Thursday, August 28, 2014

God... My Dad

My views on God come from a life led down many paths - not all of them wholesome.  At various times, my relationship with God suffered.  I've been angry with God.  I've screamed at the top of my lungs at the man and cursed him.  Given some of my behaviors, I'm confident he shared and directed those same emotional outbursts towards me.  That's part of this essay, God's emotions.  He has them.  When God loses his temper, he either chooses to ignore us and let us flail in outcomes of our own making, or he acts out in anger.  In the modern vernacular, God has anger management issues.  God also holds infinite compassion and love.  The duality of God's personality (Yes, he has one) is telling and reinforces my hope and faith.  I appreciate my father shares a real emotional bond with me. 

As my perspective and emotions towards God changed over time, my relationship with him changed too.  God is my (our) father.  He's Dad... the Old Man.  Pops.  I see no disrespect using these words. They are affectionate terms and qualify to help keep the commandments to love God.  When I pray, I speak to him as I did my deceased, earthly father - W.M..  W.M. was also a man of few words and rigid, absolute, views on most topics.  I'm confident he and God have interesting conversations regarding me and my behaviors - past and present.  God has undoubtedly informed my father on some my actions he did not learn while alive.  That's either a discussion that frames my eternal judgment or one where they laugh in unison at my feeble efforts, convoluted faith, and the frustration arising from my humanity.  

My humanity...  What a remarkable blessing.  Every person has the potential to bask in the joy of their humanity and the source of joy - the love from their spiritual father.  I understand why many do not.  I've been where they are.  Most reject God's love and the joy attending that love because they have appetites they love more than God.  Or, their love for God was destroyed in what they conclude was God's abandonment of them or a family member.  There may be other reasons but I believe a majority fit one of these two reasons.  I experienced both.  The later was transformative - the source of my greatest frustration, anger, and separation from God.  

Despite my abandoning God, and rejecting his influence in my life, God blessed me. In retrospect, I could not resolve his actions – considering my behaviors. Dad came through anyway. He helped me overcome my quandary because he loves me.  God's design – the rules for the universe and mankind - proscribes he must wait on us to act. We must approach him.  You must invite God into your life and heart.  There are physical reasons for this reality and we will explore them.  But let's investigate these two reasons/rationalizations many people adopt to free themselves from the obligations God placed upon us all.  

Appetites come in so many versions they cannot be all counted. Sex, food, drugs, attires, displays of wealth, oppression, and hate are some examples that drive man away from God.  Man believes feeding the appetite will improve their lives, or make them feel better.  Feeding the appetite provides a momentary high or thrill or sates an emotional or physical want.  These wants are often declared NEEDs - to rationalize and equivocate.  The same way people on the political Left gratuitously declare opportunities are - Rights - the very same mental perspective often claims a "thing" they desire to have is a Need.  It is not.  A Need is a something required to sustain life.  Most human appetites are not required to sustain life, and the others that are required, are fed in quantities that exceed what is required.  Therein the problem manifests.  

God has delivered to us, his offspring, several lists of commandments that ban the appetites of man – for our, and society's benefit.  Some people will not tolerate having their appetites curbed or removed.  At some point they chose the appetite over God.  Some attempt to straddle the conflict (count me as one who did).  They work to rationalize their behaviors; arising feeding their appetites.  Rationalization can assume innumerable, self serving, forms: 
it’s not that bad…
man and mankind have changed, God wouldn’t make that rule today…
who am I hurting but myself…?
Or… by adherence to a set of behaviors sanctioned by man - everyone does it… 
Or… by overtly removing God from their lives - using volition.  

The murder of God by Darwin and his benefactors; a death sanctioned, committed, and perpetuated by science and neo-intellectuals, is grasped by many as it permits indulging their appetites.  If God is dead, there are no commandments.  "Deitracide" removes man from any Godly obligation places man in complete control.  Man's allegiance is thus owed to himself and/or his cohorts.  Morality dies alongside God.  Appetites are freed from consideration and consequence.

The other group who turn away from God, usually so do after a significant tragedy enters their life. (Every event that leads to this outcome is a tragedy and profound loss).  This form of voluntary is a matter entirely removed from the appetite driven separation.  In this circumstance, people who once loved God in some capacity face a life altering event.  The event emotionally destroys them - irreconcilably so.  They blame God for the bad outcome; for not caring; for not paying enough attention to their lives to prevent, or lessen, the severity of the bad event.  These people frame the event in stark, very personal, terms.  They interpret the bad outcome as proof of a purposeful attack upon them – by God.  They usually consider their past behaviors serving and worshipping God as meaningful – as examples and reasons for why God should have interceded and protected them.  Their unrequited grief consumes them and they act out hoping to release their emotions and inflict punishment upon the entity and/or person they blame for the outcome.  Sorrow foments anger and rage. 

Those two emotions are powerful.  They spoil hearts and warp reasoning.  This type of reasoning projects God as capable of, and obligated (based upon God’s love referenced in the scriptures and man’s interpretation of that emotion) to protect them - as they predict love would motivate any parent.  This short-sighted reasoning presumes much and ignores reality; the limits and laws that guide the universe through it courses.  God ordained those laws.  They limit God's actions and ability to act – by design.  

Whenever God intercedes and acts – he must transcend the laws and limits of accrued, resident energy and controlling equations that govern and rule not only our lives, but every other scrap of matters in the universe.  Extreme consequences typically result from God's acting.  Those consequences can be likened to a thermo-nuclear pinball – smashing its way through every obstacle it encounters.  Controlling the reactions of his actions creates huge amounts of work for God.  Occasionally, due to the veracity, scope and type of laws in place, God cannot contain all the negative consequences. More bad things then occur – to other people - and the physical reality framing their lives. 

Yes, God is omnipotent, but his design of the universe, and the laws that make the universe operate, are purposeful; they restrict God’s power and influence - by design.  These can be likened to the obstacles placed in our own lives.  God too, must overcome obstacles in his eternal progression. 

I imagine our father grieving during the times his ability to act is hampered.  Importantly, the design requires us to exercise faith in his judgment.  The universe's design additionally requires we love and worship God throughout the course of negative trials that cross our life paths.  These trials provide significant opportunities; to learn, and improve ourselves.  We must never forget about the limits that obtain throughout the universe as they contain all of our wishes - including God's love and patience for us.

Imagining the dynamics, what happens when God sees man, or mankind, suddenly turn away from him, must span the breadth of emotions – like any father.  Being a perfected being must amplify the emotional impact.  Historically, these events move God.  The scriptures detail times when God sought to curry mankind’s favor using the earthly rewards contained in blessings: prosperity, health, etc.   Conversely, should man’s behaviors not change, another aspect of God’s emotions further engage - seeking to discipline his offspring.  God knows the horrific consequences that await those behaviors.  If Man's behaviors remain, or expand and intensify, God's concern must grow acute. Worry - confounded and troubled over his children's refusal to acknowledge his blessings; or to worship consumes more of God's attention. 

Since God and mankind exist separated, and the distance between them immense, God literally moves on a different time table.  His actions and emotions often appear slow to manifest.  Concordantly, man is slow to respond – presupposing man is motivated to so do.  The combination visits dire and unfortunate results. 

God is Alpha and Omega - and Eternal.  His plan for us, his love and mercy, is offered us from God's domain.  They far exceed man’s sensory abilities and sensibilities - by comparison.  God's commandments are few, purposeful, and well designed.  God wants us to hold the benefits from living those commandments.  

I personally believe his commandments came from the negative outcomes that arose in God’s life – when he endured a human existence, and didn't adopt the behaviors specified in the commandments.  

The loving father in him, and his knowledge of man's physical constitution; how that physicality prompts behaviors within the environment surrounding us, individually and collectively, proscribed the commandments God issued.  Commandments are literally for our own good.  They promote joy and harmony among men.  They serve as literal examples of a man’s faith, works, and the love obeying the commandments expresses towards God.  How well man followed God’s commandments will be one topic discussed when we are judged/evaluated for placement in the afterlife.

The Physical Aspects of God and Man 

Our physical senses acquire the information contained in the environment around us (and more) by making use of (or creating) a flow of electrons and photons.  All of our physical senses use a nerve path to transfer the signal created by: sight, touch, taste, etc...  These interact with physical matter and are permanently placed in our brain.  The contents of our souls, the totality of our life experiences, reside and accrue as electrons during our lifetimes.  Indeed, past sensory input and new information acquired reside in the brain as electrical "data".  We recall/use past information to create new thoughts.  Theoretically, new thoughts are new arrangements of information/electrons collected earlier.  That's one of a host of Life phenomena science cannot explain.  If, as the phenomena suggests, the previous memory remains, a very complex relationship is formed or exists.  OR..., new matter emerges from the interaction(s). Science cannot explain how this happens or why. 

The processes and systems with the human body are a complex and amazing gift.  We can agree the presence of electrons in the human body is requisite for life.  Science, every rational mind agrees, when that electrical activity ceases, a person is "clinically" dead. 

Science is rigid and stubborn in their beliefs.  They must be in certain circumstances.  Unfortunately, money and notoriety combine to influence a discipline whose published credo rightly rejected those motivations.  Credibility and personal gain are antithetical - if only as a matter of perception.  Science chose to re-evaluate that practice during the past half century.  It now contains all the components of any international organization, and the petty personal pursuits and conflicts therein.  Every large organization requires unanimity and allegiance on certain matters.  These control and limit membership; to better homogenize the organization's public persona - to properly position it for alignment with other disciplines. Adequate funding is an escalating pressure in today's increasingly costly societies.  Advanced technologies and exploration tools grow more expensive as regulations, the working margins, and error tolerances shrink.  Allocating funding where the potential for the greatest gains presents practical considerations - including a narrowed focus is prudent.  Some FACTS are codified and never revisited - unless... doing that threatens continued funding or profound embarrassment.  

Darwin's Theory mandated science concludes "Life" had no external influences.  Once the tools needed to analyze the components and quantities needled, and their arrangement, science set out to prove their hypothesis - life can erupt anywhere - even in harsh and bizarre conditions.   When life was discovered in these unexpected environs, and the normal places science anticipated life, science concluded life was durable, adaptable, and could originate virtually anywhere - providing the absolutes for life criterion were arranged.  Life spontaneously erupting must be a super simple phenomenon.  Science organized an experiment to prove their hypothesis.  They combined certain matter in the proper proportions and energize it with an electrical spark - emulating how science believed life erupted on the early earth and... WALLAH!!!… Viscous black goo materialized.  Science's analysis showed the goo contained the “building blocks” for life – compounds very close to amino acids – but not quite.  The goo was void of life, but the confounded scientists asserted the black goo contained matter essential to life - provided other variables were somehow satisfied and additional actions materialized - spontaneously.  

I disagree. 

Science can crudely measure the amount of electricity, areas of the brain stimulated by the electrons, some of the physical consequences arising, the extent of stimulation, and how cells react to the electron stimulation.  Science lacks the technology to interpret the electrons/photons of life and how they confederate in thoughts.  We humans can remember past events and be similarly stimulated and emotionally "moved".  We can recall past sensory input and our thoughts re-interpret the data.  They may be emotionally stimulated – become invigorated, sad, happy, or another response.  We can use past determinations of logic, re-analyze that data, to create an entirely new perspective, including a new set of options or consideration.  

The scriptures also reference the importance genetic lineage.  Vast amounts of information are recorded detailing lineage.  Lineage must be important for chronology and the potential implications that may impact other areas must not be ignored.  Lineage equates to blood and genetics - and likely other matter/conditions.  If our spirits must be uniquely tuned for our bodies, and that body type is a product of lineage, specific conditions for the electron stream necessary for life - based upon lineage - may be extremely important.  Blood, and its relationship to electrons and life, is a mandatory object of study - to learn the biological relationships that enable our spirits functions; and to gain insight on the environment where the electron interactions occur and why.    

Free Agency was the first gift God provided us.  Behaviors are the actions resulting and following the choice(s) made. Choice is central to becoming properly aligned with God's commandments and the outcomes predicated.  We CHOOSE from the options our thoughts create.   Each man, has the opportunity to choose each time they think.  Science has not yet grasped how and why this occurs - nor does it appear science holds an interest in that area.  Like gravity, I believe the processes and matter that combine to create human thought will evade and confound science until they adopt broader limits of study, or God permits that information known. 

Electrons/photos are remarkable objects of matter.  Physicists know these objects can occupy the same space simultaneously; change states – photon to electron and back (virtually at will); and they communicate information - to name a few capabilities.  My interpretation of the evidence found in the double slit experiment suggests electrons/photons may show sentience; they can learn, and/or adapt from the actions of their electron predecessors or the environment. 
I assert currently undetected and unknown types of electrons / photons are essential for most forms of life.

The proposition that common particles of matter (more correctly Waves of matter) will/can randomly arrange, so if the matter is deposited into a lump of flesh/brain, a wholly inimitable intellect is created; defies so many scientific principles and laws it presents a problem. This is a problem so profound; it is best avoided (and usually is) by any organization who defiantly proclaims no eternal "Creator" entity exists.  The organization will use technological advances and accrued observations and conclusions from the approved list of professional colleagues, to further assert no entity is responsible for creating life.  More, they confidently assert, as impossibility, an entity being capable of creating life, and/or designing life systems and functionality parameters, and/or controlling the matter contained in our universe.  Information that challenges or refutes the organization's primary thesis, or the mission designed around it, is ignored, dismissed, (mis)interpreted and misrepresented, and ridiculed - to nullify conclusions that undermine the validity of the thesis.

Obviously, choosing God-lessness creates problems of its own making.

When we think, using random particles of electrical matter - we Create.  This process reveals there is something unique about the electrons/photons within the human body.  And..., since these exclusive elements of matter are used to create new thoughts and potentially create new matter, gives evidence as probable, in my view, electron/photons present in the human body, are sentient or significantly different from the electrons/photons observed in other locations.   

When you are prompted by the Holy Ghost – that inexplicable sense of warmth and inspiration – God’s message, he imparts information unto you - using an emissary.  You are provided with solutions to your questions when this occurs.  God literally sends his emissary with electrons specifically designed for your use.  When you’re able to receive them, by keeping the commandments, you experience your heavenly father’s love and direction. I pray you also see God’s instructions and love in the form of electrons must be invited – otherwise... you sacrifice your free agency. 

Take comfort in Dad’s love and instruction.  It is real.  It is undeniable.  When your mind is open to consider what the physical evidence available may mean; if your mind is not closed, due to secular allegiances/ dogma created for the expressed purpose of eliminating a Creator/God, your life can improve in profound and meaningful ways.  

You are filled with the same eternal matter as our father. You literally share a physical bond with your maker.  Your life is uniquely crafted for your use - culled from God's life energy - and THAT is how he is able to influence your life.

Dan Snyder - You're a Genius - MOVE THE TEAM!

I dislike the Redskins very, very much.  They are an opponent to my favored NFL team.  I live near the Redskin stadium.  I "Could" be  Skins fan, but refuse.  My experiences with the Skins, their fans, and the local media left are... "less than".  

That being said, I hate the Media - sports and news - More.  Among other accurate pejoratives the Media's earned thru ther actions, the media are BULLIES.  The media are precisely what they report seriatim and ad nauseum to abhor; to despise; to work at erradicating.  It's all BS.  The media are serial LIARS.  The number and scope of their lying is legend, and truly peerless.  Not only do they prevaricate, they IGNORE information that either stands to harm or embarass the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party is the media's pimp.  Democrats use the media in ways that make a actions of a toothless, fetid prostitute, appear tame; by comparision.  The media colludes with Democrats to purposely mislead the public and install the Democrat political agenda.  Keeping the public ignorant of the sinister and nefarious plans Democrats hold, is the primary purpose of the news media.  They have no credibility. Increasingly, the least intellectually gifted seek careers in media - it shows in their work product, and inability to think for themselves.  

The Sports Media is No Different.  The Democrats bark and the media jump.  They soil themselves in fear of being excluded... missing out on an invitation... or be labeled - any of the miriad terms the media and Democrats created to silence opposition.  That's needed because the media and Democrats cannot reveal their true ambitions, and, more importantly, they must buy the votes and allegiance of splinter groups - because the majority of regular Americans no longer trust either.  Buying votes means giving these groups free stuff, AND - power.  Here is where we reach today's topic.  

The media and Democrats are currently trying to buy American Indian votes, and the votes of other dullards, who actually believe indians are offended by the name Redskin.  Both Democrats and the media know the alleged offense is entirely fiction, but Mr. Dan Snyder, owner of the Skins, had the temerity to challenge Mr. Obama's plans, thoughts, and desires. Because Snyder refused, he must be punished.  That is how Obama treats American citizens with whom he disagrees, or whom disagree with him.  He uses the power of the federal government to punish them.  Unbelievable - and patently illegal.  The IRS scandal involving the Tea Part is prima facie evidence of how and why Obama attacks people who disgree with him.  

Mr. Snyder now plans to move the Skins - HOORAY!!!  I have advice for Mr. Snyder.  

Dan, do not move the Skins to Virginia, or Maryland, or anywhere NEAR Washington, DC. Doing so will only temporarily abate your problem.  Move the Team to Oklahoma /Arkansas /Nebraska - these are solid Conservative states.  

They LOVE football. They are loyal fans. And, I'll wager the indians living there will gladly work with you to build a new stadium - on their property perhaps.  

This option provides the benefits you seek.  It will outrage the DC area Skins fans.  They will turn on Obama and Democrats and... the media!!!  By outrage, I mean a terminal hated that will not soon, if ever, abate.  The fans will become so irate, some may seek to release their ire upon a correspondence, or politician.  That drubbing is long past due.  Democrats and the media have earned any dissatisfaction pointed towards them - and much more. Moving the team will influence their votes!!!  

Americans will see a strong man who values his values more than politically correct compliance.  You'll become a hero to many, who suffer under onerous politically correct motivated threats and obligations.  

Moving the team away from the area will yield permanent benefits to you, conservative fans, and the political opponents of Democrats everywhere. 

At its heart - the claim of offense is yet another jab at white people.  It is they, afterall, whom the media and Democrats accuse ruined the indian way of life.  That is the fiction Democrats and their allies in academe use to discolor history.  

The breadth and seriousness of this issue is considerably past a name, or offense taking. This issue is yet another attempt to make Americans distrustful and more separated in their lives and ambitions.  This name issue is a pointed and purposeful assault upon whites - to hurt them emotionally, professionally, and politically.  It is meant to silence and disenfranchise their political power.  It is meant to minimalize their opinions, desires, and professional options.  It is another race based attack, meant to drive people away from each other based in a despicable perspective that cannot survive without it.  

Were people left alone to live their lives, freed from the media and Democrat actions to increase distance and instill mistrust, we grow together and become a more united nation. Democrats and the media will not tolerate that outcome.  That alone is why you are in their sights.  The only way they can gain votes is by created villains and victims.  Americans are neither instinctually.  It requires a despicable political agenda, one so sinister it cannot be told to the public.  That agenda, and its need for silence, is what prompts Democrats and their media allies to distract and demoralize, to spread issues that promote hate and inure suspicion - like the Redskins name.  This issue, broken down to its lowest common denominator = the interests and emotional well being of a minority group (and all other minorities thru inferrence) and, the vile white race who perpetually trample and disregard the interests and well being of those minority people.  You Mr. Snyder are lumped into the white race.  Your wealth is another factor used to malign you as a "less than" human being.

Mr. Snyder, PLEASE - move the Skins far, far away from DC.  These clowns who seek to harm you, deserve nothingless.  God bless you, regardless.

Quantum Consciousness

In another life, I must have been a Physicist. I missed the boat in this life when in my first year of algebra study I changed schools three times. Never got back on track after that. Suffice to say, I suck at math and I marvel at mathematicians. They speak a language much more foreign than French or Swahili. Even languages with different alphabets don’t come close to the degree of difficulty found in math. It is beautiful in its preciseness. I suspect many quantum physicists are alien beings from another galaxy.
My father admonished me to study math after it was too late. Math is best because there is only one right answer. You’ll never be held hostage to subjective assessment in math. My Dad’s simplistic view didn’t include theoretical math or some of the paths explored in quantum that require creating new math. My father's generic assessment is correct because, when the theory meets reality only one answer can obtain. I believed that for a long, long, time. I was wrong.

What prompted me to take up the study of quantum at age 51. I needed it. I wanted it. My wife of 20 years had just passed from breast cancer. I had 2 children living at home and our mother’s death was tough. I knew I would fail .my children -- no matter what I did. I lack the sex to be a mom… and the demeanor… and the patience. I tried being ½ gay for a time – decorating, trying to present a soft feminine presence in the house. That helped to bring questions from my children’s friends like: “Is your Dad gay?” That. ended my trying to be mom and dad.

Physics was a distraction… and a study of my faith in God. In my view, for God to obtain, eternal life must be possible. Generic faith, like many are blessed to hold, doesn’t exist in me. I was far too cynical to blindly accept God, eternal life, and other requirements of religion - despite being raised in a Mormon family. I could cite more evidence why God did not exist, than I could to support his existence. I worried about Judy -- my dead wife – what she was doing in her new state. Or, was she decaying in the earth - no extra life after this life? I had to learn more to postulate. I started with a small book by John Gribbin – "Beginners Guide to the Sub-Atomic world". Thank You Mr. Gribbin!!! The book explained quantum principles simply and accurately. That little book changed my life.

I learned the double slit experiment and electron diffusion/diffraction – my term. How electrons didn’t behave as they should. These little guys did as they wanted. I postulated they “learned” from their predecessors. I didn’t know yet about the non-locality. Electrons do communicate. They also can exist in two states at the same time; electron / Photon. No one can determine where the electron is, or its state, at anytime – Schrodinger’s Cat Paradox. Neils Bohr said electrons can be found in a number of “potential” locations. The Copenhagen Interpretation – Electron Surfing – also known as "Wave/Particle Duality" suggests that electrons behave as a wave until you look at them RE: measure them. Then they become a particle. Electrons could be classified as an eternal life form... Electrons have zippy mass so gravity should have no effect upon them – but it does; quite a bit in fact. The orbits of electrons are uniform and very predictable - in the electron's perspective. The world would literally fall apart if not. Electrons are remarkably strong. When they form covalent bonds with other elements the strongest materials we know are the results. The orbits intersect. I read that the simplest atom, hydrogen, if enlarged to the size of Yankee stadium, the proton would be the size of a baseball on the pitcher’s mound. The electron would be ant size sitting in the farthest bleacher in center field. There is a vast distance between the two particles, but our universe is comprised of similar “Gaps” between particles that comprise All matter.

Touch your keyboard. Does it feel solid? Consider the Gaps in the atoms that form the plastic. How can this be? One of the curiosities of Quantum and that wily electron. It is the path of the electron that you touch. It moves at light speed – some say faster. Some say faster than light is impossible. A photon is light after all. But other curiosities suggest photons can move so fast they go backwards in time. Another Alien Being – Dick Feynman – suggested as much. His book: The Strange theory of Light and Matter - Electromagnetism put me into another mental world. When photons and electrons are subjected to different media, other strange behaviors are noted. I read all Feynman’s works – including his lectures.

You’re probably wondering – Hey! Feynman lectures contain lotsa math equations, diagrams, and much of them discuss those equations. You said you don’t know math. You’re right. I trust the math of physicists. I’m a business man. I hire people to many things for me that I can’t do. I’m a big picture guy. I can theorize with the best. And… since were talking theory… my theory is a valid as the next guys. All theories are guesses. Admittedly, no one will consider my theories, but that hasn’t stopped me from developing them. You physicists out there may come away with some new ideas after you finish this essay. So buck up.

I also read many books by physicists about spiritualism and quantum. Dave Bohm was an author who helped channel my thinking. I didn’t care for his Commie politics, but his physics is worth reading. Guys like Bohm are dangerous. They led to the USSR acquiring nukes way before they should have acquired them. Being a child of Cold War – my antipathy towards them is severe. Not one of the people writing about how physics affects the spirit helped satisfy my questions about eternal life. Being physicists, they lack what is required to meld the two topics - saliently. I had to develop my own interpretation.

Let’s begin with the human soul – its consciousness. The soul is that being/consciousness inside you with whom you have an ongoing conversation whenever you are awake. (What happens to your spirit in sleep, and why sleep is required, is another topic for later.) The soul enters the body at birth and the perpetual conversation begins. Psychologists tell us we have two parts to our consciousness, ID and Ego. The ID is the maintenance worker. He keeps the heart beating, the lungs breathe, etc… He is also responsible for flight or fight – adrenal output. The Ego is our conscious proper. He’s the dude we talk with.

We know when a person dies, all electrical activity in the brain ends. Electricity is the flow of electrons. All of our senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell/taste, all create electrical currents/impulses that flow into our brains. Think about this. Bio-matter receives external energy and transforms that energy into specific electron movement within our bodies. We hear a sound – a result of a something, the three ear bones move. They shake fluid in the ear, the fluid moves hairs, that hairs trigger tiny electrical signals that flows through our nerves and impact the brain. The sound is “Heard”. The heard sound is also learned. Very important… Learning. Throughout our lives we accrue electrical impulses into our brains. We can differentiate between electrical signals that arose from sounds, sights, tastes, etc… How? Why? For what purpose?

If life is defined as the presence of electrical signals within the body, and the physical senses capture the energy and transform it into electrical energy, and, spontaneous thought is a product of electrical activity within the body/brain, then our consciousness is electrical in composition.

*** Electricity is the flow of electrons. ***

Our consciousness is a confederation of electrons. Our intellect, our ability to recall information previously experienced, to create new ideas, is due to an ability to reassemble specific electron arrangements. These arrangements MUST be binary (0,1) in the simplest arrangement – start making the computer associations. If intellect is the ability to create, recreate, remember past experiences, then all the impulses our senses send to our brains is accrued. Our consciousness expands as more information/electrical energy is added. A Mormon scripture states that our intellect is the only thing we take with us into the afterlife. My definition of the spirit / consciousness supports that scripture. Ergo – a soul is a collection of electrons, uniquely tuned by our bodies. All bodies are similar but not exactly the same. Their functionality is enhanced or diminished by those variations – why some are smart and other not so smart.

Light (photons) moves through the cosmos unabated – except for gravity’s affect upon it. Photons are electrons in an altered state. Energy cannot be created or destroyed – maybe. Blackholes are not sufficiently known to make this assumption anymore – Sorry Mr. Susskind. Scientists fear challenging classic physics. And we are to replace our God with people who tremble at being embarrassed? Life is defined as the presence of electrons within the body. When we die, electrons depart our bodies and no ones where they go. A genuine mystery. They don’t short out – this much is known. Debate is found around if the body loses mass at death. But electrons are so small the amount accrued over a lifetime remains immeasurable – for now. The consciousness leaving the body will move at light speed – largely unhindered by space / time. Einstein proved if matter moved at light speed, time and space became indistinguishable. RE: Time Stops. This proves to me eternal life is not only possible, it is probable. This understanding provided me much peace. It also increased my belief in God. WHY you ask?

Consider… man cannot, despite a lot of effort, accurately define gravity – what causes gravity, no one knows. Men see gravity. Men can measure gravity. But men are incapable of proving what causes gravity. Gravity just IS. I love the paradox. The discovery that led to classical physics remains misunderstood. Sir Isaac Newton was a deeply religious man who suffered extraordinarily due to his science and his God. He never betrayed God. Newton trusted God. So did Einstein. So did Fred Hoyle. I admire most men who despite being blessed with remarkable reasoning and learning prowess defer to God. Some men’s egos do not grow proportionally with their scientific knowledge. Nor are they so arrogant to suggest stuff and stupidly paint themselves into an either/or corner. The desire to assume Gods mantle is so strong science chose to kill God. Darwin provided them the means. And science is so ignorant, they mocked and buried God based upon a theory, and other assumptions that also remain chock full of holes and contradictions.

Electrons, like gravity, remain largely a mystery. Electrons behave wildly and defy being categorized past being a subatomic particle/wave. Electrons communicate over vast distances – quantum entanglement. This also suggests all matter is inter-related. That electrons refuse to behave “logically” - up to the expectations of scientists and some physicists -- suggests to me God remains in control and will stifle and embarrass those who wish him dead. Fact is, either some postulates (accepted by science as truths) were very wrong initially, or, matter has chosen to change over the years (unlikely). The subatomic world misbehaves regularly and refuses to be accurately disassembled. The Higgs boson for instance…

I do hope Higgs is found. That will open up large mysterious dimensions all around us. Wonder where your spirit goes after death? Think dimensions. Where does your spirit go when you sleep? Think dimensions. Where is gravity created? Think dimensions. Is gravity a requirement for the soul? All matter? I do.

Dark Matter too is a recently discovered substance that defies conventional knowledge. It can’t be analyzed with current tools or the human senses. The primitive nature of human senses confounds science and our ability to comprehend our environment -- completely. Dark Matter is real. The math sez so. So does awkward experimentation. We can only comprehend Dark Matter in odd ways and elliptically extract from what is seen that Dark Matter is present and potentially causal.

Blackholes? Where does that energy they consume go? Think Dimensions. Dimensions will make the universe much larger that is presently known, and explain plenty – or at least provide substance for more conjecture and theory. For God to evade detection by man – Think Dimensions. I’ve always presumed our eternal Dad has a sense of humor. He must laugh himself silly watching modern scientists.

Fred Hoyle will someday be vindicated. Think "Steady State".

Saturday, August 23, 2014


God gave initially us an intellect –
to accompany our bodies so we could exercise our free agency - choice;
to improve ourselves and others by combining intellects;
to better ourselves using self assessment; to be thankful for our lives and the environment provided us;
to know, consider; and choose to obey the commandments God provided for our benefit and every blessing he provides an opportunity to receive.
to use and refine our physical senses - learning;
to perceive our surroundings and sense of self;
to develop the means to stabilize our lives in the environment provided;
to reflect and use past experience and information to amend bad outcomes;
to create - new thoughts and solutions.
to worship the one who made, and provided us access to, all of the above;

Our intellects contain infinite potential, but evidence strongly suggests un-equal abilities among men. That is really indisputable – and there is a reason.  God will determine WHEN our intellects expand when it suits his and our needs.  

No two people have the same brain power - intellect.  Morphology, physiology, desire, and dedication determine our individual intellects.  Standardized education and study provides the means to increase and improve our raw intellects.  It is not possible to know the limits or devise the means to maximize an individual intellect, without comprehending the extent of that intellect.  Intelligence tests do a good job determining those potentials.  

Unfortunately, some want uniformity and refuse to believe intellect is distributed unequal, contains individual limitations, and is primarily ordained and ordered by genetics - and God.  It works against their political goals.  The same people work to promote an intellectual equality myth using any means necessary.  Their political and secular ambitions drive their beliefs; rather than interpreting the factual information available to analyze potential and develop options to maximize, as far as is possible, each individual intellect.   
There is a political falsehood - the Big Lie - that forms the basis of secular humanism and moral relativism and the political ambitions therein. The Big Lie is drawn from the Declaration of Independence: Everyone is Equal...  That belief is sound.  Our nation was built upon equality of opportunity – not the equality of intellect.  So there's a problem..., Big Lie proponents thought the words didn't go far enough, and they didn't care for the second clause in the original sentence.  Big Lie types began ignoring and replacing the second clause; "in the eyes of their creator".  To accommodate their wants and future political plans, Big Lie proponents inserted "In Every Way".  

Every One is Equal in Every Way – was born.

Removing the second clause started the nation down the path to gain permanent political control so they can end religion and marginalize God. Adding In Every Way - presumed exactly what the words infer.  The Left didn't comprehend the height of that ambition.  When the Left saw the billions spent trying to synthesize equality didn’t achieve their goals, they were forced to face reality.  The Left had a major problem, but quickly develop a strategy to perpetuate the equality of intellect myth.

The Left moved to silence discussion and investigation of the equality topic.  To suggest, or gather analysis on the accuracy of the words - Equal in Every Way - or to present, publish, share, or voice the critical and factual information discovered that invalidated the equality premise became "Verbotten"; forbidden.  Reality could not stand.  Un-equality types had to be stopped.  Punishment - ruining careers and destabilizing the offender’s credibility, was the means chosen.  The media was the device used.

Rather than accept the reality and inability before them and forging a plan to maximize the raw intellect and target their strengths for employment purposes, Big Lie types chose to doomed the intellectually un-endowed.  A life of dependence and ignorance evolved.  That state of dependence aligned with their political goals, but meant the Left had to pay for the votes of the un-equal.  Programs and subsidy specifically to secure votes were created by misusing the word of God - specifically God's comments on helping the poor.  A man’s Choice was removed – his free will truncated.  The benefits for giver/benefactor and the recipient was lost; compassion and appreciation ended.  Anonymity was added.  Expectations and disappointments grew.  Problems materialized.  An intellect grows frustrated and hostile - when cause and effect, effort and accomplishment, are removed - or unavailable – by design.  Unfortunately, the intellectually un-endowed, cannot see who’s to blame for their plight. The Left worked to prevent the less intellectually endowed from even marginal improvement.  That decision literally predicated the less endowed could not be self reliant.  The un-endowed cannot find employment where the income exceeded the free subsidies. Why work?  

The Left had to contort reality blaming those who earned the income to pay taxes required to pay for the dependents.  They adopted and escalate zero tolerance punishments to hide what they were doing.  

The Big Lie requires that we ignore devices (Tests) that measure differential intellect. These were used for centuries to proof the knowledge of those tested. They were a good way to evaluate ability. So good in fact, western civilization thrived using them. They remain, but the test results are now under scrutiny. Tests are hard! Some students don’t test well. The Left doesn’t want to admit that differential mental abilities exist – All Men Are Equal. Ergo, everyone WILL test the same, if EVERY condition (other than study, test preparation, and raw intellect) is made equal.

One premise based upon the Big Lie concludes that equal opportunity will yield equal outcomes every time! Studying? Big brains? Dedication to school work? Apparently, these don’t matter. Everyone is entitled to get the same grade. There are schools where no grades are marked. It’s not even pass/fail. It’s attended and did satisfactory. This is another equality of outcome - dependence. There are laws to ensure dependence in some locations.
The Big Lie proponents believe that money (socio-economic conditions) is the single greatest cause for learning disparity. In fact, disparity of every kind is attributed to wealth or the lack of money. When your goal is to steal from your enemy and give the proceeds to your victims, this thinking makes good sense. But there are problems with this thinking and I can’t believe that 45 years later no one has raised the contradictions…

If a family’s economic circumstance and the neighborhood where they live are primarily responsible for good grades - why don’t wealthy children who attend the same school, live in similar neighborhoods where families share a similar income, and who are taught under the direction of the same instructor, score identical grades when tested?

Socio-economic variables are often cited as causal for this disparity. If money in the home, or access to money, in effect, all that money can buy, is responsible and causal for a person’s testable intelligence, why does any disparity exist among the wealthy? How does a student from a poor family score higher than a wealthy one? They do often.

How? Why? … in places like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc… where the student population is primarily drawn from very wealthy families, some holding legacy status, HOW on earth do these students score differentially when tested?

If this socio-economic premise is accurate, how did any of the children who attended one room schools in the prairie, who lived in sod huts and ate a limited die, wore hand me down, homemade clothing, ever advance at all? It seems to me that this claim about money MAY be a stereotype. We know how the left views stereotypes… they should be made to face this one. An intellect as keen and insightful as Abraham Lincoln’s was a product of the one room prairie school; as were many others. How could this happen if money is intrinsically linked to the development of intellect and test scores? What about the poor classroom? Do poor students score identically on tests? No is the answer.

Money is not causal in a person ability to learn or score well on a test.

Testable Intellect relies upon two factors.
1. Genetics and the physical configuration of the body - the brain morphology/wiring is most important.
2. Stick-to-it-tiveness, study, and the pursuit of excellence is secondary.

When a child is born to parents who are not intellectually blessed, that child will likely be no smarter than the parents - a majority of the time. In this situation, the parents are also unlikely to devote much of their time to learning or study, or teaching their children those practices. Learning for some is difficult. Learning is un-fun, when the process is unrewarding. The combination is damning.

A twin study was conducted at the University of Minnesota. The behavioral science department set out to prove that nurturing and access to wealth was more important than nature/genetics in the development of intellect. Big Lie types hate genetics being causal. Remember, they bet all their marbles on socio-economic and a restrictive class structure being causal for all disparities. The study failed miraculously to deliver the equality premise.  

The study found - genetics are primarily causal for intellect, and intellect is primarily causal for success… 

Importantly, the UM study showed: 
All the money in the world and all the compassion available in mankind will NOT improve the lot of people who are genetically predisposed to a low intellect. 

UM researchers studied identical twins. Identical twins are the product of a single egg. That egg divides and becomes two zygotes and grows into two people. Since they came from the same genetic material, their genetic makeup is exactly the same - identical. UM studied twins separated at birth or shortly thereafter. The twins were raised in different homes with different adoptive parents that ran the gamut of socio-economic conditions. The parent’s backgrounds were diverse, as were their intellectual gifts. Researchers hoped to reveal that genetics was of secondary import to the intellectual development. Parental input - nurturing, love, instruction and examples set were primary in the development of a child's intelligence. 

What the study indicated was that twins scored near identical marks when tested – despite their being raised in different family and socio-economic conditions. Why this study is not front page news is alarming. It reveals much about science and the Left. Scientific information is ignore and buried when it does not support their political agenda. Ditto - global warming. 

When scientific study shows that economic conditions that shape the environment where the child is raised has little or no impact on child’s ability to learn and their performance when tested, Big Lie proponents will attempt to find a peer who will discredit the study. If that fails, they will ignore the research and pretend it doesn't exist - as they did here. Considering that billions are spent trying to create equality in the home/family, or learning environment - schools, which was causal for the disparity of tested intellect according to the Big Lie theoreticians, it seems somewhat important to know that spending money to improve socio-economic conditions and build prettier schools will NOT improve outcomes. However, it is predictable - knowing the Left's penchant for deception. They do after all proffer the Big Lie.

Proponents of the Big Lie HATE tests and testing the always invalidates their claims.  The Left say tests of intellect and abilities are flawed - sometimes culturally biased. Why don’t they say tests are hard! That’s a more accurate claim. Perhaps there are human cultures that don’t use math in any form but I don’t know of them. If there are societies that do not use math, I'll wager they are the societies whose progeny currently fail at test taking. Further, I fail to see how numbers and their computation contain a cultural element. More importantly - when a pupil is taught a subject: history, geography, English, philosophy, art, choose whatever you want… and that pupil is a citizen, born and raised in the society that is the topic of study – isn’t it ludicrous to assert that cultural issues (that are derived from the same culture, the homeland of the pupil) are so confusing that they prevent the pupil tested from achieving an acceptable score? 

Skin color and ethnicity is also dragged into the discussion/excuse making. How is it that people with darker skin, or from a non-white ethnicity, even when raised in the same community, country, and homeland, are supposedly treated unfairly if they are tested? California prohibits conducting I.Q. tests on racial minorities. WHY is telling.

Curiously, this claimed cultural bias/unfairness only becomes an issue if scores are bad. If scores are adequate, the Big Lie types champion the results. Press releases are penned. It is an event that must be hailed and applauded. The numbers used to create this distinction are often “worked” - exaggerated. Minute changes that are no more than blips born of situational, cyclical, happenstance, are paraded out with fanfare and bravado. When the test scores retreat for the same cyclical happenstance, nothing is said; so when the next blip comes along it can be reused once again to celebrate mediocrity.  Millions are deceived and kept in hopeless poverty, because the Left wants and needs their votes and can't have those developing questions on their motivations and actions, and… how and why the Left acted to limit their options in live and keep the costs for their votes as low as possible. 

God surely has views on this plan and behaviors of the Left. No wonder to me why the Left don’t want God in policy and public discussions.   

Friday, August 22, 2014

Denying Philosophy - Part 1

I recently had the good fortune to hear Ravi Zacharias.  I was moved, spiritually, and, more importantly, intellectually.  Mr. Zacharias is a Smartypants.  He's a big brain type with a humble demeanor and a soft voice - that occasionally gets passionate when he recalls irrational past conflicts, or he wants the audience to know his love of Christ.  He literally changed my life.  I keep listening to part 2 of his podcast on science & religion released late July 2014.  I also learned stuff while listening to Mr. Z.  I learned the word apologist means something far removed from my personal interpretation - a noun describing a person whose behaviors are so bad they must recant and atone for said behaviors.  That's me.  Mr. Z is something else.  He politely argues Christianity in hostile environs.  He makes mincemeat out of his "adversaries" - very calmly, politely.  He'd never think to call them adversaries, but I will.  I'll probably have to practice my form of apology for those remarks, but I'm working to be better.  And, in the spirit propounded by Mr. Z, I'll hopefully soften my tone going forward.

Philosophy... What a jumble of Id and Id-ology(s).  Philosophy, was once esteemed.  Philosophy was used to literally seal the Darwinian coffin on God.  Once philosophy did it's part - Neitzsche declard God is Dead... philosphy was kicked to the curb and asked to find another place to practice its man-made pursuits.  Philosophy and philosophers fell on hard times.

What is philosophy?  Philosophy is the discipline that ostensibly studies general and fundamental questions. These include: reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Philosophy is distinguished by its critical, generally systematic approach, and a reliance on rational argument to define conclusions.  OK so far, that is fine for the uber-wealthy, doesn't need a job, philosophy student/practitioner.  Most philosophers aren't paid well.  Not nearly enough to compensate for the years spent in drudgery - reading the philosophical works of others and sucking up to professors of philosophy.  

Who has the need to hire a philosopher?  What is their work product?  If they're hired, how does one establish compensation?  These are the questions practitioners and employers must face, consider, and answer to determine their reason for being - as compensation literally keeps them alive and defines their quality of life.  

Making a living as a philosopher is not easy - if one desires to a live better than a pauper.  The job opportunities are few and circumspect.  There are practical reason for this - see above.  In my considered opinion, and apparently in the opinions of others, everything about philosophy that is relevant to man was considered and interpreted before the fall of the Roman Empire! Otherwise, philosophers would be in greater demand.  That they are not, speaks to demand. 

Sure, there are new technologies and discoveries - they impact life and man's thinking; but man's understanding himself, truths, falsehoods, objectives and the means and methods to rationally examine a topic, was determined, quite well, quite thoroughly, back in the days of Aristotle and Plato. Additionally, each man's free will ensures he will interpret and reason uniquely!!!  He won't care what the philosopher wrote.  The practical use for philosophy, outside a philosophy classroom, rivals the solar powered umberella.  That creates a problem for modern philosophers - at least the ones coming after Rome's  fall.  How they can capture enough attention, create demand, and thereby gain income and fame that adequately rewards the time and efforts spent in study, requires slight of hand and flim flam.  

In support of my claims, I offer Emmanuel Kant.  The first page of his "Greatest" work, (A Priori) "Critique of Pure Reason" - is peerless - there's few comparative works.  That is my positive comment.  I also defy anyone to read the first page in that tome, straight through, and comprehend what is written. That means not stopping, not going backwards, or reflecting at any point.  The book is an overbearing exercise in minutia interpretation and "meaning".  It's inordinately time consuming tripe - IMCO.  

If the purpose of a book, is to share information known by the author with the reader, Kant... spectacularly, FAILS!  It's clear Kant, wants the reader to revere his his mental prowess, his command of the English language, and his conclusions.  He purposely convolutes words and reason (A Priori) needlessly - to so do.  The pages that follow Kant's central theme - A Priori - choose and mix the words into a mental macrame project; with the term A Priori ubiquitously littering the pages for purposes that must include - assuring the reader is as dedicated to considering confusion's many options, as the author.  Kant's work is meant to impact meaning, the physical and metaphysical and consciousness streaming that floods around them. Kant's versions are likened to Jack Kerouac - on steroids; and LSD or another mind altering substance. 

Admittedly, Kant had a hard row to hoe.  His peers included John Locke and Adam Smith. Keeping up in that company requires a very tall intellect that masters several disciplines. Ex. Smith's Masterpiece: "...Wealth of Nations, in my opinion, is one of the finest works using the English language ever composed.

Perhaps I'm too stupid to "understand" Kant's work.  Perhaps the several IQ test results that reveal I'm not unsmart are flawed.  Perhaps....  I have a habit of reducing things down to the LCD - so my small brain can understand complex issues.  I see what's there, analyze and draw

obvious conclusions.  And unless study reveals mitigating factors, the initial finding will suffice and is usually accurate.  

I view Kant alongside Picasso - a charlatan, who managed to utterly confound and then dominate his profession.  What Picasso did away from his artwork, to initially gain the attention of benefactors (and the money associated with attention getting) remains a mystery, but I place nothing off limits.  Pablo was an itinerant soul who reused canvases.  His motivations to get gain and improve his income were strong.  Kant might share his motivations for fame - as most men desire it - if only to feed, and shelter themselves.

Another factoid holds sway.  Mankind has a need to raise up Geniuses from their era.  Worthy or not, each generation locates and promotes examples of the generation's significance; superiority.  Some generations do a much better job than others making the selection(s) and/or they are more fortunate in the number of exceptional souls born during their time.  Maybe they don't care. Maybe they are thumbing the eyes of academics and intellectuals. Maybe...  they are not smart enough to know the differences that separate real genius from the K-Mart, or trumped up variety.  This genius distinction gets very narrow at the extremes.  Making a good choice reflects upon the generation, which is why adherents (usually philosophy teachers) compel the students that come along, to revere the choices made - deserving, or not. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Denying Philosophy - Part 2

Science and Philosophy - Twin Brothers from Different Mothers

There are commonalities within “Hard” Science & Philosophy:
Both seek to explain our Physical reality.  The physical reality melds the operations in the human mind - reason and language come from thoughts = Philosophy
Neuroscience and biology studies these physical operative systems = Science
Knowledge – is the fundamental declared pursuit of science & phlosophy.
Existence – Life is existence.  The Study of the causality of life and what supports life are interwoven. Philosophy wants life to interpret its existence and causality.. Science wants causality to interpret and explain life.  
Soft Science – Behavioral sciences typically align with philosophical objectives - but contain minute reservations of science.

Philosophy drove scientific pursuits, at least initially.  Man pondering himself and his environment and how those influenced his actions and thoughts gave birth to science.  There arose other pressures that desired a larger role for science.  Mankind wants to perpetually move forward.  Specific scientific discoveries that emanated from a philosophical dilemma originating in the European aristocracy, was centuries long.  Henry VIII took the first step to remove religious, and the philosophical controls therein. Secularity invaded kingdoms from the top down. Only the King could challenge religion. Technological advances and a loosening of moral restrictions that impacted investigative procedures permitted scientific discoveries that abetted the change.  

By the time Beagle set sail, Darwin knew the objectives desired by the wealthy and powerful.  He was determined to deliver them.  Darwin dared open Pandora’s Box.  Darwin didn’t anticipate the rigid delineations that arose - and persisted from his work and afterwards.  These demanded absolute fealty to the implications contained in (what he later asserted was a corruption of) his Theory(s). 

The reaches made, to underpin Darwin's theory, and the other, ancillary, theories specifically created and introduced to compound the original Theory, knew no bounds.  Haekles embryo diagrams, Java Man, Nebraska Man,  and others frauds and hoaxs did not restrain or derail the Theory or deter its adherents.  Science had chosen secularism.  One would think philosophy might aid in smoothing these inconsistencies...

Darwin’s Theory presented implications  that conflicted with, and challenged conclusions and truths held for millennia.  This strident division was a product of evolving, deviant human behaviors and ancient conflicts resident in mankind - their unwillingness to obey religion(s) commandments.  The Age of Enlightenment allegedly expanded man’s consciousness.  The scope of the several discoveries and technological developments hinted a sea change was underweigh.  That prompted scientists to reconsider their philosophy, or be considered a relic who refused to accept the recent facts unearthed - and be considered as one who wasn't grounded in clinically acquiring and evaluating fact and evidence.  Appearing slavish to some unproven being didn't scribe with the new requirements in science.  

Philosophy... man's input, didn't jibe with clinical investigations.  Adding philosophical addenda to discoveries introduced man, and his thoughts.  That polluted the sterile, sacrosanct, scientific environment new science demanded.  Science sought to divorce itself from humanity - as God had done.  Then, science deliberately choose to prevent mankind from knowing the weaknesses and contradictions within the Theory - upon which they based, their new perspectives, their careers, credibility, and profession.  They had to, or admit decades or prior work was erroneous - wrong.  That would impact other disciplines, and might allow religion to regain a foothold.  

Stuck in a Tar Baby of prevarication's pitch, science was positioned and chose to embrace distraction, deflection, and a policy to attack and silence any conflicting views within their ranks. Official, Organizations were formed - to control information, marginalize opposition, and prevent opposing views and efforts from reaching the light of day in an Approved Scientific Publication.  Contrary views were swiftly beaten down, and mocked - if they attempted to raise their heads.  

Despite science's want and wishes, divorcing itself from philosophy is impossible - and unwise.  Philosophy and/or science; physics; et al… collectively: pursuits to explain the workings and composition of matter in all is various forms; including capabilities known and suspected, must be reordered and redefined if science wishes to remove or isolate its pursuits and conclusions from philosophy.  Like it or not, the two studies are inexorably linked.  They compliment and require one another in covalent orbits that complete and satisfy their collective and individual objectives.  Knowledge, detected and delineated from any activity, fuels philosophical considerations.  Concordantly, “science” cannot adequately communicate information without objectivity, and the uniquely personal framework of objectivity, emanating from each scientist – is neither uniform or universal.  To declare otherwise analytically bypasses, and/or seeks to avoid, the inevitable collision of one man’s physical and cognitive senses and reckoning - polluting reports on findings. The perfect Precise’ – a worthy objective, is, objectively impossible.  Personalities and pre-conditioning, experiences, (and career ambitions in a heavily regulated profession) inappropriately color the end product.

Philosophical intrigue moves the scientist to investigate.  Past what the physical senses encounter, and the technical processes designed and used to explore; all other forms of study, including analysis, must be termed and include philosophy – at least in part. 

Philosophy is historically inured in science.  Men like Newton, Schrodinger, Bohm, and Capra practiced and recorded their philosophical considerations and decisions – often to their consternation. Implicitness, not withstanding, justifies why, and infers how, some scientists seek the divorcement.  It is the same rationale and belief system that imposes conjecture over an alternative interpretation and evidence that suggests the input or output or influence of a Higher Being / Creator on the physical universe.  When the physical universe collapses, and uncertainty mounts; to become unavoidable, undeniable, and problematic to traditional scientific pursuits and beliefs; compromising the analogous disciplines used for reference standards – as appears in quantum mechanics – philosophy must then enter the study – if only to motivate exploration; provide structure in the wheres or hows or whens; and... frame the information and consequences in the copious references used in corroborating studies/disciplines.

Seeking to avoid compromise, or being compromised, in antithetical philosophical interpretations..., interpretations preferred by the investigator/scientist, may prejudice the scientist to assert his findings subjectively, (but within the discipline’s accepted boundaries of tolerances) thereby providing parasitic weight to his preferred conclusions - while concomitantly and wittingly - closing his senses and sensibilities to alternative analysis and interpretations of the findings at hand.  

God cannot so easily be dismissed.  Gravity's causality remains unknown.  Ditto, the reason for matter changing states - when viewed/measured.  These and other phenomena that escape man's desire to learn why and how, propose evidence of their inability to determine the questions and solutions, and provide a potential explanantion - an explanantion science chooses to avoid and ignore.  Avoiding and ignoring, unfortunately, have become necessities embraced in modern secientific pursuits - as they wish to preserve the Theory - at any cost.  Analytical, detached reason and observation - the stated highwater mark for science's credibility, was sacrificed to maintain dominion over mankind's access to knowledge and the secularity of the Theory.  

There is a political counter-part that works hand in hand with science to advance the narrative of a God-less universe.  Most cutting edge studies are conducted within government agencies - FDA, CDC, GEOLOGICAL SURVEY, and others, and/or combined with political gifts and grants to Universities, political objectives control the direction and discoveries science makes. Reasearch has increasingly become a political activity.  If you consider, Global Warming studies are specifically conducted to carve out a monopoly for energy production and delivery systems that would end the use of fossil fuels, limit and eliminate viable and reliable energy source options, you gain the proper perspective of the magnitude of this issue. 

Christians ignore this political reality at their peril.  Christianity and the modern Democrat Party are antithetical.  The Democrat Party finances science and expects science to provide them with information they then use to destroy morality, impugn the Christian religion, and to advance phony poly-scientific mistruths they apply to gain an advantage in government and then use the power of government to clear the marketplace, control worship behaviors,  for their allies.  Once Democrats achieve a permanent control, religious pratice will end.  They will severely modify or re-qrite the Constitution - which accurately describe every behavior and objective of that Party over the past 75 years.