Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dan Snyder - You're a Genius - MOVE THE TEAM!

I dislike the Redskins very, very much.  They are an opponent to my favored NFL team.  I live near the Redskin stadium.  I "Could" be  Skins fan, but refuse.  My experiences with the Skins, their fans, and the local media left are... "less than".  

That being said, I hate the Media - sports and news - More.  Among other accurate pejoratives the Media's earned thru ther actions, the media are BULLIES.  The media are precisely what they report seriatim and ad nauseum to abhor; to despise; to work at erradicating.  It's all BS.  The media are serial LIARS.  The number and scope of their lying is legend, and truly peerless.  Not only do they prevaricate, they IGNORE information that either stands to harm or embarass the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party is the media's pimp.  Democrats use the media in ways that make a actions of a toothless, fetid prostitute, appear tame; by comparision.  The media colludes with Democrats to purposely mislead the public and install the Democrat political agenda.  Keeping the public ignorant of the sinister and nefarious plans Democrats hold, is the primary purpose of the news media.  They have no credibility. Increasingly, the least intellectually gifted seek careers in media - it shows in their work product, and inability to think for themselves.  

The Sports Media is No Different.  The Democrats bark and the media jump.  They soil themselves in fear of being excluded... missing out on an invitation... or be labeled - any of the miriad terms the media and Democrats created to silence opposition.  That's needed because the media and Democrats cannot reveal their true ambitions, and, more importantly, they must buy the votes and allegiance of splinter groups - because the majority of regular Americans no longer trust either.  Buying votes means giving these groups free stuff, AND - power.  Here is where we reach today's topic.  

The media and Democrats are currently trying to buy American Indian votes, and the votes of other dullards, who actually believe indians are offended by the name Redskin.  Both Democrats and the media know the alleged offense is entirely fiction, but Mr. Dan Snyder, owner of the Skins, had the temerity to challenge Mr. Obama's plans, thoughts, and desires. Because Snyder refused, he must be punished.  That is how Obama treats American citizens with whom he disagrees, or whom disagree with him.  He uses the power of the federal government to punish them.  Unbelievable - and patently illegal.  The IRS scandal involving the Tea Part is prima facie evidence of how and why Obama attacks people who disgree with him.  

Mr. Snyder now plans to move the Skins - HOORAY!!!  I have advice for Mr. Snyder.  

Dan, do not move the Skins to Virginia, or Maryland, or anywhere NEAR Washington, DC. Doing so will only temporarily abate your problem.  Move the Team to Oklahoma /Arkansas /Nebraska - these are solid Conservative states.  

They LOVE football. They are loyal fans. And, I'll wager the indians living there will gladly work with you to build a new stadium - on their property perhaps.  

This option provides the benefits you seek.  It will outrage the DC area Skins fans.  They will turn on Obama and Democrats and... the media!!!  By outrage, I mean a terminal hated that will not soon, if ever, abate.  The fans will become so irate, some may seek to release their ire upon a correspondence, or politician.  That drubbing is long past due.  Democrats and the media have earned any dissatisfaction pointed towards them - and much more. Moving the team will influence their votes!!!  

Americans will see a strong man who values his values more than politically correct compliance.  You'll become a hero to many, who suffer under onerous politically correct motivated threats and obligations.  

Moving the team away from the area will yield permanent benefits to you, conservative fans, and the political opponents of Democrats everywhere. 

At its heart - the claim of offense is yet another jab at white people.  It is they, afterall, whom the media and Democrats accuse ruined the indian way of life.  That is the fiction Democrats and their allies in academe use to discolor history.  

The breadth and seriousness of this issue is considerably past a name, or offense taking. This issue is yet another attempt to make Americans distrustful and more separated in their lives and ambitions.  This name issue is a pointed and purposeful assault upon whites - to hurt them emotionally, professionally, and politically.  It is meant to silence and disenfranchise their political power.  It is meant to minimalize their opinions, desires, and professional options.  It is another race based attack, meant to drive people away from each other based in a despicable perspective that cannot survive without it.  

Were people left alone to live their lives, freed from the media and Democrat actions to increase distance and instill mistrust, we grow together and become a more united nation. Democrats and the media will not tolerate that outcome.  That alone is why you are in their sights.  The only way they can gain votes is by created villains and victims.  Americans are neither instinctually.  It requires a despicable political agenda, one so sinister it cannot be told to the public.  That agenda, and its need for silence, is what prompts Democrats and their media allies to distract and demoralize, to spread issues that promote hate and inure suspicion - like the Redskins name.  This issue, broken down to its lowest common denominator = the interests and emotional well being of a minority group (and all other minorities thru inferrence) and, the vile white race who perpetually trample and disregard the interests and well being of those minority people.  You Mr. Snyder are lumped into the white race.  Your wealth is another factor used to malign you as a "less than" human being.

Mr. Snyder, PLEASE - move the Skins far, far away from DC.  These clowns who seek to harm you, deserve nothingless.  God bless you, regardless.

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