Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Why Obama Lies

Barak Obama has mental issues. Whenever a child's father abandons him, severe "self esteem" conflicts ensue. When the same child is raised in a household, by grandparent (his mother had little time for him either) and he learns from the white bread Kansas grandparents behaviors and words - he was not the first grandchild option the grandparents envisioned - the child's mental issues expand and take root. The child begins lying to himself. He creates fantasies to sooth his loneliness and hurt - and explain away his father's callous disregard. 

When the child is next thrust into the care of Frank Davis - the instructor's anti-white prejudice and Communism biased lesson plans, instills an all consuming hatred. The child's focus is honed towards what he believes caused the father's disregard - racism & capitalism. Sympathetically, he aligns himself with his absent father's political beliefs (to grow more close to his father) - if only in his mind. The child refuses to accept a reality where his father didn't love him. 

Factually, Stanley Obama, his father, was a ne'er-do-well rabble rouser. He railed against capitalism to excused his own professional failures. He died a drunk.

To avoid facing reality the child must develop a separate reality. That separate reality is pure fiction, but preferred to the emotional devastation bound up in the father's disregard. The child cannot prevent his peers asking questions like: Who and where is your Dad? To protect his fantasy, the child lies.  Lying eases his emotional turmoil. Lying provides an  answer to questions in a way that protects the father and excuses his distance. Lies preserve the child's fantasy - his father really does love. 

Overtime, the child becomes skilled in lying, retelling the lies, and inuring the fantasy cocoon. An absence of paternal affection is filled with hatred for the people that (in his mind) kept his father away.  

Having white liberal professors and student peers fawn and genuflect at his skin color, he learned the power of race and racism. He saw the fealty to affirmative action, and used it first hand to obtain power and influence his intellect and abilities precluded. His peers and professors believed his lies and lauded them.  Lying became the practical means to fool and get even with the people he despises, and, attack their accomplishments. Practicing lying reveals the scope of his influence and prevarications.

Then add a Jeremiah Wright to provide him a forum, to refine and indoctrinate hatred. Perfect the the ignominious ideology In a church where hatred of whites was preeminent and intense. This background sums to only one end. It produces a Sociopath with an agenda - proficient in lying. 

Obama's ability to differentiate reality from fantasy in critical areas of his life is dubious. He is motivated to find peace with his father and himself. He works to carry his father's Communist agenda and beliefs forward. Punishing the people who made his father go away (against his will) is the concordant objective. If lying is required to accomplish his ambitions, he will lie and not believe he is lying.

Enter politics and find a press that will protect you, lie for you, hide your failures, cover your illicit actions, ignore your foibles, and a deranged monstrosity bent on vengeance forms.   
The Democrat Party and Progressive Left are literally stuck in a legacy not unlike Uncle Remus' Tar Baby. The War on Whites is the legacy. WIll Democrats admit the mistake? Don't count on it. See Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. Obama lit a fire to destroy a white society that persecuted his father and drove him away. Democrats must continue the destruction - or else admit they are complicit. 

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