Friday, May 31, 2013

White Liberal Progressive Males - a Primer

The allegiances of minorities, gays, eco-ideologues, women, and others were bought and paid for by Progressive Democrats.  I can bend my mind around why these groups remain loyal to Democrats. I do not agree with their allegiances; as I know most were taught a different moral standard.  But I can understand their motivations.

White Liberals are a separate matter entirely. White male Liberals are truly insidious. These people are a despicable derivation from masculinity.  They embrace the worst of human behaviors and emotions: greed, envy, jealousy and hate.  Most behave like women trapped in a man's body. They are obsessed with other people who are financially better off than they. They are self-absorbed on a scale seldom that requires a scanning electron microscope to view. These "men" are willing to betray their racial kinsmen and work in locations and places where policies they support render their sex and race a disenfranchised minority - by design.  

They sell their souls and allegiances to support the Democrat Party ambitions - a form of government that purposely targets their race and sex for disenfranchisement. They accept a second class status - due to policies they help create and expand.  They tolerate a second class status, the racial and sexual jabs, for their salary and future retirement package. These are petty and small minded people who view the world through a lens of material possessions and professional status - but the latter attention is owed to the increased wealth the former provides. Life is zero sum to them - money.

If another has, they have less. If another profits more than they, it was gotten illegitimately. If another surpasses them professionally, it's because of sexual or personal preferences beyond their control and beneath their moral standards. These are men who reject practicing, and out-right condemn the very traits that make men - men.  The traditional qualities of a man. 

Those qualities are perhaps best articulated in the Boy Scout's Pledge: "On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty to God and my Country, to obey the Scout law, to help others at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight." 

The Scout law,: I promise to be: Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent. 

The Boy Scouts are an organization that teaches young men to be MEN using a traditional model. Progressives work to destroy the Scouts as they are a threat (and an embarrassment) to white Progressive males. Is it any wonder why white Progressive men refuse to defend the Boy Scouts from being homosexualized?  Are not the items listed in the Scout's pledge  what every decent man aspires to become.  The problem for white Progressive men is the Boy Scouts represent everything they will never be.  Accordingly, they despise and the Scouts and what they teach:

Physically Strong
Bravery, assuming responsibility as the sole protector of his family - without government help.
Provider - taking responsibility to work and earn enough to assure his family lives the best life his work skills can achieve - and - being able to subsist on nature - without government help. 
Morally straight - adopting a difficult and challenging moral standard and doing one's best to achieve it - defying adopted government standards. 
Helpful to others - sharing one's wealth, time and energy to aid the needy - a requirement Liberals loathe and want under government control so they can limit emptying their purses. 
There are other white Liberal males who receive benefits from government. They know they did not earn what they are given.  Morally they know they are not entitled to the "free" money the receive. They convoluted morality to rationalize their stipend and watch the country slide into financial ruin - but refuse to part with or reduce with the stipend they receive.  Simultaneously, they complain about, and demanding others part with their incomes even others like themselves on the dole.  They wail over the ubiquitous "Rich" not paying a fair share. Their motivations are no different than the white government employee. They turn a blind eye to the financial collapse surrounding them; others being taxed and suffering; so long as they continue receiving their stipend. They facing a moral crisis - the conflict between what they were taught about stealing - receiving something not earned - a something stolen from another. No morality prevents their racing to join others like themselves to condemn their nation, family, friends, and fellow citizens to bankruptcy - moral and fiscal, to preserve their incomes and avoid any conflict of conscience by adopting the Progressive's absolution - Caring.

If the white Liberal agrees to care - he joins the congregation - forgiven. Caring absolves every sin. Coveting, sloth, greed, and the many forms of lying Liberals must spout whenever they attempt to justify their actions; including the hatred that drives the other sins, are swept away.

Caring is cost of admission. The Progressive needn't actual contribute financially, or give of their time performing the work required to administer a program - caring suffices. This is why the statistics consistently reveal Conservatives contribute more money and time to help the needy than Progressive Liberals.

Voting for Progressives is another tenet for forgiveness. Voting for a candidate who promises to act against every moral statute the white Liberal male was taught to hold dear - is another way to prove loyalty to the Party. If a white Progressive is paid a handsome salary through a Progressive policy, they are expected to return a portion of that salary to the Party, or pressure their friends and associates to "bundle" campaign contributions.  The use of threats - if a contribution is not forthcoming - is Party policy.  This is another way for the white Progressive male to avoid paying themselves and remaining in the Party's good graces. Despite the Party's promises, the white Liberal's internal conflict remains - they hate themselves. They must abrogate that turmoil.  Hate is means.   

White Progressive hate is all encompassing. They even hate the other groups under the Democrat Big Tent. If those other groups didn't exist, they could get so much more. And, there are other reasons why white Progressives dislike their political associates. In truth, they are little different than their white Conservative brethren in many important ways. The lies spoken to retain employment, and self-promote their personal Progressive agenda - their caring, are mostly falsehoods. They do not befriend minorities or work to find ways to live among other races, or groups with different sexual practices. They retire each night to the safe, subdivision or complex where they live - populated nearly exclusively by white Christians, and find reasons to hate their neighbors who own more than they. Their neighbors find the means to avoid selling their souls for a pay check - another reason to hate them.

The typical white Progressive lives on the brink. They over-consume housing to avoid living next to "Them" - others who are physically and sexually different than themselves. This taps their income to the breaking point. But, the alternative is unthinkable. That alternative is so objectionable white Progressives will risk financial ruin, and live a sub-standard life, to avoid it. This makes the white Progressive angry. They never consider the Party isn't doing enough for them. The successful people who pay taxes and assume personal responsibility and the risks are the focus of their anger. 

In instances where the white Progressive male is unable to live in an exclusively white location, their angst and hate becomes exponential - but they are forbidden from voicing their objections - they risk losing what they do receive. 

Listen to the tone. Listen to the topics spoken by white Progressive Liberals and one can hear the venom/hate. Disagree with them on any topic and the rage will begin to grow. Find another point of disagreement and the volume increases and they begin to hint at negative stereotypes. Point out a third disagreement and the white liberal loses control. The personal attacks begin in earnest. You are accused, called names, and lumped in with the worst of humanity. You are labeled a hater, intolerant, and stupid. Stupid is the most hilarious accusation of white liberalism.

White liberals fancy themselves more intelligent than any Conservative. In truth, it is their only, (and last) self ordained personal asset. The Progressive Party sells this garbage to the membership - if you belong and agree with us you are smart.  To not belong or agree with Progressivism is stupid. Thinking different than us is stupid. It’s an all or nothing conclusion and every Progressive conclusion is, well, stupid. A categorical analysis of the Democrat party reveals a membership that is comprised primarily of stupid people who cannot negotiate life without government assistance. Every member has their hand out. They were driven to the Progressive party because their efforts at negotiating life using their skills and efforts Failed. There are many other reasons why the majority of Progressives are stupid, but those can be found elsewhere in this blog.

White Progressive love to label people who disagree with them, or offer evidence of the failure of Progressive policies and programs - Nazis... KKK Klansmen... Racists. Like every other word out of a Progressive's mouth, these are acts of "Projection". Projection is a psychological term used to define a person who blames and accuses others of possessing the negative traits that most accurately defines the person blaming and making the accusations. What the white Progressive accuses others of - is what they are most guilty of themselves. Progressives adore NAZI-ism. Nazi-ism was a form of government where the state owned/partnered with businesses. This political ideology includes the government controlling the means of production. Enemies of the state had their businesses confiscated. Friends of the State were treated well, so long as they acquiesced to wishes of the State. This form of politics is termed Fascism. Fascist is another favorite label white Progressives like to apply upon their political adversaries. Again - Projection. Fascism is the white Progressive male's preferred form of government/business - particularly the punishing the enemies aspect. White Progressive love seeing anyone better off than themselves punished and hurt - financially... and truth be told - physically. As stated above - their hatred is all consuming.

Doubt what is written here? Challenge a white Progressive to a political discussion. You will eventually hit the hot button and what is written above will unfold before your eyes. They are ethical, sexual, and ethnicity traitors.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gods, Goverment - Science & Secular Humanism

I hold unconventional beliefs about God(s).  I reject the conclusions taken by the Council of Nicea - 325 AD.  The standard Christian scriptures were codified and endorsed by the Council who sought to achieve uniformity in Christianity.  They also sought to empower the church leadership – a conflict of interest and detrimental to what the scriptures suggest.  I believe in a hierarchy of Gods. 

Atheists and agnostics assert The Gods, plural, collectively, are colloquial relics from a time when man was less enlightened, and more fear-filled than today. Academics and science (Progressives) generically aver God is the panacea, the one-size fits all solution set for every circumstance occurring in in the lives of individuals who, for a lack of instruction and disbelief of other tangible evidence, wish to deflect responsibility in explaining life’s mysteries, conflicts, and disappointments. God could be quaint and colloquial idiom - were it not for the religious zeal displayed by religious adherent. That zeal always over runs its bounds and colors outside the lines. The zeal leaves a foul taste in the mouths of the Progressive elite - who claim a superior education and experience in conducting life.  That experience, at least, provides a temporal source to explain the confounding and troubling aspects of life and the inequalities therein.
God’s commandments are fine to control the behaviors and thinking of primitive men who acted more intuitively and needed a firm hand. Progressives contend commandments, like God, are largely unneeded (and unwanted). Commandments are additionally troubling because they do not square with the politically correct rubric favored by the Progressive - secular humanism and moral relativism. Commandments are antithetical to Progressive goals and behaviors. Progressives claim commandments are onerous and insensitive.  Many forbid behaviors that are sanctioned and celebrated; part and parcel to the many life options in the modern, enlightened age. God’s commandments and his language are clear, succinct, and unyielding - anti-secular by definition. Progressives view God as an unenlightened relic who refuses to change to meet the evolving needs of man – and someone who refuses to provide proof of his existence.

God, being God, the creator/designer/COO/engineer of this universe, knows of what he speaks. He designed the construct of life and in that design there is an intimate relationship between behaviors and accruing life’s maximum value – the advantages life upon earth offers man. Man’s eternal progression – the subsequent states of life - where man may avail himself to vast experience and the increased knowledge that experience contains, is the growth matrix that leads man towards a more perfected state. God made this perfected/eternal state and he encourages man to work at obtaining it. God also requires faith from man. What is Faith?  Faith is Hoping unseen truths exist. Recognizing a truth and believing in the existence and applying that truth is what faith requires. God purposely framed himself as an unseen truth – to test man’s faith.

God’s design is based upon that eternal state – it is his reality and very different than the environment where man resides in his earthly state.  God’s environment is “perfected”. It is isolated from the physical reality(s) of our universe - all that our senses can detect. The requirements of life for a God must be radically different from man’s life requirements. We know that man must undergo a physical transformation to endure God’s presence. Very few men have experienced God, face to face, in this earthly existence. Man must return to his original state of matter afterwards – otherwise man could retain the increased powers and abilities that reside in God’s perfected state. This is important when considering God and his intervention in man's existence. If God does intervene he must so do with care and "indirectly" - so to not set off a series of events that requires containment and rearrangment of matter from God's state to man's state. Sodom and Gomorrah are evidence of God's direct intervention. There are others and wholesale destruction is the end result. Matter, anti matter, or God only knows what other form of matter; when united creates an intense reaction. This reaction is not dissimilar to debates about God. If nothing else, believers know God leaves an impression in all he does.

Progressives and secular Science began with the intention of accruing information. They continue that pursuit. That is what science does. The gathered data/information is analyzed then accepted, or rejected, or studied further. Studying further is a central obligation of science that recently became unpopular.  The data/ information is the basis scientists use to frame their study methods and speculate upon a variety of unknowns. Science becomes satisfied with some areas of study when they encounter the same outcomes each time the a question/target is viewed, or, experiments used to verify the question returns the same result. Science then terms these findings facts and laws. When technology enables science to investigate more closely or more broadly they MAY revisit the facts and laws to reaffirm the original findings.

Quantum physics/mechanics are the study of the smallest objects of matter - sub atomic matter. Quantum scientists discovered early on, that sub atomic matter behaved in ways contradictory to the accepted laws of classic physics. In other words… all matter and all life forms that arise from the various assemblies and arrangement of sub atomic matter – from the simplest molecules to the complexities of the human body – obey forces of nature differently than do subatomic particles. Within the atom - the rules of physics and behavior of matter are uncertain as explained in the Uncertainty Principle.  An electron's location and behavior are inconsistent and cannot be relied upon. Or… the Schrodinger Cat Paradox that arose from the Uncertainty Principle.  Depending upon when you open the box to view the cat - the cat will be alive - or dead. The basic state of matter and the: definitions, laws, and rules developed over centuries to study matter, and, the behavior of matter that science adopted and uses to apply a uniform and generic utility to their methods of investigation, - how science analyzes that datum, began with Isaac Newton.  He recorded the first laws of physics. Most of Newton’s laws do not obtain in the subatomic universe.  Classic Laws of physics encounter an alien universe in the quantum realm.

What man's senses reveal to him, and the environment where he applies his labors to accrue and discover information - utilizing the dependable laws proofed over centuries, is a separate, and distinctly different reality, than the environment and behaviors man finds at the subatomic level. For example - electrons and photons – matter that exists in two different states but remain the same piece of matter.  That piece of matter can additionally exist in two places at once! Subatomic matter also appears sentient. The phenomena of non-locality suggests this assertion is true.

All that we know of matter from our senses, and the complex machines we’ve developed to measure and analyze that matter, machines and equations that permit man to investigate past the limitations of his senses, provides man information that is often antithetical and non-sequitarian to behaviors and phenomena revealed by quantum investigation. When standard information is considered and factored in the mathematics used to analyze the world of quantum physics, bizarre outcomes and predictions materialize. Bizarre in the sense that the outcomes and predictions mathematics suggests are incongruent with known/classic physics.  Mathematics is the language of quantum physics. It is one of the few tools at man's disposal to analyze what exists, is found, and to predict behaviors and outcomes. Sub atomic matter is very,very small. Some particles are so small we lack the machines, and therefore the ability, to detect and analyze them. Math somewhat fills that void.

Consider: The outcomes/data found when scientists collide various subatomic particles, is the preferred experiment used to form theories and hypothesize the purpose of new sub-atomic particles. The “Higgs Boson” – a theoretical particle – if found, will substantiate the existence of 11 dimensions. The new linear accelerator at CERN is seeking and some believe have discovered the Higgs Boson.

This quantum aside is included to provide Progressives, agnostics, and atheists plausible evidence that several domains exist where a God may reside and conduct his business and remain oblivious to man. The quantum domain intersects with the physical reality we do know. Quantum defines our very lives.  It is the most basic state we currently comprehend. The quantum intersections provided by multiple dimensions permits God an entry point to influence the reality and the environment surrounding man, and remain undetected. There are others. Recent study has revealed other information that suggests an inter-relationship between all life forms at the cellular level. This relationship provides a God another means to impact life across the known life spectrum.

The theory of Intelligent design (ID) benefits from this newly discovered information. ID is a point of controversy. Conventional scientists and the Progressive elites who define the playing field of science and select the winners and losers within that community; loathe ID. They are opposed to acknowledge ID relationships and a multidimensional reality provide a God the means to influence our world, our universe. Why? Because they hold a vested interest in a God-less universe.

The God-less universe functions with Progressives/Science at the apex of information and solutions.  This places Progressives/Science in God’s stead. Today’s scientists come from a lineage of people who were bent upon discrediting God and religion to assume God's role. Returning God to the apex of information and solutions requires science to play a lesser role – relegating science to acting as the mechanism that merely interprets God’s design and methods.  That is not their preferred station. The egos and greed of science work against that outcome. Controlling information also controls access to wealth and well being – Ex: Global Warming. Science may be discredited further, past the current information discovered that discredits global warming, but science will not voluntarily relinquish their hold upon power. Nor will God accede to science’s demand that he reveal himself.

God provided science the means to substantiate his existence. Post Darwin  scientists who hold power and influence choose to ignore God’s information, due largely to an institutionalized; ego and greed driven, construct that presumes no God exists. Science will not defer to God any time soon. The operational framework of science, and other cultural influences that grew out of science’s assertions, sit upon a bedrock of theories and assumptions that are ingrained and promulgated as fact. These presumptions and "facts" are interwoven into our daily lives and part of our academic instruction.

Religion stands alone as the guardian of God’s domain, but many religions do it poorly. This failure is caused by the same; desires, egos, and greed. When man assumes the mantel of God, he is poorly equipped to so do. The altruistic, humble, posture that once defined and controlled the behaviors of science and religion are sadly outdated and unpopular.

Religion nearly exclusively relies upon scripture to define their operating environment. Religion is inflexible to embrace the information science provides it and so the conflict between science and religion is set. The conflict is purposely degenerated by both sides to the lowest common denominator – needlessly. So long as both sides seek to exert absolute authority over man, for their own advantage, neither side will cede an inch to the other, or work to combine their efforts for the benefit of mankind - or God.

"God does nothing to bolster the faith of man" – so say the enlightened. Self styled “rational” thinkers embrace what they consider a reasonable expectation: God would show man something; evidence in some form or fashion, that he does exists – if he did exist. If God is omnipotent and omniscient, what has he to fear from man? Man holds no threat to God. God’s reluctance and silence is interpreted as evidence he does not exist. When bridled with a desire to remove and replace commandments and the rigid influence commandments place upon their behaviors; God becomes a nuisance.

The commandments of God were useful - once upon a time; when mankind lacked wisdom and his behaviors were driven largely by instinct. The laws and facts used by science were not yet formed or implemented. The first forms of governance were initiated within churches - seeking to enforce God’s laws among the membership. Inexplicably, they then interpreted scriptures for their own purposes.  They went beyond the original intent in their zeal to control the behaviors and outcomes of their fellow men and thereby create authority and income opportunities for themselves and their cohorts. Governments have a natural course and that includes expanding their authority until they become tyrannical. This course also follows a wealth and comfort cycle that uses freedom as a factor.

Freedom = free agency – the natural right of man, to think and choose and behave as he will, is an enemy of government. Governments fears free agency - its undependable and subject to the whims of the individual. Governments prefer uniformity and predictable outcomes. Governments scribes laws to inhibit and restrict free agency - laws with severe punishments to pressure man into behaving as the government wishes. Unlike God, most governments offer no reward for compliance. Jail, fines, loss of liberty and property are the most common punishments applied to obtain compliance. Punishment and the threats of impeding conflict, loss of property, and violence are a few of the devices government applies to expand its authority to confiscate freedoms incrementally.  The Internal Revenue uproar is evidence of this practice.

Individual freedoms may appear insignificant. When the citizen confronts the loss or modification of a single freedom, they are not typically anxious or concerned; particularly when the motivation behind modification is sold servicing some higher, greater good – the children, the environment, an obligation to a racial subset – compensation for past injustice, or other flim-flam. The citizen basking in his comfort and wealth is less enthusiastic or willing to risk; or work to protect his freedoms. Protecting freedom requires eternal vigilance, but the typical citizen views his comforts and sloth in a higher regard - another outcome of a God-less society. Sloth and wealth renders the citizen risk averse. As the power and scope of government expands, the citizen becomes apathetic. He is less inclined to perform the labors required to fight the loss of freedom and unwilling to risk what he owns to fight back. The loss of a small freedom is considered a comfort cost. The citizen fails to comprehend that freedoms are interconnected and the loss of one freedom will affect the others. The value of a specific freedom appears less important when the citizen does not avail himself to use it. Take Guns for example – many citizens trust the government entirely for their protection. When a citizen has no experience with a gun, and has avoided a circumstance where a gun would be his last line of defense – like living in a wealthy neighborhood – he sees no usefulness in the freedom; and further, he fears if others have access to guns, they may misuse the gun against him or others. They know guns can kill. Losing the gun freedom then seems to service the citizen’s comfort and theoretically increases his safety – a fatal miscalculation.

Those who populate government are acutely aware of the wants and needs of their citizens. Governments use this knowledge to advance laws that restrict freedoms – making the citizenry less powerful - and in those actions seek to perpetuate their popularity among those who rely upon government for their every need - thus they remain in office. There is a correlate between wealth and comfort and the citizens’ involvement with his government. The greater the wealth and comfort – the less involved the citizen. The less wealthy and less comfortable citizen (who does not rely upon government to fill his needs) is more vigilant – protecting his poverty motivates him to resist government confiscation of the little property he owns. The wealthy citizen is more concerned with his sloth, since he views his wealth as adequate to satisfy his wants and needs and the claims government places upon his purse. History shows that when a citizen is progeny of the wealthy, he will enter the world with fewer freedoms = the means to resist the government onslaught. Tyranny comes once freedoms are reduced to a collection that reflexively empowers government. When the interconnectivity of freedoms are cut, the usefulness of many freedoms become moot. The downward slide of freedom becomes unstoppable. Once the demands and claims of government exceed the ability of the citizen to resist because his duties are spread across a broad spectrum of responsibilities that government purposely designed to neuter his effectiveness – all is lost. When the livelihood of the least mentally fit citizen is tied to government, that segment of the population will express their support for government and vote themselves a pay raise; regardless. Freedom, in the mind of the mentally unfit, is the next government paycheck. Once a citizen owes his livelihood to a government, the government becomes an extension of his property. He will therefore stand to applaud when the government takes his last liberty – so long as the promise of continued support is made.

This last sentence is the state of the nation today. Interests of every kind are bred and raised to suckle at the next planned government teat that are conceived to service some mythical greater good – but in truth they function for another reason – to limit and eliminate freedoms. Overtime generations are raised in servitude to the state. They are indoctrinated from birth to accept less from life, and to rely upon government and be satisfied with whatever level of service the government deigns to provide. A collective mindset is the objective of the state. Free agency is a concept that threatens the state more than any other. That is why the state works tirelessly to restrict public expression of religion.  The presence of religion, the moral prerogatives of religion, acknowledgement and respect for religious principles, and celebrations of religious events are antithetical to the state’s mission. Man cannot serve two masters. If God is the master, the citizen answers to God and resists government – knowing his eternal salvation rests in God’s dominion. The citizen fears death less, or the threatening and coercive acts of government. The citizen will act in accordance with God’s commandments. That is why the state seeks to mock God – to render the concept of God negatively. The process adopted to accomplish this ambition is to ridicule God and religion as figments in the minds of the weak, the uneducated, the insipid dullard - implying only idiots worship God. Progressives claim the free exercise of religion and religious celebrations offends other citizens – therefore all celebration and acknowledgement of religion/God must be denied public access and suppressed under cover of intolerance and the Mythical “Wall of Separation” - an inaccurate interpretation on the first amendment to the US Constitution that is purposely designed and misused to restrict the Free Exercise of religion.
Unless and until…



Friday, May 10, 2013

Ambassador Stevens was Murdered in Benghazi


The months leading up to the September 11, 2012 included many other terror attacks at the US consolate in Benghazi, Lybia. The actions taken by the Obama administration prepared Benghazi for an attack. They removed security and denied pleas for more security in Benghazi. The consolate and everyone there were siting ducks. Nothing like this is done without a reason.

The US media is complicit in covering up the true reason for the deaths of four Americans, and the injuries to a score of other State Department employees stationed in Benghazi. The media reported Obama's and Hillary Clinton's lie - a video was causal in what the Obama administration termed a "demonstration" repeatedly - and for days after event. The media never questioned the causal element of the Benghazi attack; or the explanation given. They allowed Obama's underling Susan Rice access to all the Sunday political shows - to repeat a lie. Additionally, the media lied during the Presidential debate to provide Obama credibility - claiming Obama had said the Benghazi incident was an attack from day one - damaging Romney's campaign.

Through their direct actions, inactions, and refusals to act, the State Department and the Obama Administration condemned Ambassador Stevens, two Navy Seals, and another consolate employee to death. Military support was available to help them - the military were ordered to stand down - TWICE! The US media helped both Obama and Clinton avoid scrutiny and hide the real reasons for the consolate deaths - a lack of security, a planned Al Qaeda act of terror, and a refusal to send help.

Some facts are certain. The Benghazi consolate was unsafe. The attack on 9/11/2012 was not unusual nor should it have been unexpected. Benghazi was under assault for months. Then, Ambassador Stevens was ORDERED into Benghazi at a time when an attack was most likely to happen - September 11, 2012 - the anniversay date of the attack on New York City and the Pentagon. This action is also purposeful.

What did Ambassador Stevens know? What was so potentially damaging to Obama's re-election chances, Stevens was ordered into Benghazi - a location purposely made unsafe, on a date when a attack was most likely to occur?

March 2012: State Department Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom sends a cable to Washington asking for additional security agents for Benghazi. He later says he received no response. He again requests security in July, with no response.

April 6: Two fired Libyan security guards throw an IED (BOMB) over the consulate fence.

May 22: An Islamist attack on the Red Cross office in Benghazi.
A Facebook post that warns “now we are preparing a message for the Americans.”
Another Facebook posting a month later highlights Stevens’ daily runs in Tripoli in an apparent threat. Terrorists were posting the Ambassador’s daily schedule!

June 6: Unknown assailants (TERRORISTS) blow a hole in the consulate’s north gate described by a witness as “big enough for 40 men to go through.”

June 10: The British ambassador’s car is ambushed by militants with a rocket-propelled grenade.

July: The Anti-Islam video “Innocence of Muslims” blamed for the attack - First posted on You Tube.
What explanation was given for the attacks before the video's release?

August 14: SST team leaves Libya. (SST team = Site Security Team. ) Team leader Lt. Col. Andy Wood testified that Stevens begged SST to stay on.

In the days before Sept. 11, 2012:

Libyan security guards are reportedly warned by family members of an impending attack. The Libyan militia tasked with protecting the consulate warns U.S. diplomats that the security situation is “frightening.”

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri calls on Libyans to avenge the death of his Libyan deputy, Abu Yahya al Libi, killed in a June drone strike in Pakistan.

September 11, 2012: Protesters converge on the U.S. embassy in Cairo. The protests spread to 20 countries around the world.

WHY would the Obama administration order Ambassador Stevens into Benghazi knowing it had reduced security there, denied requests for additional security, and knew Benghazi was increasingly under siege?

The administration's actions prepared Benghazi to be attacked. Terrorists in Lybia watched the with drawl of security forces and planned their actions accordingly.

WHY - would Stevens agree to go to Benghazi? Did he try to avoid the order? Was Stevens forced to go? I want to know what Stevens wrote to his wife, friends, and others, in the hours before he landed in Benghazi and while he was there. Those communications may hold the answer.

September 14: Carney says the administration had “no actionable intelligence” about a pending attack.  (Carney's comments are made three days after the Benghazi attack.)

WHY - was the consulate stripped of any document immediately after the attack? Hillary Clinton's State Department, the FBI, and the Obama administration managed to get operatives into Benghazi to remove incriminating information, but not to protect Stevens and the Seals - who disobeyed orders in an attempt to save Steven's life. 

What Steven's knew was so damaging to Obama it cost him his life. That Obama and Clinton were willing to sacrifice Stevens and others is strong evidence supporting the assertions made here. If the reason Obama sent Stevens into Benghazi was to save his re-election chances - this man s capable of anything. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Spirits and their Purposes

The Bible and other scriptures provides a chronological history of man-kind's essence - their spiritual beings. Some is written describing the role spirits played before receiving a body. There was a war in heaven - after God heard the plans of salvation from Lucifer and Christ. 1/3 of the hosts of heaven chose Lucifer. Lucifer planned to guarantee man obeyed God - denying free-agency. Apparently, free agency is very important - important enough that God risked losing many souls. Our spirits are endowed with free agency and the plan of salvation requires overt acts of obedience by the power of will using that free agency. Freedom was instrumental in heaven and that is at least in part why the founders considered it vital to incorporate within the founding documents. How we use our freedoms defines our futures - on earth and in heaven. The very first acts of free agency had casualties.

Before we became spirits, we were intelligences. What the differences are between a spirit and an intelligence is important. It may mean a voluntary recession. It may mean spirits are composed of elemental matter - and intelligences are not. Since every other aspect of salvation is a progression - built upon prior experiences and expanding requirements, we can presume the intelligence was not as advanced as a spirit. We were rewarded with our spiritual essence for choosing Christ in the pre-existence. Those who chose Lucifer did not receive a spirit or a physical body. What God plans for them is unclear.

We should know Lucifer was a beautiful spirit and God's favored - his first born. We learn even in the best circumstances failure is possible. Had Lucifer not made demands of God, our path of salvation could be very different. But Lucifer was vain and proud - unwilling to accept Christs' plan and God's choice. For that Lucifer was damned. Be very careful what you opt for and temper your declarations. Think! Be humble. Lose your pride. Always be willing to listen and learn.

Our spirits are eternal, our bodies are not. Our bodies must be translated - made more perfect to obtain an eternal state - or to stand in God's presence. God's presence is an eternal state. God commands that realm. We must be fit to reside with God in order to receive that blessing. Blessings are available to man/spirits. Spirits benefit from blessings. Blessings flow from obedience to specific commandments. Doctrine and Covenants section 130 details this process. In my estimation no other group of scriptures provide as simple, straight forward, advice - and clarification.

18 Whatever principle of aintelligence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us in the bresurrection.

19 And if a person gains more aknowledge and intelligence in this life through his bdiligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the cadvantage in the world to come.

20 There is a alaw, irrevocably decreed in bheaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all cblessings are predicated—

21 And when we obtain any ablessing from God, it is by bobedience to that law upon which it is predicated.

The above is my favorite scripture. When I floundered in a state of disbelief - this scripture remained with me. It was tangible and it made sense. My Dad - the perfected being who created me, loved me, would not deprive me a road map to salvation and his good graces. Want or need a blessing - Obey the commandments. This blessing formula is irrevocable - it cannot be changed! It is God's bond with his children. Even the worst of us can obey one or two commandments which entitles us to blessings. The most important aspect of this life and the after life are revealed here too. We are to LEARN - continually. The only element of this life we keep is our knowledge - our experiences and the ability to use those experiences. They rise with us at Resurrection. If we gain an advantage from diligence and study - so be it. It must please God much. Why else would he permit that? He wiped all our recollections and our knowledge from our spiritual existence - or so it seems. Perhaps some are smarter in this life due to spiritual diligence. That option cannot be discounted. If that is true, it explains that the totality of our existence is expressed in our intellect. Intellect is what separates God from man. If man wishes to emulate God, he must learn to become like God. God's commandments provides us the road map.

22 The aFather has a bbody of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s; the Son also; but the Holy Ghost has not a body of flesh and bones, but is a personage of cSpirit. Were it not so, the Holy Ghost could not ddwell in us.

23 A man may receive the aHoly Ghost, and it may descend upon him and not btarry with him.

This scripture provides us information on God's, Christ's and the Holy Spirit's physical compositions. "flesh and bones as tangible as man's..." God's body contains matter similar to our own. However, it is different - it is perfected. That difference is written of in numerous scriptures. The difference is so severe, all the prophets who saw God were changed physically to endure God's perfected state. What happened? Were the prophets protected? Were their bodies permanently altered? No one knows save those who sat with God. That meeting must not have been permanent - otherwise, the prophets would act like God at their will. "Most" did not. Most returned to being their former selves after the experience. Eternal life requires an ability to move faster than light speed - at least that is what we now know from science. God's state is a necessary one. God cannot fulfill his duties without that ability. Christ too. This also enables God to be in two or more places at once. In fact, science suggests all the abilities of the subatomic world/quantum are available to God - and - to us if we follow the commandments and learn. These are God's gifts and promises to us. We can become like God.

Angels and the Holy Spirit are alike in their physical forms. They too are eternal - but lack a physical body - a body type with which we are familiar. Angels can impact matter - this we know from scriptures. Angels can also act in ways the quantum universe allows. That they have no body is significant and must be purposeful. Angels fill a unique role for God and us. Angels are God's emissaries. But, man cannot feel an angel's form with our body, nor can we "see" angels unless we are changed in some way. This too is explained in the quantum realm we know and suspect. Control over the quantum realm is one of God's superb abilities. Imagine if those studying science deferred to God in their studies - what a wonderful revelation they could deliver for the benefit of man and God. Sadly, most do not believe in God. There once were many very religious men of science - Isaac Newton, Jimmy Maxwell, Albert Einstein, Fred Hoyle and others had no trouble loving God and their science.

To view the universe and all of its actions, numbers, and the balance therein - to choose to render it from happenstance - an evolutionary quirk - defies logic itself and appears to me a gratuitous attempt to establish command over a infinitely complex set of objects to benefit the observer - solely. Recognizing a God of infinite magnitude created and controls that universe, places any man who has studied it in a compromised situation - where he must stand in awe of God. Removing God from that matrix, enables the observer to flatter themselves and avoid the natural state of fear that ensues whenever one sees power in an absolute/perfected state.

Newton, In Principia stated, "The most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being."

Einstein in arguing classic physics vs quantum stated: God does not roll dice.

Hoyle - paraphrased: ...common sense interpretation of the (known scientific) facts suggest that a super intellect directly influenced physics, chemistry and biology. There are no blind forces in nature. The numbers one calculates from the (same set of) facts seems so overwhelming it puts this conclusion beyond question...

Our spirits are essential parts of God's universe and plan. We are required components that stand to benefit God, and ourselves, simultaneously - if we love God by keeping his commandments. Despite the consequences, we are free to believe in, or reject God. We must stand prepared for the outcomes of our decisions, and God's based upon the choices we make.



Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Benghazi - More Evidence the Press is the Propaganda Wing of the Democrat Party

This blog was first posted October 16, 2012. 

Since then, more information was released that validates initial suspicions. Obama, the Dept of State, and all the players who develop and execute policy KNEW what transpired before, during and after the attack. A drone sent a live video stream to the Dept of State - who in turn notified the White House. They all knew within hours it was a planned attack. Some officials WATCHED IT HAPPEN!!! 

Why are the survivors sequestered - 7 months after the attack?  Why was this attack first blamed on a video?  Why is the creator of that video still in prison?  What is so troubling Democrats and Obama are willing to look incompetant? 

I contend Ambassador Stevens and the Seals were not protected for specific political reasons. Stevens was privvy to this administration actions in the Middle East and Lybia in particular. Stevens knew the administration had armed Al Qaeda/terrorists. Obama could not risk that information getting out. The Seals, typically, are not Liberal minded. The Seals could have released the info on arming the terrorist at an inappropriate time.

Benghazi was known to be a violent and dangerous place. Despite the dangers, Stevens was ordered to go Benghazi where his life was placed at risk. Why is now axiomatic. Connect the dots yourself. The conclusion was moved to the top of this post.

The following is based upon the White House Insider (WHI) comments - a contributor at Ulsterman Report Oct. 16, 2012....  

Paraphrased: The Cover-Up. WHI posits several troubling points that he will not/cannot close - as they would become conjecture. I will close them for him. The arrows are bright neon and point towards the Obama Administration wanting Ambassador Stevens DEAD and the consulate (records) destroyed.  Obama's State Department sent Stevens to Benghazi days after they received reports an attack was eminent. The weapons at the embassy were removed. The records were not moved. Obama/Clinton refused to provide security to protect Stevens - even after Stevens requested increased security several times. Stevens last comments and behaviors hours before his murder indicate he he knew he was doomed.

WHY would Obama want the consulate destroyed and Stevens dead? What was peculiar about Stevens?  Stevens had intimate information on foreign policy failures is the most plausible reason - he was appointed by Bush. Stevens knew a terror attack was brewing. Stevens repeatedly sounded the alarm. The months leading up to September 11, 2012 were filled with terror attacks near and at the Benghazi consulate.  Some foreign policy people consider attacks against a US consulate Actionable Intelligence. The Obama Administration did not. - Obama's administration did NOTHING to help protect or save Stevens or the consulate.  Obama went to bed after hearing Stevens was in danger.  His administration told those who could help to stand down.

Obama and his people delivered a lie within hours of the event and propogated that lie for weeks afterwards. Even when information and intelligence exposed the lie, the Obama folks refused to drop it. An American citizens sits in jail, his Constitutional rights nullified because the Obama Administration are either stupid beyond words, or, there was something in Lybia they wanted eliminated. WHAT in Lybia was/is so damning

From WHI:

March, 2012: State Department Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom sends a cable to Washington asking for additional diplomatic security agents for Benghazi, later says he received no response. He does so again in July, with the same result.
(NOTE: So who do we believe? The on the ground guy who is risking his life or Barack Obama? Nordstrom has no reason to lie. I’ll say it again. The State Dept. knew. Obama knew. THEY ARE ALL LYING.

• April 6: Two fired Libyan security guards throw an IED (BOMB) over the consulate fence.

• May 22: An Islamist attack on the Red Cross office in Benghazi. A Facebook post that warns “now we are preparing a message for the Americans.” Another Facebook posting a month later highlights Stevens’ daily runs in Tripoli in an apparent threat.
(Terrorists were posting the Ambassador’s daily schedule!)

• June 6: Unknown assailants (TERRORISTS) blow a hole in the Benghazi consulate’s north gate described by a witness as “big enough for 40 men to go through.” Four days later, the British ambassador’s car is ambushed by militants with a rocket-propelled grenade.

• July: The Anti-Islam video “Innocence of Muslims” is posted on You Tube.
(NOTE The several attacks against American personnel prior to this video being released!!!

• Aug. 14: SST team is ordered out of Libya. (SST team = Site Security Team. ) Team leader Lt. Col. Andy Wood has testified that Stevens wanted them to stay on.
(NOTE: Stevens begged them to stay on. Stevens was afraid.)

*** After denying they received security requests - the Obama Administration now claims funds were not available for security - Simulatenously - The Obama admionsitration found the funds to install charging stations for electric cars in Germany ***

• In the weeks before Sept. 11,
Libyan security guards are reportedly warned by family members of an impending attack.

Sept. 8, the Libyan militia tasked with protecting the consulate warns U.S. diplomats that the security situation is “frightening.”

The administration had 48 hours to secure the safety of American personnel. Despite knowing the dangers - the Obama Administrations sends Stevens INTO Benghazi!!! This action was purposeful.

WHI: *** My gut telling me there is something they want buried so deep now they are willing to look like idiots doing it. Better to look like idiots than murderers! ***

• Sept. 10: Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri calls on Libyans to avenge the death of his Libyan deputy, Abu Yahya al Libi, killed in a June drone strike in Pakistan.
(NOTE: Hello??? No actionable intelligence? Really Jay Carney? Really?)

• Sept. 11: Protesters converge on the U.S. embassy in Cairo. The protests spread to 20 countries around the world. That night, Republican candidate Mitt Romney criticizes an embassy statement denouncing the video before the events unfolding in Libya are known to the world." Mitt Romney was RIGHT.

• Sept. 14: Carney says the administration had “no actionable intelligence” about a impending attack.
(Carney's comments are made three days after the Benghazi attack. Why does this administration prefer to perpetuate an obvious lie? They knew the attack was coming within 24 hours. This behavior indicates something very DAMAGING was in Lybia.)
(END of WHI comments.)

WHY - would Obama risk his Presidency and "Legacy"?

WHAT are they trying to conceal?

What explains why Obama ordered Stevens into Benghazi and then refused to provide protection?

Is there a reason in Steven's background?

Stevens served in the Foreign Service at various points in the Middle East -
Stevens served as the Deputy Principal officer and Political Section Chief in Jerusalem; - What did Stevens know about Obama plans for Israel? 
The Most Likely Reason Stevens was ordered to Beghazi...

The Ambassador had intimate access and knowledge of State Dept policy and the White House's preferences and former actions in the Middle East.

The Ambassador's numerous requests for more/enhanced security were ignored - letting terrorists ransack the consulate and murder the staff. Terrorists sodomized the Ambassador - before- or after he died?

Former Lybian President Muhamar Khadafi was eliminated by Obama. Khadafi ruled for 40 years. Ditto Egyptian President: Hasni Mubarak. Obama has completely rearranged the ME power structure - WHY? 

While leading from Behind (Arming and assisting in secret) The Obama Administration lost control.  They believed they could sweet talk terrorists to behave peacefully.  They did not want the public learning of their failures in the ME. Ambassador Stevens presented an extreme risk - they needed him dead.  The Seals who died disobeyed orders to stand down.  The Seals were unfortunate "Collateral Damage". 

Go Here - a former career foreign service person tells all.