Thursday, April 11, 2013

Newtown, Columbine, Aurora - What Motivated the Mass Murders?

I will not pander to the shooting tragedies and write sympathetic remarks. Others have done that ad nauseum. Flatly, unless we move past these tragedies, and begin to honestly investigate what prompted these actions; to terminate the causal factors, we face more deadly actions, and others that send more white males to prison needlessly. These recent shootings are more a result of the backgrounds shared by the shooters than guns, gun laws, and a desire to kill.

Exploring: what these men shared, and how they shared, inexorably leading to their actions, is how answers are discovered. Shooting is only one expression of the rage, confusion, and despair they felt. Look around and you will find other young, white men behaving badly for the same, or similar, reasons. This is why our history does not show a commonality of actions. These mass shootings are a recent phenomena and one with specific causality. These shootings are a product of our times and politically correct policy making adopted into school curriculum's, broadcast in the news, and other Progressive programs that assault white men, deny them access to employment, college admissions and their “pursuit of happiness”. How Progressives approach policy change, and to what ends they will go, is most important.

These young, white men were taught all their years – they belonged to a group with a lineage of destruction and oppression. Young boys deal with this politically correct motivated assault and condemnation differently. These men’s family backgrounds also play a role in the decisions they took. Combined, the accusations, instruction, and family environments that contributed to their murdering others could be expected. If we remove race, we find young minority men behaving similarly and I suspect for the very same reasons.

All the shooters were white, young men who came from various socio-economic backgrounds. Their experiences were dissimilar in some respects, but there is a commonality of experiences they all shared – based upon their race and sex. How much impact these shared experiences played upon their actions cannot be known for a certainty, but those experiences should not be ignored as these provide a predictable motivation that results in destructive behaviors. Mass murder with guns is not the only bad behavior young men acting out chose over the past twenty years. The shootings get the most attention – if whites are the perpetrators. Similar actions within the black community largely go unreported - on the same scale. The murder of young black men is a late term abortion in Progressive circles and little is done to prevent or report on the black on black murders.  Those number in the thousands... year in and year out.  Keep voting Democrat. 

These men are products of the public school system where they were taught to think of themselves as part of an evil patriarchy that oppressed women and minorities, destroyed the environment, and held authority through a racial birthright – an authority they dangerously dispersed. These shooters neither earned nor deserved their birth right. Centuries of control enabled an entrenched white power structure to pass control to younger white men. While boys, they were taught they belonged to an insidious cabal whose every action resulted in disaster - for something or someone. According to the PC narrative - white males have been on a rampage of destruction in America since before the days of the founding. Importantly, they did not care about the repercussions of their actions. Their greed and animus towards others – others unlike themselves – fueled and exacerbated their actions. More, they could never escape from, or atone for, the past actions of their forebearers. These shooters began living down to the expectations and behaviors they were told their race and sex promulgate; and they are no exception.

Slavery was prima facie evidence of the malice white men held. They stole land and murdered the Native inhabitants. They prevented women from voting and kept women under control as stay at home mothers– another form of slavery. They were the progeny of robber barons who used and abused their workers with no regard for consequence of their actions upon the environment. They ransacked third-world countries (and their populations) gathering raw materials for their factories. The selfish pursuit of profits led to the Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown and the Love Canal toxic waste dump. These events were symptomatic of the “profits at any cost” mentality that visited horrific outcomes for families living near these sites – and the environment. White men were the worst – and they were owed no path of redemption. There was no way out and no reason to provide a way out. Someone had to pay for these past crimes – young white males would carry that burden.

Away from school, these boys heard a steady, negative, drumbeat about their race and sex and the wake of tragedy that followed their ilk. They saw television sit-coms that portrayed other white men like them (and their fathers) as stupid and feckless – a detriment to their families. When they sought employment – they learned they were persona non-Grata – women and minorities and others were preferred to them. What they were taught in school was coming true. They would have few opportunities – or none at all. How would they support themselves?  They couldn’t qualify for government assistance – they were white men. Attending school was an option that continued the assault upon them. Upon finding employment they learned they would be last to advance – race and sex laws precluded their advancement. Low paying jobs were available – but little else. Their lives would turn out as predicted - whether they liked it or not. The odds were stacked against them.

One shooter was intellectually brilliant and working on a doctorate. However, that career path is not immune to the very same conditions and difficulties. In some ways, it is worse. Academia is a mine field where one misstep, comment, or lack of zeal can end years of study and sacrifice - if a race or sex rule is not properly behaved or worshipped properly - with enough enthusiasm and reverence.

If we add to this mixture mental illness a very bad concotion brews. I’ll suggest a premise... The mental illness noted in these men is, at least in part, a result of their experiences. All of the shooters were portrayed as: odd, quirky, loners, who didn’t fit in.

What went wrong in the minds of these shooters is axiomatic when viewed against recent psychological and behavior practices. Far too many little boys, when they act like little boys are “diagnosed” as having behavior problems and given mind altering drugs. What are the long terms consequences of taking mind altering drugs? I’ll suspect mental illness is spawned, perpetuates, or get worse. With-drawl from these drugs also creates trouble for the user. (By the way – mothers get paid if their children are diagnosed with mental illness – social security pays them nearly one-thousand dollars monthly.)

For many working mothers, who have little time to interact, love, and teach their children, women who are exhausted after a workday; to have their lives compromised with more work and trouble if their child is “acting up” is intolerable and quickly solved with drugs. Feeding the child drugs – on the advice of a physician/counselor - is an easy alternative. Besides, everyone else is doing it…

What role a mother’s absence plays in this equation is also unknown, and not investigated; as that stands to negatively impact PC ideology, rules, and Progressive policy sex laws. We will not soon see anyone investigate or report upon the problems produced in the child when a mother works full time. One fact stands out - shootings like these never occurred when a majority of mothers had no career outside the home.

Reports on these shooters reveal all of them had mental “Issues”. The causal mechanisms and substances and environment will not be known - doctor/patient privilege laws prevent our knowing. Those laws are never addressed and/or changed - for a reason. The Progressive agenda desires expanding gun laws. White men legally own the most guns.  The Progressive gun agenda wants to outlaw gun ownership because guns are devices white men favor and use to protect themselves and their families/property. White men are more easily controlled without guns.

The Aurora shooter is named James Eagan Holmes. Call him Jimmy. Those knowing Jimmy noted he was: stubborn, uncommunicative, and socially inept. Gee, that’s kinda harsh.  I suspect Jimmy was not treated well by these same people and definitely not by his teachers and professors - he was a white male.

Jimmy was in psychotherapy and was diagnosed as suffering from Dysphoric Mania - DA. That doesn't sound good - particularly when we marry this condition to the other problems Jimmy faced due to his personal history, race, and sex.

DA symptoms include: agitation, fatigue, anxiety, impulsiveness, irritability, morbid or suicidal ideation, panic, paranoia, pressured speech and rage. WOW! Jimmy was ripe to act out violently and maybe shoot someone. His psychologist (presumably) did nothing to stop him. Why the shrink did nothing to control Jimmy is important. Why doctor/patient discussions are off limits is very important. Why Jimmy was left in the community when his shrink knew he was ready to do something bad - is the most important.

My first question is what the shrink did to assist Jimmy in shooting someone?

Did Jimmy’s shrink suggest gun violence in any way, shape, or form? Mentioning the use of guns to resolve a personal problem - doesn’t play out the same way it would in a normal mind. (remember, Jimmy was prone to the DA symptoms - Rage and Impulsiveness.)

Did the shrink suggest violence was no answer - knowing Jimmy would rebel against this advice - (impulsiveness, irritability, suicidal, rage)?

Was violence a consistent topic in their conversation? Did the shrink recall the problems others who used guns to solve their trouble faced – the sensational trial and non-stop reporting on their actions (wink wink)?

To me, if any, or all of these options were discussed, the shrink encouraged Jimmy to act with a gun - and no one will ever know what was spoken between the two!  Doctor / Patient privilege protects those conversations.  There is a reason for this.

The Progressive Left broke many, many laws in Fast and Furious – to expand gun control laws. Thousands of Mexican Nationals were murdered with F&F weapons. At least one US citizen was murdered with F&F weapons – Border Agent Terry. The Progressive Left, apparently knows no bounds– legal or moral - when a preferred policy stands to gain. Thousands of deaths did not deter them. Rampant violence did not deter them. A climate of fear and terror did not deter them.  Breaking US gun laws did not deter them. 

Psychology is filled with people who favor Progressive politics. I’ll assert the percentage of Progressive psychologists mirror what is found in academia generally – around 90%. Psychologist are very active in Progressive politics and work within the political system, the courts, and elsewhere to advance Progressive causes. A few murders, even the murder of children, cannot be excluded from the Progressive political agenda.  Progressives support third tri-mester abortions - where a viable human being is killed with pair of scissors inserted into the back of the skull, stirred around, and the brain removed by suction.  Are these deaths any different than the children shot at Newtown?  The Progressive Agenda = the Ends justify any Means. 

Guns were not the reason why children, or the others were killed in these mass shootings.

In my opinion, these deaths: were created in a classroom when young white boys are targeted and taught they are evil and deserve punishment.  The conditions were aggravated by a new age family structure where mothers are not available to care for, and love away their children’s emotional troubles; that are generated in school, and from, the derision of classmates.  These were definitely caused by Progressive policies that never sleep - and know no limits – even the murder of innocents is acceptable... so long as their Progressive policies are moved forward. 

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