Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paula Dean - STOP IT!

Stop apologizing. Apologies over so-called racial slurs are ALWAYS followed by a tar and feathering party brought on by the vigilante press corps who love humiliating and ruining whites for using WORDS they find offensive. Offense taking is now an overt criminal act. Ms. Dean should never apologize. She should retract her apology. She should define who she was speaking about and the context she used the words she chose. If the object of her joke is unwilling to behave like an adult and take the ribbing in a good hearted nature - they can pound sand. What is the crime here? Someone was called a name. Think about this. Offense taking to a word created this stir. A Word...

 NOTE - Paula Dean's books are now flying off the shelves. A 1,300% increase in the past two days.  (We'll speak to this later in this blog.)

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me...." This adage once was used by everyone to suck it up and overcome the assaults we all face in life. The adage was used to instruct children to grow up - mature - to stop focusing on unimportant nonsense. If this nation is to become what Dr. King worked and died to achieve - judging a man by his Content of Character (Behaviors) not by his skin color, all the race based laws and prohibitions must end.

Racism, sexism, pick your ISM, will never end. Ignoring them will limit their influence. But Dr. King's goal is not what Progressive Democrats want. They use race and sex and sexual behaviors as weapons to charge their political opponents and that objective has transmogrified into an amorphous nefarious set of race laws that forbid specific thoughts and words. They have ruined careers. They are used to bully and intimidate and compel compliance when their arguments have no basis and their political objectives are unconstitutional.

Affirmative Action and other race laws restrict and deny the civil rights of white males who now occupy the back of the bus - they are the last considered, if they are considered at all. White males have replaced blacks in the discrimination line - and the government condones it!!! The Federal and State government sanction laws that overtly deny white males' civil rights. Democrats never complain about this injustice. Ask yourself why? Why are white males the object of the Democrat's derision? Why do Democrats want white males disenfranchised?

Paula Dean is often the brunt of jokes about fat, white, women. She is not on the record taking offense being the brunt - as if her offense taking would raise an eyebrow - she's white! (and rich)

Paula is a Southern Woman who grew up in an environment where the word nigger was ubiquitous. Some used the word for a less than honorable purpose. Other's like US President Lyndon Baines Johnson used the word while speaking to the nation. "Niggrah" was LBJ's go-to word when referring to blacks. I think it's a contraction of nigger and negro with a Southern dialect added. LBJ was never called out; nor did he suffer at all for speaking that word. But LBJ was a Liberal Democrat. He, like Harry Reid - who defines blacks as: "Clean, well-spoken, and not having a Negro dialect - unless he need one" to describe Obama, can say what they want about blacks without retribution. If we are to have standards - everyone must comply - not just Conservatives, Southerners, or Republicans. Taking offense to the use of any word(s) is childish, and betrays the behaviors that prompt the word. Nigger - according to the dictionary is primarily a set of behaviors or reaction to the behaviors - contemptible, ignorant, shiftless, & lazy. Nigger is not always a reference to skin color. Definition #3: Someone who is politically and socially disenfranchised = nigger. Wow! White males are niggers according to Random House.

Democrats have worked to guarantee some races, some sexes, and some who practice certain sexual behaviors are sacrosanct - they cannot be criticized no matter what behaviors they display. They are legally protected from having to feel sad because someone called them a name. This is the crime we're discussing.

Wop, Kike, Pollock, Mick, Limey are all A-Okay words.  Are they any different than the taboo "N-Word"?  Blacks are free from being the object of jokes. Their skin is so thin, no one can poke fun at them - not even their racial kinsmen - but they do; frequently. Concordantly, blacks are so noble, they must be respected at all times. Specific language laws were created to assure blacks never receive criticism. White people have lost their careers and opportunities for professional advancement by speaking forbidden words. Un-effing-believable.

The truth is an absolute defense in any courtroom. Ergo - according to Democrat standards, blacks behave in ways that never invite criticism - right? For the high regard and sacrosanct status the vigilante press use to hold any value and support the conclusions they make, blacks must live in exemplary ways for the press' assertions to be valid AND for the race laws to exist in a reasoned context. Do they? Let's break a race law and investigate - one week.

One dead four wounded, 6/25/13; two shot dead, and one stabbed to death, 6/25/13; 7 murdered 6/24/13; Weekend of June 22-13 - 48 people shot, 8 dead. These statistics are for Chicago's black on black crime. One week, one city, one race... who are deemed so noble by Democrats and the press they are UNTOUCHABLEs - appropriate for Chicago. 

US citizens are required to deny what their senses tell them - what they see, hear and read must be ignored.  Pretending behaviors by a protected Democrat constituents group didn't happen is a legal requirement.  Our press refuses to report the race of perpetrators - protecting them, and preventing the public from learning how bad and pervasive the behaviors are. 

Paula Dean's are now selling like mad for a reason. Why we can guess - white people support her. Whites want to reward her, Whites want to send a signal to Democrats they are sick and tired of being treated poorly - as second class citizens - having their civil rights denied.

Are you listen Republicans? Blue-collar whites (Dean's primary audience) are reacting to Democrats punishing one of their own. They are willing to spend money if you will support them - like ending affirmative action and other race laws. They will vote!  Republicans do not need the votes of Hispanics.  They need the votes of blue-collar whiate males and their families who do not currently vote. 

REPUBLICANS - Give these men a reason to vote for you!

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