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I am nearly 60 years old.  I love God(s), my family, my country, the Constitution, hate drug laws, and believe we are each responsible for ourselves and our families. 

I nearly died when I was 17 in an accident and had an out of body experience.  I lived in California through the 1970s when Affirmative Action, AA, laws became ubiquitous. Lately that began to trouble me deeply as I see those laws as the root of all our troubles. I faced the racial prejudice and could not gain employment due to my skin color.  My race and generation became the new niggers - despised and treated like second class citizens - by laws and Progressive Democrat policies!. I was tested often by potential employers who honestly told me the test outcomes would not improve my employment chances.  They told me only minorities would be hired, or they stood to loose government subsidies, tax breaks, or their eligiblity for government contracts.  I demanded the tests anyway - if only for self evaluation. 

I am a standard, ordinary male and a product of my times.  I was born into a middle class family - I think.  My father was a career Navy man and later a civil service employee.  We moved often due to his Navy career.  I grew to hate school and never graduated from college.  I barely graduated from high school.  I smoke, like beers and football, I can repair houses and cars, I am an artist, a musician (how I made a living when I could not obtain regular employment).  I write and know grammar inside and out.  I possess a high IQ and have tested in the same range repeatedly since the 5th grade.  I'm a (Jack) Mormon, father, husband, and business owner.  I've buried a wife - who died from cancer.  All my children graduated from college.  I've been blessed beyond my dreams - but worked hard for years to enable and retain those blessings.  I am the person who made it despite the obstacles and proof it came be done - with hard work and study/intuition and some luck/more hard work. 

I recently took a decision to work till the end of my life to overturn AA laws and other edicts that trampled upon the Constitutional liberties of white men and the practice of religion.  This blog will primarily deal with those goals - and my eccentricities. 

Readers must confront a few realities if they are make informed decision on these, or any topic.  Readers must learn many of the "facts" they know to be true - Are WRONG!  Most are unaware they were indoctrinated from a litany of politically correct pressures that are ubiquitously placed.  The Progressive / Democrat Party dogma is found in the news and media, schools, employment rules and laws, and most of society willfully ignores what their senses tell them and parrot the politically correct maxims. 

I heard it at my bank two days ago.  A white woman, obviously afraid for the safety of her children, prefaced telling me her fears with a 5 minute didactic on her support of diversity and tolerance and inclusion - that all people are equal in every way - that stereotypes are wrong and prejudging is a sin.  I nearly lost my mind.  I wanted to yell STOP!  Your senses do not lie.  You are a rational person.  Trust what you see, hear, and learn.  Trust your children - who are terrified.  Do not risk your most valuable possessions to PC crap - violent and/or criminal behaviors PC rules protect and enable.   See, I remain part of the problem.  I said nothing... This too must change.  I will have spoken to the woman. 

The crux of the trouble in America today is government spending on welfare programs - RE: minority vote buying.  Spending is partially enabled by taxes.  Increased spending requires more taxes - and borrowing from our enemies.  The term used by politicians for vote buying is entitlements - and entitlements they are.  These programs are profuse and hidden in every agency of government.  That plan was initiated by LBJ.  He declared Democrats would own the black vote for 200 years once he enacted Civil rights and AA laws.  LBJ knew blacks - he was a Texas Senator for over two decades.  He knew how blacks behave and what is important to them. 

...Businesses will use anything that provides a competative advantage and increases profits - they must or go broke. 

Slaves were never incorporated into Southern white life.  Why is important.  Southern whites quickly learned blacks didn't provide assets that improved profits.  Overtime, as whites needed help in their houses and businesses, they discovered teaching blacks to read and compute was difficult if not impossible.  This has not changed.  Academic parity, a goal of Progressives for 50 years has not occurred.  Trillions was spent on this issue.  Black academic achievement has grown worse since the 1960s.  The reason?  Learning is considered by a majority of blacks as "Acting White".  Is there another group on earth who rejects improving their intellect? 

A drive through a black neighborhood is instructive.  The housing is provided to them free, the food provided is free, the utilities provided free, every facet of life is provided and nothing is required in return.  For these gifts, the buildings are treated like trash.  They are dirty and covered with graffiti.  Garbage is strewn around.  The residents treat one another with contempt and crime is used to obtain what is not available through their monthly stipend or government handout.  When inter-personal conflict arises, violence is applied to end it.   No matter what MLK boulevard you travel, the scenes and behaviors are more similar than dissimilar.  What can be derived from this reality? 

Black people have not used the gifts provided to them well. The intellectually gifted blacks left the black community and never looked back.  Intelligent blacks are the only group in history that prefers the company of another race to their own - whites.  Most refuse to reside or interact within the communities that spawned them.  Black academic measures have regressed since AA laws were enacted.   The black community in every measurable term - save being paid for doing nothing - has grown worse.  HS Graduations, marriages, bearing "legitimate" children are the behaviors that lead to success in life.  These have regressed in th eblack community every year since the civil rights laws were enacted.

AA laws reversed the racial discrimination that blacks faced before the 1964 civil rights bill(s).  Fewer than 1% of white men came from families that owned slaves - even though slavery is an issue that persists in being used to frame racial debates.  Slavery is argued with whites who had NOTHING to do with slavery - personally or through family history.  Slavery ended in 1865.  Using slavery as the issue is telling.  Segregation was a legally authorized practice that ended in 1964.  AA laws came next and were sold as "leg up" for blacks.  Democrats assured opponents AA laws were never meant as quotas or the long term answer.  AA was sold as a short term measure that would end once blacks advanced.  Blacks would not need support long term.  Hubert H. Humphrey - the bill's sponsor, former VP, and Senator promised to eat his hat if AA resulted in quotas - he never did - eat his hat.  Humphrey's refusal and lies are exemplary of how Democrat's operate. 

Democrats know traditional white males are typically religious and fear their eternal futures are tied to being in line with God's commandments.  Despite Democrats fighting to end the Christian religion's public displays and mocking Christians when they can, Democrats perpetually argue God's commandments are the reason why whites should give away their money (taxes) and volunteer to give away their jobs and seats in college to others - blacks are presumed less able to reach those objectives without the concession of white men.  It's worse really, laws exist that demand these men forfeit their Constitutional Rights.  White men are legally required to move to the end of the line for employment and college admissions. 

White men are portrayed in the press as: "all that's wrong with America".  White men from the past are also attacked and ridiculed as oppressive racists.  The Founding Fathers are lumped into this group.  The habits of white men are regularly criticized as detrimental and oppressive to society, families, women, and children.  Christian white men are viewed with more venom.  The Christian religion is set apart from other religions - Jews, Muslim, Paganism - and attacked as it is inexorably linked to US history and those evil white men.  The Christian religion (and most other religions) empowers men over women - as fathers and in society - is why.  Progressive Democrats despise Christianity. 


White men have accomplished more than any other group in the history of man.  White men created the US Constitution and our form of government.  White Men are responsible for nearly all the great inventions, and technological advances throughout history.  These men fought to protect their accomplishments and their families.  These white men bonded and created associations that advanced and shared their beneficence and wealth.  White men led religious congregations and governed communities.  The practice of accruing wealth and transferring that wealth to one's family was the means used to advance in America - long term planning.  That was one of the primary goals of the Founders - to provide any man the opportunity to escape his birth right through hard work.  With very few exceptions, white men and men generically made the industrialized world we inhabit - until the 1970s when white men became the enemy of Progressive Democrats who wanted to bribe voters - Black, Hispanics, and Women.  By stealing the opportunities for which men are most qualified, these Democrats transformed the political landscape and began installing PC word and thought policies to silence objections.  A practice of zero tolerance on race crimes terminated employment and ended career opportunities assuring compliance. 

White men fought one another and died to end slavery.  This fact is never spoken when race debates occur.  This must end and the Democrat's role in perpetuating slavery and segregation must be exposed until that fact is known by everyone.  More, Democrat bribery must be prosecuted once Conservatives are elected to a majority. 


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