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Freddy Nietzsche and The Fall-ibility of Man

Philosopher Freddy Nietzsche and God’s Death

Philosophy is a very eccentric topic.  Like most topics that were studied since the time of Aristotle and Plato most of everything that can be discovered, previously was discovered.  As technology advances, new tools may enhance the study of a topic.  Conversely, the study of man's beliefs, allowing for adaptations to technology and concentrations, remains consistent.  Mankind, man, and the societies they form, have a finite set of critical, essential, needs and resulting behavior options.  Human needs proscribe the majority of “viable” options. However, the desire for fame and the wealth the generally accompanies fame, remain strong motivations for some men. The limits of reasonableness and unassailable credentials are valued by, and define the behaviors of those men deserving study.  Others, not so much.  These are they who seek importance regurgitating, or re-sharpening the finest points and nuances ad nauseum, eventually creating a redundant echo of the past – in a shiny new container.   Therefore, to gain notoriety and recognition and the incomes arising from those events modern philosophers – (post age of enlightenment; late 1700s) performed mental abuses within their professional efforts that include irrationality.  Men like Frederique Kant developed a knack for detailing the obvious in convoluted, tedious exercises that require a degree of masochism just to finish reading their works.  Re-labeling millennia old behaviors and pursuits of man under a new heading, asserting the new perspective is not the same one seen many times past, and positing a new rationale for so doing, does not make what is penned unique – or – importantly, worthy of study or acclaim. Acclaim more often arises when an audience is pleased.  When their pleasure are heightened by the efforts of a person, they acknowledge that person and reward them - regardless of eventual bad outcomes the pleasure provided may ensue.

Within this environment - enter Freddy Nietzsche.  In a quantum evaluation, Fred was a self loathing, hedonist who wanted a world with no restrictions placed upon his appetites or views.  Fred lashed out at mankind and the Germans in particular for “being” what they were, defined in part by the values they cherished and the morals they adopted – regardless of their ability to conduct their lives in fulfillment of those objectives and evaluations.  Fred hated them – and religion; God.  Fred’s comments and conclusions indicate he preferred to live the life of an animal – unrestrained by mankind’s spurious morality and other rules of conduct that denied man’s essential, basic “needs”.  Fred was also a cowardly sort – he refused to actualize his conclusions - become a hermit and live his life outside the conditions society placed upon him.  We may conclude he valued his comforts, fame, and wealth, more than he valued his admitted preferences.  Nietzsche may be noteworthy for at least one accomplishment – his assertions, conclusions,  and actions developed into a new term used in philosophy and/or psychology – Projection.  Projection – casting aspersions upon another – the aspersions are, in fact, extracted from performing a self evaluation.  The failures and shortcomings Fred identified in his life, he alleged were prevalent throughout society - writ large.  He mocked and ridiculed his fellowman.  Those who practiced and operated religions were acutely in his sights.  Hypocrisy is a simply made analysis that neither requires great effort nor a keen intellectual insight. Hypocrisy is central to Fred’s analysis. 

Fault finding is one of the simplest exercises mankind entertains.  The least intellectually gifted can drawn sound conclusions based upon simplistic observations – a person’s asserted goal and their ability or willingness to sacrifice attaining the goal.  Hypocrisy provided Nietzsche the ability to find fault and criticize most every where he looked.  But Nietzsche’s ability to lump legions of human beings into the hypocrisy hopper is entirely based upon his famous premise: God is Dead.  From his perspective, and those who share his perspective, the failures of men who claim a religion and practice that religion are worthy of significant numbers of pages of analysis and condemnation. 

With God dead, all the morality associated to God expires upon his demise.  The basis of common law is intrinsically tied to God’s commandments.  Approved behaviors are largely forged upon God/ religious atonement.  The number of behaviors that are not linked in some form or fashion to religious commandments are few.  Logic declares excising God from society sanctions permissiveness of any behavior a mind can create.  Only the real losses of property arising some behaviors stand past the permissiveness quotient – but theft too is a commandment and thus can be argued irrelevant if permissiveness will be sanctioned.  The resulting conflict, theoretically, is where men like Nietzsche “potentially” serve a purpose.  If the laws of religion that act to restrain human behaviors will be done away with, then secular, reasoned, replacement rules needs be adopted to prevent chaos and anarchy… if those two outcomes are antithetical to society’s goals. 

It must be noted Nietzsche didn’t murder God.  Nietzsche merely identified the obvious and academically recorded the death.  This is the real reason for his notoriety.  What he noted is what the majority of academics and aristocracy thought - and wanted codified in law and “reasoned” pursuits in academe.  Science and reason would assume God’s mantel. 

A cabal of men officially murdered God in 1859.  Fred was 15 years old when the crime was committed.  God’s death was planned decades in advance of the actual date.  The first time the murder of God was discussed is not recorded. The Catholic church adopting the inquisition probably initiated the discussions.  Many in the aristocracy enjoyed great wealth which enabled them to enjoy their appetites.  The problem arises when boredom sets in.  Exhausting appetites that religion permits naturally leads some to explore appetites beyond what religion permits.  Sexual licentiousness, the brutality of child sex, homosexuality, and other dalliances placed some very wealthy people outside their professed religion and public approval.  Religions in that time enacted practices of penance, or worse, for sinners.  The aristocracy, as the country’s leaders, were expected by the churches to behave in line with religious tenets - to set a good example for their subjects – to assist in securing the eternal salvation of their subjects. Science too experienced difficulties expanding their domain and publishing discoveries that appeared to contradict the Bible. Those who dared were punished.  Galileo was fingered.  Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake – for asserting the sun as the center of the solar system.

As the Renaissance passed, and the Age of Enlightenment placed an elaborate punctuation upon man’s intellectual discoveries, the behaviors of the aristocracy grew increasingly bold and profane.  Gambling, sexual perversions, and other behaviors flaunted the Ten Commandments.  The French Revolution is an example of a public response to the excesses of the aristocracy.  The aristocracy, and others who emulated and copied their behaviors, feared the church and/or the public acting in religious fervor.  They long ago chose their appetites over worship.  Killing God was a pragmatic act.  The aristocracy saw God and his commandments as an impediment to fulfilling their carnal desires.  By the end of the 1700s, the aristocracy concluded science could be used to end God’s control over their lives.  The amount of evidence discovered that allegedly contradicted scripture was significant enough to state a problem existed – between Bible and Science. 

Chucky Darwin was a biologist who saw the divide and knew both sides of the arguments.  He also saw an opportunity.  Great fame and wealth awaited the man who could provide the ammunition to murder God.  Darwin’s theory of evolution – articulated in Origin of Specie – provided the means to accomplish the murder. 

Nietzsche was astute enough to see the value and recognition available to a philosopher who had the guts to claim God is Dead.  Darwin and Nietzsche shared a desire for fame and wealth.  The immediacy of their conclusions proposed several conundrums – but neither foresaw the conflicts these would place upon society – and themselves.  Nietzsche went insane – due to the conflict arising when no controls exist on man’s (his) mind and behaviors.  Darwin too, suffered from a conflict of conscience and that led to a tormented soul.  Unable to place Pandora back into her box, Darwin grieved over his actions. He was an intelligent man and saw the early signs of the abuses arising from the application of his theory. Science took his theory to extremes and unsound lengths.  They lied and contorted existing protocols to wholly embrace God's Death and the individual freedoms that death sanctioned. 

The scientific method – that when ONE conflicting, or an aspect of the theory contradicts evidence/law accepted in another discipline, is discovered requires rejecting the: theory; or re-evaluation of the conflicting discipline; was, and remains ignored by science and academics who prefer access to their appetites unfettered.  More, science purposely avoids investigating the aspects of Darwin’s theory that stand to fundamentally disprove it. Several definitions of purposeful Ignorance are part and parcel to Darwin’s theory and the embrace of the theory.

A set of beliefs cannot be evaluated using the failures and abuses witnessed by men claiming to practice the religion.  The religion is not the product arising from man’s practice of it.  Nor do the failures evident in the practice define the religion.  The successful practice of the religion is so difficult and contrary to the natural state of man, only one has come close to success – Christ.  The purpose and value of the religion is not found in man’s inability to successfully practice the religion.  Control of man’s appetites and innate desires - to secure a physical state capable of enduring eternal translation - is the main purpose of Christianity.  The ancillary components of practicing religion also improve man universally and impart benefits to the society of man.  The “GOOD” generated in a failed practice greatly outweigh a society absent controls and hedonism that materializes from man’s fear and uncertainty.  The degenerate social conventions embraced today preclude the abuses of the past specifically because the RIGHTS given man by God are the central premise used in the founding of the USA and the original laws enumerated.  Sadly, man has successfully sought to eradicate these rights and impose laws that sanction and endorse the appetites leading to destruction of man and mankind.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

God - as a Concept and a Man

My views on God come from a life led down many paths - not all of them wholesome.  At various times, my relationship with God suffered.  I've been angry with God.  I've screamed at the top of my lungs at the man and cursed him.  Given some of my behaviors, I'm confident he shared and directed those same emotional outbursts towards me.  That's part of this essay, God's emotions.  He has them.  When God loses his temper, he either chooses to ignore us and let us flail in outcomes of our own making, or he acts out in anger.  In the modern vernacular, God has anger management issues.  God also holds infinite compassion and love.  The duality of God's personality (Yes, he has one) is telling and reinforces my hope and faith.  I appreciate my father shares a real emotional bond with me. 

As my perspective and emotions towards God changed over time, my relationship with him changed too.  God is my (our) father.  He's Dad... the Old Man.  Pops.  I see no disrespect using these words. They are affectionate terms and qualify to help keep the commandments to love God.  When I pray, I speak to him as I did my deceased, earthly father - W.M..  W.M. was also a man of few words and rigid, absolute, views on most topics.  I'm confident he and God have interesting conversations regarding me and my behaviors - past and present.  God has undoubtedly informed my father on some my actions he did not learn while alive.  That's either a discussion that frames my eternal judgment or one where they laugh in unison at my feeble efforts, convoluted faith, and the frustration arising from my humanity.  

My humanity...  What a remarkable blessing.  Every person has the potential to bask in the joy of their humanity and the source of joy - the love from their spiritual father.  I understand why many do not.  I've been where they are.  Most reject God's love and the joy attending that love because they have appetites they love more than God.  Or, their love for God was destroyed in what they conclude was God's abandonment of them or a family member.  There may be other reasons but I believe a majority fit one of these two reasons.  I experienced both.  The later was transformative - the source of my greatest frustration, anger, and separation from God.  

Despite my abandoning God, and rejecting his influence in my life, God blessed me. In retrospect, I could not resolve his actions – considering my behaviors. Dad came through anyway. He helped me overcome my quandary because he loves me.  God's design – the rules for the universe and mankind - proscribes he must wait on us. We must approach him.  You must invite God into your life and heart.  There are physical reasons for this we will explore.  But let's investigate these two reasons/rationalizations many people adopt to free themselves from the obligations God placed upon us all.  

Appetites come in so many versions they cannot be all counted. Sex, food, drugs, attires, displays of wealth, oppression, hate, are some examples that drive man away from God.  Feeding the appetites makes the person feel good.  They provide a momentary high or thrill or sate an emotional or physical want.  These wants are often declared NEEDs to equivocate.  The same way people on the political Left gratuitously declare opportunities are - Rights - the very same people often claim a "thing" they desire to have is a need.  Need is a something required to sustain life.  Most of the appetites are not required to sustain life and others exceed what is required - and therein the problem manifests.  

God has delivered to us several lists of commandments that ban the appetites of man – for our own good and society’s good.  Some people do not like having their appetites curbed or removed.  At some point they chose the appetite over God. Some attempt to straddle the conflict (count me as one) and rationalize the behaviors arising feeding their appetites.  Rationalization can assume the forms of – “it’s not that bad…” “man and mankind have changed, God wouldn’t make that rule today…” “who am I hurting but myself…” Or… by adherence to a set of behaviors sanctioned by man… Or… by removing God from their lives using volition.  The murder of God by Darwin and his benefactors; sanctioned, committed, and perpetuated by science, is grasped as the reason to indulge their appetites.  If God is dead, there are no commandments.  Man is in control and his allegiance is owed to his, and his cohort’s appetites.  Morality dies alongside God.

The other group are those who turn away from God after a significant tragedy enters their life (every event that leads to this outcome is a tragedy).  This form of separation is another matter entirely.  People who once loved God in some capacity face a life altering event and they become emotionally destroyed - irreconcilably so.  They blame God for the bad outcome; for not caring; or for not paying enough attention to their lives - to prevent or lessen the severity of the bad event.  These people frame the event in stark, very personal, terms.  The bad event is proof of a purposeful attack upon them – by God.  They consider their past behaviors serving and worshipping God as meaningful – as examples and reasons for why God should have interceded and protected them.

Their unrequited grief consumes them and they act out hoping to release their emotions and inflict punishment upon the entity/person they blame.  Sorrow foments anger and rage. Those two emotions are powerful.  They spoil hearts and warp reasoning.  This type of reasoning projects God as capable of, and obligated (based upon God’s love referenced in the scriptures and man’s interpretation of that emotion) to act, as they think love would motivate a parent.  This short-sighted reasoning presumes much and ignores the realities and laws that guide the universe through it courses.  God ordained those laws and they limit his actions and ability to act – by design.  Whenever God intercedes and acts to perform a miracle – he must transcend the laws and limits of accrued energy and governing equations that rule our lives and all the other matters in the universe.  Extreme consequences are typically the result.  Those consequences can be likened to a thermo-nuclear pinball – smashing its way through every obstacle it encounters.  This creates huge amounts of work for God, and, sometimes, due to the scope and type of laws in place, God cannot contain all the negative consequences. More bad things happen – to other people - and the physical reality framing their lives. 

Yes, God is omnipotent, but his design of the universe and the laws that make the universe operate are purposeful and they restrict God’s power and influence.  These are the obstacles God must overcome in his eternal progression. I imagine God grieving during the times his ability to act is hampered.  However, he expects us to exercise faith in his judgment.  God expects and commands us to love and worship him no matter the negative trials that cross our paths.  We learn and improve from these times.  We must never forget about the limits that contain all of our wishes - including God's patience with us.

Initially, when God sees man turn away from him, I imagine he's confused and hurt – like any father.  Historically, there were times when God sought to curry man’s favor using the blessings of prosperity, health, etc.   Should man’s behaviors not change, God’s emotions further engage.  He is confounded and troubled over his children's refusal to acknowledge his blessings; or to worship. Since God is on a different time table, his emotions often appear slow to manifest.  Concordantly, man is slow to respond – supposing man is motivated to so do.  The combination visits dire results. 

God is alpha and omega - eternal.  His plan for us, his love and mercy, flow from God's domain.  They far exceed man’s abilities by comparison.  God's commandments are few, purposeful, and well thought though.  (I believe his commandments arose from the negative outcomes that arose in God’s life – when he endured a human existence.)  The loving father in him, and his knowledge of how mankind will behave individually and collectively, prompted God to issue the commandments he did.  They are literally for our own good, to promote joy and harmony among men, and to serve as literal examples of a man’s faith, works, and the love expressed towards God.  How well man followed God’s commandments will be the topic discussed when we are judged/evaluated for placement in the afterlife.

The Physical Aspects of God – Science Biology and Physics support the following Thesis

Our physical senses acquire the physical environment around us (and more) by making use of a flow of electrons and photons.  All of our physical senses use a nerve path to transfer the signal created by sight, touch, taste, etc..  These interact with our brain (where the contents of our souls reside during our lifetimes).  Past sensory input is retained there and new information added to it.  It is a complex and amazing gift.

The presence of electrons in the body is requisite for life.  
We recall/use past information to create new thoughts.  Theoretically, new thoughts are new arrangements of information/electrons collected earlier - that's one of a host of phenomena science cannot explain.  If, as the phenomena suggests, the previous memory remains, a very complex relationship is formed or exists.  OR..., new matter emerges from the interaction(s). Science cannot explain how this happens or why. 

Science can crudely measure the amount of electricity, areas of the brain stimulated by the electrons, some of the physical consequences arising, the extent of stimulation, and how cells react to the electrons.  Science lacks the technology to interpret the electrons/photons of life and how they confederate in thoughts.  We humans can remember past emotional events and be similarly stimulated/moved.  We can recall past sensory input and our thoughts design new emotional options – become invigorated, sad, happy, or another response.  We can use past determinations of logic, re-analysis that data, and create an entirely new option, or use, for that electrical data.  

Of extreme importance is Choice.  We CHOOSE the option our thoughts create.  Free Agency was the first gift God provided us.  Behaviors are the actions resulting from the choice made. Each man, has the opportunity to choose each time they think.  Volition is the chosen option and science cannot grasp how and why this occurs.  I believe human thought, like gravity, will evade and confound science until the time God permits that information know.  

Electrons and photos are remarkable objects of matter.  Physicists know these objects can occupy the same space at the same time, change states – photon to electron and back (virtually at will), and they communicate information.  I believe the evidence of the double slit experiment suggests electrons/photons possess intellect; they can learn from the actions of other their predecessors; electrons. 

The proposition that - "inert" particles (more correctly Waves) of matter can randomly arrange, or that - when the matter is deposited into a lump of flesh/brain, a wholly inimitable intellect is created; defies so many scientific principles and laws it presents a problem. This is a problem so profound, it is best (and is) avoided by any organization that uses its technological advances and accrued conclusions, to defiantly proclaim no eternal entity can exist; no entity is responsible for that life; and, asserts as an impossibility (should have they erred and an entity of this kind does exist) that - entity be capable of designing creating or controlling the matter contained in our universe.  

...Being God-less creates problems of its own making.

I assert special types of electrons / photons are needed for life. 

That when we think, (from random particles of electrical matter) - we Create - reveals there is something unique about the electrons/photons within the human body.  And..., since these exclusive elements of matter are used to THINK, it is probable, in my view, the electron/photons present in the human body, are sentient.  Evidence suggests this.  

When you are prompted by the Holy Ghost – that inexplicable sense of warmth and inspiration – God’s message, his love is imparted unto you.  You are provided with solutions to your questions when this occurs.  God literally sends his emissary with electrons specifically designed for your use and when you’re able to receive them - It is then, you experience your heavenly father’s love and direction. I hope you also see God’s love in the form of electrons, must be invited – otherwise you lose your free agency. 

Take comfort in Dad’s love.  It is real.  It is undeniable.  When your mind is open to consider what the evidence available may mean, if your mind is not closed due to allegiance to dogma created for the expressed purpose of murdering God, and thereby making science the holders and givers of information, your life can improve in a profound and meaningful way.  You are filled with the same eternal matter as our father.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Reply to Mr. Jessee Peterson

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I read your recent article in WND and agree with a majority of your concerns and conclusions.  We share an interest and concern about the eventual outcomes awaiting our nation should the “dependency mentality” persist and continue.  Where we potentially diverge is the best solution to ameliorate the dependency problems and place the majority of black America on a path where they can rise from their efforts, avoid dependence, cultivate a two-parent family, and obtain other benchmarks required for success.  Success = our mutual operative goal.  I wonder if you are willing to enter into that discussion on race Eric Holder spoke to a few years back.  I’m offering my perspective as a man who lived thru the consequences of the policies that you identified which work to prevent black success.  I’m 60. 

What is causal for conditions that lead to dependence?  I assert Democrat politicians literally buying black votes is causal.  Democrat politicians bribe black voters.  Voters bribing a politician is illegal.  The former should also be illegal.  Democrats must bribe every one of the splinter groups that define their constituency(s).  I ask you consider my observations and solution set from a value based and value added perspective.  I’m interested in your thoughts – given your comments in WND.

The Democrat rubric used to buy black votes follows:
Create a villain – Whitey. 
Blame the villain for every negative condition possible and all the bad outcomes arising from the chosen behaviors in the black community. 
Assert, perpetually, whitey is responsible for every wrong in America, past and present, slavery, segregation, and his (______ fill in the blank). 
Attack any white person who examines or evaluates causality and/or suggests self reliance and responsibility remedies for black/welfare troubles,
Reflexively label any white person a racist who challenges the Democrat racial or welfare status quo. Escalate this to include all political differences.
Advance your claims of racism in a zero tolerance environment.  Drive race offenders from their professions, permanently labeled them a bigot, and worse – relegate them to ignominy.  
If the white man is also a Christian, increase the punishment’s scope and severity. 

These practices have a dual purpose and act to specifically disenfranchise blue collar, white males.  They are the group directly impacted by the flip-side of Affirmative Action policies and other race laws.  These race laws literally demand these white men sit in the back of the bus – they are the last considered for employment, academic admissions, etc… if at all. 

WHY are they targeted?  I assert Democrats are terrified of this group’s votes!  Each of the Democrat race, sex, sexual behavior policy works to disenfranchise BCWCMs.  Threats of racism / sexism and the punishments for same, prevent them from organizing or seeking to end the barriers placed on them.  Consequently, they see no difference in either political party – neither will champion their cause – Real Equality!  They want a level playing field. They want their Constitutional Rights restored.  They want an end to affirmative action and other race laws that directly disenfranchise them.

How does it happen? These men DO NOT VOTE!!!  Democrats want it that way.  This group represents approximately 30 million votes.  Add their wives – 60 million.  Those numbers terrify Democrats.

Ergo, I contend the changes required to repair black America are the same as those required to restore blue collar, white America.  Due to the purposeful racial stigmas designed by Democrats in America, changing these conditions these will require a person (and others) like YOU - to amend policy and fix the problems you’ve articulated.  By the way… the majority of white American believed Obama words about being a post-racial President.  That’s white code for ending affirmative action.

Mr. Peterson, you must advocate an end of affirmative action AND every other race, sex, sexual behavior based law(s).  They offend the Bill of Rights, they violate the Civil Rights laws as written, and they codify indolence as a chosen behavior.  I assert - when a villain is responsible for the bad outcomes, the villains victims will never see a need, or work, to change their circumstances.  Not only does the victim blame the villain for their plight, the victim believes he is incapable of escaping the bad outcomes designed by the villain and his cohorts - acting in unison to oppress the victims. 

Whitey – collectively - is given super natural powers.  He is The MAN, and able to inflict prejudice and discrimination from his office on Wall Street.  He needn’t get his hands dirty.  He has powerful friends in government – REPUBLICANS!!  Welfare collectively, and subsidy for each pregnancy, while legally banning the father from residing with his children and mother of his children, combine to re-enforce indolence; while separating families and endorsing unwed pregnancies.  Senator Dan Moynihan, D, NY; brilliantly articulated these conditions 40 plus years ago.

I submit the ONLY way to remove the villain is to end these vote buying, racist and sexist policies as Ward Conner attempted to do.  He and I shared a perspective on these issues – causality and remedy. 

The alleged racism and power afforded Whitey and Republicans are used by Democrats to fictionalize the protagonists in this simplistic storyline.  Democrats do this to perpetuate the outcome they desire. White Democrats prefer  desperate and destitute black people; hopefully…, living as far away from their homes as possible.  Mr. Peterson, white Democrats despise black people! Yes, they despise them. I know some.  I hear what they say in public, you do too.  But I also watch their actions away from their prying eyes.  I’ve heard their honest comments – usually after a few drinks. These White Democrat behaviors must be discussed and pointed out ad nauseum - by men like you. The insincerity and blatant double standards are glaring.  Nothing will change unless blacks learn their new masters think less of them than the slave holder did.  This too deserves saying using the exact words.  The slave holder, unlike the modern Democrat politician, knew and valued the slave's work. 

The Democrats' disgust and disrespect for black America gets truly ugly, diabolical, and deadly.  
Abortion was enacted by Democrats for what purpose?  Do you honestly believe it was to provide white women an options when an unwanted pregnancy arose?  (Psssst! They already had access to abortion) I suggest abortion was wanted by Democrats to control the black/minority populations.  The numbers of blacks receiving government subsidy is high and would be 50% higher if not for abortion. Welfare, in all of its forms, current taps 60% of the nations' budget.  Add 50% more receipients and its impossible.  Killing black babies was the Democrat solution devised.  However, Democrats killing black babies to keep their numbers down doesn't end with abortion.  

Every Democrat gun control policy is driven by the Democrat's fear of blacks owning guns.  They think blacks are innately violent.  They fear armed blacks gaining access past the gated community where they reside, or meeting up with them in a public area.  Statistics and policy hierarchy suggests Democrats really dont mind the number of blacks shot and murdered each day with illegal weapons. Democrats do little - virtually nothing - past offering gun control to stop black on black violence. Chicago is a wonderful example of how a Democrat controlled state and city responds to black on black crime.  Democrats respond like the three moneys - Hear, Speak, and See No Evil.  They ignore the loss of life, injuries, and mayhem. Whenever pressed to respond - they whine about the "senselessness" then speak idle threats and promises.  The black on black killings continue largley unabated.  Why do Democrats refuse to address this topic past offering gun control?  In Democrat speak - a black on black gun murder is a late term abortion.  25% of urban black males under 25 years of age die, or are victims of violence in urban environments.  That Democrats have not placed this topic at the top of their political goals works to validate my claims.

Truly, the Democrat Party is stuck in a Tar Baby and they can't extracate themselves without losing political viability for decades, or having to radically change their political ambitions.  The Democrat's prefernce is made clear by the choices they make.  Their other ambitions are obviously more important.  And, since blacks - refuse to demand different treatment, persist in voting Democrat, and remain focused upon the subsidies they receive as opposed to opportunities available, they will continue being treated as an expendable problem that only gets attention when their votes are needed. 

Insidiously, white Democrats know they must act as if blacks are the most noble and precious resource and race in America - to mislead and fool black America. Democrats hold their noses and campaign - outreach (touching) events where they visit black communities or organizations where they touch the objects of their compassion.  These events are bizarre and insulting. The Democrat’s voice changes pitch.  They use their best Negro dialect to lament.  "We’re fighting these white Republican villains for you. But we have a very difficult job caring for you.  Those white Republicans are so very powerful.  We can only do so much for you.  If we had total control, we could do so much more.  You had better Vote Democrat!  Or… God only knows what these hate filled racists Republicans will do to you." Look at (Insert horrific scene from the past to hammer the message). Conclude with - If Democrats don’t control the government, things will get worse – much worse.
Democrat’s concerns for blacks evaporate the minute they win an election.  As blacks show their support for Democrats, that includes rampant illegal voting, Democrats know their work is effective and closer to to being permanent. 

Blacks too can be blamed for their plight and treatment - people like the leadership of the NAACP and other Black Groups have feathered a lucrative nest for themselves by associating with Democrats at the expense of the people they claim to represent.  Blacks haven't done much to make these leaders accountable.  Nothing else explains the leadership treating conservative blacks like pariah. In league with the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ben Hook, and others who don't care how they are used by white Democrats as long as the money rolls in to their accounts.  These leaders communicate with other blacks - thus reducing the amount of time white Democrats must spend with black people - whom they despise.  Or, if they do realize it, it exposes  they don't care about the professed reason for being, or their credibility.  Being an Uncle Tom is fine with them.  Sadly, these behaviors re-enforce the stereotype that blacks refuse to work to better themselves; that their objectives include blaming others for their predicaments, demanding free stuff from government, and, curiously, that the police get out of their communities.

White Democrats follow the election plan laid out by Lyndon Baines Johnson in the mid 1960s –

QUOTE: ”These Negroes, they‘re getting pretty uppity these days and that‘s a problem for us (Democrats) since they‘ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we‘ve got to do something about this, we‘ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.  Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat). 

Johnson said more:  "I'll have those ******* voting Democratic for the next 200 years." -- Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One Ronald Kessler's "Inside The White House"

To me, it's clear that white Democrats despise black people…

The LBJ/Democrats vote buying scheme must include payouts.  Democrats expand give away programs, modify give away programs, create programs (specifically within the black community – midnight basketball et al), enact regulations that protect blacks from the evil white menace, and pound the whitey hates you drum.  Evidently little is required to buy black votes. That reveals the impotence in the establishment Republican leadership.   

A complicit media assures Democrat actions are compassionately framed as enlightened and viable, while Republican suggestions to improve black life are termed racist solutions - offered by the Klan loving Republican party.  

The history of Black America is revealing and lends a few remarkable lessons - Every measureable trait and behavior, before the civil rights laws were enacted, are superior to today’s statistics.  What explains this phenomena?  In my view, blacks were typically more unified in their communities – regardless of the reason - Segregation?  Choice?  The government freebies were few.  People were thereby forced to work and earn an income.  Collectively, the black community demanded fathers support and care for their children.  The black community was not held hostage to the wishes of Democrat politicians, or traitors within their ranks, promoting the joys of diversity – RE: indemnifying all our colored voter behaviors, usually to the detriment of black Americans whom they take for granted. 

Importantly, that historic black community was largely homogenous.  No matter where a black pair of eyes looked, they saw other blacks doing what any community does or requires, business owners, teachers, ministers, musicians, doctors, lawyers, laundry, beauty shops, etc… Children were taught by black teachers in black schools.  Odd how integration drove down black academic performance but Democrats did nothing to repair it.  Democrats prefer their blacks stupid; evidently.  A black teacher assured the student was compelled to behave - no excuses.  Importantly, back then, Shame was a policing tool.  When shame arises due to allegiance to, and reverence for, common standards of virtue, good behaviors are the norm. When you destroy common standards because everyone cannot acquire them equally, or the standards are derided, bad behaviors thrive.  

Without an excuse, and facing hurdles to overcome, blacks were forced to work and advance – AND – they understood - imitating the behaviors found in white America was requisite.  Those behaviors were the minimum entry point.  Proper manners and attire, competent English skills, and toeing the line every civil society demands of its members, black Americans freely adopted. “Unorthodox” behaviors were punished, swiftly - by other blacks!!  

These standards combined to realize graduation, marriage, fewer criminal convictions, employment, legitimate pregnancies, and other successful behaviors that mirrored white society in most every area measured and tracked. This history reveals successful behaviors can be obtained in the black community, even under the duress of segregation.

Or... was segregation operative, at least in part, responsible for the improved behaviors and outcomes?

Mr. Peterson, I submit, as former NASA engineer, John Houbolt did - the ONLY way to repair the troubles plaguing black America is by ending affirmative action and every other race, sex, and sexual behavior, laws, AND, by ending subsidies for behaviors that encourage indolence, irresponsibility, and reproduction choices that equate to child abuse – placing a child into a hazardous environment and failing to provide for the child is adjudicated as child abuse – except in black America.  These changes have consequences. They remove the crutch/villain; end the subsidy for chosen behaviors; end the vote for pay scheme; end the prohibitions on Pursuit of Happiness/white only and black only, Latino only, and/or diverse communities – by choice.  These changes create, for the first time, a truly level field of opportunity that will at long last fulfill Dr. King’s dream about content of character (merit) driving every decision made regarding equal opportunity. 

I submit we have come too far as a nation for endemic segregation to occur again. There are numerous public settings where civil rights laws will continue to assure equality of opportunity. However, ignoring millennia of experience – human preferences – will deliver unintended consequences - every time. Unintended consequences are those evident in those black communities where crime and indolence define the majority’s behaviors and lack of success threshold. Having successful blacks return to their native community, will provide the brain power to improve the community and prove through example hard work and dedication brings good outcomes. Once the crutch is removed each race of Americans can best evaluate what is needed to reconcile the least productive and chronic under-performance within their ranks – IF… that is possible. Mr. 
Peterson we are NOT all the same.  We are not equally empowered, nor do we make choices using the same reference points. Solutions are not universal. The deplorable current state of our nation is what arises when we pretend everyone is Equal In Every Way.