Monday, June 17, 2013

Immigration Reform - What Republicans Should be Doing


Living in Washington DC does leave lasting marks. The District changes people quickly…permanently. There is an abundant history of perfectly reasonable and solid Conservatives who won election, moved to DC, and were absorbed into the collective in less than 2 years. A Senatorial term is more than enough time for the influence of DC to transform a Conservative. Take the case of Marco Rubio who is currently advocating for Democrat policy. The problem is Rubio is ostensibly a Republican. Rubio recently agreed to be the Democrat’s point man for immigration policy. The charges are Republicans cannot attract enough minority voters and will eventually become a relic know for exclusively representing white guys. That’s true, mostly – but it needn’t be the outcome. There is another option that actually improves Republican chances and increases the number of votes cast. 

The Republican’s other option is a real option; demographically speaking. Republican could choose to act as they are accused, live down to the accusations of Democrats, and represent white guys. Why not? What have they to lose? The media assures Republicans are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They can’t get a break and truly don’t deserve one – in the media’s view. Sam Francis labeled Republicans the Stupid Party. Republicans are stupid; to a point. Republicans behave stupidly due to another pressure FEAR. Republicans are afraid of their own shadows. Fear (of losing an election) is the operative nexus.

Republicans could become a vibrant and dynamic and powerful party over one election cycle – IF they would only live down to Democrat claims and work to support the white males they are accused of supporting. HALF of white men do not vote. Let’s examine the numbers – Conservatively.

Republicans have access to over 40 million untapped, white male votes. These are votes that are literally waiting for someone to represent them. They’ve waited and suffered since the early 1970s.

The math:

308 million total Americans.

48% are male = 148 million.

75% are white = 115 million.

40% do not vote = 46 million.

86% are old enough to vote = 40 million.

This is the number of white males who do not vote. Let’s presume half of these will never vote for any reason. (They could change their minds if they saw Republicans taking up their cause.) That leaves 20 million potential Republican voters. If Republicans could get half of the remaining non-voters to the polls they win BIG.

Who are these white men that refuse to vote? They primarily are “blue-collar”. They live in America’s hinterlands – in those areas the media refuses to cover. This is why Congress does not know of them. The media purposely ignores these men because the media fears them. Democrats fear them. Minorities fear them. Working women fear them. Were it not for affirmative action laws, these men would be our firemen, cops, soldiers, builders, road crews, etc… A good number of white males work construction. I know these men intimately. I was once one of them – working with them. The claims made here are factual and from the mouths of those men – as recently as one month past.

Blue-collar white males feel betrayed by government. They see no difference between the parties because neither will end affirmative action laws and re-establish their civil rights. This is an important fact that feeds the debate – AA laws deprive white males their Constitutional Rights. Who will argue with that? Democrat’s wouldn't. Democrats are extremely wary of white men and took an obtuse path to limit their political power. Democrats stand to lose big if they directly attack white men.

Democrat formed policy to assure white males replaced blacks; their civil rights infringed/lost). White males are metaphorically and legally required to go to the back of the bus. They are the last considered for government/contract jobs. They are maligned and mocked –watch any sit-com to see the venom Hollywood holds for them. And, Democrats feel perfectly comfortable attacking Republicans for being the party that only represents white males. Why not? Democrats worked to assure more than half of the white male population do not enjoy Constitutional protections and thereby restricted their political power!!!

Why would, why did, blue-collar white men become so reviled? What did they do? Democrats will immediately cry slavery and segregation. None of these white men owned slaves. Only a few lived when segregation laws were enacted. Fewer yet had anything to do with segregation. Mentioning slavery and segregation will cause many whites to cringe. THAT - must end and there is only one way to end it - terminate AA policies. 

"Why do the Left hate white males?" should be how the debate is framed.  Males are superior in many categories: physical strength, size, work ethic, often intellect – if compared to the standard government AA worker. Democrats fear their sanctioned groups being meritoriously/academically/intellectually compared to white men - otherwise they would not need AA laws. That comparison will reveal defects and inabilities in their sanctioned groups. That disparity is why Democrats work tirelessly to defame and hobble white men/men generically. The defects in their sanctioned groups cannot be exposed.

“DICK” Nixon, a Republican, used an executive order to create AA policy. Nixon betrayed his party, his sex, the US Constitution, and, yes, Nixon betrayed his race. Nixon did this get positive press - solely!

Since AA laws were penned,whites became the only group effectively and legally forbidden from celebrating and working to advance their race. If they do, they are labeled a racist. This attack is part and parcel to Democrats attempts to malign and discredit white men. It is another theft of liberty. Is it not a testament (and amazing) that white men continue to compete – considering all the barriers and baggage Democrats worked to heap upon them?
Congress did nothing to stop Nixon. Republicans secretly wanted AA laws – but feared the backlash. Those Republicans thought the same way Republicans fixated upon immigration do today. Both groups believed they would receive more minority votes due to their pandering/gift giving. They surely believed they would garner enough support to remove some votes from the Democrat tally; and offset the white votes lost due to their betrayal. These Republicans, the Gang of Eight, are more than stupid. They are politically suicidal, purposely blind to history, and eager for a positive press release. What Republicans are now considering is insane, and telling.
FACT: Republicans LOST black votes after AA was enacted. The same will happen to the hispanic vote if they pass amnesty/immigration reform.

FACT: Republicans permanently lost power in California after the amnesty Reagan signed. The amnesty they consider now will work to permanently assure they lose power across the USA.


 Whites, as a group, are so fear filled of being called a racist, they refuse to stand up for themselves and their race. Slavery and segregation are relics from the past. People fixated upon them are living in the past. Republicans can effectively argue civil rights are at stake. They are compelled to take action. There is not enough media to attack the entire party. Blue-collar white men will notice and have noticed even a hint at overturning AA laws - the Willie Horton political ad was hint. A frontal political campaign based primarily upon restoring the civil rights of white men; complimented with a get out the vote and message campaign, will stir white males to vote en mass.That is the path to garner more Republican votes. It is a path demanded by the US Constitutional and one that would literally rock the foundations of the political environment.

Champion White Male Voters - If Republicans took up the cause of white males – unapologetically; and added the Christian religion as a secondary issue - simultaneously – they would win in a landslide. Republicans would win over many white male Democrat voters – Reagan Democrats. If Republican could motivate half of the 20 million untapped votes, they claim a landslide victory. Once Democrats saw that outcome, they would be terrified and politically neutered. Democrats would either panic and attack –political suicide, OR, they could work to get those votes themselves. Once AA laws are over turned, what Democrats do is unimportant – they become a permanent minority because the policies they advocate will no longer attract enough voters.

 Once in the majority, Republicans tackle immigration. Republicans should follow Dwight Eisenhower’s immigration program: “Operation Wetback” . That program identified, verified, and deported illegals. The polls suggest a vast majority (75%) of Americans want the border sealed. These same Americans are largely unaware of the comprehensive costs illegals place in their lives. These people must be educated and learn that Illegals are law breakers (Illegal immigrant) who add enormous demands to government entitlement programs – increasing their taxes. Reducing illegal demands helps balance the budget, reduce taxes, while simultaneously removing the problem’s source. Illegals are also the source of much crime and other dysgenic behaviors – antithetical to the health of the US Constitution and the civil society.

Those same voters will support another Operation Wetback once they learn the benefits and how illegals negatively impact their lives, communities, taxes, and… importantly - how often illegals negate their votes!!! No one knows the true consequences of illegals voting. This is another question that once answered would enrage voters –against Democrats. An added benefits is taking these steps will reduce the number of Democrat votes substantially.
Ending AA laws would send Democrats into emotional depression, and then a death spiral. With the signature policy that enables Democrats to buy votes gone, it would be Democrats who lose power – for a good long time. A Democrat minority would last long enough to reduce the size and scope of government. Republicans could then re-enforce the US Constitution’s protections for all people – regardless of race; by ending AA laws and every policy of government that discriminates based upon skin color and sex. That outcome was the goal of the civil rights laws. However, it didn’t turn out that way. White males took the place of blacks once AA laws were enacted. Making white males second class citizens was the goal of Democrats and white Americans must be informed who did it, and why they did it. Democrats would lose considerable political power. Society will benefit once white males re-enter the work force in numbers commensurate with their percentage in the general population.

This may be the last chance for Republicans to save their party. If they fail to act, they will become a permanent minority. Republicans need to make a political fist and use it.

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