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Benghazi - More Evidence the Press is the Propaganda Wing of the Democrat Party

This blog was first posted October 16, 2012. 

Since then, more information was released that validates initial suspicions. Obama, the Dept of State, and all the players who develop and execute policy KNEW what transpired before, during and after the attack. A drone sent a live video stream to the Dept of State - who in turn notified the White House. They all knew within hours it was a planned attack. Some officials WATCHED IT HAPPEN!!! 

Why are the survivors sequestered - 7 months after the attack?  Why was this attack first blamed on a video?  Why is the creator of that video still in prison?  What is so troubling Democrats and Obama are willing to look incompetant? 

I contend Ambassador Stevens and the Seals were not protected for specific political reasons. Stevens was privvy to this administration actions in the Middle East and Lybia in particular. Stevens knew the administration had armed Al Qaeda/terrorists. Obama could not risk that information getting out. The Seals, typically, are not Liberal minded. The Seals could have released the info on arming the terrorist at an inappropriate time.

Benghazi was known to be a violent and dangerous place. Despite the dangers, Stevens was ordered to go Benghazi where his life was placed at risk. Why is now axiomatic. Connect the dots yourself. The conclusion was moved to the top of this post.

The following is based upon the White House Insider (WHI) comments - a contributor at Ulsterman Report Oct. 16, 2012....  

Paraphrased: The Cover-Up. WHI posits several troubling points that he will not/cannot close - as they would become conjecture. I will close them for him. The arrows are bright neon and point towards the Obama Administration wanting Ambassador Stevens DEAD and the consulate (records) destroyed.  Obama's State Department sent Stevens to Benghazi days after they received reports an attack was eminent. The weapons at the embassy were removed. The records were not moved. Obama/Clinton refused to provide security to protect Stevens - even after Stevens requested increased security several times. Stevens last comments and behaviors hours before his murder indicate he he knew he was doomed.

WHY would Obama want the consulate destroyed and Stevens dead? What was peculiar about Stevens?  Stevens had intimate information on foreign policy failures is the most plausible reason - he was appointed by Bush. Stevens knew a terror attack was brewing. Stevens repeatedly sounded the alarm. The months leading up to September 11, 2012 were filled with terror attacks near and at the Benghazi consulate.  Some foreign policy people consider attacks against a US consulate Actionable Intelligence. The Obama Administration did not. - Obama's administration did NOTHING to help protect or save Stevens or the consulate.  Obama went to bed after hearing Stevens was in danger.  His administration told those who could help to stand down.

Obama and his people delivered a lie within hours of the event and propogated that lie for weeks afterwards. Even when information and intelligence exposed the lie, the Obama folks refused to drop it. An American citizens sits in jail, his Constitutional rights nullified because the Obama Administration are either stupid beyond words, or, there was something in Lybia they wanted eliminated. WHAT in Lybia was/is so damning

From WHI:

March, 2012: State Department Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom sends a cable to Washington asking for additional diplomatic security agents for Benghazi, later says he received no response. He does so again in July, with the same result.
(NOTE: So who do we believe? The on the ground guy who is risking his life or Barack Obama? Nordstrom has no reason to lie. I’ll say it again. The State Dept. knew. Obama knew. THEY ARE ALL LYING.

• April 6: Two fired Libyan security guards throw an IED (BOMB) over the consulate fence.

• May 22: An Islamist attack on the Red Cross office in Benghazi. A Facebook post that warns “now we are preparing a message for the Americans.” Another Facebook posting a month later highlights Stevens’ daily runs in Tripoli in an apparent threat.
(Terrorists were posting the Ambassador’s daily schedule!)

• June 6: Unknown assailants (TERRORISTS) blow a hole in the Benghazi consulate’s north gate described by a witness as “big enough for 40 men to go through.” Four days later, the British ambassador’s car is ambushed by militants with a rocket-propelled grenade.

• July: The Anti-Islam video “Innocence of Muslims” is posted on You Tube.
(NOTE The several attacks against American personnel prior to this video being released!!!

• Aug. 14: SST team is ordered out of Libya. (SST team = Site Security Team. ) Team leader Lt. Col. Andy Wood has testified that Stevens wanted them to stay on.
(NOTE: Stevens begged them to stay on. Stevens was afraid.)

*** After denying they received security requests - the Obama Administration now claims funds were not available for security - Simulatenously - The Obama admionsitration found the funds to install charging stations for electric cars in Germany ***

• In the weeks before Sept. 11,
Libyan security guards are reportedly warned by family members of an impending attack.

Sept. 8, the Libyan militia tasked with protecting the consulate warns U.S. diplomats that the security situation is “frightening.”

The administration had 48 hours to secure the safety of American personnel. Despite knowing the dangers - the Obama Administrations sends Stevens INTO Benghazi!!! This action was purposeful.

WHI: *** My gut telling me there is something they want buried so deep now they are willing to look like idiots doing it. Better to look like idiots than murderers! ***

• Sept. 10: Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri calls on Libyans to avenge the death of his Libyan deputy, Abu Yahya al Libi, killed in a June drone strike in Pakistan.
(NOTE: Hello??? No actionable intelligence? Really Jay Carney? Really?)

• Sept. 11: Protesters converge on the U.S. embassy in Cairo. The protests spread to 20 countries around the world. That night, Republican candidate Mitt Romney criticizes an embassy statement denouncing the video before the events unfolding in Libya are known to the world." Mitt Romney was RIGHT.

• Sept. 14: Carney says the administration had “no actionable intelligence” about a impending attack.
(Carney's comments are made three days after the Benghazi attack. Why does this administration prefer to perpetuate an obvious lie? They knew the attack was coming within 24 hours. This behavior indicates something very DAMAGING was in Lybia.)
(END of WHI comments.)

WHY - would Obama risk his Presidency and "Legacy"?

WHAT are they trying to conceal?

What explains why Obama ordered Stevens into Benghazi and then refused to provide protection?

Is there a reason in Steven's background?

Stevens served in the Foreign Service at various points in the Middle East -
Stevens served as the Deputy Principal officer and Political Section Chief in Jerusalem; - What did Stevens know about Obama plans for Israel? 
The Most Likely Reason Stevens was ordered to Beghazi...

The Ambassador had intimate access and knowledge of State Dept policy and the White House's preferences and former actions in the Middle East.

The Ambassador's numerous requests for more/enhanced security were ignored - letting terrorists ransack the consulate and murder the staff. Terrorists sodomized the Ambassador - before- or after he died?

Former Lybian President Muhamar Khadafi was eliminated by Obama. Khadafi ruled for 40 years. Ditto Egyptian President: Hasni Mubarak. Obama has completely rearranged the ME power structure - WHY? 

While leading from Behind (Arming and assisting in secret) The Obama Administration lost control.  They believed they could sweet talk terrorists to behave peacefully.  They did not want the public learning of their failures in the ME. Ambassador Stevens presented an extreme risk - they needed him dead.  The Seals who died disobeyed orders to stand down.  The Seals were unfortunate "Collateral Damage". 

Go Here - a former career foreign service person tells all.  

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