Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Science and Scientists - Egos Gone Wild

Titan Image - Thanks to: acclaiminages.com

I'm watched a Science Channel Show on the solar system recently.  The planets with atmospheres was a specific topic.  The planets with atmospheres are: Venus, Earth, Mars and Titan - the largest moon of Saturn.  Saturn too was included for special discussion in this episode (More below).  Predictably, Life is a topic these shows always return to discussing.  

Premise #1: Because life exists on Earth means any planet with an atmosphere is capable of hosting life.  

Who knew? 

The narrator, Mr. Scientist, seriatim, dismissed the potential for life on each each planet, other than Earth, before addressing Titan.  He glibly reported Titan's mean temperature -250 degrees Fahrenheit, then launched into conjecture - Titan MAY have water under the icy surface of the planet.  

Really?  So?

Mr. Scientist claimed Titan's atmosphere is comprised of Nitrogen and Methane gases - primarily.  He informs the audience the early Earth once had these gases?  Apparently, since Earth once had these gases (according to this show's authors) any other planet with these gases can also host life.  

Wow - that ignores the -250 degree temperature - proceed.  

Another scientist appearing on the show set up an experiment to prove these gases can create life. He placed the gases in a sealed glass container. I presume added the right quantities of gases - replicating Titan's environment.  How he knows the quantities exactly is dubious.  He next electronically stimulated the gases - using electricity - supposedly replicating the sun's energy input - and WALLAH!  

After all this efforts and postulating, I'm suspecting to see a life form, or quasi-life form, something green or undulating.  But No, what Mr. Scientist shows us he created is black goo. Mr. Scientist person next claims the black goo holds the elements (building blocks) of life.  He keeps talking and postulating using seven league leaps of "faith" and tortures logic like a traitor, while hoping few, if any in the audience, notice that he must add water to the black goo; to, POTENTIALLY, enable the essential elements for life - Amino Acids. Check that!  The "building blocks for life" he holds.  That means he doesn't hold amino acids - just a tube full of chemicals/black goo.  The goo, if certain circumstances are perfect, MAY transform into amino acids.  The missing water is casually addressed - as if Titan will someday, like earth, receive water from… a comet?  asteroid?  Let's be clear. Any object hurdling through space will likely not impact Titan.  Saturn, and its immense gravity, will capture that object - not Titan.  

To tell the truth,  I'm not expecting to see Mr. Scientist and/or his associates reveal a life form.  This same experiment has been repeated ad nauseum for many decades. It's named Miller-Urey.  When  new equipment and technologies arrive they are used to prove, once and forever, creating life is easy - it's cake!  Curiously, no matter the technology used, no new outcome materializes.  The scientific methods demands scientists conclude the black goo created in the experiment Does Not Hold ANY Life; or anything close to life.  

Frustrated in their efforts and prone to acts of masochism, some scientists and the hierarchy in the science aristocracy persist in their conducting the "here's how you create life" experiment.  Each time they make another batch of black goo they claim what is produced is essential for life. I must admit - In the broadest possible assessment, using the lowest credible measure, what's produced in the experiment may contain some of the ingredients needed for life. But, these were there all along.  I do not recall the scientist taking steps to assure bacterium or virus found on all matter on earth was removed from materials used.   

(Unlike many scientists) the pursuit of knowledge, honesty, and credibility requires  we analyze the behaviors and motivations of the people conducting any experiments - to be thorough - as they are PART of the experiment. 

Published and other "official recognized" measures of credibility (and grant $$$) for a scientist lay in their willingness to agree with the ruling science aristocracy - creating life is a simple process.  The aristocracy also demands re-conducting experiments re-proves the original results, and... regardless of the experiment outcome, science must persist in agreement - LIFE is super simple to create.  

Should a scientist examine the outcome with a jaded, cynical eye and conclude tsciences' attempts at creating life experiment are an abject failure and suspect ... i.e. life is so complicated man cannot create life, will lead that person into ridicule by his peers and the science leadership, and worse.  The science community does appreciate free thinkers who's curiosity and dedication to the Standard Methods of science stands to influence agreed upon FACTS.  Science does not find the Emperor’s New Clothes story amusing.  Science will not tolerate dissent in its ranks on certain topics – like spontaneous life erupting, evolution, big bang, global warming, or most importantly - No God(s) exists.  

The ranks of science continue to benefit from and claim a sterling, irreproachable reputation earned and established when most scientists believed in God. For our purposes let's use that Pre-Big Bang era. 

FACT:  If Albert Einstein lived today, and he published his papers on relativity, Einstein would never receive the notoriety he received in the early 20th century.  Why? Einstein believed in a deity/God.  When confronted with the several contradictions and paradoxes found in quantum mechanics that confounded his own conclusions, Einstein stated: God does not roll dice.  He was confident God can explain the inexplicable, if not man.  Ditto the man responsible for classic physics - Isaac Newton. He deferred nearly all causality to God.

Since it was inexplicably added to the black goo, let’s presume Water is essential for life.  According to sciences’ Titan conjectures, water is hiding beneath the surface of Titan.  Let's recall many scientists hypothesize the Earth's water came from comets - a lot of comets.  

Let's use that theory.  As stated above, Saturn's immense gravity will drawn an object to it - not Titan.  We must therefore conclude any water on Titan was present when the planet accrued initially.  Importantly, Why Come the water is beneath Titan's surface?  How can that be? We are asked to believe Titan water, released when the heat from objects colliding together did not condense and fall upon the surface (minus 250 degree, Fahrenheit).  No Titan's water condensed, then buried itself beneath the dirt.  WOW!  Now that is some special water.  

Most of the universe has an average temperature of -300 degrees F.  Comet Water, or water on a space rock, is frozen solid. But… (According to Science) somehow... this frozen water manages to liquify and maneuver itself beneath rocks and dirt to the precise depth where it can return to, and remain in a liquid state.  Titan's surface temperature is guessed at -250 F - slightly warmer than the ambient universe temperature.  Absolute Zero = -460 F. Absolute Zero is so cold all molecular activity stops.  As the temperature curve drops, molecular activity for water @ -32 F is minimal.  Vibrations, in the most forgiving assessment is the totality of water's movement. It will not flow or floe.  Concentrate that phenomenon by a factor of 8 and molecular activity is suppressed to virtually nil. 

Also consider - melted water disperses at impact.  The less mass the water retains as it spreads across the surface, the less heat it retains and it freezes faster.  Another option - water becomes a gas and re-freezes, then falls to the surface as ice/snow/sleet. (this precipitation may require an atmosphere.) As stated above, water melted during impact re-freezes on the soil/rocks - quickly.  Note: Frozen water or frozen anything - lacks the energy to move much, if at all.

The claim Titan’s water/under the frozen surface ocean defies many established scientific FACTS and poses questions.  Very important questions include WHY and HOW did Titan water pool into an ocean at the precise depth needed to remain a liquid? Little if anything is known about the dirt and rocks on Titan or how Titan's atmosphere impacts that matter.  

Lastly, the gravity of Saturn may severely stress Titan - making the entire planet swell and smush in its orbit.  That force racks the surface and creates some heat energy.  However,  the mean temperature remains -250 F….  Comparatively, the ice found on other planets/moons similar to Titan - remains frozen on the surface - see Europa a moon of Jupiter.  Europa is closer to Jupiter (and the sun). Jupiter has more gravity than Saturn. Ergo, Europa is smushed much more violently than Titan.  So... if water is going to submerge due to gravity, Europa would, should, might, could, show evidence of that.  

This was the point in the program when I stopped paying attention. 

Let's consider-
what these scientists are willing to ignore,
what facts, evidence, and information, they are willing to suspend,
let’s also examine the lengths to which science will go to avoid allowing consideration of external intervention as a casual force/mechanism in their "studies".  

Water on Titan (and I suspect any place they wish to discover life) behaves differently than water on Earth and in ways other branches of science contradict.  

Premise #2: Life is merely an assembly of amino acids –

BUT... science has yet to create a drop of life. Science confidently asserts it has the technology to artificially simulate all the conditions they deem essential and fundamental for life to spontaneously erupt, but science cannot produce life - not even a malformed, weak, barely clinging to life example can they produce.  

Scientists are human beings with emotions.  Being unable to create life, after deeming life a simple process, requiring rudimentary molecules of this and that, must make scientists frustrated and angry.  Their frustrations may prompt them to repeatedly assert stupid things like - Titan has a giant ocean under the land surface.  They made the same claim about Mars - but, to date, scientists have not verified that claim.  Even after sending robots with billion dollar equipment, they have not validated the water buried on Mars theory.  

HINT:  Just because the surface conditions elsewhere indicates a similarity to Earth, does not mean water is/was responsible for the surface conditions on Mars, or Earth, or anywhere else.  Yes, Mars has polar ice caps.  So What?  You do not have sufficient information to conclude the surface conditions seen on Earth were caused by water.  Presumption and analogous data accrual/conditions does not = fact.  Time, and a plethora of potential explanations, many unknown, render the conditions currently "under study".

For all science's assurances that life is a simple process that must be everywhere in the universe, science has zero evidence to stand in support of their postulations. For credibility’s sake, we must examine WHY science will go to the lengths it does to belittle the difficulty(s) in life's causality, and, make profoundly ignorant conclusions about where and how life came into being, and perpetuate.  

Science relies heavily upon the public's generic ignorance, their specific ignorance of the methods, “adopted” facts and physical laws, and, all the evidence/data science has accumulated over the centuries, to propound misinformation.  Science confidently presumes  the product they produce renders them superior to the common man - exclusively due to the common man's inability to challenge science properly.  Science classifies the common man as an ignoramus, inferior in knowledge and education to scientists/science.  Science has reasons for wanting to perpetuate their self serving sense of superiority.  Science desires to be the holder and giver of information and facts - i.e. God.  Science does not like the possibility an external force or sentient being(s) is the holder of information and diviner of facts.  Importantly, the potential this entity can bend the rules and laws to its wishes aggravates (terrifies) science immensely.  

A historical review of science and science's advances reveals "something" gives science problematic data and confounding evidence on a regular basis. Take for example - the Uncertainty Principle/Copenhagen Effect - science cannot determine the exact location, or speed, or trajectory, of an electron inside the simplest atom.  More, the electron can exist in two different states simultaneously - destroying several scientific principles and laws.  The electron appears to share information with other electrons over distances measured in light years (WTF?) This one atomic component makes a mockery of several physical laws and other FACTS science glibly adopted and continues to (mis)use.

How can a supposedly lifeless object communicate, or learn from its predecessor when streamed as in the Dual Slit Experiment?  Science has no answer.  There is much science does not know.

Newton "discovered" gravity and used what he could measure about gravity to write many fundamental physical laws.  Since Newton's discovery, science has not yet explained what causes gravity.  Sir Isaac Newton believed in God. He fought his conscience and colleagues over his beliefs.  He studied and performed calculations and wrote extensively about God.  For all of his efforts, intellectual conflicts, and resolution, his scientific progeny wanted no God. They wanted to service their benefactors and feed their own human desires - so they murdered God.  Darwin's Theory of Evolution was the mechanism.  

Gravity is a fundamental power.  It is included in the GUT - General Unification Theory RE: "Everything Theory" used by science.  Science has a habit of wanting to explain complicated subjects in simple terms - Occam's Razor.  Some stuff remains very complicated.  No amount of torturing data will make the complicated simple - See Relativity or most any Quantum Equation that deals with an electron/photon/subatomic energy.  

Why has science not devoted its efforts to discovering gravity's causality?  Since gravity influences all matter and physical laws within the universe, before science embarks upon hypothesis into realms it has considerably less data and information on, I think clearing up the gravity question might be a goal they endeavor to accomplish. For credibility's sake, and to place a foundation upon to build their other work, knowing gravity's causality seems extremely important answer.  Then again, the gravity question may be answered... What would science do if they discovered what makes gravity happen re-enforced a God(s) exists? Is science so committed and jealous of their hold on power, it would prevent them from studying the question and publishing the information learned?  Science has numerous credibility "priors" - hiding information.  They hide information whenever the data found exposes individual scientists, the institution, and official community as corrupt and fraudulent.  That they hide data purposely reveals the petty jealousy and several emotional foibles that defines a human being. Note ALL scientists are human beings.  

A common man can acknowledge the existence of a God.  Science refuses to so do.  If God is omnipotent and omniscient; belief in God explains the inexplicable.  The Big Bang - a term Fred Hoyle coined to mock a Jesuit Priest who argued against his own theory on the universe (and God making the universe what it is) was a turning point for science.  Darwin's Evolution Theory was perhaps the most defining.  But going back to the earliest dates of Greece, scientists have dedicated themselves to diminishing God and taking his place.

Science cannot be trusted because their egos and desire for fame and wealth replaced their fundamental promise to behave honestly... to never betray themselves, their work, or the public trust that actually shapes human history and incremental advance as an organism and society.