Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tim Tebow - A Glaring Example of the Hatred Directed Towards White Christian Men

Who is Tim Tebow?  Tim is a former quarterback for the Florida Gators football team.  He won a Heisman Trophy for his play.  He is a consistent winner.  Tim has an unorthodox throwing motion and played a style of football different from the traditional NFL standard.  Tim was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2010.  Tim was relegated to the third string.  How Tim become the starting QB for the Broncos is a remarkable tale.

The Chicago Bears traded QB Kyle Orton for Bronco QB Jay Cutler in 2011.  That year the Broncos were awful.  New QB Orton failed miserably.  He was replaced after an injury by Brady Quinn who fared no better.  When Quinn failed to win a game - the Broncos record was 1-4.  The Broncos, as a team, had quit.  They blindly walked through games with little effort.  They had no confidence they would win another game.  But, eventually, they did win - largely because Tim Tebow found a way. Tim Tebow found a way to lift the Denver Broncos out of a failing season in 2011 and win one playoff game against the Pittsburg Steelers.  The Broncos lost their next playoff game against the Patriots. 

The Steelers were predicted to destroy Denver in the playoff game and reach the Super Bowl that year. Denver beat them. Everyone in Denver was happy.  They admired Tim Tebow.  Tebow mania was rampant.  The news media didn't know what to do. The media really did not like Tebow, but their viewers did - so the media was forced to report on Tebow, reluctantly... mockingly. They mocked Tim but did it in a playful way so they could avoid public backlash. Tebow ignored the media and always replied humbly and respectfully whenever he was interviewed.  Tim is genuine Good Guy.

In 2011, Tim Tebow participated in his first playoff game.  Losing a game in the playoffs by a newby is not uncommon.  Other QBs who lost subsequent playoff games in 2011 includes:  Aaron Rogers - 6 years experience, Alex Smith - 5 years, Drew Brees - 10 years, Matt Schaub - 6 years.  All these players did exactly what Tebow did.  They lost a playoff game.  Two of these QBs had won a Super Bowl.  These players are heralded as Elite quarterbacks.  Another Elite QB, Matt Ryan had lost 3 straight playoff games without winning one. Losing in the playoffs is not uncommon.  Winning games is uncommon. 

Tim Tebow led an over achieving team and won a playoff game against an opponent many predicted to play in the Super Bowl.  Life was good in Denver.  Fans were ecstatic.  Everyone, save one of Denver's management, loved Tim.  That man, John Elway, did not share the enthusiasm.  Oh, John was happy enough after the playoff win.  He celebrated with the team.  He talked about the win positively. But John refused to endorse Tebow as the starting QB.  John did not share the fan's enthusiasm over Tim.  But fans were so happy they ignored John's lack of support.  Why Elway refused to endorse Tim was curious and there are reasons for his reticence.

John is a legend in Denver.  It is very possible he was not thrilled another player might impact his status - the be all and end all of Bronco QBs.  Additionally, Tebow was getting a lot of attention.  The media no longer sought out John Elway. Tebow might, given time and support, replace, or duplicate Elway's legacy.  Elway was not going to permit an unorthodox player supplant him. 

John Elway's plan became clear in 2012.  Denver went out of their way and over-paid to sign Peyton Manning.  IF Elway was to be replaced, John wanted another NFL legend to do that - not an unorthodox winner like Tebow.  Before his signing with Denver, Manning had had several severe neck injuries.  The likelihood he couldn't finish the season was plausible.  The chance Manning could not play another down after a big hit was also real.  None of that mattered to Elway and his jock parasite - Denver owner - Pat Bowling.   Unsurprisingly, Manning won many games in 2012. But Manning was called upon to win when it mattered; during the playoffs - Manning lost the first playoff game!  Manning did not surpass Tebows accomplishments in post-season play.  Manning has a dicey post-season record.  Perhaps, Elway was counting on Manning's inconsistent play to preserve his legacy in Denver.  We will never know. 

What we do know is Tebow eventually signed with the NY Jets in 2012.  NY was another team with losing habits and a questionable QB.  While with NY, Tim was never given a chance to start, or play consistently.  Tim was relegated to situational play.  These "opportunities" destined Tim to failure.  NY merely wanted the public attention (and money) Tebow drew.  The NY head coach did not share the public's Tebow enthusiasm.  The NY Offensive Coordinator did as he was told and used Tebow to make the Jet's starting QB look better.  That too failed.  With the Jet's season failing, and the starting NY QB looking incompetent on the field - Tebow was kept on the bench.  Giving Tim a chance to succeed, could negatively reflect upon the Head Coach Rex Ryan's player assessment skilz - which given the team's performance since his fielding a team with Ryan's hand picked players, is atrocious.   Ryan preferred to lose and suffer the embarassment than let Tim win games - go figure.  To what pressures was Ryan actually responding?  Other players?  A racial motivation? 

Tim is big and strong. He can run between the tackles. He completes enough passes - even though they are not beautiful. Tim has a certain something that enables him to win football games.  He has won football games all of his life. 

Tim also gained notoriety for his Christian beliefs and the way he celebrated after scoring - he knelt and thanked God in the end zone. Thanking God is done by many NFL players - most are black. The way the media treats WHITE player's religious expressions exposes the secular and racial views of the media. The media holds a double standard - how they treat players of different races. The media and NFL management considers black players are not very smart, and kinda backwards. The religious beliefs of black players are specifically anticipated - because black players are... un-smart. Additionally, most black player's mothers never appearedd with their son in an anit-abortion TV commercial and THAT was, and remains, the genesis, and reason for, the media's condemnation of Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow's treatment, based upon his religious beliefs (that includes pro-life) is telling and shows the media's dislike of religion and their racism. 

Additionally, if Tebow were black, the media would harp and complain that Tebow's team was racist - not giving him a chance.  The combination of prejudice and hate eventually left Tim Tebow unemployed.  The goal the media set was accomplished - getting rid of the unorthodox, WHITE, Jesus-Freak, anti-abortion QB.  If you ever wondered how far the media will go to preserve the political policies their favor - you now know.  There are no limits.  Nothing is off limits.  Preserving and expanding the political policies they support trumps all. 

I am not sure if Tebow will ever again play in the NFL.  Perhaps if he chose to play another position - tight end or full back, Tim would be signed - I'm sure of that.  Why he won't is a complicated and personal matter.  I wish Tim would consider these alternatives, and, perhaps,  simultaneously find someone to help him correct his throwing motion; for a chance to compete at QB.  The NFL has lost a wonderful and competent player because he loves God and is white.  Tim's treatment is similar to what happens everyday to other white, Christian men.  They are attacked and prevented from competing.  Progressives are so ideological, they will suffer and make others suffer to achieve their goals.  They will break laws.  They will do harm.  And, because the control the message the public receives - they get away with it.  It is past time White Christian men unite and demand their civil rights are restored and they are given an equal opportunity in all things.  Our nation will continue to spiral into a Coriolis of destruction until we do. 

UPDATE:  Tebow signs with the NE Patriots.  Tim could not have found a better home.  NE will consider Tim on his merits and provide and opportunity to play again.  I pray the coach and owner will find a way to keep Tim in the game.  He is an asset worth keeping. 

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