Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Divined Energy of Life, Quantum Consciousness, Traducianism, & Defining the Human Spirit

Scholars of theology, physics, cosmology, genetics, priests, evangelicals, and the generic layman; have dedicated inordinate time, energy, and effort, seeking absolute, unassailable evidence, proof, that the personage with whom we all coexist in our consciousness is an inexplicable product of evolution or natural causes, pan-spermic intervention, or the purposeful act of a God/creator.    This personage is called: ego, the human spirit.  It is the internal dialogue conversant each human mind entertains for purposes of reflection and determining the behaviors chosen.

The evolutionist asserts the human mind or psyche is a natural development witnessed in all sentient life forms.  The complexity of the mind has self awareness as the apex; with varying levels of development seen in lower life form strata.  The lesser developed mind is prompted by instinct - motivations that drive basic acts of self preservation.  The self aware mind entertains a more complex series of decision/action relationships.  Recognition, interpretation, consideration, and determination, result in "chosen" actions/behaviors - actions arising after analysis to best accomplish an irrational ambition being exemplary of a high order of cognition. That the decisions made and behaviors chosen are not uniform - despite all factors used for analysis and decisions taking being equal - provides the context from which individuality of the mind is argued, and alleged inferred as causal for self awareness.

Pan-spermic  theorists assert life was deposited on the earth from an unknown extra-terrestrial entity.  The minds of the lifeforms that evolved thereon were innate with a consciousness.  The higher ordered, self aware, intellect, and more complex life forms, may also be the work of the entity seeking to evolve animal life and mankind for purposes unknown - using unsubstantiated and undetermined means of intervention.  

The remaining group consisting of theologists, priests, evangelicals and the generic deist, believe life and the human mind were created, and purposely implanted into man - to test mankind's faith in a God that provides no temporal evidence of his existence.  This was done for purposes of  evaluating  man's behaviors; weighed against a matrix of behavioral admonitions and commandments.  Eternal life in a resurrected body on a perpetual course of acquiring intelligence and advancing when certain benchmarks are achieved - completes the cause and effect relationship of this system.

The deists are the only group with an organized causality and deterrence matrix.  

Pan-spermists do embrace causality, but do not substantiate a purpose or reason.  The ET seeded life theory holds no known purpose(s) for the activity.  Motivating reasons for the act are unknown, or not yet known.  The ET's actions are framed as a large scale, detached, scientific experiment - which nicely, conveniently, fits within the frame of reference used by the ET adherents. 

Evolutionists primarily assert life spontaneously generated when essential conditions and elements randomly arranged.

The assertions and conclusions of the credentialed groups are reflectively considered viable due to the credentials held/earned.  The credential being evidence the practitioner achieved a nominal level of competence under the direction of an instructor in an approved academic environment.

The layman's lack of credentials and/or training in an approved, "rigorous" academic environment,  may render his opinions and theories in this area dubious, not serious, or bankrupt - contingent upon the perspective of the person evaluating the layman's work. I belong to this category, so, be forewarned, you are enabled, following the reflexive conclusion stated above, to dismiss and mock my findings and ideas capriciously.  You judge - using any criterion you choose - my comments are uncredentialed.  

The Energy of Life is unique from all other known forms of energy.  Science's failed attempts to generate life using the elements known and a generic energy introduced, supports this allegation.  That human beings do not uniformly behave or think alike also supports the assertion. The weird (and inconsistent with Classic Physics) behaviors witnessed in the quantum realm, additionally adds weight to this idea.  Specifically, the electron is the common energy thread to life.  Human life is considered extinguished when no electrical activity within the body is found.  

When life is threatened, the introduction of an electrical charged to the heart is used to jump start the body.  That act, in some manner, re-ignites life when all other conditions needed for life are present.  (Note, the head is not the area targeted for introducing electricity.  That is known to cause damage to the brain - where the life sustaining electrons reside.)  The electrons are therefore responsible for, and evidence of, life, no matter the discipline mastered.  

The electron's wave, its substance, is present in every physical object man encounters with his physical senses.  Touch an object and you feel the electron's wave.  Waves loop with others covalently to create more complex compounds.  In the photon state, these move through space in waves and create the solar wind.  They interact with machines on earth and energy is extracted from the photons.  The wave energy is manipulated as a wave and NOT as a particle.

The behaviors of electrons/photons when studied, reveal bizarre outcomes and offer astounding conclusion potential.  The behaviors of electrons can be alleged sentient.  That an electron shows all the evidence it is a wave, and the calculations used in its study are drawn from that assumption, how and why does the electron revert or change to a particle when observed or measured?  Why can the precise location or state of the electron not be determined when studied?  Why does the electron's state appear a matter of circumstance/conditionality? How can the electron share information - entanglement?  
We all agree electrons in the body are requisite for life. The type of electron/photon resident in earthly life forms is not universally accepted, if at all.  Most evolution and pan-spermic adherents think there is only one electron type.  There reasoning is sound, if based exclusively upon what is currently known, and simultaneously ignoring the "behaviors" revealed when electrons are tested.  Other subatomic matter contains quarks. Quarks do show evidence of uniqueness - depending upon the quark type, spin, pos/neg and other traits and indicators and what can be drawn from those. The Higgs Boson for instance  alludes to more than 4, four, dimensions existing.  Electrons have no quarks.  From what is known known, electrons appear generic with no varieties, or sub particles.  Literally the the wave form precludes smaller or any "particles".  However, the behaviors of electron/photons suggest all that can be knopwn isn't known!! Ergo, evidence may arise that answers inconsistencies, or reveal varieties of electrons/photons.  Those may possess "unusual" characteristics - the ability to give and sustain life, and, accrue and confederate with the similar electrons generated by the human physical senses, and, those CREATED when a new thought/idea is made, and, some form of sentience - as the life forms have cognitive abilities.  That alone suggest sentience in the life spark is possible - or needed.  

Sentience provides an explanation.  Sentient electrons/photons in Life Energy form provides a viable basis that explains how man thinks and why his thoughts are not uniform.  Sentience aside, that another form of electron/photon exists undiscovered also provides substance for answering and drawing conclusions respecting life - and its origin.  

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