Monday, September 22, 2014

The Sabbath, or Sabbaoth

The correct and accurate spelling of the word Sabbath/Sabbaoth is one never expressed to me.  The answer coming from a person trained in Christianity is one of greater value for a Christian, as that keeps the integrity and lineage of the terms within constraints ordered by our Father in Heaven/God/Dad.   Diverting to Google and web references provides the following:

Sabaoth translated means armies, or hosts, or the Almighty - "Lord of the Sabaoth" is a specific, single use, single purpose phrase for refering to God in times of conflict when God's people are under assault.  

Sabbath translated refers to a worship day - God rested on the Seveth-day from his creation labors.  God and his associates worked six straight days to organize and form the earth. The oldest scriptures contain creational text that differs from the KJB and other codified into the first Bible around 400 A.D..

God rested after his labors.  He inferred Adam also rest one day each week and give thanks to God for the blessing of life and the earth created for man's use.  The beauty and splendor created for man provided an environment where man could increase his intellect and experiences to positively augment eternal life and the progression towards becoming more Godly.  

The importance of the sabbath comes from God's leading by example.  No mention is made of God's motivation.  Did God need to fulfill a worship requirement for his creator?  Is resting a practical and necessary event that enhances harmony?  

A majority, if not all, of God's commandments, also contain practical and needful reasoning. The old sage - there's a purpose behind every outcome, everything happens for a reason, et al... are examples of this maxim.  

The opposition must also contain truth.  The actions leading to an outcome, or a commandment given, each have practical considerations and blessings or benefits attendant each one.  Accepting God does not arbitrarily impose commandments for gratuitous purposes, or to flatter his ego, makes the commandments more palatable for those with little faith - like me.  

Appreciating God as a loving father who continually strives to better enable the eternal life of his children is an obligation each of us hold.  Loving our father and obeying his wishes, to express our respect and love towards him, returns blessings, contentment, and prepares us for reuniting with our heavenly families.  .

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