Thursday, July 24, 2014

God - as a Concept and a Man

My views on God come from a life led down many paths - not all of them wholesome.  At various times, my relationship with God suffered.  I've been angry with God.  I've screamed at the top of my lungs at the man and cursed him.  Given some of my behaviors, I'm confident he shared and directed those same emotional outbursts towards me.  That's part of this essay, God's emotions.  He has them.  When God loses his temper, he either chooses to ignore us and let us flail in outcomes of our own making, or he acts out in anger.  In the modern vernacular, God has anger management issues.  God also holds infinite compassion and love.  The duality of God's personality (Yes, he has one) is telling and reinforces my hope and faith.  I appreciate my father shares a real emotional bond with me. 

As my perspective and emotions towards God changed over time, my relationship with him changed too.  God is my (our) father.  He's Dad... the Old Man.  Pops.  I see no disrespect using these words. They are affectionate terms and qualify to help keep the commandments to love God.  When I pray, I speak to him as I did my deceased, earthly father - W.M..  W.M. was also a man of few words and rigid, absolute, views on most topics.  I'm confident he and God have interesting conversations regarding me and my behaviors - past and present.  God has undoubtedly informed my father on some my actions he did not learn while alive.  That's either a discussion that frames my eternal judgment or one where they laugh in unison at my feeble efforts, convoluted faith, and the frustration arising from my humanity.  

My humanity...  What a remarkable blessing.  Every person has the potential to bask in the joy of their humanity and the source of joy - the love from their spiritual father.  I understand why many do not.  I've been where they are.  Most reject God's love and the joy attending that love because they have appetites they love more than God.  Or, their love for God was destroyed in what they conclude was God's abandonment of them or a family member.  There may be other reasons but I believe a majority fit one of these two reasons.  I experienced both.  The later was transformative - the source of my greatest frustration, anger, and separation from God.  

Despite my abandoning God, and rejecting his influence in my life, God blessed me. In retrospect, I could not resolve his actions – considering my behaviors. Dad came through anyway. He helped me overcome my quandary because he loves me.  God's design – the rules for the universe and mankind - proscribes he must wait on us. We must approach him.  You must invite God into your life and heart.  There are physical reasons for this we will explore.  But let's investigate these two reasons/rationalizations many people adopt to free themselves from the obligations God placed upon us all.  

Appetites come in so many versions they cannot be all counted. Sex, food, drugs, attires, displays of wealth, oppression, hate, are some examples that drive man away from God.  Feeding the appetites makes the person feel good.  They provide a momentary high or thrill or sate an emotional or physical want.  These wants are often declared NEEDs to equivocate.  The same way people on the political Left gratuitously declare opportunities are - Rights - the very same people often claim a "thing" they desire to have is a need.  Need is a something required to sustain life.  Most of the appetites are not required to sustain life and others exceed what is required - and therein the problem manifests.  

God has delivered to us several lists of commandments that ban the appetites of man – for our own good and society’s good.  Some people do not like having their appetites curbed or removed.  At some point they chose the appetite over God. Some attempt to straddle the conflict (count me as one) and rationalize the behaviors arising feeding their appetites.  Rationalization can assume the forms of – “it’s not that bad…” “man and mankind have changed, God wouldn’t make that rule today…” “who am I hurting but myself…” Or… by adherence to a set of behaviors sanctioned by man… Or… by removing God from their lives using volition.  The murder of God by Darwin and his benefactors; sanctioned, committed, and perpetuated by science, is grasped as the reason to indulge their appetites.  If God is dead, there are no commandments.  Man is in control and his allegiance is owed to his, and his cohort’s appetites.  Morality dies alongside God.

The other group are those who turn away from God after a significant tragedy enters their life (every event that leads to this outcome is a tragedy).  This form of separation is another matter entirely.  People who once loved God in some capacity face a life altering event and they become emotionally destroyed - irreconcilably so.  They blame God for the bad outcome; for not caring; or for not paying enough attention to their lives - to prevent or lessen the severity of the bad event.  These people frame the event in stark, very personal, terms.  The bad event is proof of a purposeful attack upon them – by God.  They consider their past behaviors serving and worshipping God as meaningful – as examples and reasons for why God should have interceded and protected them.

Their unrequited grief consumes them and they act out hoping to release their emotions and inflict punishment upon the entity/person they blame.  Sorrow foments anger and rage. Those two emotions are powerful.  They spoil hearts and warp reasoning.  This type of reasoning projects God as capable of, and obligated (based upon God’s love referenced in the scriptures and man’s interpretation of that emotion) to act, as they think love would motivate a parent.  This short-sighted reasoning presumes much and ignores the realities and laws that guide the universe through it courses.  God ordained those laws and they limit his actions and ability to act – by design.  Whenever God intercedes and acts to perform a miracle – he must transcend the laws and limits of accrued energy and governing equations that rule our lives and all the other matters in the universe.  Extreme consequences are typically the result.  Those consequences can be likened to a thermo-nuclear pinball – smashing its way through every obstacle it encounters.  This creates huge amounts of work for God, and, sometimes, due to the scope and type of laws in place, God cannot contain all the negative consequences. More bad things happen – to other people - and the physical reality framing their lives. 

Yes, God is omnipotent, but his design of the universe and the laws that make the universe operate are purposeful and they restrict God’s power and influence.  These are the obstacles God must overcome in his eternal progression. I imagine God grieving during the times his ability to act is hampered.  However, he expects us to exercise faith in his judgment.  God expects and commands us to love and worship him no matter the negative trials that cross our paths.  We learn and improve from these times.  We must never forget about the limits that contain all of our wishes - including God's patience with us.

Initially, when God sees man turn away from him, I imagine he's confused and hurt – like any father.  Historically, there were times when God sought to curry man’s favor using the blessings of prosperity, health, etc.   Should man’s behaviors not change, God’s emotions further engage.  He is confounded and troubled over his children's refusal to acknowledge his blessings; or to worship. Since God is on a different time table, his emotions often appear slow to manifest.  Concordantly, man is slow to respond – supposing man is motivated to so do.  The combination visits dire results. 

God is alpha and omega - eternal.  His plan for us, his love and mercy, flow from God's domain.  They far exceed man’s abilities by comparison.  God's commandments are few, purposeful, and well thought though.  (I believe his commandments arose from the negative outcomes that arose in God’s life – when he endured a human existence.)  The loving father in him, and his knowledge of how mankind will behave individually and collectively, prompted God to issue the commandments he did.  They are literally for our own good, to promote joy and harmony among men, and to serve as literal examples of a man’s faith, works, and the love expressed towards God.  How well man followed God’s commandments will be the topic discussed when we are judged/evaluated for placement in the afterlife.

The Physical Aspects of God – Science Biology and Physics support the following Thesis

Our physical senses acquire the physical environment around us (and more) by making use of a flow of electrons and photons.  All of our physical senses use a nerve path to transfer the signal created by sight, touch, taste, etc..  These interact with our brain (where the contents of our souls reside during our lifetimes).  Past sensory input is retained there and new information added to it.  It is a complex and amazing gift.

The presence of electrons in the body is requisite for life.  
We recall/use past information to create new thoughts.  Theoretically, new thoughts are new arrangements of information/electrons collected earlier - that's one of a host of phenomena science cannot explain.  If, as the phenomena suggests, the previous memory remains, a very complex relationship is formed or exists.  OR..., new matter emerges from the interaction(s). Science cannot explain how this happens or why. 

Science can crudely measure the amount of electricity, areas of the brain stimulated by the electrons, some of the physical consequences arising, the extent of stimulation, and how cells react to the electrons.  Science lacks the technology to interpret the electrons/photons of life and how they confederate in thoughts.  We humans can remember past emotional events and be similarly stimulated/moved.  We can recall past sensory input and our thoughts design new emotional options – become invigorated, sad, happy, or another response.  We can use past determinations of logic, re-analysis that data, and create an entirely new option, or use, for that electrical data.  

Of extreme importance is Choice.  We CHOOSE the option our thoughts create.  Free Agency was the first gift God provided us.  Behaviors are the actions resulting from the choice made. Each man, has the opportunity to choose each time they think.  Volition is the chosen option and science cannot grasp how and why this occurs.  I believe human thought, like gravity, will evade and confound science until the time God permits that information know.  

Electrons and photos are remarkable objects of matter.  Physicists know these objects can occupy the same space at the same time, change states – photon to electron and back (virtually at will), and they communicate information.  I believe the evidence of the double slit experiment suggests electrons/photons possess intellect; they can learn from the actions of other their predecessors; electrons. 

The proposition that - "inert" particles (more correctly Waves) of matter can randomly arrange, or that - when the matter is deposited into a lump of flesh/brain, a wholly inimitable intellect is created; defies so many scientific principles and laws it presents a problem. This is a problem so profound, it is best (and is) avoided by any organization that uses its technological advances and accrued conclusions, to defiantly proclaim no eternal entity can exist; no entity is responsible for that life; and, asserts as an impossibility (should have they erred and an entity of this kind does exist) that - entity be capable of designing creating or controlling the matter contained in our universe.  

...Being God-less creates problems of its own making.

I assert special types of electrons / photons are needed for life. 

That when we think, (from random particles of electrical matter) - we Create - reveals there is something unique about the electrons/photons within the human body.  And..., since these exclusive elements of matter are used to THINK, it is probable, in my view, the electron/photons present in the human body, are sentient.  Evidence suggests this.  

When you are prompted by the Holy Ghost – that inexplicable sense of warmth and inspiration – God’s message, his love is imparted unto you.  You are provided with solutions to your questions when this occurs.  God literally sends his emissary with electrons specifically designed for your use and when you’re able to receive them - It is then, you experience your heavenly father’s love and direction. I hope you also see God’s love in the form of electrons, must be invited – otherwise you lose your free agency. 

Take comfort in Dad’s love.  It is real.  It is undeniable.  When your mind is open to consider what the evidence available may mean, if your mind is not closed due to allegiance to dogma created for the expressed purpose of murdering God, and thereby making science the holders and givers of information, your life can improve in a profound and meaningful way.  You are filled with the same eternal matter as our father.

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