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Quantum Consciousness

In another life, I must have been a Physicist. I missed the boat in this life when in my first year of algebra study I changed schools three times. Never got back on track after that. Suffice to say, I suck at math and I marvel at mathematicians. They speak a language much more foreign than French or Swahili. Even languages with different alphabets don’t come close to the degree of difficulty found in math. It is beautiful in its preciseness. I suspect many quantum physicists are alien beings from another galaxy.
My father admonished me to study math after it was too late. Math is best because there is only one right answer. You’ll never be held hostage to subjective assessment in math. My Dad’s simplistic view didn’t include theoretical math or some of the paths explored in quantum that require creating new math. My father's generic assessment is correct because, when the theory meets reality only one answer can obtain. I believed that for a long, long, time. I was wrong.

What prompted me to take up the study of quantum at age 51. I needed it. I wanted it. My wife of 20 years had just passed from breast cancer. I had 2 children living at home and our mother’s death was tough. I knew I would fail .my children -- no matter what I did. I lack the sex to be a mom… and the demeanor… and the patience. I tried being ½ gay for a time – decorating, trying to present a soft feminine presence in the house. That helped to bring questions from my children’s friends like: “Is your Dad gay?” That. ended my trying to be mom and dad.

Physics was a distraction… and a study of my faith in God. In my view, for God to obtain, eternal life must be possible. Generic faith, like many are blessed to hold, doesn’t exist in me. I was far too cynical to blindly accept God, eternal life, and other requirements of religion - despite being raised in a Mormon family. I could cite more evidence why God did not exist, than I could to support his existence. I worried about Judy -- my dead wife – what she was doing in her new state. Or, was she decaying in the earth - no extra life after this life? I had to learn more to postulate. I started with a small book by John Gribbin – "Beginners Guide to the Sub-Atomic world". Thank You Mr. Gribbin!!! The book explained quantum principles simply and accurately. That little book changed my life.

I learned the double slit experiment and electron diffusion/diffraction – my term. How electrons didn’t behave as they should. These little guys did as they wanted. I postulated they “learned” from their predecessors. I didn’t know yet about the non-locality. Electrons do communicate. They also can exist in two states at the same time; electron / Photon. No one can determine where the electron is, or its state, at anytime – Schrodinger’s Cat Paradox. Neils Bohr said electrons can be found in a number of “potential” locations. The Copenhagen Interpretation – Electron Surfing – also known as "Wave/Particle Duality" suggests that electrons behave as a wave until you look at them RE: measure them. Then they become a particle. Electrons could be classified as an eternal life form... Electrons have zippy mass so gravity should have no effect upon them – but it does; quite a bit in fact. The orbits of electrons are uniform and very predictable - in the electron's perspective. The world would literally fall apart if not. Electrons are remarkably strong. When they form covalent bonds with other elements the strongest materials we know are the results. The orbits intersect. I read that the simplest atom, hydrogen, if enlarged to the size of Yankee stadium, the proton would be the size of a baseball on the pitcher’s mound. The electron would be ant size sitting in the farthest bleacher in center field. There is a vast distance between the two particles, but our universe is comprised of similar “Gaps” between particles that comprise All matter.

Touch your keyboard. Does it feel solid? Consider the Gaps in the atoms that form the plastic. How can this be? One of the curiosities of Quantum and that wily electron. It is the path of the electron that you touch. It moves at light speed – some say faster. Some say faster than light is impossible. A photon is light after all. But other curiosities suggest photons can move so fast they go backwards in time. Another Alien Being – Dick Feynman – suggested as much. His book: The Strange theory of Light and Matter - Electromagnetism put me into another mental world. When photons and electrons are subjected to different media, other strange behaviors are noted. I read all Feynman’s works – including his lectures.

You’re probably wondering – Hey! Feynman lectures contain lotsa math equations, diagrams, and much of them discuss those equations. You said you don’t know math. You’re right. I trust the math of physicists. I’m a business man. I hire people to many things for me that I can’t do. I’m a big picture guy. I can theorize with the best. And… since were talking theory… my theory is a valid as the next guys. All theories are guesses. Admittedly, no one will consider my theories, but that hasn’t stopped me from developing them. You physicists out there may come away with some new ideas after you finish this essay. So buck up.

I also read many books by physicists about spiritualism and quantum. Dave Bohm was an author who helped channel my thinking. I didn’t care for his Commie politics, but his physics is worth reading. Guys like Bohm are dangerous. They led to the USSR acquiring nukes way before they should have acquired them. Being a child of Cold War – my antipathy towards them is severe. Not one of the people writing about how physics affects the spirit helped satisfy my questions about eternal life. Being physicists, they lack what is required to meld the two topics - saliently. I had to develop my own interpretation.

Let’s begin with the human soul – its consciousness. The soul is that being/consciousness inside you with whom you have an ongoing conversation whenever you are awake. (What happens to your spirit in sleep, and why sleep is required, is another topic for later.) The soul enters the body at birth and the perpetual conversation begins. Psychologists tell us we have two parts to our consciousness, ID and Ego. The ID is the maintenance worker. He keeps the heart beating, the lungs breathe, etc… He is also responsible for flight or fight – adrenal output. The Ego is our conscious proper. He’s the dude we talk with.

We know when a person dies, all electrical activity in the brain ends. Electricity is the flow of electrons. All of our senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell/taste, all create electrical currents/impulses that flow into our brains. Think about this. Bio-matter receives external energy and transforms that energy into specific electron movement within our bodies. We hear a sound – a result of a something, the three ear bones move. They shake fluid in the ear, the fluid moves hairs, that hairs trigger tiny electrical signals that flows through our nerves and impact the brain. The sound is “Heard”. The heard sound is also learned. Very important… Learning. Throughout our lives we accrue electrical impulses into our brains. We can differentiate between electrical signals that arose from sounds, sights, tastes, etc… How? Why? For what purpose?

If life is defined as the presence of electrical signals within the body, and the physical senses capture the energy and transform it into electrical energy, and, spontaneous thought is a product of electrical activity within the body/brain, then our consciousness is electrical in composition.

*** Electricity is the flow of electrons. ***

Our consciousness is a confederation of electrons. Our intellect, our ability to recall information previously experienced, to create new ideas, is due to an ability to reassemble specific electron arrangements. These arrangements MUST be binary (0,1) in the simplest arrangement – start making the computer associations. If intellect is the ability to create, recreate, remember past experiences, then all the impulses our senses send to our brains is accrued. Our consciousness expands as more information/electrical energy is added. A Mormon scripture states that our intellect is the only thing we take with us into the afterlife. My definition of the spirit / consciousness supports that scripture. Ergo – a soul is a collection of electrons, uniquely tuned by our bodies. All bodies are similar but not exactly the same. Their functionality is enhanced or diminished by those variations – why some are smart and other not so smart.

Light (photons) moves through the cosmos unabated – except for gravity’s affect upon it. Photons are electrons in an altered state. Energy cannot be created or destroyed – maybe. Blackholes are not sufficiently known to make this assumption anymore – Sorry Mr. Susskind. Scientists fear challenging classic physics. And we are to replace our God with people who tremble at being embarrassed? Life is defined as the presence of electrons within the body. When we die, electrons depart our bodies and no ones where they go. A genuine mystery. They don’t short out – this much is known. Debate is found around if the body loses mass at death. But electrons are so small the amount accrued over a lifetime remains immeasurable – for now. The consciousness leaving the body will move at light speed – largely unhindered by space / time. Einstein proved if matter moved at light speed, time and space became indistinguishable. RE: Time Stops. This proves to me eternal life is not only possible, it is probable. This understanding provided me much peace. It also increased my belief in God. WHY you ask?

Consider… man cannot, despite a lot of effort, accurately define gravity – what causes gravity, no one knows. Men see gravity. Men can measure gravity. But men are incapable of proving what causes gravity. Gravity just IS. I love the paradox. The discovery that led to classical physics remains misunderstood. Sir Isaac Newton was a deeply religious man who suffered extraordinarily due to his science and his God. He never betrayed God. Newton trusted God. So did Einstein. So did Fred Hoyle. I admire most men who despite being blessed with remarkable reasoning and learning prowess defer to God. Some men’s egos do not grow proportionally with their scientific knowledge. Nor are they so arrogant to suggest stuff and stupidly paint themselves into an either/or corner. The desire to assume Gods mantle is so strong science chose to kill God. Darwin provided them the means. And science is so ignorant, they mocked and buried God based upon a theory, and other assumptions that also remain chock full of holes and contradictions.

Electrons, like gravity, remain largely a mystery. Electrons behave wildly and defy being categorized past being a subatomic particle/wave. Electrons communicate over vast distances – quantum entanglement. This also suggests all matter is inter-related. That electrons refuse to behave “logically” - up to the expectations of scientists and some physicists -- suggests to me God remains in control and will stifle and embarrass those who wish him dead. Fact is, either some postulates (accepted by science as truths) were very wrong initially, or, matter has chosen to change over the years (unlikely). The subatomic world misbehaves regularly and refuses to be accurately disassembled. The Higgs boson for instance…

I do hope Higgs is found. That will open up large mysterious dimensions all around us. Wonder where your spirit goes after death? Think dimensions. Where does your spirit go when you sleep? Think dimensions. Where is gravity created? Think dimensions. Is gravity a requirement for the soul? All matter? I do.

Dark Matter too is a recently discovered substance that defies conventional knowledge. It can’t be analyzed with current tools or the human senses. The primitive nature of human senses confounds science and our ability to comprehend our environment -- completely. Dark Matter is real. The math sez so. So does awkward experimentation. We can only comprehend Dark Matter in odd ways and elliptically extract from what is seen that Dark Matter is present and potentially causal.

Blackholes? Where does that energy they consume go? Think Dimensions. Dimensions will make the universe much larger that is presently known, and explain plenty – or at least provide substance for more conjecture and theory. For God to evade detection by man – Think Dimensions. I’ve always presumed our eternal Dad has a sense of humor. He must laugh himself silly watching modern scientists.

Fred Hoyle will someday be vindicated. Think "Steady State".

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