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God gave initially us an intellect –
to accompany our bodies so we could exercise our free agency - choice;
to improve ourselves and others by combining intellects;
to better ourselves using self assessment; to be thankful for our lives and the environment provided us;
to know, consider; and choose to obey the commandments God provided for our benefit and every blessing he provides an opportunity to receive.
to use and refine our physical senses - learning;
to perceive our surroundings and sense of self;
to develop the means to stabilize our lives in the environment provided;
to reflect and use past experience and information to amend bad outcomes;
to create - new thoughts and solutions.
to worship the one who made, and provided us access to, all of the above;

Our intellects contain infinite potential, but evidence strongly suggests un-equal abilities among men. That is really indisputable – and there is a reason.  God will determine WHEN our intellects expand when it suits his and our needs.  

No two people have the same brain power - intellect.  Morphology, physiology, desire, and dedication determine our individual intellects.  Standardized education and study provides the means to increase and improve our raw intellects.  It is not possible to know the limits or devise the means to maximize an individual intellect, without comprehending the extent of that intellect.  Intelligence tests do a good job determining those potentials.  

Unfortunately, some want uniformity and refuse to believe intellect is distributed unequal, contains individual limitations, and is primarily ordained and ordered by genetics - and God.  It works against their political goals.  The same people work to promote an intellectual equality myth using any means necessary.  Their political and secular ambitions drive their beliefs; rather than interpreting the factual information available to analyze potential and develop options to maximize, as far as is possible, each individual intellect.   
There is a political falsehood - the Big Lie - that forms the basis of secular humanism and moral relativism and the political ambitions therein. The Big Lie is drawn from the Declaration of Independence: Everyone is Equal...  That belief is sound.  Our nation was built upon equality of opportunity – not the equality of intellect.  So there's a problem..., Big Lie proponents thought the words didn't go far enough, and they didn't care for the second clause in the original sentence.  Big Lie types began ignoring and replacing the second clause; "in the eyes of their creator".  To accommodate their wants and future political plans, Big Lie proponents inserted "In Every Way".  

Every One is Equal in Every Way – was born.

Removing the second clause started the nation down the path to gain permanent political control so they can end religion and marginalize God. Adding In Every Way - presumed exactly what the words infer.  The Left didn't comprehend the height of that ambition.  When the Left saw the billions spent trying to synthesize equality didn’t achieve their goals, they were forced to face reality.  The Left had a major problem, but quickly develop a strategy to perpetuate the equality of intellect myth.

The Left moved to silence discussion and investigation of the equality topic.  To suggest, or gather analysis on the accuracy of the words - Equal in Every Way - or to present, publish, share, or voice the critical and factual information discovered that invalidated the equality premise became "Verbotten"; forbidden.  Reality could not stand.  Un-equality types had to be stopped.  Punishment - ruining careers and destabilizing the offender’s credibility, was the means chosen.  The media was the device used.

Rather than accept the reality and inability before them and forging a plan to maximize the raw intellect and target their strengths for employment purposes, Big Lie types chose to doomed the intellectually un-endowed.  A life of dependence and ignorance evolved.  That state of dependence aligned with their political goals, but meant the Left had to pay for the votes of the un-equal.  Programs and subsidy specifically to secure votes were created by misusing the word of God - specifically God's comments on helping the poor.  A man’s Choice was removed – his free will truncated.  The benefits for giver/benefactor and the recipient was lost; compassion and appreciation ended.  Anonymity was added.  Expectations and disappointments grew.  Problems materialized.  An intellect grows frustrated and hostile - when cause and effect, effort and accomplishment, are removed - or unavailable – by design.  Unfortunately, the intellectually un-endowed, cannot see who’s to blame for their plight. The Left worked to prevent the less intellectually endowed from even marginal improvement.  That decision literally predicated the less endowed could not be self reliant.  The un-endowed cannot find employment where the income exceeded the free subsidies. Why work?  

The Left had to contort reality blaming those who earned the income to pay taxes required to pay for the dependents.  They adopted and escalate zero tolerance punishments to hide what they were doing.  

The Big Lie requires that we ignore devices (Tests) that measure differential intellect. These were used for centuries to proof the knowledge of those tested. They were a good way to evaluate ability. So good in fact, western civilization thrived using them. They remain, but the test results are now under scrutiny. Tests are hard! Some students don’t test well. The Left doesn’t want to admit that differential mental abilities exist – All Men Are Equal. Ergo, everyone WILL test the same, if EVERY condition (other than study, test preparation, and raw intellect) is made equal.

One premise based upon the Big Lie concludes that equal opportunity will yield equal outcomes every time! Studying? Big brains? Dedication to school work? Apparently, these don’t matter. Everyone is entitled to get the same grade. There are schools where no grades are marked. It’s not even pass/fail. It’s attended and did satisfactory. This is another equality of outcome - dependence. There are laws to ensure dependence in some locations.
The Big Lie proponents believe that money (socio-economic conditions) is the single greatest cause for learning disparity. In fact, disparity of every kind is attributed to wealth or the lack of money. When your goal is to steal from your enemy and give the proceeds to your victims, this thinking makes good sense. But there are problems with this thinking and I can’t believe that 45 years later no one has raised the contradictions…

If a family’s economic circumstance and the neighborhood where they live are primarily responsible for good grades - why don’t wealthy children who attend the same school, live in similar neighborhoods where families share a similar income, and who are taught under the direction of the same instructor, score identical grades when tested?

Socio-economic variables are often cited as causal for this disparity. If money in the home, or access to money, in effect, all that money can buy, is responsible and causal for a person’s testable intelligence, why does any disparity exist among the wealthy? How does a student from a poor family score higher than a wealthy one? They do often.

How? Why? … in places like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc… where the student population is primarily drawn from very wealthy families, some holding legacy status, HOW on earth do these students score differentially when tested?

If this socio-economic premise is accurate, how did any of the children who attended one room schools in the prairie, who lived in sod huts and ate a limited die, wore hand me down, homemade clothing, ever advance at all? It seems to me that this claim about money MAY be a stereotype. We know how the left views stereotypes… they should be made to face this one. An intellect as keen and insightful as Abraham Lincoln’s was a product of the one room prairie school; as were many others. How could this happen if money is intrinsically linked to the development of intellect and test scores? What about the poor classroom? Do poor students score identically on tests? No is the answer.

Money is not causal in a person ability to learn or score well on a test.

Testable Intellect relies upon two factors.
1. Genetics and the physical configuration of the body - the brain morphology/wiring is most important.
2. Stick-to-it-tiveness, study, and the pursuit of excellence is secondary.

When a child is born to parents who are not intellectually blessed, that child will likely be no smarter than the parents - a majority of the time. In this situation, the parents are also unlikely to devote much of their time to learning or study, or teaching their children those practices. Learning for some is difficult. Learning is un-fun, when the process is unrewarding. The combination is damning.

A twin study was conducted at the University of Minnesota. The behavioral science department set out to prove that nurturing and access to wealth was more important than nature/genetics in the development of intellect. Big Lie types hate genetics being causal. Remember, they bet all their marbles on socio-economic and a restrictive class structure being causal for all disparities. The study failed miraculously to deliver the equality premise.  

The study found - genetics are primarily causal for intellect, and intellect is primarily causal for success… 

Importantly, the UM study showed: 
All the money in the world and all the compassion available in mankind will NOT improve the lot of people who are genetically predisposed to a low intellect. 

UM researchers studied identical twins. Identical twins are the product of a single egg. That egg divides and becomes two zygotes and grows into two people. Since they came from the same genetic material, their genetic makeup is exactly the same - identical. UM studied twins separated at birth or shortly thereafter. The twins were raised in different homes with different adoptive parents that ran the gamut of socio-economic conditions. The parent’s backgrounds were diverse, as were their intellectual gifts. Researchers hoped to reveal that genetics was of secondary import to the intellectual development. Parental input - nurturing, love, instruction and examples set were primary in the development of a child's intelligence. 

What the study indicated was that twins scored near identical marks when tested – despite their being raised in different family and socio-economic conditions. Why this study is not front page news is alarming. It reveals much about science and the Left. Scientific information is ignore and buried when it does not support their political agenda. Ditto - global warming. 

When scientific study shows that economic conditions that shape the environment where the child is raised has little or no impact on child’s ability to learn and their performance when tested, Big Lie proponents will attempt to find a peer who will discredit the study. If that fails, they will ignore the research and pretend it doesn't exist - as they did here. Considering that billions are spent trying to create equality in the home/family, or learning environment - schools, which was causal for the disparity of tested intellect according to the Big Lie theoreticians, it seems somewhat important to know that spending money to improve socio-economic conditions and build prettier schools will NOT improve outcomes. However, it is predictable - knowing the Left's penchant for deception. They do after all proffer the Big Lie.

Proponents of the Big Lie HATE tests and testing the always invalidates their claims.  The Left say tests of intellect and abilities are flawed - sometimes culturally biased. Why don’t they say tests are hard! That’s a more accurate claim. Perhaps there are human cultures that don’t use math in any form but I don’t know of them. If there are societies that do not use math, I'll wager they are the societies whose progeny currently fail at test taking. Further, I fail to see how numbers and their computation contain a cultural element. More importantly - when a pupil is taught a subject: history, geography, English, philosophy, art, choose whatever you want… and that pupil is a citizen, born and raised in the society that is the topic of study – isn’t it ludicrous to assert that cultural issues (that are derived from the same culture, the homeland of the pupil) are so confusing that they prevent the pupil tested from achieving an acceptable score? 

Skin color and ethnicity is also dragged into the discussion/excuse making. How is it that people with darker skin, or from a non-white ethnicity, even when raised in the same community, country, and homeland, are supposedly treated unfairly if they are tested? California prohibits conducting I.Q. tests on racial minorities. WHY is telling.

Curiously, this claimed cultural bias/unfairness only becomes an issue if scores are bad. If scores are adequate, the Big Lie types champion the results. Press releases are penned. It is an event that must be hailed and applauded. The numbers used to create this distinction are often “worked” - exaggerated. Minute changes that are no more than blips born of situational, cyclical, happenstance, are paraded out with fanfare and bravado. When the test scores retreat for the same cyclical happenstance, nothing is said; so when the next blip comes along it can be reused once again to celebrate mediocrity.  Millions are deceived and kept in hopeless poverty, because the Left wants and needs their votes and can't have those developing questions on their motivations and actions, and… how and why the Left acted to limit their options in live and keep the costs for their votes as low as possible. 

God surely has views on this plan and behaviors of the Left. No wonder to me why the Left don’t want God in policy and public discussions.   

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