Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ravi Zacharias

He's an amazing speaker, big, big brained, good looking, Man - O God.  Check him out. He's an apologist for Christ.  

Christ doesn't need an apologist -  but - the professional clowns in academe who in concert with their ilk, conclude because:
they endured sitting in a classroom for years, 
developed a modicum of ability, 
managed to positively position themselves with peers (who control the winners and losers in their discipline) 
wrote a document that detailed finest points of minuscia on an obscenely obscure topic (because all the other important and obvious stuff is already known and documented) 
think - they are smarter than the average man on the street and other professionals in other disciplines unrelated to their own.  

They are Degreed Professionals.  They think, wish, and behave as though it is a Pedi-gree but it isn't.  These are smucks who can't cut it outside of academe - for numerous reasons. Academe provides them protection from reality and comparison that would expose their shortcomings and challenge their views. 
Academics work (and virtually live) inside an institution isolated from the general public, in concert with others like themselves, and form associations for larger objectives.  They are very much like a tribe of people whose education often exceeds their ability to put it to use.  Acquiring more information than a brain can put into practice is not uncommon and creates a conundrum - what's the point and purpose?   The usefulness of the academic's chosen profession and training are often nil - outside of academe and... they know it.  Being an expert on the applied physics required to operate and sustain a solar umbrella  in Szechuan province of China, every third calendar decade when drought conditions abate the monsoons; is not a study that leads to gainful employment, nor is it useful to advance mankind.  The academic also faces difficulty in finding employment where his expertise can be added to others with no redeeming value - in academe.  Gaining tenure for the limited slots available is tough.  The criterion exceeds having made meaningful sand measurable advances in the chosen discipline.   

Each institution has a secondary duty to the institution of advanced education - academe.  Candidates for tenure must prove their worthiness and fitness - that they share the institutions' world views on several levels. Candidates must prove themselves, often repeatedly and in peculiar ways.  An unwavering belief system that includes no deity is a fundamental requirement.  Peer respect and support can only be garnered this way.  Belief in a God is Prima Facie evidence of a less than serious candidate, if not a lunatic and rejected out of hand; save any theological position within the institution.  Belief in secularity in all matters, is a fundamental requirement for tenure and professional advancement.  This requirement is couched as evidence of duty to science and dispassionate.  However, this conflicts with the emotional fitness witnessed in most academics if they are challenged by someone like Ravi - on spirituality and the potential for a supreme being.  That's Mr. Zacharias' pro-fession and he sees the worst of behaviors from supposedly mature, dispassionate, and analytical people.  

Maintaining a fiscal environment that can support research is a primary obligation for academe.  Securing continuing funding for their research was once a persistent problem for most.   Sacrifices must be made.  Many disciplines are inter-dependent.  All disciplines rely upon past discoveries.  New work product must never impugn previous efforts.  FACTS stand at risk.  Evidence can be compromised and invalidated if sloppy work or conflicting evidence when discovered is accepted. Peer review is the means adopted to assure sloppy work and conflicting evidence are caught, identified, and properly disposed.  Additionally, reputations are valued and potentially exposed.  Professors who earned their reputations based upon good effort and following the rules do not want their standing diminished - or worse - made suspect by new discoveries or unearthing information that brings that old work into question.  

From a certain perspective, the facts and evidence adopted by academe is a house of cards.  If one or more crucial cards are removed, large segments of fact and evidence are rendered worthless.  Careers and reputations of the living (and dead) can be tarnished if not opened to ridicule is certain "Truths" are made less certain or invalidated.  That is the reality Professors and other in academe and the collection of organizations and associations that broker information to preserve and expand control over man, government, and society are strident non-believers in a deity.  God represents a potential they do not wish to open and explore.  Bad outcomes may materialize.  

One would think, as technology and information accrues and the scope of information available to science, the tools for exploration refined, science should have an easy time invalidating claims of God.  This has not come to fruition.  As science explores more and deeper the potential for a supreme being increased.  Rather than open their minds in a genuine spirit of exploration and desire to learn, science closes ranks, erects ramparts to prevent discovery internally and externally, and forcefully reiterates their is no God and the debate is settled.  All science agrees.  

The same behavior is seen when global warming is challenged.  Science organizations sent out a petition for signatures to show X-number of scientists concurred with the assertion global warming is real, man-made, and a danger.  This petition contained less than subtle indications if a signature was not forthcoming, the scientist could face an internal review.  That could lead to fewer research dollars, limited publishing opportunities, and an inferred non-signatores may face other career investigations - a  black-balling was indicated.  Climate study went from a marginal obscure discipline to one that commanded tens of billions of dollars in less than one decade.  No discipline has seen an "interest" or support on that scale.  Anyone who believes scientists are immune from the temptations of the flesh any less than another professional, is less than honest, willingly blind to evidence, and perhaps someone for could benefit from investigating a supreme being.  Science has becomes an dependent adjunct of the Political Left - Progressivism.  Like all junkies, they are addicted to the money needed to feed their habits.  What's changed is science's willingness to sacrifice credibility.  

Ravi's job is to remind their oaths of credibility and discuss credibility in academic language and perspectives.  This is problematic for several reasons.  Academe chose ideas and theories over substance and rendered itself into a very weak position.  A vicious cycle arose.   Man's innate weakness to temptation and lures of the flesh invaded a study that was created for the expressed purpose of shunning emotions and illogic to service pure study, unadulterated by frivolousness.  Science chose to pursue, wealth, fame and power instead.  The wealthy and powerful solicited science for a murder and science complied.  God was the victim.  Religion was an unassuming victim and somewhat remains that way.  Once science structured their "evidence" God was dead, societal and governmental changes ensued.  Science was gifted the promises made to them.  They controlled information and all the power and influence that contained.  Science gloated, and soon became salves to their appetites. God was dead and buried.  Despite the Christian claim of Christ, science "knew" no resurrection was forthcoming with God.  Science got sloppy and lazy and expanded their appetites.  They pursued the means to sanction and legitimize the appetites - to fend off questions and latent human morality concerns.  150 years later, science and societies were comfortable in their Ivory Towers and the world they controlled.  Money was copiously infused regularly.  Science made a bargain with Progressive politicians who used God's death to forward their political agenda.  

A cabal of conspirators worked arm in arm to steal the incomes of the self reliant and a corrupt interpretation of Christian Scriptures to intimidate silence complaint and increase the robbery.  Science was about to face a postulate constructed from their own precepts, methods, and standards that invalidated their belief in  God's demise - and all the ancillary support mechanisms science used to re-enforce their beliefs.  This blog will initiate that process.  

You can flow along as I create the book.  I will use this forum as my cloud storage and present what I know and what is discovered pursuing my beliefs.  

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