Friday, October 31, 2014

Real Black Leadership - the Chicago Division has the video - MUST SEE!!

I have waited for decades to see black men finally standing up for reason and logic.  These are men with much too lose - if comments heard on talk radio from other blacks about the vindictiveness they encounter in their families and among friends - if they dare suggest the Democrat Party does not represent their best interests.  Voting Republican, per these comments, is akin to announcing they support the KKK.  The Democrats have done a wonderful job assuring blacks are utterly dependent upon them.  There are so many programs - sold as assistance - they are spread into every agency of government.  They reach into every aspect of life.  Blacks that play their cards right can live a reasonable life - if they are willing to tolerate the living conditions that Democrats impose upon them. 

Congratulations to these brave men and may God keep them safe and expand their audiences.  

These men have learned from hard lessons what Democrat politicians planned and plan for black people.  Black people are suppose to shut up and be grateful for what Democrats give them - free abortions; a fatherless household; black violent crime rates that claim the lives of almost one in four, 25%, of black boys under 30 in urban areas.  Assault and rape and other crimes - that Democrats do squat to abate.  

The Democrat response to black on black crime is telling and reveals how Demorats truely feel about black people.  

Democrats don't want black people in their neighborhoods, or in their personal lives. Touching black people at political evendents is icky enuff.   Making time to scare blacks to death of Republicans so they will vote at rates over 85% for Democrats is tough.  It takes time.  It requires entering those dirty and disgusting areas with filth and crime.  Blacks usually want to ask questions that requires the Democrat lie.  When nearly every word from your mouth is a lie - keeping the lies straight is difficult.  

These men also know their Democrat "Brothers" in skin color are worse than Uncle Tom.  They sell their race down the river so they can be invited to white Democrat parties and share in the tax dollars supposedly dedicated to clean up crime and improve living conditions, schools, etc...  Black Democrats in urban areas live a nice life and flaunt their wealth to other blacks.  They live next to white people and needn't concern themselves about how the majority of other blacks live.  

They're Democrats, and they know fear of Republicans and whites and racism is enough to assure these blacks vote Democrat; no matter what befalls them.  Like Marion Barry - they can be caught on video tape getting high on crack, with a prostitute, in a hotel room - the room and Ho secured with tax dollars, and they will be re-elected!!!  

The current President is the worst example of them all.  This man had the greatest opportunity of any president since Lincoln and he chose to play golf and buddy up with Wall Street players.  He turned his back on those who placed him in power - poor blacks. 

There is nothing as nefarious, racist, or uncharitable as a Democrat politician.  Hopefully, blacks have had enough Democrat politics and they are willing to risk change for the better.  

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