Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Basics of Matter and the Human Spirit

To consider my perspective on God and man's relationship with God - "My Beliefs"- an understanding of my faith is essential.  The majority of my life I had no faith - none, zippy, nada.  

How I define the human spirit is another vital component.  That spirit is WHO we are.  It is the entity with whom we communicate in our internal dialogue.  That entity chooses, and we take action based upon those communications.  The spirit has physical properties - tangible physical properties.  It is not conjecture.  Our eternal souls rests in this belief system and the rational mind.  

God gave man free will = rational mind.  Man's rational mind is free to take decisions on each act his body takes.  Man confronts, considers and chooses each action.  Each action chosen is a behavior.  Man's eternal salvation is contingent upon his behaviors.  God issued commandments to improve man and man's spiritual condition - to prepare man for the next step in an eternal progression of acquiring knowledge.  Man shapes and increases his cognitive and physical environment, AND, his spiritual environment - with each behavior considered and chosen.  

Our placement in the afterlife is predicated by, and contingent upon, the behaviors chosen. The decision taking processes will also come under scrutiny.  i.e. God will judge man based upon how well man followed the commandments, the dynamics of the decision made = the environment (where, when, how, and with whom) and the dialogue leading to the decision taken.   Casting aside the environmental considerations man faces when making any choice, the internal dialogue contains the structure of man's credibility..., what motivates man? Man's motivations are essential to his spiritual credibility.  

Man is expected to obey the commandments without proof of the God who crafted and issued the commandments.  Faith is a requisite component for salvation and as a motivation to control man's perspectives and behaviors.  When a person lacks faith - as I did, it becomes vital to increase one's knowledge.  Faith is a direct product of learning.  If man cannot define or comprehend himself - his spirit, his soul, man cannot perceive faith on any level save a reflexive, instinctual, blind faith.  I assert blind faith while practically analogous to obtaining eternal life, it is an immature imposter for faith acquired through adversity. My faith became active when I learned the composition of the soul.  

Comprehending our Spirits - Man' soul is comprised of electrons/photons.

The fundamental basis of matter, known to science, is an atom.  There are much smaller pieces - sub-atomic matter is also present.  For this blogs purposes, the smaller parts will not be discussed.  We will investigate the electron.  The electron is represented in the image below - it's the ball orbiting around other ball with a "+" sign.  The electron is negatively charged.  We can know our physical senses interact with the electron - it is the electron moving near light speed that our fingers feel when we touch an object.

The electron has very little mass, and moves incredible quickly "orbiting" around a nucleus. Mass and momentum are factored when accounting for the electron in physics.  The electron is considered a wave - in either state - photon or electron.  Electricity is the flow of electrons.  The photon is light.  (We see and feel photons we sunbathing.  The solar wind is another result.)  The electron's behaviors get very weird when it is measured (or looked at) the electron becomes a particle - like the ball seen above.    This equation defines the theory:

It moves so fast and in ways that appear irregular and unpredictable.  Science lacks the machinery/technology to isolate the electron within the atom.  The electron's behaviors are so irregular, it precise location when studied could/can not be determined.  When the Werner Heisenberger's Uncertainty Principle/Theory resulted, the science community was astounded.  This theory profoundly impacted quantum physics.  This theory proposes the electron's state, and its location, could not be known or detected.  (NOTE: compounding this difficulty - the electron can change states and become a photon - virtually at will) 

It prompted Albert Einstein to quip - God does not roll dice.  Ed Schrodinger created the Cat Paradox.  Nels Bohr worked with the theory are developed an equation that "kinda" located the electrons Potential locations.  Bohr wrote the Entanglement theory.  Truly, since the atomic particles studied are so small and move so quickly in the space occupied by an atom, man cannot yet devise machines to study them and physically isolate the particles and measure them. This may never be possible.  Mathematics is used to predict both and derive conclusions from same.

Quantum Physics and the Mechanics used to define, order and observe behaviors, or predict behaviors, is a very complex under taking and discipline.  People studying these are big brained.  They are math professionals of the highest order.  Their work is as accurate as possible; considering the operating environment - and that will grow to become bizarre - if reality is factored into their work.  The quantum reality is nebulous and personal perspectives vary radically - 

"...Einstein asserted he believed the "natural basic assumption" that a complete description of reality, would have to predict the results of experiments from "locally changing deterministic quantities", and therefore, would have to include more information than the maximum possible allowed by the uncertainty principle.
In 1964, John Bell showed that this assumption can be falsified, since it would imply a certain inequality between the probabilities of different experiments. Experimental results confirm the predictions of quantum mechanics, ruling out Einstein's basic assumption that led him to the suggestion of his hidden variables."

"Another interpretation: To have a definite energy, the frequency of the state must be defined accurately, and this requires the state to hang around for many cycles, the reciprocal of the required accuracy. "

Unfortunately for science, "it" does not hang around...
Assumptions, predictions, changing quantities, uncertainty, probabilities, and hidden variables combine to convolute man's understanding of this complex area of study.  It is from there the my definition of the human soul is drawn.

Mankind..., we all live in reality - regardless of how it is defined.  Our uniquely human perspective is real.  Our thoughts and our labors are real.  We interact in a reality that is based upon atoms.  Irrespective of the minutest degree of detail capable of producing conjecture, lives play out and societies moves to embrace or reject a version of reality proposed.  Spirituality is a reality some reject or ignore.  Our bodies contain electrical energy.  That energy is life.  Electricity is the flow of electrons.  Our souls contain are comprised of electrons and photons.  The TYPE of electrons God infused into the human body, those that define the spirit and spark life may be different - a unique variation of the electron/photon observed elsewhere.  Science has no luck creating life using a standard, run of the mill, electrical charge.  It may mean they are using the wrong type of electron/photon.

Each interpretation of our environment using our physical senses acquires more information - more electrons.  Thinking reuses that acquired information and may create new information - an idea, brainstorm..., a thought.  These accrue over a lifetime resident within our bodies. No one knows where that energy goes when we die.  

Does it just goes away - Poof?

No...   Recall that science fundamental: "matter cannot be created or destroyed".  

That energy goes somewhere - new dimension??? Other???  No matter.    Where it goes being unknown does not mean it disappears.  All the energy is there for God to view and interpret when we die.  Since electrons/photons move at light speed, it/they overcomes the time/space restrictions.  TIME is overcome by an object moving at light speed - per Einstein. Electrons & photons do that.  I can live with that uncertainty - where our spirits go after death.  

I have my theories.  WE will discuss those here.  Knowing the spirit is physically capable of eternal life was enough to ignite my faith.  

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