Monday, August 4, 2014

Hollywood – Incompetent Liars, & Moral Pedophiles

The people who call the shots in Tinsel Town are those who can’t find employment in reality.  This partly explains their persistence to wallow in fantasy.  What isn’t easily explained is why their fantasies lack any wholesomeness. Their actions suggest they refuse to consider a film topic that doesn’t contain gratuitous and encompassing violence, deviant sexuality, and a penchant for obsessing on provable inaccuracies.  Even story lines that stand on their own with all the components required in a classical idiom - a story’s popularity proofed over millennia; are now targeted for Hollywood’s corruption. Moral components are destroyed to pass approval in the meetings where the final edits are decided.  Politically correct passions assure equality of beliefs and hierarchy of roles. Fealty to historical accuracy and copious facts are flippantly dismissed as artistic license; and unnecessary.  More, nothing GOOD can emanate from the focus upon CGI or the egos that can’t stop inserting themselves into a script.  The most recent abomination is Noah.  Hollywood couldn’t even get the ark’s design correct – which I’m sure uses secular measurements: Three stories tall, 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide. 

Past this purposeful and reasonless inaccuracy, Noah’s story line runs off the rails immediately and never looks back.  It is so incorrect as to render it an entirely new story having nothing at all to do with the Biblical epic – but that is Hollywood’s preferred practice.  Denigrate goodness, sensualize beauty, promote hedonism, and defecate upon religion/morality.  Naming the film Noah was a scheme to steal the money from religious people and families under the pretense of offering a Biblical story.  The trailers never allude to the inaccuracies or lurid & violent content.  Why they chose this path is a head scratcher since doing what Hollywood did reduced profits public support and in everyway diminished the declared reasons for making movies – to make as much money as possible and garner fame. 

Noah defies those maxims and thus opens speculation for why.  What would prompt them to self defeating actions? Mocking God and goodness at the expense of profits offer a partial explanation.  Indulging licentiousness and rewarding professionals who offer their “talents” – some are even related to film making - to sate the appetites of Hollywood’s elite, posit the more compelling argument.  It’s a clique comprised of the very wealthy.  Wealth corrupts because a reality soon becomes unavoidable.  Wealth cannot abate the closeted fears of these power players.  Why am I here?  What’s the purpose of my life if no God or morality exists?  Understandably - there is no ticket to eternity in their views, so there is no moral prerogative. The one path to eternity they long ago rejected, and then, committed themselves to practicing behaviors and ambitions that render themselves ineligible to attend.  This conundrum eventually visits anger and frustration and sadness.  These emotions are felt as much as phony emotions portrayed or pixilated backdrops seen in most new Hollywood offerings.  Lashing out against the object of their frustrations and anger is clear in Noah. 

Wrong things in Noah –The “Watchers” = fallen angels – who so desire human women they sacrificed their eternal lives to have sex with these women.  They were giants in size.  In part, killing them was a reason for the flood.  They lost their translated state after they had sex.  They responded by teaching mankind technologies they knew.  They very much angered God.  The Watchers were not stone creatures.  They never returned to heaven!  They were cast down.  God made it clear to Noah he was saving his family and the animals on the ark to repopulate the earth.  God walked with Noah. This means Noah enjoyed human and translated physical states.  He needn’t interpret signs or dreams – God told Noah what he wanted done. No record of Noah being a domineering white male/father/husband exists.  All of Noah’s sons had wives. There were no births on the ark.  No one other than the Noah clan was in the ark.  No mention is made of family conflict in the scriptures.  The civilizations that led to the flood were violent – but they never sought to attack Noah or steal his ark.   They mocked and ridiculed Noah and his family.  Noah was thought a lunatic for building a gigantic ark so far from the ocean.  No mention is made of Noah adopting a child.  Nor is any mention of a Noah family member searching for a wife in camps of the people God targeted for destruction.  There are more, but these are sufficient to entirely discredit a movie without these components being named Noah. 

So what was the purpose for making and marketing a film with only the improperly sized ark and the animals playing an accurate role in the Noah Biblical epic?  Insulting religion seems the only reason and purpose.  

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