Monday, July 29, 2013

Obama claims Phony Scandals: (Including the Ambassador and Seal Deaths in Benghazi)


The IRS illegally scrutinizing the records of tax payers and stalling the review process for Tea- Party and Conservative group applications for tax-emempt status in the IRS.  The IRS attorney hired by Mr. Obama to oversee the IRS fled to South Africa - near, or on the same dates as Mr. Obama's vacation there. Did he meet with Obama again?  What was discussed?  Were conditions made for his permanent retirement in S. Africa?  This official met at the Whitehouse over 150 times, and, importantly days before the policy adopted to prevent Conservatives from acquiring the tax exempt status. The IRS also confiscated information about Conservative politicians.  Noteably; Christine O'Donnell, DE - a Senate candidate faced a conspiracy designed to defeat her and other Republican politicians. The goal was to limit the dollars available to Conservative/Republican politicians and groups.

Tens of thousands of Mexican National deaths and Border Agent; Brian Terry.  Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Mexican deaths came from the weapons the Obama Administration gave to known criminals and purposely never attempted to track the weapons - the stated purposed of Fast and Furious; Mr. Obama leads the Party who demands amnesty for Mexican illegals.  We can see from the results of Fast and Furious how Obama and his party value their lives.  Why Obama and Democrats do not want the details on F&F discovered is understandible - it's the same value they place on any human life while invitro.

In numerous jurisdictions across America - 100% of the votes cast went for Obama - mysteriously, the number of votes cast exceeded the registered voters within those districts. 

These are a few criminal, heartless, and despicable "PHONY" scandals the Obama Administration have failed to address. 

What has Obama done to find answers and enforce accountability? 
He acted to prevent the public's knowing by sequestering government officials with knowledge on these scandals -
Had the same officials sign non-disclosure statements
Overtly attempted to hide the facts surrounding the sandals listed above. 

After each of these scandals arose, Mr. Obama took to the stump and declared  his ignorance - he didn't know about them and only learned as the public learned about them - Obama expressed outrage and demanding accountability.  He stated his administration would get to the bottom of the scandals and provide the public answers and accountability. 

Yesterday, Mr. Obama officially defined these scandals as PHONY and part of a much broader partisan attack on him and his party. 

The government officials who designed these policies that developed into scandals face criminal indictment for their actions - at least until the statutes of limitations exhausts. 

Calling the scandals PHONY, is the equivalent of framing the drowning death of Mary Joe Kopechne; when, after having sex, Senator Ted Kennedy drove the car (they shared) into the Chappaquiddick tidal channel, swam to shore, went home, slept, and sobered up, before calling police to report the incident as an "Unfortunate Accident". 

Had Obama marshalled forces of government in a manner similar to how he directed Eric Holder to instigate racially charged demonstrations and investigate the Trayvon Martin trial, (a trial having no direct impact upon the lives of military men who earned the highest honors defending their nation) we might have a few answers.  Describing Mr. Obama's actions requires a deeper plumbing of the depths of inhuman behaviors and the motivations for so doing. 

The deaths of Seal Team Six aboard the helicopter are very unusual and deadly. This crash came after a story arose claiming Afghan Nationals belonging to Al Qaeda and the Taliban demanded retribution for the death of Osama Bin Laden from the regime that governed Afghanistan at the time. This story was ignored or buried by the US Media to limit damage to the Obama campaign. The possible actions by Mr. Obama that led to the death of these Navy Seals (after Obama used their actions killing the terrorist Bin Laden for re-election purposes) is the type of behavior commonly seen in nefarious personalities who reject any moral compass and perpetually act to advance themselves and their objectives at the direct expense of others with whom they share life on earth. 

History provides ample evidence many Marxists are so devoted to their prefered ideology they will pursue and purposely collect grievances to enable a better hatred, or emotional distress they believe validates, and use to excuse, their acting in any manner - so long as their objectives are achieved.  Their acting to cause the death of human beings while working to achieve a personal or political objective is no more troublesome than swatting a fly.

The regard which Mr. Obama holds towards American Seals, is perhaps best expressed in Obama's refusal to wear a US flag pin, or display respect of the flag by taking the pledge of allegiance in his first Presidential campaign.  The simplest actions most often betray the core beliefs of a person. Because these small actions are insignificant, or unseen by many, the person who adopts  these behaviors does so to purposely insult traditions declare their revulsion towards the tradition.  A proud and brave person will openly, and in ways that attract the greatest attention, display their revulsion using the loudest and ugliest tactics.  Obama's unwillingness to use the tactics of the proud and brave, by default, displays his cowardice and fear of being discovered.  If Obama cowers in matter small, what can be expected from him when serious matters arise?

Mr. Obama's cowardice remarkably rises again in his PHONY scandal comment.  That comment infers he shares his former Secretary of State's opinion on the Benghazi deaths. "What does it Matter!!!" was Hillary Clinton's reply to questions put to her when testifying before Congress about Benghazi.  Hillary chose to leave the Department of State once she learned the facts and details that led to the deaths in Benghazi.  Hillary KNEW the policy objectives given her by Mr. Obama, and the decisions taken in the early hours of the Benghazi raid (also attributable to Obama's policy preferences and/or his direct order) were damning and deadly.  The Obama Administration's responding to these deaths with a preposterous story - blaming the raid on an obscure anti-Muslim video -clearly indicates the Obama administration was blame worthy and cowardice defined their response.  Again Obama's core is on display.  He feared the public learning HOW his administration's actions placed Americans in danger, and WHY the Administration refused to protect them when they knew a military attack was made.  Mr. Obama's core beliefs drive his every action, and every action is drapped in cowardice. 

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