Monday, August 11, 2014

Evil's Professional Associates

A large part, perhaps the largest most significant part, of the moral and societal degeneration in America these days can be blamed on people, businesses, and organizations expressly formed and engaged to find nuances within truth, equivocations buried in fact, dormant, infinitesimal details, lying undetected inside the veracity of our cognitive reality.  Our cognitive reality is the home town where our morality was born and raised, and it is where that morality is formed and re-enforced.  

This work is needed due to repel antiquated, arcane, and odious prejudices and discriminatory perspectives dedicated to the extermination of equality and justice.  These groups profit from destroying reason and principles of logic.  Absolutes are the enemy they work to destroy or redefine. Nothing is permanent, stable, proven, veracious, nor congruent.  Everything is open and suspect to “critical” interpretation and clinical precision.  As noted above, details matter.  Details matter more than substance, for details are the location where inconsistency resides.  The deeper one explores, the larger inconsistencies are manifest, and portrayed.  If inconsistency exists, the confidence in certainty is unconvincing.  Testimony is reduced to a assortment of preferential, biased, bigoted, expressions, to be picked, parsed, and impugned if only to confuse comprehension and pollute perceptions. 

The terminal sign in our society, the day it became evident the slide into dysgenic depravity was pitched too steeply, was announced with the Orenthal James Simpson verdict.  The pursuit of guilt and innocence devolved into a competition defined by sadistic cerebral contortions to humiliate honesty and mock morality. Legal awards for incompetence notwithstanding, the details and facts collected in that case were unavoidable, copious, comprehensive, and convincing. 

The details – the facts in evidence - were ignored by the defense team who exclusively focused upon juror selection.  America is chock-a-bloc with firms dedicated to identifying and selecting jurors based upon the ability of the juror to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, the scope and depth of their vacuous intellects.  Trusting law and order to an increasingly unstable and mentally incontinent crew of unemployed, unqualified, and unconditionally unequivocal eunuchs of logic is a communal suicide pact.  

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