Friday, September 5, 2014

Kevin and Jeannine McDonoughs - American Family

Wife and I watched the Murder Channel's coverage on the capture and trial of Trucker Adam - not gonna give his name any more publicity.  Adam met his match when he confronted a real family in Massachusetts.  Six foot and around 250 pounds, armed with several knives, Adam snuck into the McDonough home and began attacking their daughter; Shea.  Shea is a little thing, but strength comes in smaller packages.  Adam ordered her to be silent as he held his hand over her mouth.  Shea refused - and that is why she is alive today.  Shea has the courage and likely learned from her parents you NEVER concede anything to a criminal.  The worst outcome will probably happen anyway.  Don't make it easy for cowards like Adam.  FIGHT!  Shea did.  

Her movements awoke her parents who thought she was having a bad night.  Entering Shea's room they found Adam hulking on their daughter.  Shea's Dad, Kevin, jumped onto Adam - half asleep the man was driven by instincts deep.  He grabbed the hand with the knife and refused to turn loose.  Adam, encouraged by the easier victims he previously encountered was ill-prepared for the McDonoughs.  Mom joined in on the attack.  She and daughter Shea both grabbed the knife hand too.  That's when Adam reared up and he and Kevin fell backwards into the wall.  This allowed Kevin to get a choke hold around Adam's neck.  Kevin knew, he would not let go of this advantage until he killed the intruder.  Mom and Shea wrestled the knife away as Adam lost consciousness.  The family refused to go down without a fight.  They prevailed over the larger intruder.  

The McDonoughs are Old-School American tough - and they are GOOD decent compassionate people.  Mom Jeannine followed Adam through three separate trials and made a point to confront him and humiliate him - "Here we are!  We're the ones that stopped you!"  Adam broke when caught.  He blabbed his complicity.   He dreamed of being a famous serial killer which is why I lessen his notoriety.  He's a cowardly puss who attacked women.  If you want fame as a serial killer you must take on your peers - like the Ice Man and others.  I hope Adam is getting his due in the joint from his room mates.  I hope he walks funny the rest of his days.  I hope he is famous in prison for the acts committed upon him.  He's deserve nothing better.  

The McDonoughs inspired me.  Jeannine also reached out the daughter of another victim whose mother did not survive the attack.  That little girl is lost and hurt in that soft warm spot where her mother once resided.  Thank you Jeannine.  Thank you.  God blesses you everyday.  Kevin.... Dude!!!!  You da man!  I know you were scared S -less that you would fail and bad stuff was gonna happen if you failed.  But that is what made you prevail.  Your fear of failing your family is stronger than that F__K who attacked your family.  You had God's hand on yours and your wife's and your daugther's - how could you fail?  That is the strength of family.  

The father of the girl who lost her Mom was going to go to jail for this F__K.  The idiot police - yes you Harrisburg incompetents - YOU!  You looked no farther than the man of the house Mr. Ewalt.  Police see statistics on convictions and those statistics say family members are most often guilty.  Those stats lie.  Others family member were railroaded into prison the easiest! Family members are sitting ducks and trusted you, you... The family member did not get an attorney because they are emotional wrecks and you take advantage of them so they are they easiest convicted!!! One or two inconsistencies or bad recollections are you are done!  That is why the stats suggest what they do.  What say you now? 

Cops - Remember this always - You have the power of the State behind you, and you can make a case against anybody!!  If you're out for justice - make every other possibility impossible before you look at a family member.  It is past time cops stop automatically looking at family members as the "most likely" perps!  This case should prove that the majority of people are decent if imperfect.  Imperfect does not mean they are murders.  

Mr. Ewalt is crippled.  I could see it in his face.  He lost his companion and nearly lost his life and family - due to incompetent cops taking the easiest path to solve a case.  And be clear - solving the case is all they care about.  They do NOT care about justice or right and wrong - or the real criminal was caught.  They want me, somebody, anybody behind bars so they can get a raise or promotion.  Yes, those are the motivations.  Being a cop or prosecutor is their job and like you they do their job as simply and easily as possible.  They will take the path that provides them the easiest conclusion.

On top of everything else - that poor, poor man...  I can not imagine his shame - now heaped upon all the other losses and fear of prison he faced.  His family destroyed - and he learns others saved their loved one.  That agony must be acute and lasting.  Pray brother. When my family lost our mother it was an enemy would could not fight.  I could not confront it.  I couldn't do a damned thing.  Cancer.  I had to take it - like you do.  For what it is worth - broaden your perspective - look for the GOOD around you and seek to do GOOD.  That will help over time.  God will see you through.  

If asked to provide information..

Politely inform them you will happily assist them with your attorney.  .  
Remind the Police they would not speak to police without an attorney  -- TRUE!  (Because they know how the game is rigged and played.) 
Say nothing without a lawyer.  NOTHING.  A person can no longer trust the police.  That hurts me to admit but facts suggest it is true.  Political expedience, hiring competitions, and professional ambitions past the police officer assure the fastest, easiest path to conviction will be pursued.  Family members provide that path.  Evidence that once would laughed out of a courtroom is now commonly admitted.  Hundreds of innocent people rot in prison because they spoke to the police with no lawyer.  Don't be stupid!  

Shea this is not your fault.  You did what the others probably refused to do - you fought back with all your might.  That is all that is required from you.  That's it.  You own no one anything else.  Your life is your responsibility.  You are not responsible for the life of others - you remove or lessen free agency if you did.  You don't want that sin on your head.  Be thankful your parents are who and what they are - willing to die for you.  That is the American way. That is the Christian way.  Thank God for the blessing of life and move on.  

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