Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Central Tenets of the Democrat Party:

The following lists the ojectives of Democrats.  No thinking Christian would ever vote Democrat, if they knew the objectives of the Party.  The Democrat's objectives have refined overtime and represent the greatest threat to liberty and the United States of America.  Democrats are marching towards anarchy, and an overhaul of the traditional American way of life.  Religion is the basis for that tradition.  Given their wishes, the USA slides into a totalitarian state with all the love and affections of a viper.

FEAR is the prime directive used to motivate and achieve conformance.  Plans to apply Fear ubiquitously produce uncertainty that must be managed. Ideally, a program of Fear should infect every aspect of life.  If fear is not innately resident, changes made in the social fabric -fears that arise after alerting the public to a threat unknown, may permit its introduction. Threats can be created once the fear threshold and focus of the target audience is assessed.  Then specific threats can be manufactured alongside a campaign of public indoctrination - enhancing the potential a citizen may encounter the threat, or associated loss resulting from confronting the threat.  

Without the mollifying effect of fear, humans are more resistant and less willing to accept change in their lives and behaviors.   A comprehensive and intense program that identifies threat sources, followed by informing the public on the number of sources and scope of the impending threat instills, or magnifies, latent fears.  Repeated analysis and propaganda campaign will identify, then heighten public awareness; and, often yield cries for action to deter or eliminate the threat.  

Fear, as a motivational tool, is a time honored, effective, and efficient means to wrest political goals.  In the extreme, murder and physical abuse are adopted as policy to remove resistance to political ambitions and spread fear from another source - the Party, whose role, ostensibly, is threat reduction.  The later tactic - using the Party as an instrument of fear, is usually applied once permanent political control is assumed and sanitizing the society and political environment are necessary.  

Establish Universal and Uniform EQUALITY Criterion: 

Equality and compassion for equality deprived groups are the stated mission of the Party. These must be considered and used as the primary and essential factors for every policy calculation made. 

Capturing voting blocs is the objective. Keeping the blocs obligated is accomplished by enacting and administering policies that increase dependence of the members upon the Party.

Promote a universal doctrine asserting the generic equality of human ability, ethnicity, ethos, effort/production.  Repeatedly infer wealth and opportunity, and access to opportunity, are the sole determining factors that enable success.  Create laws that artificially provide opportunity and subsidies to the sanctioned, least able citizens.  This simultaneously deprives innately superior citizens - thus delivering the comprehensive, uniform outcomes - the Party predicted.  

Mandate RELATIVISM -  Vilify absolutes - Remove absolutes, and /or introduce equivocation into all human endeavors. These include but are not limited to - "facts", law, analysis, or any attendant practice that identify and/or defines the various physical differences, inequality and/or inabilities of mankind.

Promote SECULAR and RELATIVE  MORALITY standards - present initially as an alternative, "conditional" analysis methodology(s) - incorporate consistently and ubiquitously  

Grow the number of eligible VOTES and assure those votes are Dependent UPON the Party - Take action to secretly and illegally obtain the votes of ineligible voters. If discovered -deny and use complaints of disenfranchisement to distract

DEPENDENCE - Reward behaviors that lead to dependence (Ex.procreation and divorce) with gov't stipends and support programs that highlight the Party's action and compassion. Declare the programs are investments in the underprivileged & less equal. These programs realize political allegiance / dependence as the voter increasingly owes his income and standard of living to the Party

MALES - Denigrate the male headed family, fatherhood, (Esp. white males) and "supernatural" religious beliefs.  White males are inherently conservative and reluctant to dependence, and usually stridently independent.  Their presence in a household works against Party ambitions.  Public awareness campaigns that identify their instinctual, (and therefore unchangeable traits) and other negative behaviors - act to domineer wives and children are needed.  Promote the benefits of individuality - unachievable in the rigid male headed household.  Two-parent households typically practice some form of religion. Religion is an impediment to the ambitions of the Party.  

Asserting religion is an oppressive counter eight to individuality is an effective way to marginalize religion. Maligning religion in a long-term program that includes incrementally removing worship rights, is necessary to make religion unpopular - for the expressed purpose of eventually rendering religion impotent; before acting to outlaw religion or its practice. An Activist Court is needed to contain or overturn popular religious beliefs and rights.  Buoyed with other dependence and individuality programs, the citizen learns to please the party as their incomes and life style depend upon the Party - not religion.

Advocate and practice a policy of MATERIALISM - work with media to indoctrinate society. Make the promotion of accrued material items unavoidable, and desirable.  Fawn and revere extreme examples of "Coolness" - as defined by material objects owned.

Expand the indebtedness opportunities for citizens - to realize increased dependence and apply as policy.  Indebtedness acts to separate citizens - wealth strata - and promotes greed and envy.  Petty grievances between groups of citizens destabilizes potential unification points.

Scribe and enact policies that demand allegiance and dependence upon the Party/State

UNIFICATION - Use the power and scope of state agencies to compromise unification efforts that oppose the objectives of the Party.  This helps indemnify the Party from criticism and prosecution.  Individual policy makers avoid being cast as responsible.

DEBT as a policy - proscribed for government and citizen - will destabilize family finances and ripen them for dependence.  When debt collapses society, only the government elites will escape the crash; they print the money.  

SANCTIONED GROUPS - revere the indolent and demand compassion for the dependent/sanctioned groups.  Each policy should be cast and advertised as compelling the tax payers to aid the unfortunate against their will.  This sharpens the divide between groups. 

Reward physical traits, sex, sexual behaviors, and other allegiances/beliefs.  Programs and tactics that provide opportunities to the sanctioned exacerbate the potential for complaints of equality/fairness.  When this occurs it presents and opportunity to critique and blame the opposition

Indemnify the sanctioned groups and individuals, portray their nobility, excuse their unorthodox behaviors, vilify/punish persons who question or analyze the programs and policies, or behaviors of the sanctioned groups.  Label them opponents to equality.

Propound policies that expand IGNORANCE and dependence - 

Tax the industrious and mock their efforts as illegitimate and oppressive. Attack their motivations (selfishness).  Demand more from the tax payers.  Ridicule their motivations and efforts - perpetually; to wear them down

Decry the pursuit of wealth and individuals who pursue it.  Re-define acceptable business behaviors within Party objectives.  Declare opponents are out of touch and uncaring  

Introduce and re-define PHILOSOPHY and MORALITY - Promote the advantages of secular humanism and moral relativism as in tune with enlighten thinkers.  Show happy individuals as examples of the Party's prgrams successes.  Gather and publish the opinions from same to sell the benefits of change to the new standards. Personalize the message.

Create policy that eventually demands absolute LOYALTY to the State and removes other options (God).  Control of a citizen's income seizes their attention and pressures their decision making.  Policies that assure every citizen participates - is dependent on some level - owing their lifestyle - all or in part, to State/Party subsidy is the objective.  This blends with the other Party policies to gain dominion over government and citizen allegiances.

CHRISTIANITY - Malign the Christian God (and every other Deity) make laws to prevent God's recognition and public worship. Work to expand areas off limits.  Always publish contrary opinions and allege Constitutional conflicts arise irrespective of facts or circumstances.  

Softly assert religious worship(pers) are unenlightened, ignorant, superstitious, occasionally maniacal.  Add fear to religion and its practitioners. Make religion a threat to dependence and the state endorsed life style.

Elevate SCIENCE to secular DIVINITY status - the Christian God replacement. Show reverence for science as a quasi-religion - the givers of fact and information - unfettered by beliefs or superstition.  Eventually, once the public is adequately conditioned,  use science as the weapon to murder, delegitimize God and worship - and control debate on the topic.

Misinterpret religious doctrine and use as a religious guilt compliance tool - Ex. Jesus demands the rich care for the poor.  This moves religious types to accepting higher taxes - infer their God may be displeased if they do not agree.

Advance accepted and useful THEORY(s) as fact  - demand allegiance.   Punish and denounce detractors.  Project and infer intellectual superiority - those in agreement with the Party's objectives are smarter the the Party's opponents.  Paint the Party's belief system as the ONLY rational and intelligent option.

Use Government policy ambitions to drive science research.  Reward conforming results that forward Party objectives.  Develop policy that indemnifies scientists willing to sacrifice their professional credibility to benefit the Party.

Use Science as a cudgel to maim religious doctrines and coerce behaviors/beliefs 

Encourage Activist Courts - to obtain legal dominion in areas the citizenry oppose - coerce behaviors and beliefs - 

Develop policy to indoctrinate citizens and gain acceptance, and the practice of, unpopular or sinful policies

Create an environment where temporal "spiritual" ambitions and beliefs can thrive in a government endorsed - State sanctioned Religion: Ex. saving whales, preserving nature, championing a secular "Cause" can be used to satisfy the instinctual cravings of the citizen for spiritual significance.  Caring is the sole ante for membership. and the demarcation separating haters from the compassionate.  Celebrate accomplishments in a reverent and meaningful manner.

PRMOSICUITY and DEVIANCE - Endorse promiscuous physicality & deviant sexuality - use as tools to capture another bloc of voters; insult, then oppress religious morality and individual beliefs -  thieve religious and other liberties simultaneously 

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS - Use language as a weapon and terror tactic - PC conventions are thought control mechanisms.  When "Acceptable" thoughts are defined, behaviors must follow.

Frame certain topics as sensitive or off limits to prevent discussions or a discussion distorted by the acceptable words and topics.  Make some areas Verboten - to thwart attempts at changing adopted policies.  Words act to protect sanctioned groups and the policies that render them dependent.  

Create a collection of terms that once applied are permanent, terminate credibility, provoke negative associations, and negate employment or academic advancement.

COLLUDE and Control Information - By gaining the allegiances of the Media the Party creates a monopoly on access to, and the delivery of, pertinent news and information that sways public opinion.  This is an essential cost that delivers positive benefits; past controlling the narrative of the ISSUES arising. The Media needs be integrated into the Party and their allegiances procured - using any means necessary.  Once obtained, malign discouraging words and alternative view points.  Add them to the Verboten category - By asserting users of the words that qualify and justify being negatively labeled within the operative environment designed, will permanently enjoin them, or their organization, from fully participating in society and destroys their credibility.

Restructure education to indoctrinate children and introduce state/Party objectives and sanctioned morality views.  

Incorporate secular beliefs into curricula and ban alternative, or competing ideas

Incorporate policy ambitions into admission requirements at institutes of higher education.  This reduces the numbers of students who may be statistically qualified, but hold contrary political opions, or belong to the wrong race - Ex. white males - Set qualifications extremely high.

Recognize/rewards students who master the Party's belief system and objectives.  Do not recognize the contrary work of others.  

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