Friday, October 31, 2014

I'm Praying God Influences this Election

A Republican Majority of 60+ members in the Senate will bring enough new faces the Old Establishment Republicans won't be able to lean back and behave like Democrat - Lite as they have in the past.  60+ members will terrify enough current Democrats they will vote with Republicans against the President who acted with no concern for his own party.  They too will have animosity to pass out.  Unable to act with his pen - Mr. Obama will spend the remaining years in the Whitehouse on the golf course/  Impeachment... may finally grow legs.

I predict Democats will have a long talk with Obama and threaten him with no support if he continues as he has.  I actually think some in the Democrat Party may act to remove him from office - the way they removed JFK.  That provides benefits unavailable to them if they do nothing and watch Republicans erradicate all the programs they enacted after Obama was inaugurated.    

A VETO - proof majority in both chambers will end Obama's presidency.  He can thank himself and the policies he prefers.  He hates America and White Americans.  Yes, hate is the accurate word.  

Mr. Obama long ago turned to his dark side.  He did this after the white half of his family were the only ones willing to care and support him.  Obama's father never wanted him and avoided him all his life.  Stanley (Barak Sr.)  Obama abandoned his son one year after his birth - so did his mother.  His mom returned to Washington State to continue college studies. Stanley, Obama's father, spent one week with Obama as a pre-teen - Obama's grandparents paid for the trip.  Obama's white grandmother was the person who raised him - the same woman Obama insulted and called a racist in 2008.  

Not having a father made an emotional wreck of Obama and he has never overcome the devastation.  He blames whites and America and perceived racial prejudice for his father's lack of compassion and love.  Obama is unwilling to admit his father did not love him and couldn't care less about him.  Children always blame themselves for parental behaviors. Accurately assessing his father's actions as cruel and heartless is too much to bear.  

Frank Marshal Davis helped Obama focus his racial hatred.  He likely told Obama: No matter what you do - if you ever live down to their expectations - they will lump you with other n____gers.  Obama chose his dark side for that reason, AND... because it was easier and the perks were better.  He gained access to the Ivy League schools exclusively from affirtative action programs.  He is not a smart man.  By his own admission he was a poor student.  He is possibly the only President of Law Review who was NEVER published!  Not one article carries his name, or a by-line, or as a participant.  He made a carrier from hating whitey.  Reverend White also helped him hone his hate skilz.  

Over time, as Obama gained power, he was able to actualize the hate simmering inside - hatred that belongs directed towards his father.  Obama's father lives in a fantasy Obama created so he could excuse his father's behaviors.  That fantasy Obama can edit anyway he wants or needs to preserve the fiction he prefers -  His father really loved him.  White prejudice drove him away.  

Obama advanced Communism because that form of government is what his father preferred.  Obama Sr. lost all his jobs and eventually killed himself after being frustrated and fired because of his Communist sympathies.  Obama's entire family, even the white half, were Communist sympathizers.  Is impossible he could divorce himself from that.  For a man who claims Communism is the best, the only, form of government that helps the middle class, he made his own millions by giving away other people's money to billionaires.  Like all Progressives/Commies, he refuses to part with his money.  Small businessmen who can't afford a law firm to defend themselves are the atrget of his and his ilk's attacks and venom.  

Obama is owed a beat down.  He missed the real one while a child - like his Progressive pals.  They hid behaind skirts and now that they have jobs in government and politics, they use government to BULLY others to get their way.  Ironic?  No!  Progressives project their own worst sins and preferences upon their foes.  Racism, hate, sexism, .... name it. Whatever the Democrats accuses, are their own failings.    America has finally learned.

Please pray and ask Dad to move this nation to right itself and eliminate the stain this presidency has placed upon it.  Ask him to pressure the Republicans too and remove the weak / Democrat-Lite faction therein too.  Help your neighbor and older folks get to out vote.  We must make the past six years a memory as soon as possible and work to rectify the damage done.  

God Bless.

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