unambiguous, morality modified behaviors and imbued a common attention to society's members - even when the membership was not a religious adherent.  Morality requires behaviors conform to a universal standard of "Goodness".  

If a society loses its morality, or morality is so structurally changed it is rendered relative, subjective - each member defining it to suit their needs and wants, evil is advanced an opportunity.  Goodness is vanquished.  Evil obtains.  If evil is a legitimate force, someone or something claims it for dominion.  The same influences that mandate the operations within an atom, may exert control over evil - as atoms comprise every source of matter or energy. Learning how to control these forces is possible.  It is probable an entity has learned how, and/or was taught or assisted in assuming control.  

Positive and negative matter and energy, are realities that comprise our physical universe.  Nothing exists without both. In balance, or a functioning equillibrium established, a positive or negative environment is obtained.  When absolute opposites confront oneanother, they annihilate. Obviously, the equillibrium exists in our reality.  Managing the reality begins with recognizing the evil in our lives - and controlling it.  

Lucifer is the Christian entity that was given the evil domain.  The belief an entity controls this force is not simplistic and based in myths.  For God to exist, his evil counterpart must exist.  When ever God speaks to man, Lucifer accompanies him and the person contacted must overtly choose God and reject Lucifer.  These examples reveal the need for balance and choice.  When mankind chooses to ignore or reject God, by default they embrace Lucifer.  Modern Science and political organizations have framed this question with only one secular option.  Ending prayer and public worship assures fewer and fewer people are exposed to Goodness.  It also assures they confront evil ill-prepared.  When illprepared, they make poor choices - like in 2008.  It tool six years for them to learn the error of their ways and many still refuse to recognize the evil in their lives.  

Mark Paredes - Truth Teller - Learns the Risks

Mormon Bishop Mark Parendes is learning, or has learned, truth telling in these latter days comes with a price.  Mr. Parendes had the temerity to state the obvious - former US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not worthy to receive a Mormon temple recommend. 

More importantly, the Democrat Party actively works to limit and eliminate the Christian religion.  Progressives and Liberals define the Democrat Party.  It is they who act to infringe and end public Christian worship.

If we dissect the Democrat Party's platform - it is chock O block with objectives and ideologies that further disqualify Reid.  Harry Reid's comments and behaviors since assuming leader of the Senate make him eligible for excommunication in my view.  The church leadership view the matter differently and chastized Parendes - instead of supporting him.   

There are church members who condemned Parendes opinion and stated support for Democrats.  They are willfully ignorant, and/or value the free stuff Democrats provide them, or I suspect a family member or friend's behaviors have them conflicted over their religion's requirements.  A Mormon cannot support the Democrat Party's objectives and retain in good standing with God or Mormonism - IMO.

Harry Reid is arguably the most visible Mormon in the USA.  The church can ill afford having Reid's behaviors supporting and advancing an organization committed to ending Christain worship being tied to Mormonism.  

Democrats turned away from religion with the O'Hare decision.  Ostensibly arguing for separation of church and state and for evolution being taught in schools.  That's not true.  Democrats actively advance Islam's political and worship rights. Democrats cannot abide with a Godly morality standard. Those who deny God and whose behaviors and/or their "Causes" act as a spiritual replacement, are who Democats preferred to support and advocate.

Once Democrats lost religious votes, they needed replacements and began courting the unorthdox to replace the votes lost.  

Democrats have one political imperative - buy votes and dependency with give aways. They have addicted tens of millions and rely upon the free stuff voters and don't care about economic insolvency.   Many, many Americans' political views are based upon what the government gives them.  Avoiding economic ruin is a responsibility of every citizen regardless of Party.

The recent election revealed another truth - even those who are ostensibly dependent upon Democrats view the perilous state of affairs in America as so dire they are willing to risk losing their free stuff - to stop Democrats!  

Harry Reid is instrumental in creating those opinions and the outcome of the election.  Place Mormonism aside... Harry Reid's actions as Majority Leader entirely acted to forward control of government to Mr. Obama & expand Democrat policies, advance economic ruin, and encourage disobedience of the nation's and God's laws.  The US citizens no longer trust Democrats. They fear them.  

What Mr. Parendes did wrong was apologizing.  One must never equivocate after speaking a truth, otherwise... credibility evaporates.  Apology informs your enemies to pounce. Apology is a sign of weakness.  Stand up for your beliefs, state them, and endure what follows.  Mr. Parendes lost his greatest supporters - those who agree with him - when he apologized.  Actions have consequences - even when the actions are truthful and honest!!!  

Democrats still have not comprehended they are finished politically and their old playbook is rejected. The current Democrat leadership must be replaced.  If Democrats persist, they will not see a majority for a long, long time. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mentally Detached and Racially Radical

The nation has a rough couple of years ahead unless the Democrat Party leadership changes and the residue from the 1960s is removed.  Truly, they are completely ignorant of the average American's life and plight, or they don't give a S___t.  The man in the White House will drive voters away from the Democrat Party in record numbers.  Last week revealed he is deaf to the reality swirling around him - and/or that outcome taught him he must act, and act swiftly and radically, to accomplish the last pieces of his agenda to punish the white race/men who drove his father away. He hates this nation with a passion.  He is ego cubed.  He is a menace and Democrats, if they had a clue, would act to limit his plans and reign in his actions.  They could approach Republicans about impeachment and agree to accomplish that act.  It's really the only hope that remains for Democrats - but they are still out of their minds - in a post election stupor.  Getting beaten that bad leaves marks and the mental confusion it spawns won't go away soon.  They are actually thinking they won!!??  Democrats are rearraging reality and claiming the election proved the electorate want the newly elected to behave like, and work with (to advance the Democrat agenda) the people they evicted from office with their votes!!  Unbelievable.  

Owning the media's allegiance has warped Democrat's perspective and permitted them to increasingly distance themselves from what being an American was, is, and will remain.   

Murdering God and acquiring every deviant group they believe they can bully the public to accept is the new playbook.  They must replace the votes they drive away with policy ambitions each election cycle.  They are running out of options and the latest election reveals how many are abandoning the Democrat brand.  They are doomed, unless they find their way back to reality.  The Democrat's and the media's fealty to Obama is at the core of voter enmity.   

Race relations - how they've reached an all time low, is in print where ever you look and Ferguson's gonna be a breaking point.  Watch!  Wait... and see.  American know Democrats are to blame for places like, and the actions within, Ferguson, MO.  That town is what Democrats plan for all America - if they get their way.

Each new diversity gambit follows the hate, prejudice, and Christian white men are evil and responsible for every ill that impact life on earth since 1000 A.D..  

I doubt that Democrats can remediate their rectal cranial inversion for at least two more election cycles.  Some lessons require a beating.  2020 is the year when they congregate their feces again and drop the collection of extremist splinter groups who currently define their constituents.  

Hillary loses big, and I can't name her opponent.  Mark it down.  

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Election Results - God Shows his Hand

God occasionally acts in ways that conflict with his previously stated goals.  He does this often when his love and compassion exceed his better judgment.  That is what happened last night.  I also suspect God realized he needed to act to preserve his greater objectives. There are timetables and events that God must maintain to secure and perpetuate the order of the universe.  God also holds out hope his children will awaken from their stupors and find their way back to his graces.  What happens now that Republicans were given this gift, will predicate what God does next and how he works going forward.  

A return to Godly principles - acting to es-establish Christianity's right to worship and pray are pivotal items this new Congress must address.  Congress must additionally act to reign in Islam, and any other religion.  They all deserve the same reverence and protections. How Republicans act will reveal their allegiance to the Establishment, or to God and their base. If the establishment is chosen and Congress acts to enact Democrat policies at a slower pace, I shutter to think what will arise.  

Regardless, the wife and I will act to preserve our lives and the lives of our family.  We cannot rely upon the incumbent Republicans.  They should be relegated to positions where they can do the least harm and not work to undermine the gains realized.  They should declare themselves Democrats, as their actions - not their words, expose their true allegiances.  

Let's thank God for this opportunity and pray enough of the new faces in the Senate and House replace the current Speaker and install conservatives to lead both chambers.