Monday, April 9, 2018

God and Men

There is one God ruling earth. That same God heads all the worlds' religions. Some men were unhappy with God's plan - it did not allow them to control other men - and their purses. Those men chose to create new interpretations of scriptures, set new rules, and divide men from one another - and God. Strangely, every religion claims they are God's chosen - the only "True" religion. God may have a preferred religion, but I assure you the men running that religion will foul it up. There may be certain rights and rituals that place a person on firmer footing in the afterlife, but who honestly believes a loving God would turn his back upon a man doing Good in God's name? No fair minded, compassionate Father; no loving God, will do that.

The God of the Bible commands we love one another. Conversely, the leaders of the world's several religions seek to divide men from one another, and, in so doing, divide men from God. This practice is purposeful and must end. These divisions arise to placate the eccentricities of certain members. Dividing men from one another (and God) is done for financial gain; and to control men. These same religious leaders disobey God's central command to never act in God's name to control the free will of another man. Scripture and commandments suggests man must never infringe upon another man's free will. Importantly, NEVER use God to accomplish that ambition. Those actions are sinful. They may be immune from repentance. Misusing God to restrict free will is a sever risk to take, but many so do - presuming they are acting under ther premise of religion. In their twisted logic, they see themselves acting as God's ordained emissary, and presume that protects them - and sanctions their actions to rob or sway free will. These men act in the same capacity as heretics, anti-religious zealots.  When they separate men using religion, they prevent men from uniting to fight back against those forces who want religion outlawed. 

They are wrong.  
Free will is sacrosanct. 

The "murder" or elimination of God has been the on-going objective of secularists and governments for centuries. A man holding no respect for an afterlife, or the precious nature of a human spirit, only concerns himself with the present, and his own welfare. That is the outcome atheists and Progressive Democrats want. By using government authority to regulate away the hereafter, this human existence becomes a matter of competition, and the accrual of selfish, prurient desires. Once God is officially dead, men can act to subjugate and oppress their fellowman for personal gain - without consequence. If men are divided along religious lines, they will refuse to act together - thinking the other religion is wrongheaded, and that person deserves whatever treatment he is getting because he doesn't practice the "Right" religion. 

Only after the United State was founded with rights flowing from God, did the USA begin to inherit God's blessings. The history of our nation reveals the potential magnitude of God's gift and love. The growth and wealth created in this nation, the innovations and spirit of its people, are evidence of what God fearing, free men can accomplish. Sadly, history also documents the behaviors of men, once wealth and comfort are accrued, inherently follow a predictable path. God also issued a warning - if ever man strayed from God's commandments, he would turn his back upon them. The dynamics of this warning are currently playing out.

Only when men are enslaved and/or poor do they pray and behave properly - loving and respecting God. It almost appears God and wealth are incompatible, but they are not. Power craving men (politicians) are readily corrupted as they generally lack any ability to grow wealth from their own work. They are parasites who work to subvert God's commandments - and steal the property and liberties of their countrymen. When they are abetted by men claiming a religious prerogative - the process escalates. 

Time and circumstances are the only variables in this equation. Communism murdered near 200 souls after erradicating religion. Communism was officially rejected in 1989 by its founding nation - USSR. Unbelievably, it remains the preferred model for Progressive Democrat policy making. Democrats embrace the tenets and deployed the policies that legally restrict religion, -prior to permanently removing it. Under current Democrat policy preferences - religious worship is: mocked, limited, and marginalized. The next step religion is officially banned, then made a crime. We are more than halfway to allowing Democrats to establish a God-less government and society.

Men and women who love God must set aside their petty religious differences. It is far more important that men worship and work to do good in God's name. All God fearing people are in the sights of Progressive Democrats who want religion outlawed. Make a fist. Stand together.  Fight to protect your religious freedoms before it is too late. 

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