Monday, July 8, 2013

- Chicago -

We read today around 50 people were shot in Cairo, Egypt.  Egypt is in the midst of a political upheaval.  The purpose of the report was ostensibly to shock Americans using the shootings as the means to elicit an emotional reaction.  

Comparatibly, Chicago, Illinois had nearly 70 people shot over the same time period.  That information was not considered frontpage news by the Chicago and national media.  Reporting on the Chicago murders was avoided because it reflects unfavorably upon Barak Obama's political Hometown, and, Obama's personal residence.  The number of shootings and murders in Chicago over that past 6 years should be tied to Mr. Obama.  The sycophant press don't want readers looking too closely at Chicago or the behaviors of certain Chocago residents.  They might make negative connections and Obama - some based in race.  

Chicago, and the behaviors of its residents, is truly not fit to print.  Whenever bad crime news in unavoidable, the race of the perpetrators is curiously absent.  The media doesn't want readers and viewers to make the obvious conclusions and connections a lucid mind makes when all the facts regarding an event are known.  

Progressive politics demands a person ignore what their senses reveal to them.  Belief in the Easter Bunny, or another Progressive maxim - everyone is equal in every way - preserves the dignity of people whose behaviors lead to a radically different evaluation. The media know Chicago is symptomatic of Mr. Obama's political legacy and seek to prevent its exposure. The Media must be blamed for ignoring this madness.  FCC licenses must be revoked for organizations who refuse to report factually, or ignore dangerous conditions important to every American.  The cabal of Democrats and the Media needs exposing and terminated using the power of government.

Chicago is known for its history of meat processing.  Chicago was once ground zero for animal stockyards and their slaughter.  That distinction was replaced by gangland activities in the 1920s and thirties.  Elliott Ness, Al Capone and many others are known to haunt Chicago.  The gangsters also performed killings - the St. Valentine's Day Massacre is noteable.  That killing involved 7 people.  That "Massacre" was frontpage news across America.  This past June in Chicago the shooting of seven people on a given day was a light toll.  June 16, 2013 recorded 22 people shot.  

"Why we gotta be prisoners in our own homes?" - was a grammatically incorrect, but accurate quote (presumed taken in its entirety) by the reporter to display the acumen of the person giving the quote.  (Black people think the media are their friends. This is evidence of what kind of friend.) I see the quote as an incomplete declaration - the reason WHY the residents of Chicago are prisoners in their own homes is not stated, because no mental gymnastics are required to explain WHY. 

A level of causality is attributable to the people shot and the by-standers refusal to obey the laws.  They refuse to side with law enforcement.  They prefer their lives are shaped with minimal adherence to, and inter-action with, the law - because the number of law breakers are considerable.  If the police are present they might be arrested.  Certainly, most are not violent offenders but , obviously, a goodnumber are.  Others dabble in drug use, and other "victimless" crimes.  They all share an allegiance to the criminal code of silence.  That allegiance has grown and grown, to encompass, and ruin their lives.  Asking WHY is a rheteorical exercise - although most can't define rhetorical.  Therein lies the core of the problem and helps explain the WHY. 

Black people view themselves as no different than other people living in areas not known for shootings and violence. This incomplete self-assessment is one that is often reported in black America.  Decades of excuse making and grievance vindication has rendered many black American unable or unwilling to note the glaring disparities.  This treatment has another outcome - it has made Black Americans a race obssessed group of citizens.  In their perspective, every issue has a race component.  Whites are blameworthy regardless of the complaint/issue.  Lack of parity in peaceful communities, success in life, and positive generic outcomes are all a result of racism, prejudice and discrimination in the black assessment.  Few blacks are willing to accept their lives are largely a consequence of their chosen behaviors and adherence to the community's code of silence respecting law enforcement

Some facts are striking.  Less than 50% of the blacks attending highschool in Chicago graduate - a fact recently noted when the teacher's union complained about pay and went on strike.  Causality for this poor graduation rate can be attributed to the absence of making education important in black homes and the ubiquitous reason: wanting to avoid being considered "acting white". 

As stated above, race permiates life in black America.  Racial behaviors sanction and excuse destructive  black behaviors.  Considerable numbers of blacks assert they behave destructively because they are/were treated poorly for racial reasons. (Some of these excuse are over 150 years old - slavery.)  In the view of those seeking political support from black votes, when blacks behave destructively - it's understandible - because of their racial treatement, or treatments that occurred when a majority were not born.  The majority of blacks never encountered segregation.  Most are enscounced in a society where blacks are treated preferentially.  Despite the advantages, many blacks cannot find their way to use the advantages to their favor.  Crime is a preferred lifestyle.  Dependence is a preferred lifestyle.  If they are treated poorly, they fail to make the connection - their behaviors are causal - not their skin color.  Again the above reference explains WHY. 

When crime is the avocation sought or the one that arises due to the adoption of serial self destructive behaviors, or a generic predisposition, expecting good behaviors from affected neighbors is overly hopeful.  

Over 1,000 people were shot in Chicago this year.  The year is only half over.  The reasons WHY blacks in parts of Chicago must live inside their homes due to the violence surrounding them is axiomatic.  Not until blacks take responsibility for their own behaviors and make changes to remove the criminal undercurrent in their neighborhoods, will/can crime abate.  Expecting otherwise is just stupid - but considering how government and other groups profiting upon servicing black dependence, are quick to make excuses for the dysgenic outcomes. They fail to comprehend they cannot address the reasons WHY.  Accurate evaluation, and truthful critique stands to be punished.  Accepting what is, and subsidizing the behaviors leading to that outcome, assures the behaviors will thrive and likely expand.

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