Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The Big Ten

Moses was given a set of commandments that mysteriously appear in other religions too.  They are the basic requirements for civilization.  For men to get along, seven of the ten must be adopted as law.  What is the purpose of the other three?  God needs love and respect – he commands it.  How did God choose these commandments?  I contend God once lived as man does – in a human body, detached from his heavenly father, and finding his way through life – by trial and error.  He made mistakes that influenced his life negatively.  The Big Ten are what God learned – Not to Do.

Organized Religion

A group of men sought to compile an official Bible and organize Christianity for the first time in 325 A.D..  The Council of Nicea gathered a group of Christian Bishops/Scholars?  Experts? to vet which books would be included in the official Bible. 

What credentials did this group individually, and collectively, hold? Who made them boss?  What motivations directed them to categorize an official Bible?  What did they stand to gain by so doing?  This last question is so very important as that question remains with us and must be considered every time we confront the organized religion. 

Christians were not well received after Christ died.  They often met in secret, if they met at all.  Death was a common fate if discovered.  Coptic Christians comprised the majority back in 325.  Coptics are individuals who compile a unique set of beliefs based upon their own study and prayer; and they act to expound those beliefs by doing Good Deeds - in keeping with God’s commandments.  That practice was not organized and it was inhomogeneous.  There was no commonality in Christianity that described the rites and rituals - save baptism for remission of sin.  There was no official Sunday fare. Importantly, sans organization, men were unable to direct the behaviors of other men, or capture their incomes.  Coptics did what they thought best – a confederation of beliefs and behaviors derived from study of scriptures and any divine influence they received.  The Coptic's did not adhere to wants and wishes of men like those who comprised the Council of Nicea. 

Christianity did not then enjoy elaborate and garish buildings or temples.  Many thought that a corruption of Christ's message to live a life freed from earthly possessions.  Man-made commandments and behavioral edicts had yet to be devised or adopted as Church policy.  The accrual of vast wealth contradicted Christ’s admonitions.  No rules for worship were formalized.  The CHURCH was not yet able to commandeer the lives of men and deliver verdicts that could end those lives or severely compromise the lives of the Church membership – or anyone else who came under the authority of the Church by residence/geography or holding a system of beliefs.  

The Roman Empire persecuted Christians from the time after Christ’s death until 311.  Just before Constantine’s conversion, the church confiscated Christian property and burned their scriptures.  That act is why few examples of those scriptures exist today and helps explain why the Dead Sea scrolls were hidden away. The CHURCH was powerless at that time.  

Emperor Constantine did not choose Christianity until 313 A.D.  Constantine fought a battle, had a vision, he ordered crosses placed on his army’s shields and were victorious in the battle.  Constantine converted to Christianity.  A few years later, he and Licinius (emperor in the West) conspired to create the “Edict of Milan” – legalizing Christianity.  When an Emperor makes something legal, his subjects best pay attention and follow along.  Laws were adopted following the Milan decision – all property confiscated by the empire was transferred to the Christian Church – FYI Constantine was the un-official head of the church.

Edict of Thessolinica – made Christianity the OFFICIAL religion of the empire.  Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire at that time. 

Those men who are unable to motivate others using love and behavior examples adopted into their own lives were unhappy.  They wanted control and power and money and exquisite buildings to display their power and money.  They also wanted to influence government or the monarchy to expand their power. This facet of Christianity is a great misfortune as it works to discredit a system of beliefs that contradict the actions of some men in leadership positions.  Once the church gained dominion over men and governments the worst of human behaviors were displayed by leadership for the same self serving ends.  God was misused as an instrument of force.  The first gift God gave man, free agency, was confiscated by the church and many churches perpetuate that practice - using a threat of salvation to control behaviors.  

The church, any instrument claiming God must go the extra mile, perform ridiculous redundant behaviors to remove any appearance of conflict of interest with God's Commandments.   Scripture state God has a special place reserved for men who misuse his name and authority.  

It was similar reasons I chose to seek God on my own terms  - for now.  Yes, that is a cop-out that I am working my way thru.  

I study and ponder many scriptures.  Being raised a Mormon, I hold those scripture dear and they are the group translated the fewest number of times.  I trust they are more credible as such.  The Dead Sea Scrolls; the Nag Hammadi, the Septuagint – Greek Old Testament, The Book of Enoch, and the journals/diaries complied by those who knew Jesus personally are useful sources of information.  Most religions reject these sources of information, and some historians have worked to verify the authenticity of the works.  They can’t positively verify, or discredit, them.  All they can do is date the paper and the symbols used to write the documents and postulate upon those findings.  

I’ll trust God to direct me spiritually.  Does it matter if they are genuine if after reading them I become positively inspired to “do Good” in Christ's name?  If them make me closer to my Father, do they remain heretical?  

Doctrine and Covenants – sections 130 & 131 are few of my favorite scriptures because these accurately describe physical matter and the uses for that matter.  The use and benefits of Intellect are also described.  God declaring his house is an orderly abode is not unique to the D&C and copious references are found throughout many other scriptures.  Dad has a full plate.  Order helps organize his life.  We should follow his example – if we wish to become like him. 

Many organized religions work to discredit and defame other organized religions of the same type - Christians attacking Christians - Lucifer could not have predicted his good fortune  Men claiming a religious and Godly mantle are not always pure in their motivations, or their calling.  The desires to reap the most income possible and to control the lives of as many souls as they might brings even more income.  Mankind, including men declaring a Godly calling, have shown a remarkable ability to corrupt God’s wishes and the models he provided.  They twist or ignore the commandments God gave to men.  A large percentage of Religions claim a unique status – the ONLY True religion – God’s favorite.  The competition for a man's soul can never include deviation from God's Commandments.  Deviation is enough.  The consequences of breaking the Commandment(s) are clearly described.

We know God has a deep love for the Jewish people and has stated how they as a people are a preferred group.  I've read no other scripture contradicting or usurping those references.  It is true Christ brought a new dispensation and a new order, but the Jewish people did not lose God's affections.  The Gentile are not specifically ordained as unique or special.  

Gentiles can increase God's affections by obeying the Commandments.  However, God has not overtly stated men who through prayer and doing good works in the name of God, will be banished forever into Hell  - if they fail to belongs to a specific religion.  The opposite is more true.  All men will be judged on their faith and works.  Completion of rituals and rites while on earth will probably enhance the next phase of development - avoiding completion of those rites and rituals in the afterlife.  Or, I may be entirely backwards thinking.  But I trust God's words - the literal words - not a man's interpretation.  God wants all of his children with him.  He is a loving Father.  He will not defer his children's salvation to any man subject to the temptations of the flesh.

D&C Section 131:
Whatever principle of intelligence we gain unto in this life it will rise with us in the resurrection.  And if a person gains more knowledge than another and intelligence in this life through diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come.

There is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated, and when we receive a blessing from GOD it is by obedience to the law upon which the blessing is predicated.

Section 130:
There is no such thing as immaterial matter. All spirit is matter, but it is more fine and pure and can only be discerned by purer eyes.  We cannot see it, but when our bodies are purified we shall see it is all matter. 

…Behold, mine house is a house of order, saith the Lord God, not a house of confusion.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Sabbath, or Sabbaoth

The correct and accurate spelling of the word Sabbath/Sabbaoth is one never expressed to me.  The answer coming from a person trained in Christianity is one of greater value for a Christian, as that keeps the integrity and lineage of the terms within constraints ordered by our Father in Heaven/God/Dad.   Diverting to Google and web references provides the following:

Sabaoth translated means armies, or hosts, or the Almighty - "Lord of the Sabaoth" is a specific, single use, single purpose phrase for refering to God in times of conflict when God's people are under assault.  

Sabbath translated refers to a worship day - God rested on the Seveth-day from his creation labors.  God and his associates worked six straight days to organize and form the earth. The oldest scriptures contain creational text that differs from the KJB and other codified into the first Bible around 400 A.D..

God rested after his labors.  He inferred Adam also rest one day each week and give thanks to God for the blessing of life and the earth created for man's use.  The beauty and splendor created for man provided an environment where man could increase his intellect and experiences to positively augment eternal life and the progression towards becoming more Godly.  

The importance of the sabbath comes from God's leading by example.  No mention is made of God's motivation.  Did God need to fulfill a worship requirement for his creator?  Is resting a practical and necessary event that enhances harmony?  

A majority, if not all, of God's commandments, also contain practical and needful reasoning. The old sage - there's a purpose behind every outcome, everything happens for a reason, et al... are examples of this maxim.  

The opposition must also contain truth.  The actions leading to an outcome, or a commandment given, each have practical considerations and blessings or benefits attendant each one.  Accepting God does not arbitrarily impose commandments for gratuitous purposes, or to flatter his ego, makes the commandments more palatable for those with little faith - like me.  

Appreciating God as a loving father who continually strives to better enable the eternal life of his children is an obligation each of us hold.  Loving our father and obeying his wishes, to express our respect and love towards him, returns blessings, contentment, and prepares us for reuniting with our heavenly families.  .

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ravi Zacharias

He's an amazing speaker, big, big brained, good looking, Man - O God.  Check him out. He's an apologist for Christ.  

Christ doesn't need an apologist -  but - the professional clowns in academe who in concert with their ilk, conclude because:
they endured sitting in a classroom for years, 
developed a modicum of ability, 
managed to positively position themselves with peers (who control the winners and losers in their discipline) 
wrote a document that detailed finest points of minuscia on an obscenely obscure topic (because all the other important and obvious stuff is already known and documented) 
think - they are smarter than the average man on the street and other professionals in other disciplines unrelated to their own.  

They are Degreed Professionals.  They think, wish, and behave as though it is a Pedi-gree but it isn't.  These are smucks who can't cut it outside of academe - for numerous reasons. Academe provides them protection from reality and comparison that would expose their shortcomings and challenge their views. 
Academics work (and virtually live) inside an institution isolated from the general public, in concert with others like themselves, and form associations for larger objectives.  They are very much like a tribe of people whose education often exceeds their ability to put it to use.  Acquiring more information than a brain can put into practice is not uncommon and creates a conundrum - what's the point and purpose?   The usefulness of the academic's chosen profession and training are often nil - outside of academe and... they know it.  Being an expert on the applied physics required to operate and sustain a solar umbrella  in Szechuan province of China, every third calendar decade when drought conditions abate the monsoons; is not a study that leads to gainful employment, nor is it useful to advance mankind.  The academic also faces difficulty in finding employment where his expertise can be added to others with no redeeming value - in academe.  Gaining tenure for the limited slots available is tough.  The criterion exceeds having made meaningful sand measurable advances in the chosen discipline.   

Each institution has a secondary duty to the institution of advanced education - academe.  Candidates for tenure must prove their worthiness and fitness - that they share the institutions' world views on several levels. Candidates must prove themselves, often repeatedly and in peculiar ways.  An unwavering belief system that includes no deity is a fundamental requirement.  Peer respect and support can only be garnered this way.  Belief in a God is Prima Facie evidence of a less than serious candidate, if not a lunatic and rejected out of hand; save any theological position within the institution.  Belief in secularity in all matters, is a fundamental requirement for tenure and professional advancement.  This requirement is couched as evidence of duty to science and dispassionate.  However, this conflicts with the emotional fitness witnessed in most academics if they are challenged by someone like Ravi - on spirituality and the potential for a supreme being.  That's Mr. Zacharias' pro-fession and he sees the worst of behaviors from supposedly mature, dispassionate, and analytical people.  

Maintaining a fiscal environment that can support research is a primary obligation for academe.  Securing continuing funding for their research was once a persistent problem for most.   Sacrifices must be made.  Many disciplines are inter-dependent.  All disciplines rely upon past discoveries.  New work product must never impugn previous efforts.  FACTS stand at risk.  Evidence can be compromised and invalidated if sloppy work or conflicting evidence when discovered is accepted. Peer review is the means adopted to assure sloppy work and conflicting evidence are caught, identified, and properly disposed.  Additionally, reputations are valued and potentially exposed.  Professors who earned their reputations based upon good effort and following the rules do not want their standing diminished - or worse - made suspect by new discoveries or unearthing information that brings that old work into question.  

From a certain perspective, the facts and evidence adopted by academe is a house of cards.  If one or more crucial cards are removed, large segments of fact and evidence are rendered worthless.  Careers and reputations of the living (and dead) can be tarnished if not opened to ridicule is certain "Truths" are made less certain or invalidated.  That is the reality Professors and other in academe and the collection of organizations and associations that broker information to preserve and expand control over man, government, and society are strident non-believers in a deity.  God represents a potential they do not wish to open and explore.  Bad outcomes may materialize.  

One would think, as technology and information accrues and the scope of information available to science, the tools for exploration refined, science should have an easy time invalidating claims of God.  This has not come to fruition.  As science explores more and deeper the potential for a supreme being increased.  Rather than open their minds in a genuine spirit of exploration and desire to learn, science closes ranks, erects ramparts to prevent discovery internally and externally, and forcefully reiterates their is no God and the debate is settled.  All science agrees.  

The same behavior is seen when global warming is challenged.  Science organizations sent out a petition for signatures to show X-number of scientists concurred with the assertion global warming is real, man-made, and a danger.  This petition contained less than subtle indications if a signature was not forthcoming, the scientist could face an internal review.  That could lead to fewer research dollars, limited publishing opportunities, and an inferred non-signatores may face other career investigations - a  black-balling was indicated.  Climate study went from a marginal obscure discipline to one that commanded tens of billions of dollars in less than one decade.  No discipline has seen an "interest" or support on that scale.  Anyone who believes scientists are immune from the temptations of the flesh any less than another professional, is less than honest, willingly blind to evidence, and perhaps someone for could benefit from investigating a supreme being.  Science has becomes an dependent adjunct of the Political Left - Progressivism.  Like all junkies, they are addicted to the money needed to feed their habits.  What's changed is science's willingness to sacrifice credibility.  

Ravi's job is to remind their oaths of credibility and discuss credibility in academic language and perspectives.  This is problematic for several reasons.  Academe chose ideas and theories over substance and rendered itself into a very weak position.  A vicious cycle arose.   Man's innate weakness to temptation and lures of the flesh invaded a study that was created for the expressed purpose of shunning emotions and illogic to service pure study, unadulterated by frivolousness.  Science chose to pursue, wealth, fame and power instead.  The wealthy and powerful solicited science for a murder and science complied.  God was the victim.  Religion was an unassuming victim and somewhat remains that way.  Once science structured their "evidence" God was dead, societal and governmental changes ensued.  Science was gifted the promises made to them.  They controlled information and all the power and influence that contained.  Science gloated, and soon became salves to their appetites. God was dead and buried.  Despite the Christian claim of Christ, science "knew" no resurrection was forthcoming with God.  Science got sloppy and lazy and expanded their appetites.  They pursued the means to sanction and legitimize the appetites - to fend off questions and latent human morality concerns.  150 years later, science and societies were comfortable in their Ivory Towers and the world they controlled.  Money was copiously infused regularly.  Science made a bargain with Progressive politicians who used God's death to forward their political agenda.  

A cabal of conspirators worked arm in arm to steal the incomes of the self reliant and a corrupt interpretation of Christian Scriptures to intimidate silence complaint and increase the robbery.  Science was about to face a postulate constructed from their own precepts, methods, and standards that invalidated their belief in  God's demise - and all the ancillary support mechanisms science used to re-enforce their beliefs.  This blog will initiate that process.  

You can flow along as I create the book.  I will use this forum as my cloud storage and present what I know and what is discovered pursuing my beliefs.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Kevin and Jeannine McDonoughs - American Family

Wife and I watched the Murder Channel's coverage on the capture and trial of Trucker Adam - not gonna give his name any more publicity.  Adam met his match when he confronted a real family in Massachusetts.  Six foot and around 250 pounds, armed with several knives, Adam snuck into the McDonough home and began attacking their daughter; Shea.  Shea is a little thing, but strength comes in smaller packages.  Adam ordered her to be silent as he held his hand over her mouth.  Shea refused - and that is why she is alive today.  Shea has the courage and likely learned from her parents you NEVER concede anything to a criminal.  The worst outcome will probably happen anyway.  Don't make it easy for cowards like Adam.  FIGHT!  Shea did.  

Her movements awoke her parents who thought she was having a bad night.  Entering Shea's room they found Adam hulking on their daughter.  Shea's Dad, Kevin, jumped onto Adam - half asleep the man was driven by instincts deep.  He grabbed the hand with the knife and refused to turn loose.  Adam, encouraged by the easier victims he previously encountered was ill-prepared for the McDonoughs.  Mom joined in on the attack.  She and daughter Shea both grabbed the knife hand too.  That's when Adam reared up and he and Kevin fell backwards into the wall.  This allowed Kevin to get a choke hold around Adam's neck.  Kevin knew, he would not let go of this advantage until he killed the intruder.  Mom and Shea wrestled the knife away as Adam lost consciousness.  The family refused to go down without a fight.  They prevailed over the larger intruder.  

The McDonoughs are Old-School American tough - and they are GOOD decent compassionate people.  Mom Jeannine followed Adam through three separate trials and made a point to confront him and humiliate him - "Here we are!  We're the ones that stopped you!"  Adam broke when caught.  He blabbed his complicity.   He dreamed of being a famous serial killer which is why I lessen his notoriety.  He's a cowardly puss who attacked women.  If you want fame as a serial killer you must take on your peers - like the Ice Man and others.  I hope Adam is getting his due in the joint from his room mates.  I hope he walks funny the rest of his days.  I hope he is famous in prison for the acts committed upon him.  He's deserve nothing better.  

The McDonoughs inspired me.  Jeannine also reached out the daughter of another victim whose mother did not survive the attack.  That little girl is lost and hurt in that soft warm spot where her mother once resided.  Thank you Jeannine.  Thank you.  God blesses you everyday.  Kevin.... Dude!!!!  You da man!  I know you were scared S -less that you would fail and bad stuff was gonna happen if you failed.  But that is what made you prevail.  Your fear of failing your family is stronger than that F__K who attacked your family.  You had God's hand on yours and your wife's and your daugther's - how could you fail?  That is the strength of family.  

The father of the girl who lost her Mom was going to go to jail for this F__K.  The idiot police - yes you Harrisburg incompetents - YOU!  You looked no farther than the man of the house Mr. Ewalt.  Police see statistics on convictions and those statistics say family members are most often guilty.  Those stats lie.  Others family member were railroaded into prison the easiest! Family members are sitting ducks and trusted you, you... The family member did not get an attorney because they are emotional wrecks and you take advantage of them so they are they easiest convicted!!! One or two inconsistencies or bad recollections are you are done!  That is why the stats suggest what they do.  What say you now? 

Cops - Remember this always - You have the power of the State behind you, and you can make a case against anybody!!  If you're out for justice - make every other possibility impossible before you look at a family member.  It is past time cops stop automatically looking at family members as the "most likely" perps!  This case should prove that the majority of people are decent if imperfect.  Imperfect does not mean they are murders.  

Mr. Ewalt is crippled.  I could see it in his face.  He lost his companion and nearly lost his life and family - due to incompetent cops taking the easiest path to solve a case.  And be clear - solving the case is all they care about.  They do NOT care about justice or right and wrong - or the real criminal was caught.  They want me, somebody, anybody behind bars so they can get a raise or promotion.  Yes, those are the motivations.  Being a cop or prosecutor is their job and like you they do their job as simply and easily as possible.  They will take the path that provides them the easiest conclusion.

On top of everything else - that poor, poor man...  I can not imagine his shame - now heaped upon all the other losses and fear of prison he faced.  His family destroyed - and he learns others saved their loved one.  That agony must be acute and lasting.  Pray brother. When my family lost our mother it was an enemy would could not fight.  I could not confront it.  I couldn't do a damned thing.  Cancer.  I had to take it - like you do.  For what it is worth - broaden your perspective - look for the GOOD around you and seek to do GOOD.  That will help over time.  God will see you through.  

If asked to provide information..

Politely inform them you will happily assist them with your attorney.  .  
Remind the Police they would not speak to police without an attorney  -- TRUE!  (Because they know how the game is rigged and played.) 
Say nothing without a lawyer.  NOTHING.  A person can no longer trust the police.  That hurts me to admit but facts suggest it is true.  Political expedience, hiring competitions, and professional ambitions past the police officer assure the fastest, easiest path to conviction will be pursued.  Family members provide that path.  Evidence that once would laughed out of a courtroom is now commonly admitted.  Hundreds of innocent people rot in prison because they spoke to the police with no lawyer.  Don't be stupid!  

Shea this is not your fault.  You did what the others probably refused to do - you fought back with all your might.  That is all that is required from you.  That's it.  You own no one anything else.  Your life is your responsibility.  You are not responsible for the life of others - you remove or lessen free agency if you did.  You don't want that sin on your head.  Be thankful your parents are who and what they are - willing to die for you.  That is the American way. That is the Christian way.  Thank God for the blessing of life and move on.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Basics of Matter and the Human Spirit

To consider my perspective on God and man's relationship with God - "My Beliefs"- an understanding of my faith is essential.  The majority of my life I had no faith - none, zippy, nada.  

How I define the human spirit is another vital component.  That spirit is WHO we are.  It is the entity with whom we communicate in our internal dialogue.  That entity chooses, and we take action based upon those communications.  The spirit has physical properties - tangible physical properties.  It is not conjecture.  Our eternal souls rests in this belief system and the rational mind.  

God gave man free will = rational mind.  Man's rational mind is free to take decisions on each act his body takes.  Man confronts, considers and chooses each action.  Each action chosen is a behavior.  Man's eternal salvation is contingent upon his behaviors.  God issued commandments to improve man and man's spiritual condition - to prepare man for the next step in an eternal progression of acquiring knowledge.  Man shapes and increases his cognitive and physical environment, AND, his spiritual environment - with each behavior considered and chosen.  

Our placement in the afterlife is predicated by, and contingent upon, the behaviors chosen. The decision taking processes will also come under scrutiny.  i.e. God will judge man based upon how well man followed the commandments, the dynamics of the decision made = the environment (where, when, how, and with whom) and the dialogue leading to the decision taken.   Casting aside the environmental considerations man faces when making any choice, the internal dialogue contains the structure of man's credibility..., what motivates man? Man's motivations are essential to his spiritual credibility.  

Man is expected to obey the commandments without proof of the God who crafted and issued the commandments.  Faith is a requisite component for salvation and as a motivation to control man's perspectives and behaviors.  When a person lacks faith - as I did, it becomes vital to increase one's knowledge.  Faith is a direct product of learning.  If man cannot define or comprehend himself - his spirit, his soul, man cannot perceive faith on any level save a reflexive, instinctual, blind faith.  I assert blind faith while practically analogous to obtaining eternal life, it is an immature imposter for faith acquired through adversity. My faith became active when I learned the composition of the soul.  

Comprehending our Spirits - Man' soul is comprised of electrons/photons.

The fundamental basis of matter, known to science, is an atom.  There are much smaller pieces - sub-atomic matter is also present.  For this blogs purposes, the smaller parts will not be discussed.  We will investigate the electron.  The electron is represented in the image below - it's the ball orbiting around other ball with a "+" sign.  The electron is negatively charged.  We can know our physical senses interact with the electron - it is the electron moving near light speed that our fingers feel when we touch an object.

The electron has very little mass, and moves incredible quickly "orbiting" around a nucleus. Mass and momentum are factored when accounting for the electron in physics.  The electron is considered a wave - in either state - photon or electron.  Electricity is the flow of electrons.  The photon is light.  (We see and feel photons we sunbathing.  The solar wind is another result.)  The electron's behaviors get very weird when it is measured (or looked at) the electron becomes a particle - like the ball seen above.    This equation defines the theory:

It moves so fast and in ways that appear irregular and unpredictable.  Science lacks the machinery/technology to isolate the electron within the atom.  The electron's behaviors are so irregular, it precise location when studied could/can not be determined.  When the Werner Heisenberger's Uncertainty Principle/Theory resulted, the science community was astounded.  This theory profoundly impacted quantum physics.  This theory proposes the electron's state, and its location, could not be known or detected.  (NOTE: compounding this difficulty - the electron can change states and become a photon - virtually at will) 

It prompted Albert Einstein to quip - God does not roll dice.  Ed Schrodinger created the Cat Paradox.  Nels Bohr worked with the theory are developed an equation that "kinda" located the electrons Potential locations.  Bohr wrote the Entanglement theory.  Truly, since the atomic particles studied are so small and move so quickly in the space occupied by an atom, man cannot yet devise machines to study them and physically isolate the particles and measure them. This may never be possible.  Mathematics is used to predict both and derive conclusions from same.

Quantum Physics and the Mechanics used to define, order and observe behaviors, or predict behaviors, is a very complex under taking and discipline.  People studying these are big brained.  They are math professionals of the highest order.  Their work is as accurate as possible; considering the operating environment - and that will grow to become bizarre - if reality is factored into their work.  The quantum reality is nebulous and personal perspectives vary radically - 

"...Einstein asserted he believed the "natural basic assumption" that a complete description of reality, would have to predict the results of experiments from "locally changing deterministic quantities", and therefore, would have to include more information than the maximum possible allowed by the uncertainty principle.
In 1964, John Bell showed that this assumption can be falsified, since it would imply a certain inequality between the probabilities of different experiments. Experimental results confirm the predictions of quantum mechanics, ruling out Einstein's basic assumption that led him to the suggestion of his hidden variables."

"Another interpretation: To have a definite energy, the frequency of the state must be defined accurately, and this requires the state to hang around for many cycles, the reciprocal of the required accuracy. "

Unfortunately for science, "it" does not hang around...
Assumptions, predictions, changing quantities, uncertainty, probabilities, and hidden variables combine to convolute man's understanding of this complex area of study.  It is from there the my definition of the human soul is drawn.

Mankind..., we all live in reality - regardless of how it is defined.  Our uniquely human perspective is real.  Our thoughts and our labors are real.  We interact in a reality that is based upon atoms.  Irrespective of the minutest degree of detail capable of producing conjecture, lives play out and societies moves to embrace or reject a version of reality proposed.  Spirituality is a reality some reject or ignore.  Our bodies contain electrical energy.  That energy is life.  Electricity is the flow of electrons.  Our souls contain are comprised of electrons and photons.  The TYPE of electrons God infused into the human body, those that define the spirit and spark life may be different - a unique variation of the electron/photon observed elsewhere.  Science has no luck creating life using a standard, run of the mill, electrical charge.  It may mean they are using the wrong type of electron/photon.

Each interpretation of our environment using our physical senses acquires more information - more electrons.  Thinking reuses that acquired information and may create new information - an idea, brainstorm..., a thought.  These accrue over a lifetime resident within our bodies. No one knows where that energy goes when we die.  

Does it just goes away - Poof?

No...   Recall that science fundamental: "matter cannot be created or destroyed".  

That energy goes somewhere - new dimension??? Other???  No matter.    Where it goes being unknown does not mean it disappears.  All the energy is there for God to view and interpret when we die.  Since electrons/photons move at light speed, it/they overcomes the time/space restrictions.  TIME is overcome by an object moving at light speed - per Einstein. Electrons & photons do that.  I can live with that uncertainty - where our spirits go after death.  

I have my theories.  WE will discuss those here.  Knowing the spirit is physically capable of eternal life was enough to ignite my faith.