Friday, May 31, 2013

White Liberal Progressive Males - a Primer

The allegiances of minorities, gays, eco-ideologues, women, and others were bought and paid for by Progressive Democrats.  I can bend my mind around why these groups remain loyal to Democrats. I do not agree with their allegiances; as I know most were taught a different moral standard.  But I can understand their motivations.

White Liberals are a separate matter entirely. White male Liberals are truly insidious. These people are a despicable derivation from masculinity.  They embrace the worst of human behaviors and emotions: greed, envy, jealousy and hate.  Most behave like women trapped in a man's body. They are obsessed with other people who are financially better off than they. They are self-absorbed on a scale seldom that requires a scanning electron microscope to view. These "men" are willing to betray their racial kinsmen and work in locations and places where policies they support render their sex and race a disenfranchised minority - by design.  

They sell their souls and allegiances to support the Democrat Party ambitions - a form of government that purposely targets their race and sex for disenfranchisement. They accept a second class status - due to policies they help create and expand.  They tolerate a second class status, the racial and sexual jabs, for their salary and future retirement package. These are petty and small minded people who view the world through a lens of material possessions and professional status - but the latter attention is owed to the increased wealth the former provides. Life is zero sum to them - money.

If another has, they have less. If another profits more than they, it was gotten illegitimately. If another surpasses them professionally, it's because of sexual or personal preferences beyond their control and beneath their moral standards. These are men who reject practicing, and out-right condemn the very traits that make men - men.  The traditional qualities of a man. 

Those qualities are perhaps best articulated in the Boy Scout's Pledge: "On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty to God and my Country, to obey the Scout law, to help others at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight." 

The Scout law,: I promise to be: Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent. 

The Boy Scouts are an organization that teaches young men to be MEN using a traditional model. Progressives work to destroy the Scouts as they are a threat (and an embarrassment) to white Progressive males. Is it any wonder why white Progressive men refuse to defend the Boy Scouts from being homosexualized?  Are not the items listed in the Scout's pledge  what every decent man aspires to become.  The problem for white Progressive men is the Boy Scouts represent everything they will never be.  Accordingly, they despise and the Scouts and what they teach:

Physically Strong
Bravery, assuming responsibility as the sole protector of his family - without government help.
Provider - taking responsibility to work and earn enough to assure his family lives the best life his work skills can achieve - and - being able to subsist on nature - without government help. 
Morally straight - adopting a difficult and challenging moral standard and doing one's best to achieve it - defying adopted government standards. 
Helpful to others - sharing one's wealth, time and energy to aid the needy - a requirement Liberals loathe and want under government control so they can limit emptying their purses. 
There are other white Liberal males who receive benefits from government. They know they did not earn what they are given.  Morally they know they are not entitled to the "free" money the receive. They convoluted morality to rationalize their stipend and watch the country slide into financial ruin - but refuse to part with or reduce with the stipend they receive.  Simultaneously, they complain about, and demanding others part with their incomes even others like themselves on the dole.  They wail over the ubiquitous "Rich" not paying a fair share. Their motivations are no different than the white government employee. They turn a blind eye to the financial collapse surrounding them; others being taxed and suffering; so long as they continue receiving their stipend. They facing a moral crisis - the conflict between what they were taught about stealing - receiving something not earned - a something stolen from another. No morality prevents their racing to join others like themselves to condemn their nation, family, friends, and fellow citizens to bankruptcy - moral and fiscal, to preserve their incomes and avoid any conflict of conscience by adopting the Progressive's absolution - Caring.

If the white Liberal agrees to care - he joins the congregation - forgiven. Caring absolves every sin. Coveting, sloth, greed, and the many forms of lying Liberals must spout whenever they attempt to justify their actions; including the hatred that drives the other sins, are swept away.

Caring is cost of admission. The Progressive needn't actual contribute financially, or give of their time performing the work required to administer a program - caring suffices. This is why the statistics consistently reveal Conservatives contribute more money and time to help the needy than Progressive Liberals.

Voting for Progressives is another tenet for forgiveness. Voting for a candidate who promises to act against every moral statute the white Liberal male was taught to hold dear - is another way to prove loyalty to the Party. If a white Progressive is paid a handsome salary through a Progressive policy, they are expected to return a portion of that salary to the Party, or pressure their friends and associates to "bundle" campaign contributions.  The use of threats - if a contribution is not forthcoming - is Party policy.  This is another way for the white Progressive male to avoid paying themselves and remaining in the Party's good graces. Despite the Party's promises, the white Liberal's internal conflict remains - they hate themselves. They must abrogate that turmoil.  Hate is means.   

White Progressive hate is all encompassing. They even hate the other groups under the Democrat Big Tent. If those other groups didn't exist, they could get so much more. And, there are other reasons why white Progressives dislike their political associates. In truth, they are little different than their white Conservative brethren in many important ways. The lies spoken to retain employment, and self-promote their personal Progressive agenda - their caring, are mostly falsehoods. They do not befriend minorities or work to find ways to live among other races, or groups with different sexual practices. They retire each night to the safe, subdivision or complex where they live - populated nearly exclusively by white Christians, and find reasons to hate their neighbors who own more than they. Their neighbors find the means to avoid selling their souls for a pay check - another reason to hate them.

The typical white Progressive lives on the brink. They over-consume housing to avoid living next to "Them" - others who are physically and sexually different than themselves. This taps their income to the breaking point. But, the alternative is unthinkable. That alternative is so objectionable white Progressives will risk financial ruin, and live a sub-standard life, to avoid it. This makes the white Progressive angry. They never consider the Party isn't doing enough for them. The successful people who pay taxes and assume personal responsibility and the risks are the focus of their anger. 

In instances where the white Progressive male is unable to live in an exclusively white location, their angst and hate becomes exponential - but they are forbidden from voicing their objections - they risk losing what they do receive. 

Listen to the tone. Listen to the topics spoken by white Progressive Liberals and one can hear the venom/hate. Disagree with them on any topic and the rage will begin to grow. Find another point of disagreement and the volume increases and they begin to hint at negative stereotypes. Point out a third disagreement and the white liberal loses control. The personal attacks begin in earnest. You are accused, called names, and lumped in with the worst of humanity. You are labeled a hater, intolerant, and stupid. Stupid is the most hilarious accusation of white liberalism.

White liberals fancy themselves more intelligent than any Conservative. In truth, it is their only, (and last) self ordained personal asset. The Progressive Party sells this garbage to the membership - if you belong and agree with us you are smart.  To not belong or agree with Progressivism is stupid. Thinking different than us is stupid. It’s an all or nothing conclusion and every Progressive conclusion is, well, stupid. A categorical analysis of the Democrat party reveals a membership that is comprised primarily of stupid people who cannot negotiate life without government assistance. Every member has their hand out. They were driven to the Progressive party because their efforts at negotiating life using their skills and efforts Failed. There are many other reasons why the majority of Progressives are stupid, but those can be found elsewhere in this blog.

White Progressive love to label people who disagree with them, or offer evidence of the failure of Progressive policies and programs - Nazis... KKK Klansmen... Racists. Like every other word out of a Progressive's mouth, these are acts of "Projection". Projection is a psychological term used to define a person who blames and accuses others of possessing the negative traits that most accurately defines the person blaming and making the accusations. What the white Progressive accuses others of - is what they are most guilty of themselves. Progressives adore NAZI-ism. Nazi-ism was a form of government where the state owned/partnered with businesses. This political ideology includes the government controlling the means of production. Enemies of the state had their businesses confiscated. Friends of the State were treated well, so long as they acquiesced to wishes of the State. This form of politics is termed Fascism. Fascist is another favorite label white Progressives like to apply upon their political adversaries. Again - Projection. Fascism is the white Progressive male's preferred form of government/business - particularly the punishing the enemies aspect. White Progressive love seeing anyone better off than themselves punished and hurt - financially... and truth be told - physically. As stated above - their hatred is all consuming.

Doubt what is written here? Challenge a white Progressive to a political discussion. You will eventually hit the hot button and what is written above will unfold before your eyes. They are ethical, sexual, and ethnicity traitors.

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