Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Stupid Idiot


The stupid are why America is on a path of destruction.  The stupid are almost always poor which adds to their greivances.    

Frankly, I do not know where to begin with this article.  It contains so many errors and falsehoods - it causes me anxiety to know some Americans are this stupid.  That they are eligible to vote is topic that must be addressed to avoid future difficulties - but only if this nation can correct the path it is on. 

I once read there were requirements for voters -
1. Property owner (An invested tax payer)
2. Literate (Informed)
3. Free Man (No one who depends upon subsidy from the State is a Free Man - they will always vote to perpetuate the subidy, or incresase it.)

FYI - murders in Chicago for 2011:  435.  Murders in all North Carolina in the same year: 501.

The policies Progressives use to lure voters to their cause target the stupid - and the fear filled. The stupid know better than anyone else the extent of their intellectual and other limits. They know they will never be rich, or succeed and the reason why - their stupidity.  The stupid see advertising promoting material ibjects they believe will elevate their status, enhance their lives, and an emotional conflict arises. The stupid are concordantly typically: greedy, envious, and hateful.

Women, being smaller and weaker, AND, forced to choose between incompetant and "sincere" mates, seek security for themselves and their children from a source other than their husbands - the majority White Males. White males were targeted, and remain targeted, by Progressives.  Progressives know the typical white male is superior to the members of their sanctioned groups.  Proof lies in employment and academic admission qualifying standards.  To "qualify" the members of the Progressive sanctioned group required modification (dumbing down) the requirement/admission standards - and excluding white males.  These standards were originally created to qualify white males; who typically passed the "Old" standards.  WOmen too, could only qualify after the standards were dramatically reduced.  Lowering the bar of qualifications left government and other organizations that employed Progressive applicants wanting - the replacements were weaker, less intelligent and less capable. 

When the State promises to improve the material wealth of the stupid and provide them security - it advances a pair of winning options.

Stupidity is required for Progressive politics. Few lucid voters value security over liberty. Capable people want the freedom to succeed. They need it to succeed. The current complaint; that only the rich get richer is directly attributable to the loss of liberties. Goverment restrictions prevent the Little Guy from improving his lot. Regulations assure only the rich can afford compliance. The stupid fail to make the connection.  They want both - security and subsidy. 

The stupid want the rich punished; which only increases the number of regulations precluding opportunities available to them. In order for the stupid to succeed, very few impediments must exist. The stupid are unable to negotiate life, let alone a regulatory maze.

Wanting to punish the rich moves the stupid farther and farther away from success. The stupid believe the rich do not know how difficult life is for the stupid. This too is stupid. Some rich people are born into wealth. Most are not and never accrue enough financial security to end their worries. Regulations assures even the marginally rich remain (albeit less so) wealthy. The stupid's solution is to drag everyone down to their level. The stupid fail to see people smarter than they will run the new equally poorer community. Eventually, the smart will overtake what remains - leaving the stupid even worse off. As stated above, the stupid (and poor) are responsible for most, if not all, our troubles.

Stupidity was once fatal. Stupid acts, the daily acts of the stupid, led most to die prematurely - thus removing their DNA from the gene pool. That is a passive benefit in free societies.  It acts to regulate stupidity. Over time, the society improves in everyway - resulting from a decline in the number of stupid members.

However, Progressive policies work to protect the Stupid from themselves!  Progressives assure no behavioral regulations are imposed upon the stupid.  The Stupid out breed the intelligent. The stupid do not plan their children nor consider if they can afford children. Worse, the state subsidizes the stupid's breeding.  The State increases the subsidy paid for each child created.  Accordingly, the stupid breed in earnest. The stupid knowingly condemn their stupid children to lives of poverty. Having a baby when poor virtually assures the child is condemned to a life of poverty. Statistics reveal a frequency over 90% . Those stupid children will learn from their stupid parents and behave like them - stupidly

Unfortunately, we have reached critical mass. The number of stupid votes exceeds the number of intelligent votes. The stupid have created numbers the aggregate revenues of government cannot sustain. Their actions of the stupid increasingly requires government spending. Deficit spending ensues. Bankruptcy is the eventual outcome. 

A complete collapse of government and a period of lawlessness arising from the collapse are in our future.  The stupid are a sacrosanct class - needed for Democrats to remain in power. We can thank Progressive Democrats for indemnifying the stupid from themselves and the consequences of their actions.  Progressive Democrats planned this outcome and continually work to preserve a stupid majority.  We assume Progressives act to protect the stupid knowing the fiscal end game is a nightmare. Progressive Democrats believe they will escape the bad outcome they are creating. This too is unbelievably stupid, but Democrats will not stop. Perhaps they can't stop. I may agree it is too late to make any change that will avoid the bad outcome. Magnitude - the extent and term of the lawlessness are the only factors remaining.

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