Monday, April 29, 2013

Witnessing a Nation's Prejudice - Disenfranchised White Christian Male Voters

God stated how much he loved North America.  He warned us if ever we failed to properly respect him, he would turn his back upon us.  That day has come.  Progressive have attacked Christians since the O'Hare school prayer decision in the early 1960s.  They work to outlaw any form of worship - public or private.  They are seeking to undermine the tenets religious people hold dear - birth control and abortions on demand in Obamacare.  Christmas, Easter, prayer, et al are quasi-illegal or open to law suits.  Unbelievably, most Christian organizations fold and permit this theft. 

Conversely, Muslims increasingly enjoy recognition and new liberties - their holidays included in schools.  They are protected from investigation and having to pay for the actions of their members. Other Muslim members support terror in silence.  They celebrated openly in the ME and some US cities after 9/11.  Most Muslim organizations approve of the acts of terror.  The protection Muslims enjoy is clearly seen everyday at any airport, and, at US Customs where ME residents are free to enter the US, receive special treatment at Ivy League schools, obtain welfare, and other government support - support used to commit terror.  Meanwhile, old women, children in strollers, and the law-abiding are searched and their liberties stolen.  Muslims must not be upset or disturb.  Muslims have replaced the KKK as one part of the terror wing of the Democrat Party.

The press wanted a white, christian male caught and prosecuted for the Boston bombing.  You could hear the disappointment in their reporting.  They persist in warning everyone to not draw conclusions.. or else. 

White Christian Males are not provided the protections, or offered the special treatments, Muslims or any other "person of color" or alternative ethnicity's receive.  They languish in a second class citizen status - no one will help re-establish their rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  White Males are treated worse than the way blacks were treated during segregation - at least blacks enjoyed separate but equal treatment and facilities.  White males must be perfect, or enjoy a family legacy to enter the Ivy League.  They are the last considered even then.  I defy anyone to show me a white male enjoying the benefits enjoyed by the Boston bombers. 

White males are openly and hostilely treated like they are an enemy.  They are mocked and belittled.  They are discussed as being the problem.  Their natural inclinations and behaviors are ridiculed and spoken of as dangerous and a threat to society.  Little boys, behaving like little boys, are punished and prescribed drugs to make them docile and compliant - easily led to become weak, subservient, and confused.  They must accept they are part of a long legacy of hate, destruction, and oppression.  If Christianity is added to a boys personal history - another litany of sins/crimes are added to his burden.  He must atone for all of them.  He must be punished for the past crimes.  He is taught he is not entitled to equal treatment.  He is part of a group that ruined the world.  He deserves punishment and must admit he knows his place and why.  Failure to so do, results in bad grades and other mistreatment's that sum to create mental illness in many.  When these boys act out in desperation, Democrats note the behaviors and say: See!  We told you they were dangerous. 

Democrats use a political tactic so outrageous few, if any, will consider it.  Democrat work to create self-fulfilling predictions.  Whenever a Democrat asserts a complaint against Republicans, or if they voice a generic problem, what the Democrat is doing, or planning to do, is to divert attention and blame from themselves.  Democrats project dilemmas - then work, often illegally, to make it so.  Fast and Furious is only one example.  The housing crisis is another. 

The majority of blue collar white males work in construction, or in other businesses that support construction.  Bill Clinton's labor secretary: Robert Reiche went before Congress January 7, 2009, where he told the world what Democrats planned to so.  This was before Obama took office!!!  Reiche specifically excluded white males from government help, programs, and contracts planned to "fix" construction and assist construction workers - Stimulus spending.  See his speech HERE.  Imagine if a Democrat sanctioned class was targeted this way.  The result from Republicans in Congress - Nothing.  The Media - Nothing.  It is clearly apparent attacking, punishing, setting aside the civil rights of white males is a matter on which everyone agrees.  White males are the enemy of Democrats, Republicans, and others. 

Democrats wanted white males broken and begging Democrats for help.  Then, Democrats could control white males.  When a person owes his livelihood and the welfare of his family is at risk, he will make a deal with the devil.  This has occurred.  Construction remains broken - down over 50% from pre-2007 levels.  This is my stock and trade.  In the BEST location - outside DC - starts remain down 50%.  Only white union workers received Stimulus help.  Only white male union members enjoy their civil rights - IF... they behave and vote properly - for Democrats.  White union members are treated with deference and permitted to form enclaves of power.  No where else is this permitted. For America to regain its heritage and enjoy the benefits of the past, white christian males must enjoy their civil rights and not be relegated to the back of the bus. 

Let's do some basic math.  Half, 50% of eligible voters do not vote.  WHO are they?  WHY do they not vote?  Could this group be encouraged to vote and actually vote? 

WHO:  Half of the half who do not vote are White Christian Males. 
WHY: They see no party working to end affirmative action / EEOC laws and restore their civil rights.  Why should they vote?  However, when a politician hints at restoring their rights, they do vote.  The last President to do this was Bush I - remember the Willie Horton ad?  That ad obliquely inferred Bush would act in the racial morass. 

50% of 50% = around 20% of eligible voters.  Adding these white male voters will bring 20% more votes to the election results.  A real landslide occurs.  Even if only half that number vote - that's a 10% increase and more than enough to terrify Democrats and permanently end their political power. 

Why will no one work to help white males?  Their political careers stand at risk.  Entering the racial morass is an all or nothing gamble.  Few will risk it. That shows how reviled white males have become and how much terror Democrats will throw to prevent white males from again becoming equal. 

We can do something - something that will bear immediate fruits.  We must encourage the people we know, who DO NOT vote, to vote - AND - when speaking to politicians bring up racial equality. We must Demand It!  This argument is easily made.  The response from the politician will tell you immediately if they are useful.  Alternatively, develop a new candidate to oppose the status quo.  This person must aggressively seek the votes of white males and explain what he will do once elected.  He need not play down the true purpose during visits with other voter groups.  Who can argue with restoring civil rights?  Promoting restoring Christian religious rights will draw more. 

The crime and family statistics clearly show the detriments all American face.  The politician chosen must act to fulfil his promise if elected.  If they fail, they must be removed from office.  Keeping the Non-Voter engaged is a chore but one, upon our future is hinged.  The politician will risk the wrath of the press and Democrats.  Attacks will come from everywhere.  But... the arguments are true and ample evidence exists.  Only an idiot/ideologue can or will object.  These people will object about something - regardless. 

Once other politicians see success and the untapped votes available, they should begin courting the white male vote and promise to end this injustice.  Politicians will scurry to votes - always. 

There is but one way to end the problems America faces - re-engage the people who made America great - White Christian Males.  Once this freight trains begins to show viability, Democrats and their minions will run scared.  They have earned the outcomes they will face.  We must never forget those responsible for this disgrace. 

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