Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Republican Congressman Mo Brooks cites - Democrat War on Whites

August 5, 2014

Honorable Congressman Brooks.  I heard your comments on the democrat war against whites - Amen!  Mr. Brooks, Amen.  The Democrat Party recently exposed their decision to Not Court the white male votes in 2012.  This is not news.  Democrats have worked to end their need for white votes for decades.  Please read the following history and rationale on this topic from a person who lived it first hand.

Please remember this truth – when Democrats attack – they project.  They project their own self assessed prejudice and failures, or they are trying to protect the votes they buy using tax dollars.  They are so enamored with a belief in their intellectual superiority, they’re convinced because they believe or think something – so does everyone else.  No matter the charge leveled – it reflects what the Democrat thinks or is planning to do – eventually, once they attain a permanent majority.  (Democrats cannot voice their true political objectives – a permanent Democrat political majority - so they can end the restrictions the Constitution places upon their objectives – a Totalitarian State.)

Democrats turned their back on white Americans when they aligned with the O'Hare, prayer in school court ruling. Union are the last Democrat constituency with a majority of Blue-Collar, White Male, members. The reason why, is the same as every other Democrat constituency.   Unions rely upon government for their job security/incomes.  Most all other white males abhor Democrats - for valid reasons - listed below.  

Once Democrats lost large numbers of mostly white Christian voters, they needed to replace the votes lost.  The Democrats plan was to literally purchase votes using tax dollars in the form of subsidies, and by enacting policies that elevate the rights of a specific voter group and protect their behaviors.  The Democrat Party is a confederation of splinter groups - sanctioned classes - Democrats want dependent upon government.  

Legally speaking, for every advantage proscribed to one voter, the same advantage must be reduced in scope or removed from at least one other voter.

President LBJ started the process when he bought the votes of black Americans with the War on Poverty/welfare and Medicaid.  These laws subsidized black Americans under the cover of charity. Charity was not the Democrat goal.  LBJ said: “I’ll have the N____gers voting Democrats for the next two hundred years.”  Democrats have enjoyed a strangle hold on black votes loyalty ever since.  Using the reach and power of government, combined with the practice of giving tax dollar subsidies, and implementing programs that protect and provide exclusive benefits to the targeted voter group, comprise the totality of the (current) Democrat political play book.  Democrats continue to use and expand this strategy.

Blacks did not total enough votes to replace white Christians.  At that time, Democrats hadn't paved the way to separate and sanction all the voter groups they needed.  Some white voters persisted voting Democrat – out of tradition, or another illogical motivation.  Nor did Democrats have access to the means needed to provide subsidy, rights, and protections to acquire the all the votes wanted/needed.  They couldn’t go after homosexuals or aberrant sexual behaviors – yet. (i.e. Homosexuality was considered a mental illness until 1973.) So, Democrats chose to separate and cull the female vote (while simultaneously conditioning the American moral psyche to accept homosexuality). 

Dependence upon government for income subsidy, employment & academic preferences, and behavioral indemnity, assures voter loyalty. Under the headline of equal rights for women, many women were lured into the Democrat ranks.  Abortion, in part, provided women the means to be an equal employee to a man.  Abortion also worked to reduce demands upon federal coffers (smaller subsidies) – thus maintaining the fiscal resolve; important at that time.  Democrats wanted to render as many women as possible into the same fiscal and mental state they had conditioned blacks – dependent upon government subsidy and reliant upon the protections enumerated in the Affirmative Action laws.  In those days, most women relied upon their husbands for their family incomes.  Ending that reliance upon men was key. 

Democrats attacked white males as domineering, stupid, driven by oppressive sexual appetites, and historically exploitive.  White men were the first to lose access to their Constitutional Rights.  Affirmative action laws limited options for all white men – but Blue Collar White Males, BCWMs, were hit hardest. BCWMs lacked the education, credentials, and savvy to legally fight back or assert their rights.  

Democrats promised, and then enacted legislation to assure women leaving their husbands would not suffer financially.  They encouraged women to Find Themselves and explore their talents and strengths.  The telling consequence of Women's Lib is the increased number of divorces.  Destruction of millions of families didn’t deter Democrats, or ameliorate their ambitions.  Broken homes were casualties the Democrat was prepared to accept in their political calculus. (Overlayed in the moment... the Democrat pronounced concern for illegal children crossing the border sans families, provides insight to the motivations of Democrats, and the reliance of political expedience to turn their emotions.)  Now divorced, single mothers (exploring the real meaning of motherhood) needed government subsidies to care for their non-traditional, no father in the home; families.  Women also wanted their choice to remove their children’s father from the home vindicated.  Democrats wrote laws to subsidize/secure the women’s vote and become the "non-judgmental, supportive, and sensitive" surrogate husband. Non-judgmental and the other character goals of the PC rules began to erode the nation's morality - by design! 

The Democrat: Progressive, Liberal, Fascist, Totalitarian ideology is shared with approximately 15% on the American voters.  Democrats need influence in high places to forward their objectives. A lack of voting numbers and a majority of the public not yet dependent upon government, Democrats needed an encompassing strategy that included influential people and organizations.  They reached for and began organizing the politics, law, academe, and the press to collectively pressure the public and their political foes using traditional authorities.  These authorities also wanted in on the tax payer money gambit.  Their complicity and labors were not altruistic.  They came with a price.  A tactic so broad and subtle, it escaped detection; began.  

The nebulous term “mental abuse” gained legal latitude and footing.  Its misuse created reams of laws to substantiate no-fault divorces and other complaints. Attendant abuse; normal sexual advances and interactions, became grounds for legal employment complaints.  While some behaviors certainly qualified as inappropriate, a shroud of doubt materialized.  As the details emerged, the majority of complaints were dubious - mechanisms engaged to reward another Democrat stalwart – lawyers. 

When traditional legislative action was unpopular or impossible, Democrats initiated the practice of legislating from the Courts – they thus made overcoming the new law so expensive, only government action could dislodge it.  

As Democrats allegiance with the media combined to collusion, opposition to their political goals assured the implied threat of media examination and commentary.  That posited an obstacle, or potential destruction, for each opponent or their ideas.  

Concurrently, academe was brought into the fold to conduct “studies” that proofed the Democrat ambition or assertion.  Science and philosophy devolved into a political echo chamber.  Schools curricula increasingly included Democrat political perspectives – printed as fact. The conditioning of traditional America to embrace the Democrat agenda and the personal behaviors of the voters Democrats needed to win elections came from all fronts.  

These actions bought the votes and loyalties of women, academics, judges, lawyers, and, importantly, punished white men.  Since the average American opposes these ambitions, Democrats were compelled to temper the words used, when they are not openly prevaricating - as seen when President Obama speaks. 

I have yet to hear this man speak and not lie abundantly.  His lies are not couched or subtle.  They are grand, daring, consequential lies.  He lies well.  Poor B Obama… he suffers from personal demons that arose when his father abandoned him, and he learned his mixed racial heritage was not what his white bread, Kansas family had planned in a grandchild.  

His tutelage under Frank M Davis assured his insecurities and sense of worthlessness combined in emotions he directed towards the causal mechanism he concluded forced his father to abandon him – white American racists.  Accepting the abandonment as a callous and purposeful intent, was too much too bear for any litlle boy.  They create fantasies to palliate the pain.

Communism, the favored political agenda of his American and African families, and his tutor - was iterated and reiterated, ad nauseum, as the only solution to fix the ills institutionalized in America.  That he ended up embracing the ideology is no accident – it was predictable, if not  the only outcome possible considering the dynamics of his life.  

The Reverend Wight provided Obama an exclamation point – Wright was the fuel added to the smoldering pile of repressed anger.

Democrat created Politically Correct, PC, behavior, word, and thought rules - crimes to specifically limit the rights and complaints of blue collar white males; and any other person who thinks or acts to criticize groups whose votes Democrats purchase.  Investigating or accurately reporting upon the behaviors and preferences of Democrat sanctioned groups is Strang Verbotten.  Those “crimes” are articulated in the PC rule book. Not all PC rules are actual laws, but most carry the same practical bad outcomes, if not worse.  PC violations are treated as crimes in the press.  PC violators are accused and judged in a zero-tolerance, one-sided, environment.  Careers are ruined paying fealty to the PC race and sex and sexual behavior rules.   

American Tradition was always in the sights of Democrats.  Democrats needed to eliminate or make tradition a negative connotation - if the Democrat vote buying plan was to work.  Some voter groups were held in abeyance due to tradition.  Every behavior associated with traditional America was attacked and mocked - evidence of a derelict from the past - an out of touch idiot.

***Importantly, the censors who made decisions on what human behaviors could be aired on TV (under a government license) were targeted for elimination.  Censorship was labeled old fashioned and out of touch a holdover from the white male power structure.  It had no place in an increasingly informed and liberated public.  Democrats alleged removing sex from view, actually increased the bad outcomes that arose from having "uniformed" sex - not knowing the consequences.  .

Democrats now needed more tax dollars money to buy more votes and fund programs that protected their sanctioned groups.  The US military commanded a large percentage of the government budget. Democrats chose to be the anti-war party.  It wasn't they opposed the war, (LBJ’s wife literally made tens of millions off Viet Nam – Kellogg Brown Root (Haliburton)).  Democrats wanted the tax dollars given the military to use to buy more votes and fund more voter loyalty programs.  

Democrats knew they had not done enough to eliminate the political power white males held.  If they could not secure enough new votes, Democrat sought to reduce white Republican votes.  Democrats went after the less educated and increasingly powerless blue collar white males. These are the men wh replaced blacks in the back of the bus after affirmative action laws were penned.  

Democrats needed to effectively make this group a political and social pariah - so even Republicans wouldn't work to secure their votes.  Working to reestablish BCWM civil rights was termed RACIST.  Working to change or reduce the scope of any Democrat vote buying program was Racist. More race laws were enacted to further reduce the employment options and access to colleges for BCWMs – and to send a message. Those race laws further reduced BCWM incomes and education - thereby reducing their access to influence political decisions.

Democrats specifically proscribed punishments for BCWMs and white males generically.  When BCWMs objected to affirmative action and other race laws that truncated their civil rights (and violated the civil rights laws enacted in 1964) Democrats universally and permanently labeled them Racists!!!

Despite their efforts, Democrats still had not obtained a permanent voting majority.  Each step they took drove some voters away from the Democrat party.  That required the Democrats to increasingly reach into the fringe elements of society for new votes. When they chose to represent sexual behaviors most religions consider deviant, they further alienated traditional white Americans. 

That objective required destroying the moral fabric of America and the religion that spawned that morality - Christianity.  Democrats had waged a war against Christianity for decades; under the guise of loyalty to the Constitution - the mythical Wall of Separation - drawn from a misinterpretation of the freedom of religion section of the US Constitution.  Democrats ignored the second clause in that sentence - "the free exercise (of religion) thereof" to accomplish their ambition.  Public events that included religious elements were outlawed or ridiculed.  Religion was derided as a salve for the intellectually incompetent. “…opiate for the masses?” Abortion became the mechanism used to divide men and women and re-write morality.  

Abortion is a war waged against babies, families, religion, and tradition.  

Sex, is the operative element for abortion. Democrats sought to provide sex a new definition and morality.  Sex was lauded as a natural act, not a sin, and all forms of sex were equally viable and legitimate.  

Hollywood – with no panel of censorship restricting their actions, were able to indulge Democrat wishes and portray Democrats sanctioned groups as noble, and through no fault of their own, forced into a sub standard life due to White: racism, sexism, wealth, political power, and hatred of everything non-white. 

Democrats are not only at war with white males, they are more accurately at war with traditional Americans.  Traditional America, and the structure that enabled that tradition, includes; Christianity (and its morality) blue collar white males, and heterosexuality. Every organization and person who holds allegiance to traditional America is an enemy.   

Not surprisingly, blue collar white males Do Not VOTE.  They trust neither party.  Neither will take up their cause – restoring their civil rights by ending affirmative action, and the other race laws that add to their detriments.

BCWMs account for 20 million votes – add their wives and they represent the means to permanently end the Democrat political power and their plan to divide the nation.  If only Republicans would champion the civil rights of BCWMs, they could gain a dominance to reverse decades of Democrat policies destroying the framework of the nation. 

Importantly – when the polls are examined after BCWMs do vote – even Democrats will fear the voting bloc.  Democrats know and fear this group.  They’ve worked for decades to silence them and nullify their political ambitions.  The consequence of the BCWMs becoming politically active  entirely explains why Democrats tirelessly work to defame and marginalize this group.  If

Republican ever broached ending affirmative action, Democrats will go insane – literally.  Affirmative action now includes sex and sexual behavior components – to assure no Democrat group is missed. They know their political power rests upon it. Affirmative Action and ancillary Race laws are the most important and largest aspect of the Democrat vote buying subsidy protection racket. 

The improvements to society, when the most capable and competent are employed, are enormous and will reduce the incompetence, racial & sexual nepotism/cronyism and dangers the practice of employing by sex or skin represent to society at large.  When revised costs to tax payers and upon the nation’s debt are realized by ending the race laws, the compliance reductions summed, and the attendant efficiencies factored - within the DOJ, and every office, of every agency, college admittance office, and businesses, across America must calculate to saving hundreds of billions of tax dollars annually. 

Segregation lasted around 60 years – the same time (and rational for ending) affirmative action.
Getting this issue, before the current Supreme Court is imperative.  They have shown a clear indication they will end affirmative action. 

Whites who believed Barak Obama’s promise of a Post Racial America; that promise = ending affirmative action and the politically correct laws that corrupt behaviors and thoughts have lost hope.  They seek the fairness the Constitution promises– the equal opportunity the law demands for them!!!  The oppression of this administration has taken them to the breaking point.

Mr. Brooks, you are on a Godly path – preserving Christianity and the ancillary components that unfortunately include corrupt racial policies - that were always authorized and promoted to increase dependence upon government and secure votes for Democrats.  That objective is antithetical to Christianity.  It’s no wonder why morality and Christianity must be sacrificed to pursue that objective.  The chosen behaviors of many Democrat voters requires religion is silenced.  The Democrat’s voicing a corrupt version of Christ’s message, (the “Rich” giving to the poor) is bizarre considering their revulsion of religion and efforts to end, or minimalize, it. 

Give a voice to Blue Collar White Males and you will enjoy support at the polls that will silence your detractors and political opposition.  

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