Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Quantum – The UN-Reality

Quantum Physics is a study I took up late in life.  This form of Physics requires extensive math skilz to complete and create the equations used to measure, proof, and theorize the behaviors of the objects currently indentified and speculated in the quantum realm.  I was a poor student while in school.  The methods used, practical matters in the classroom, and the educator’s worldview made an environment that moved glacially in my view.  Class Clown can describe my antics there.  I did learn where the information was located and how to extract the information in school, for that I am grateful.  That knowledge allowed me with the help of my heavenly father to learn on my own. 

The atomic universe, truly, is a realm unto itself, and the actions within it “appear” to contradict the laws accepted and used in classic physics.  Sir Isaac Newton is the God Father of classic physics.  It was he who identified and proofed the components of the physical world around us and how they operated; in a manner still used today. Components like gravity, velocity, momentum, etc… and the forces that move these components are the basis for how we humans engineered ourselves into this earthly domain and overcame the forces that stand defeat our efforts at building stuff.  Newton was a brilliant and Godly man who suffered over his love of God.  He also wrote much on the topic of God and the scriptures.  Newton is one of a few men, over the history of man on this earth; with the intellect, drive, and creative abilities to transform society and mankind.  Newton literally and philosophically made an impact. 

When technology and science advanced to where they needed to explore the atom to move other areas of study further, quantum physics was born.  The pioneers of the atom became confounded early on, and remain confounded due to the incongruence they discovered, and the extremely small size of matter inside the atom.  The quantum universe is so different from the physical world it compelled the scientists studying the topic to make calculated guesswork a staple of their profession.  Some matter inside the atom remains unknowable.  

These two realities obviously stand to extrapolate downstream and upstream.  The guesswork made based upon assumptions (quantum facts) remains guesswork and it is unknown - for a certainty.  The observable & quantifiable matter discovered, the energy that directs that matter, and the math used to generate the theories applied in quantum may be accurate and correct – but my study of quantum taught me math is not always reliable.  Math can be used to mislead.  Quantum math especially holds theoretical components as factors in the equations used.  What can be known past this is (hopefully) the calculations made are honest and genuine; in the true spirit of learning and discovery.  Doing otherwise corrupts credibility.  Once that leap is made, recovery of the information lost is impossible – the law of conservation obtains.

Unfortunately, philosophical matters and opinions invaded science before quantum physics became viable.  The debates of philosophy have driven some scientists to the precipice of truth and honesty in their search to satisfy their peers and benefactors and themselves.  Scientists are human beings first.  They face the pressures of life all men face.  They are also infused with human emotions and the desires therein.  Becoming a scientist reveals they hold and act upon their ambitions.  Any carryover of emotions into their work as scientists introduces uncertainty into their decisions and interpretations.  The integrity of each man’s science is exposed and hostage to their choices. Indeed, the incredible rests upon: envy, security, and comfort.  These must be satisfied before the scientist is free to observe and conclude unbiased. The technical “essentials’ of life – cell phone, computer, web connection, softwares etc… require every scientist to earn enough money to participate in his field.  If that person desires a nominal quality of life – wife, children, house, car, he must find the means to pay for those.  Attire to avoid arrest for indecent exposure and grooming – historically – not attributed as an indispensible in scientists, has, like the beliefs of many; evolved.  If common preferences are added to this life equation, the costs are driven to a point where the benefits that lay in academic consensus, are a lure some cannot afford to avoid.  

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