Thursday, June 27, 2013

Saving Traditional America

It merely takes a spark... someone ignites the dry and forgotten remnants that people hold deep in the recesses of their souls with a word or idea.  I last saw it after the 2001 attack. I captured hours of footage in 5 second bits of American flags unfurled everywhere. I shot the first tape in Baltimore when my wife was receiving therapy for cancer. Flags were ubiquitous and ranged is sizes from cartop antenna to half the side of buildings. Americans were united again. Americans were be proud of their Country. They wanted retribution too. Americans took joy in sharing a simple patriotic act that united them in spirit and purpose - raising the flag.

The flags became dirty and worn a few months afterwards. Patriotism was not encouraged. Evil despicable forces within the US didn't like the display of unity and patriotism. Democrats found flags undermined their objective - destroying America. Some Democrats complained and wanted the flags taken down. Imagine that. US residents claiming offense over flags, and judges permitting cases in their courtrooms - with the purpose of removing flags. This is a symptom of a malignancy that will destroy America.  The Democrat Party is the malignancy.

Democrats love bullying and intimidating using government. There is no bigger more threatening cudgel. Government is absolute. The loss of everything can come at the hands of government –freedom, property, even life. People are right to be frightened of government. Democrats know these fears and exploit them for political gain. Democrats want the Federal government running everything.  That places absolute control in government. 

Democrats don't want Americans united. Democrats want Americans jealous and fearful of Republicans and other Democrats. They want the people neatly organized by physical appearances, incomes, ethnicities, sex, and sexual behaviors. It’s easier to exploit their weakness and wants this way.  It’s also easier to create reasons for each group to hate the others and to unite the group in a common cause.  Americans rallying together for a common love of Country shatters these Democrat ambitions.  Unification under a patriotic and apolitical mantel will not be tolerated very long, if at all.See: Tea Party

Another reason the flags came down was Legal lottery - where unprincipled attorneys combine with unapologetically greedy people and sell their souls. Legal lottery is symptomatic of all that is wrong with Democrats and their supporters.  They are unconcerned where or how they get money or the material possessions they crave.  If the object of their legal lottery complaint/greed destroys the US flag, their neighbors livelihood, and/or the Country - fuck it! "I gots mine".

Legal lottery sits in black hearts of many Democrat Americans when they are not playing the regular lottery. Misplaced priorities, virtues, and responsibilities of citizenship are causal.  Traditional values are antithetical to Democrat ambitions and they pose a fundamental barrier difficult, if not impossible to overcome if the values are widespread and embraced tightly.  Destroying these values is mandatory for Democrats.  The reason Democrats went after the Boy Scouts on an issue as obscure as gay rights was not to expand diversity or gay rights.  It was to destroy an institution that taught fundamental values and was revered for teaching those values – and one more… self reliance.  Being prepared/self reliant is the Scout motto.  For Democrats to thrive, they need dependents – at least in the beginning.  They stop needing dependents once they obtain absolute control. 

Get Rich quick, short-sighted desires and augmenting behaviors are increasingly in vogue for a majority of Americans. Democrats, their campaign arm - the Media, and advertisers combine to distract Americans away from a common apolitical unity and assure their greed and envy are perpetually an hurtful open sore that prompts them to think and act.

Democrat know their constituents are obsessed with material wealth – regardless of their incomes.  Democrats work to inflame this passion.  The envy and jealousy they experience when they see others with more than they have is used by Democrats for political purposes and to control these people. This status assessment is made down to the Nth degree. Nothing and no one escapes. Concern over status drives Democrat voters to get money illegally if needs be. Status rules. It compromises integrity and warps morality. These same constituents will spend the little money they control upon gambling, drugs & alcohol, objects they believe elevates their status or any other object that provides them an immediate thrill. They will allow their offspring to suffer and risk their daily needs for bragging rights; “respect” in those communities.  

The Media and advertisers relentlessly assert not owning "the product" reduces the status of the potential buyer. You ain't shit unless you own... This is best displayed each time Nike rolls out a new shoe line.  Some buyers murder, maim, and rob other buyers to own the shoes.  When they are unable to murder, maim, or rob to own the product, they complain and whine. Democrat politicians exploit these complaints and provide a villain - the Rich are preventing your owning it.

Democrat's income based campaigns are focused upon the Rich - how the Rich don't pay their fair share - a share that could be diverted by Democrat politicians into their hands; if only they more political control. These behaviors and strategies are a sickness that began with 1st Montgomery Ward catalogue.  Advertizing (commercial and political) pummels the senses of Americans non-stop. A person cannot avoid them. The single purpose is to frame a fiction - the product sold will improve the life or status of the buyer.  The reason promulgated is the constituent doesn't own the product because of the (un)fairness factor.  The Rich are the problem.

The Rich prevent their ownership.  The Rich keep them down.  The Rich commit untold crimes and get away with their crimes because of their wealth and the affiliations their wealth affords.  Who are the Rich?  “The Rich” are words used to describe Whites; indirectly. Democrat constituents know the misnomer. Racial inequalities are alleged and feelings that accompany the inequalities encouraged.  Those suffering under the alleged inequalities are justified to ameliorate their feelings and their plight using any means necessary – by Democrat politicians. 

The same politicians use the inequalities to guilt trip and threaten whites/Rich by suggesting the racial subset may act out and the Democrat government unable to control or prevent the actions.  Whites are again threatened if they are Christians – What would Jesus think of your keeping your wealth?  Your ancestors participated in slavery – directly or indirectly – YOU are blame worthy; at least in part.  YOU must pay for these past sins and crimes.  What would your God think of YOU?  When that didn’t work, Democrats used government to confiscate some civil rights of whites.

Whites were fearful they might lose more rights if they objected.  They failed to comprehend, and continue fail to comprehend the game Democrats play and the components used.  Democrats need whites to earn and pay taxes to buy the votes of their constituents.  They couldn’t take all their rights. So Democrats threaten confiscation, again using tactics like racist - where a person like Paula Dean, is accused and convicted in the press.  They suffer mightily and lose careers.  This is all Democrats can do retain white tax dollars.  They cannot attack all whites.  Democrats need the taxes they pay.  Ending those tax payments ends Democrat control and their arguments become moot. 

If whites objected en-mass and voted as a group – Democrats are finished as a political party.   If whites want traditional America back, this is the only way remaining.  Conservative politician must act to unify whites – unapologetically; and the arguments at their disposal are vast and justified using any meritorious measure.  They will be attacked by the media regardless.  That is unimportant as the media must be changed once they attain political control.  Keeping the focus upon traditional values, Constitutional rights, and unity is enough to rest control for decades.  This will require replacing the establishment that controls the Republican leadership and corporation, or the creation of a new party.  Either path will suffice.


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