Monday, April 29, 2013

Witnessing a Nation's Prejudice - Disenfranchised White Christian Male Voters

God stated how much he loved North America.  He warned us if ever we failed to properly respect him, he would turn his back upon us.  That day has come.  Progressive have attacked Christians since the O'Hare school prayer decision in the early 1960s.  They work to outlaw any form of worship - public or private.  They are seeking to undermine the tenets religious people hold dear - birth control and abortions on demand in Obamacare.  Christmas, Easter, prayer, et al are quasi-illegal or open to law suits.  Unbelievably, most Christian organizations fold and permit this theft. 

Conversely, Muslims increasingly enjoy recognition and new liberties - their holidays included in schools.  They are protected from investigation and having to pay for the actions of their members. Other Muslim members support terror in silence.  They celebrated openly in the ME and some US cities after 9/11.  Most Muslim organizations approve of the acts of terror.  The protection Muslims enjoy is clearly seen everyday at any airport, and, at US Customs where ME residents are free to enter the US, receive special treatment at Ivy League schools, obtain welfare, and other government support - support used to commit terror.  Meanwhile, old women, children in strollers, and the law-abiding are searched and their liberties stolen.  Muslims must not be upset or disturb.  Muslims have replaced the KKK as one part of the terror wing of the Democrat Party.

The press wanted a white, christian male caught and prosecuted for the Boston bombing.  You could hear the disappointment in their reporting.  They persist in warning everyone to not draw conclusions.. or else. 

White Christian Males are not provided the protections, or offered the special treatments, Muslims or any other "person of color" or alternative ethnicity's receive.  They languish in a second class citizen status - no one will help re-establish their rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  White Males are treated worse than the way blacks were treated during segregation - at least blacks enjoyed separate but equal treatment and facilities.  White males must be perfect, or enjoy a family legacy to enter the Ivy League.  They are the last considered even then.  I defy anyone to show me a white male enjoying the benefits enjoyed by the Boston bombers. 

White males are openly and hostilely treated like they are an enemy.  They are mocked and belittled.  They are discussed as being the problem.  Their natural inclinations and behaviors are ridiculed and spoken of as dangerous and a threat to society.  Little boys, behaving like little boys, are punished and prescribed drugs to make them docile and compliant - easily led to become weak, subservient, and confused.  They must accept they are part of a long legacy of hate, destruction, and oppression.  If Christianity is added to a boys personal history - another litany of sins/crimes are added to his burden.  He must atone for all of them.  He must be punished for the past crimes.  He is taught he is not entitled to equal treatment.  He is part of a group that ruined the world.  He deserves punishment and must admit he knows his place and why.  Failure to so do, results in bad grades and other mistreatment's that sum to create mental illness in many.  When these boys act out in desperation, Democrats note the behaviors and say: See!  We told you they were dangerous. 

Democrats use a political tactic so outrageous few, if any, will consider it.  Democrat work to create self-fulfilling predictions.  Whenever a Democrat asserts a complaint against Republicans, or if they voice a generic problem, what the Democrat is doing, or planning to do, is to divert attention and blame from themselves.  Democrats project dilemmas - then work, often illegally, to make it so.  Fast and Furious is only one example.  The housing crisis is another. 

The majority of blue collar white males work in construction, or in other businesses that support construction.  Bill Clinton's labor secretary: Robert Reiche went before Congress January 7, 2009, where he told the world what Democrats planned to so.  This was before Obama took office!!!  Reiche specifically excluded white males from government help, programs, and contracts planned to "fix" construction and assist construction workers - Stimulus spending.  See his speech HERE.  Imagine if a Democrat sanctioned class was targeted this way.  The result from Republicans in Congress - Nothing.  The Media - Nothing.  It is clearly apparent attacking, punishing, setting aside the civil rights of white males is a matter on which everyone agrees.  White males are the enemy of Democrats, Republicans, and others. 

Democrats wanted white males broken and begging Democrats for help.  Then, Democrats could control white males.  When a person owes his livelihood and the welfare of his family is at risk, he will make a deal with the devil.  This has occurred.  Construction remains broken - down over 50% from pre-2007 levels.  This is my stock and trade.  In the BEST location - outside DC - starts remain down 50%.  Only white union workers received Stimulus help.  Only white male union members enjoy their civil rights - IF... they behave and vote properly - for Democrats.  White union members are treated with deference and permitted to form enclaves of power.  No where else is this permitted. For America to regain its heritage and enjoy the benefits of the past, white christian males must enjoy their civil rights and not be relegated to the back of the bus. 

Let's do some basic math.  Half, 50% of eligible voters do not vote.  WHO are they?  WHY do they not vote?  Could this group be encouraged to vote and actually vote? 

WHO:  Half of the half who do not vote are White Christian Males. 
WHY: They see no party working to end affirmative action / EEOC laws and restore their civil rights.  Why should they vote?  However, when a politician hints at restoring their rights, they do vote.  The last President to do this was Bush I - remember the Willie Horton ad?  That ad obliquely inferred Bush would act in the racial morass. 

50% of 50% = around 20% of eligible voters.  Adding these white male voters will bring 20% more votes to the election results.  A real landslide occurs.  Even if only half that number vote - that's a 10% increase and more than enough to terrify Democrats and permanently end their political power. 

Why will no one work to help white males?  Their political careers stand at risk.  Entering the racial morass is an all or nothing gamble.  Few will risk it. That shows how reviled white males have become and how much terror Democrats will throw to prevent white males from again becoming equal. 

We can do something - something that will bear immediate fruits.  We must encourage the people we know, who DO NOT vote, to vote - AND - when speaking to politicians bring up racial equality. We must Demand It!  This argument is easily made.  The response from the politician will tell you immediately if they are useful.  Alternatively, develop a new candidate to oppose the status quo.  This person must aggressively seek the votes of white males and explain what he will do once elected.  He need not play down the true purpose during visits with other voter groups.  Who can argue with restoring civil rights?  Promoting restoring Christian religious rights will draw more. 

The crime and family statistics clearly show the detriments all American face.  The politician chosen must act to fulfil his promise if elected.  If they fail, they must be removed from office.  Keeping the Non-Voter engaged is a chore but one, upon our future is hinged.  The politician will risk the wrath of the press and Democrats.  Attacks will come from everywhere.  But... the arguments are true and ample evidence exists.  Only an idiot/ideologue can or will object.  These people will object about something - regardless. 

Once other politicians see success and the untapped votes available, they should begin courting the white male vote and promise to end this injustice.  Politicians will scurry to votes - always. 

There is but one way to end the problems America faces - re-engage the people who made America great - White Christian Males.  Once this freight trains begins to show viability, Democrats and their minions will run scared.  They have earned the outcomes they will face.  We must never forget those responsible for this disgrace. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Stupid Idiot


The stupid are why America is on a path of destruction.  The stupid are almost always poor which adds to their greivances.    

Frankly, I do not know where to begin with this article.  It contains so many errors and falsehoods - it causes me anxiety to know some Americans are this stupid.  That they are eligible to vote is topic that must be addressed to avoid future difficulties - but only if this nation can correct the path it is on. 

I once read there were requirements for voters -
1. Property owner (An invested tax payer)
2. Literate (Informed)
3. Free Man (No one who depends upon subsidy from the State is a Free Man - they will always vote to perpetuate the subidy, or incresase it.)

FYI - murders in Chicago for 2011:  435.  Murders in all North Carolina in the same year: 501.

The policies Progressives use to lure voters to their cause target the stupid - and the fear filled. The stupid know better than anyone else the extent of their intellectual and other limits. They know they will never be rich, or succeed and the reason why - their stupidity.  The stupid see advertising promoting material ibjects they believe will elevate their status, enhance their lives, and an emotional conflict arises. The stupid are concordantly typically: greedy, envious, and hateful.

Women, being smaller and weaker, AND, forced to choose between incompetant and "sincere" mates, seek security for themselves and their children from a source other than their husbands - the majority White Males. White males were targeted, and remain targeted, by Progressives.  Progressives know the typical white male is superior to the members of their sanctioned groups.  Proof lies in employment and academic admission qualifying standards.  To "qualify" the members of the Progressive sanctioned group required modification (dumbing down) the requirement/admission standards - and excluding white males.  These standards were originally created to qualify white males; who typically passed the "Old" standards.  WOmen too, could only qualify after the standards were dramatically reduced.  Lowering the bar of qualifications left government and other organizations that employed Progressive applicants wanting - the replacements were weaker, less intelligent and less capable. 

When the State promises to improve the material wealth of the stupid and provide them security - it advances a pair of winning options.

Stupidity is required for Progressive politics. Few lucid voters value security over liberty. Capable people want the freedom to succeed. They need it to succeed. The current complaint; that only the rich get richer is directly attributable to the loss of liberties. Goverment restrictions prevent the Little Guy from improving his lot. Regulations assure only the rich can afford compliance. The stupid fail to make the connection.  They want both - security and subsidy. 

The stupid want the rich punished; which only increases the number of regulations precluding opportunities available to them. In order for the stupid to succeed, very few impediments must exist. The stupid are unable to negotiate life, let alone a regulatory maze.

Wanting to punish the rich moves the stupid farther and farther away from success. The stupid believe the rich do not know how difficult life is for the stupid. This too is stupid. Some rich people are born into wealth. Most are not and never accrue enough financial security to end their worries. Regulations assures even the marginally rich remain (albeit less so) wealthy. The stupid's solution is to drag everyone down to their level. The stupid fail to see people smarter than they will run the new equally poorer community. Eventually, the smart will overtake what remains - leaving the stupid even worse off. As stated above, the stupid (and poor) are responsible for most, if not all, our troubles.

Stupidity was once fatal. Stupid acts, the daily acts of the stupid, led most to die prematurely - thus removing their DNA from the gene pool. That is a passive benefit in free societies.  It acts to regulate stupidity. Over time, the society improves in everyway - resulting from a decline in the number of stupid members.

However, Progressive policies work to protect the Stupid from themselves!  Progressives assure no behavioral regulations are imposed upon the stupid.  The Stupid out breed the intelligent. The stupid do not plan their children nor consider if they can afford children. Worse, the state subsidizes the stupid's breeding.  The State increases the subsidy paid for each child created.  Accordingly, the stupid breed in earnest. The stupid knowingly condemn their stupid children to lives of poverty. Having a baby when poor virtually assures the child is condemned to a life of poverty. Statistics reveal a frequency over 90% . Those stupid children will learn from their stupid parents and behave like them - stupidly

Unfortunately, we have reached critical mass. The number of stupid votes exceeds the number of intelligent votes. The stupid have created numbers the aggregate revenues of government cannot sustain. Their actions of the stupid increasingly requires government spending. Deficit spending ensues. Bankruptcy is the eventual outcome. 

A complete collapse of government and a period of lawlessness arising from the collapse are in our future.  The stupid are a sacrosanct class - needed for Democrats to remain in power. We can thank Progressive Democrats for indemnifying the stupid from themselves and the consequences of their actions.  Progressive Democrats planned this outcome and continually work to preserve a stupid majority.  We assume Progressives act to protect the stupid knowing the fiscal end game is a nightmare. Progressive Democrats believe they will escape the bad outcome they are creating. This too is unbelievably stupid, but Democrats will not stop. Perhaps they can't stop. I may agree it is too late to make any change that will avoid the bad outcome. Magnitude - the extent and term of the lawlessness are the only factors remaining.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Newtown, Columbine, Aurora - What Motivated the Mass Murders?

I will not pander to the shooting tragedies and write sympathetic remarks. Others have done that ad nauseum. Flatly, unless we move past these tragedies, and begin to honestly investigate what prompted these actions; to terminate the causal factors, we face more deadly actions, and others that send more white males to prison needlessly. These recent shootings are more a result of the backgrounds shared by the shooters than guns, gun laws, and a desire to kill.

Exploring: what these men shared, and how they shared, inexorably leading to their actions, is how answers are discovered. Shooting is only one expression of the rage, confusion, and despair they felt. Look around and you will find other young, white men behaving badly for the same, or similar, reasons. This is why our history does not show a commonality of actions. These mass shootings are a recent phenomena and one with specific causality. These shootings are a product of our times and politically correct policy making adopted into school curriculum's, broadcast in the news, and other Progressive programs that assault white men, deny them access to employment, college admissions and their “pursuit of happiness”. How Progressives approach policy change, and to what ends they will go, is most important.

These young, white men were taught all their years – they belonged to a group with a lineage of destruction and oppression. Young boys deal with this politically correct motivated assault and condemnation differently. These men’s family backgrounds also play a role in the decisions they took. Combined, the accusations, instruction, and family environments that contributed to their murdering others could be expected. If we remove race, we find young minority men behaving similarly and I suspect for the very same reasons.

All the shooters were white, young men who came from various socio-economic backgrounds. Their experiences were dissimilar in some respects, but there is a commonality of experiences they all shared – based upon their race and sex. How much impact these shared experiences played upon their actions cannot be known for a certainty, but those experiences should not be ignored as these provide a predictable motivation that results in destructive behaviors. Mass murder with guns is not the only bad behavior young men acting out chose over the past twenty years. The shootings get the most attention – if whites are the perpetrators. Similar actions within the black community largely go unreported - on the same scale. The murder of young black men is a late term abortion in Progressive circles and little is done to prevent or report on the black on black murders.  Those number in the thousands... year in and year out.  Keep voting Democrat. 

These men are products of the public school system where they were taught to think of themselves as part of an evil patriarchy that oppressed women and minorities, destroyed the environment, and held authority through a racial birthright – an authority they dangerously dispersed. These shooters neither earned nor deserved their birth right. Centuries of control enabled an entrenched white power structure to pass control to younger white men. While boys, they were taught they belonged to an insidious cabal whose every action resulted in disaster - for something or someone. According to the PC narrative - white males have been on a rampage of destruction in America since before the days of the founding. Importantly, they did not care about the repercussions of their actions. Their greed and animus towards others – others unlike themselves – fueled and exacerbated their actions. More, they could never escape from, or atone for, the past actions of their forebearers. These shooters began living down to the expectations and behaviors they were told their race and sex promulgate; and they are no exception.

Slavery was prima facie evidence of the malice white men held. They stole land and murdered the Native inhabitants. They prevented women from voting and kept women under control as stay at home mothers– another form of slavery. They were the progeny of robber barons who used and abused their workers with no regard for consequence of their actions upon the environment. They ransacked third-world countries (and their populations) gathering raw materials for their factories. The selfish pursuit of profits led to the Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown and the Love Canal toxic waste dump. These events were symptomatic of the “profits at any cost” mentality that visited horrific outcomes for families living near these sites – and the environment. White men were the worst – and they were owed no path of redemption. There was no way out and no reason to provide a way out. Someone had to pay for these past crimes – young white males would carry that burden.

Away from school, these boys heard a steady, negative, drumbeat about their race and sex and the wake of tragedy that followed their ilk. They saw television sit-coms that portrayed other white men like them (and their fathers) as stupid and feckless – a detriment to their families. When they sought employment – they learned they were persona non-Grata – women and minorities and others were preferred to them. What they were taught in school was coming true. They would have few opportunities – or none at all. How would they support themselves?  They couldn’t qualify for government assistance – they were white men. Attending school was an option that continued the assault upon them. Upon finding employment they learned they would be last to advance – race and sex laws precluded their advancement. Low paying jobs were available – but little else. Their lives would turn out as predicted - whether they liked it or not. The odds were stacked against them.

One shooter was intellectually brilliant and working on a doctorate. However, that career path is not immune to the very same conditions and difficulties. In some ways, it is worse. Academia is a mine field where one misstep, comment, or lack of zeal can end years of study and sacrifice - if a race or sex rule is not properly behaved or worshipped properly - with enough enthusiasm and reverence.

If we add to this mixture mental illness a very bad concotion brews. I’ll suggest a premise... The mental illness noted in these men is, at least in part, a result of their experiences. All of the shooters were portrayed as: odd, quirky, loners, who didn’t fit in.

What went wrong in the minds of these shooters is axiomatic when viewed against recent psychological and behavior practices. Far too many little boys, when they act like little boys are “diagnosed” as having behavior problems and given mind altering drugs. What are the long terms consequences of taking mind altering drugs? I’ll suspect mental illness is spawned, perpetuates, or get worse. With-drawl from these drugs also creates trouble for the user. (By the way – mothers get paid if their children are diagnosed with mental illness – social security pays them nearly one-thousand dollars monthly.)

For many working mothers, who have little time to interact, love, and teach their children, women who are exhausted after a workday; to have their lives compromised with more work and trouble if their child is “acting up” is intolerable and quickly solved with drugs. Feeding the child drugs – on the advice of a physician/counselor - is an easy alternative. Besides, everyone else is doing it…

What role a mother’s absence plays in this equation is also unknown, and not investigated; as that stands to negatively impact PC ideology, rules, and Progressive policy sex laws. We will not soon see anyone investigate or report upon the problems produced in the child when a mother works full time. One fact stands out - shootings like these never occurred when a majority of mothers had no career outside the home.

Reports on these shooters reveal all of them had mental “Issues”. The causal mechanisms and substances and environment will not be known - doctor/patient privilege laws prevent our knowing. Those laws are never addressed and/or changed - for a reason. The Progressive agenda desires expanding gun laws. White men legally own the most guns.  The Progressive gun agenda wants to outlaw gun ownership because guns are devices white men favor and use to protect themselves and their families/property. White men are more easily controlled without guns.

The Aurora shooter is named James Eagan Holmes. Call him Jimmy. Those knowing Jimmy noted he was: stubborn, uncommunicative, and socially inept. Gee, that’s kinda harsh.  I suspect Jimmy was not treated well by these same people and definitely not by his teachers and professors - he was a white male.

Jimmy was in psychotherapy and was diagnosed as suffering from Dysphoric Mania - DA. That doesn't sound good - particularly when we marry this condition to the other problems Jimmy faced due to his personal history, race, and sex.

DA symptoms include: agitation, fatigue, anxiety, impulsiveness, irritability, morbid or suicidal ideation, panic, paranoia, pressured speech and rage. WOW! Jimmy was ripe to act out violently and maybe shoot someone. His psychologist (presumably) did nothing to stop him. Why the shrink did nothing to control Jimmy is important. Why doctor/patient discussions are off limits is very important. Why Jimmy was left in the community when his shrink knew he was ready to do something bad - is the most important.

My first question is what the shrink did to assist Jimmy in shooting someone?

Did Jimmy’s shrink suggest gun violence in any way, shape, or form? Mentioning the use of guns to resolve a personal problem - doesn’t play out the same way it would in a normal mind. (remember, Jimmy was prone to the DA symptoms - Rage and Impulsiveness.)

Did the shrink suggest violence was no answer - knowing Jimmy would rebel against this advice - (impulsiveness, irritability, suicidal, rage)?

Was violence a consistent topic in their conversation? Did the shrink recall the problems others who used guns to solve their trouble faced – the sensational trial and non-stop reporting on their actions (wink wink)?

To me, if any, or all of these options were discussed, the shrink encouraged Jimmy to act with a gun - and no one will ever know what was spoken between the two!  Doctor / Patient privilege protects those conversations.  There is a reason for this.

The Progressive Left broke many, many laws in Fast and Furious – to expand gun control laws. Thousands of Mexican Nationals were murdered with F&F weapons. At least one US citizen was murdered with F&F weapons – Border Agent Terry. The Progressive Left, apparently knows no bounds– legal or moral - when a preferred policy stands to gain. Thousands of deaths did not deter them. Rampant violence did not deter them. A climate of fear and terror did not deter them.  Breaking US gun laws did not deter them. 

Psychology is filled with people who favor Progressive politics. I’ll assert the percentage of Progressive psychologists mirror what is found in academia generally – around 90%. Psychologist are very active in Progressive politics and work within the political system, the courts, and elsewhere to advance Progressive causes. A few murders, even the murder of children, cannot be excluded from the Progressive political agenda.  Progressives support third tri-mester abortions - where a viable human being is killed with pair of scissors inserted into the back of the skull, stirred around, and the brain removed by suction.  Are these deaths any different than the children shot at Newtown?  The Progressive Agenda = the Ends justify any Means. 

Guns were not the reason why children, or the others were killed in these mass shootings.

In my opinion, these deaths: were created in a classroom when young white boys are targeted and taught they are evil and deserve punishment.  The conditions were aggravated by a new age family structure where mothers are not available to care for, and love away their children’s emotional troubles; that are generated in school, and from, the derision of classmates.  These were definitely caused by Progressive policies that never sleep - and know no limits – even the murder of innocents is acceptable... so long as their Progressive policies are moved forward. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

About the Author

I am nearly 60 years old.  I love God(s), my family, my country, the Constitution, hate drug laws, and believe we are each responsible for ourselves and our families. 

I nearly died when I was 17 in an accident and had an out of body experience.  I lived in California through the 1970s when Affirmative Action, AA, laws became ubiquitous. Lately that began to trouble me deeply as I see those laws as the root of all our troubles. I faced the racial prejudice and could not gain employment due to my skin color.  My race and generation became the new niggers - despised and treated like second class citizens - by laws and Progressive Democrat policies!. I was tested often by potential employers who honestly told me the test outcomes would not improve my employment chances.  They told me only minorities would be hired, or they stood to loose government subsidies, tax breaks, or their eligiblity for government contracts.  I demanded the tests anyway - if only for self evaluation. 

I am a standard, ordinary male and a product of my times.  I was born into a middle class family - I think.  My father was a career Navy man and later a civil service employee.  We moved often due to his Navy career.  I grew to hate school and never graduated from college.  I barely graduated from high school.  I smoke, like beers and football, I can repair houses and cars, I am an artist, a musician (how I made a living when I could not obtain regular employment).  I write and know grammar inside and out.  I possess a high IQ and have tested in the same range repeatedly since the 5th grade.  I'm a (Jack) Mormon, father, husband, and business owner.  I've buried a wife - who died from cancer.  All my children graduated from college.  I've been blessed beyond my dreams - but worked hard for years to enable and retain those blessings.  I am the person who made it despite the obstacles and proof it came be done - with hard work and study/intuition and some luck/more hard work. 

I recently took a decision to work till the end of my life to overturn AA laws and other edicts that trampled upon the Constitutional liberties of white men and the practice of religion.  This blog will primarily deal with those goals - and my eccentricities. 

Readers must confront a few realities if they are make informed decision on these, or any topic.  Readers must learn many of the "facts" they know to be true - Are WRONG!  Most are unaware they were indoctrinated from a litany of politically correct pressures that are ubiquitously placed.  The Progressive / Democrat Party dogma is found in the news and media, schools, employment rules and laws, and most of society willfully ignores what their senses tell them and parrot the politically correct maxims. 

I heard it at my bank two days ago.  A white woman, obviously afraid for the safety of her children, prefaced telling me her fears with a 5 minute didactic on her support of diversity and tolerance and inclusion - that all people are equal in every way - that stereotypes are wrong and prejudging is a sin.  I nearly lost my mind.  I wanted to yell STOP!  Your senses do not lie.  You are a rational person.  Trust what you see, hear, and learn.  Trust your children - who are terrified.  Do not risk your most valuable possessions to PC crap - violent and/or criminal behaviors PC rules protect and enable.   See, I remain part of the problem.  I said nothing... This too must change.  I will have spoken to the woman. 

The crux of the trouble in America today is government spending on welfare programs - RE: minority vote buying.  Spending is partially enabled by taxes.  Increased spending requires more taxes - and borrowing from our enemies.  The term used by politicians for vote buying is entitlements - and entitlements they are.  These programs are profuse and hidden in every agency of government.  That plan was initiated by LBJ.  He declared Democrats would own the black vote for 200 years once he enacted Civil rights and AA laws.  LBJ knew blacks - he was a Texas Senator for over two decades.  He knew how blacks behave and what is important to them. 

...Businesses will use anything that provides a competative advantage and increases profits - they must or go broke. 

Slaves were never incorporated into Southern white life.  Why is important.  Southern whites quickly learned blacks didn't provide assets that improved profits.  Overtime, as whites needed help in their houses and businesses, they discovered teaching blacks to read and compute was difficult if not impossible.  This has not changed.  Academic parity, a goal of Progressives for 50 years has not occurred.  Trillions was spent on this issue.  Black academic achievement has grown worse since the 1960s.  The reason?  Learning is considered by a majority of blacks as "Acting White".  Is there another group on earth who rejects improving their intellect? 

A drive through a black neighborhood is instructive.  The housing is provided to them free, the food provided is free, the utilities provided free, every facet of life is provided and nothing is required in return.  For these gifts, the buildings are treated like trash.  They are dirty and covered with graffiti.  Garbage is strewn around.  The residents treat one another with contempt and crime is used to obtain what is not available through their monthly stipend or government handout.  When inter-personal conflict arises, violence is applied to end it.   No matter what MLK boulevard you travel, the scenes and behaviors are more similar than dissimilar.  What can be derived from this reality? 

Black people have not used the gifts provided to them well. The intellectually gifted blacks left the black community and never looked back.  Intelligent blacks are the only group in history that prefers the company of another race to their own - whites.  Most refuse to reside or interact within the communities that spawned them.  Black academic measures have regressed since AA laws were enacted.   The black community in every measurable term - save being paid for doing nothing - has grown worse.  HS Graduations, marriages, bearing "legitimate" children are the behaviors that lead to success in life.  These have regressed in th eblack community every year since the civil rights laws were enacted.

AA laws reversed the racial discrimination that blacks faced before the 1964 civil rights bill(s).  Fewer than 1% of white men came from families that owned slaves - even though slavery is an issue that persists in being used to frame racial debates.  Slavery is argued with whites who had NOTHING to do with slavery - personally or through family history.  Slavery ended in 1865.  Using slavery as the issue is telling.  Segregation was a legally authorized practice that ended in 1964.  AA laws came next and were sold as "leg up" for blacks.  Democrats assured opponents AA laws were never meant as quotas or the long term answer.  AA was sold as a short term measure that would end once blacks advanced.  Blacks would not need support long term.  Hubert H. Humphrey - the bill's sponsor, former VP, and Senator promised to eat his hat if AA resulted in quotas - he never did - eat his hat.  Humphrey's refusal and lies are exemplary of how Democrat's operate. 

Democrats know traditional white males are typically religious and fear their eternal futures are tied to being in line with God's commandments.  Despite Democrats fighting to end the Christian religion's public displays and mocking Christians when they can, Democrats perpetually argue God's commandments are the reason why whites should give away their money (taxes) and volunteer to give away their jobs and seats in college to others - blacks are presumed less able to reach those objectives without the concession of white men.  It's worse really, laws exist that demand these men forfeit their Constitutional Rights.  White men are legally required to move to the end of the line for employment and college admissions. 

White men are portrayed in the press as: "all that's wrong with America".  White men from the past are also attacked and ridiculed as oppressive racists.  The Founding Fathers are lumped into this group.  The habits of white men are regularly criticized as detrimental and oppressive to society, families, women, and children.  Christian white men are viewed with more venom.  The Christian religion is set apart from other religions - Jews, Muslim, Paganism - and attacked as it is inexorably linked to US history and those evil white men.  The Christian religion (and most other religions) empowers men over women - as fathers and in society - is why.  Progressive Democrats despise Christianity. 


White men have accomplished more than any other group in the history of man.  White men created the US Constitution and our form of government.  White Men are responsible for nearly all the great inventions, and technological advances throughout history.  These men fought to protect their accomplishments and their families.  These white men bonded and created associations that advanced and shared their beneficence and wealth.  White men led religious congregations and governed communities.  The practice of accruing wealth and transferring that wealth to one's family was the means used to advance in America - long term planning.  That was one of the primary goals of the Founders - to provide any man the opportunity to escape his birth right through hard work.  With very few exceptions, white men and men generically made the industrialized world we inhabit - until the 1970s when white men became the enemy of Progressive Democrats who wanted to bribe voters - Black, Hispanics, and Women.  By stealing the opportunities for which men are most qualified, these Democrats transformed the political landscape and began installing PC word and thought policies to silence objections.  A practice of zero tolerance on race crimes terminated employment and ended career opportunities assuring compliance. 

White men fought one another and died to end slavery.  This fact is never spoken when race debates occur.  This must end and the Democrat's role in perpetuating slavery and segregation must be exposed until that fact is known by everyone.  More, Democrat bribery must be prosecuted once Conservatives are elected to a majority. 


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Reference to Light and how light interacts with the human soul/spirit is not readily apparent, nor is that information properly conveyed for viewing or understanding in the places I have looked.  I've studied Quantum Physics since 2004 and consumed over 50 books on the topic.  Light in the Quantum environment provides insight.  Light is a collection of Photons.  Photons are electrons - in their second/altered state.  You were likely unaware particles of matter exist in different states.  You are even more unlikely to know these particles can exist in different places - at the same time.  Electron/Photon are truly a matter of circumstances - and looking.  When measurements are taken, the electron becomes a particle.  When viewed, electrons behave as a wave.  This is but one of the bizarre behaviors of matter in the quantum sphere that considerably confuses men. 

Electricity is the movement of electrons.  Your nervous system uses electricity to move sensory stimuli to the brain.  Taste, smell, sight, touch, hearing - everything you absorb in the environment surrounding you is conveyed to the brain by a flow of electrons.  Each item you learn was absorbed by electrical movement.  Each bit of matter transmitted to the brain by the human senses (MEMORY) is an electron. 

Your spirit is comprised of electrons.  This is factual in my opinion.  Science is unable to know how man can absorb information through sensory stimuli and re-use that information to create a thought - or invent.

When the scriptures speak of light, consider learning and the physical impact electrons/photons, i.e. LIGHT - plays upon (and in) your body - and spirit.

The following is the Fifth Chapter of Ephesians - sans the break down.  I like reading scripture without the breaks.  This format makes the reference flow and context becomes clearly evident.  This scripture speaks to marriage and the responsibilities of spouses.  Enjoy

So be imitators of God, as beloved children and live in love, as Christ loved us and handed himself over for us as a sacrificial offering to God for a fragrant aroma.

Immorality or any impurity or greed must not even be mentioned among you, as is fitting among holy ones, no obscenity or silly or suggestive talk, which is out of place, but instead, thanksgiving.  Be sure of this, that no immoral or impure or greedy person, that is, an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.

Duty to Live in the Light:
Let no one deceive you with empty arguments, for because of these things the wrath of God is coming upon the disobedient.  So do not be associated with them.  For you were once darkness, but now you are light - thru the Lord.  Live as children of light, for light produces every kind of goodness and righteousness and truth.  Try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.  Take no part in the fruitless works of darkness; rather expose them, for it is shameful even to mention the things done by them in secret; but everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for everything that becomes visible is light. Therefore, it says:
“Awake, O sleeper,
and arise from the dead,
and Christ will give you light.”

Watch carefully then how you live, not as foolish persons but as wise, making the most of the opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore, do not continue in ignorance, but try to understand what is the will of the Lord. And do not get drunk on wine, in which lies debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another [in] psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and playing to the Lord in your hearts, giving thanks always and for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God the Father.
Wives and Husband:
Be subordinate to one another out of reverence for Christ. Wives should be subordinate to their husbands as to the Lord.  For the husband is head of his wife just as Christ is head of the church, he himself the savior of the body.  As the church is subordinate to Christ, so wives should be subordinate to their husbands in everything. 
Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church and handed himself over for her to sanctify her, cleansing her by the bath of water with the word, that he might present to himself the church in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish.
So [also] husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.  For no one hates his own flesh but rather nourishes and cherishes it, even as Christ does the church, because we are members of his body.
“For this reason a man shall leave [his] father and [his] mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”
This is a great mystery, but I speak in reference to Christ and the church.  In any case, each one of you (HUSBANDS) should love his wife as himself, and the wife should respect her husband.
Why this scripture is so very important is evident due to recent political discussions surrounding homosexual marriage (paralipsis coming)...
Marriage - is the union of two human beings capable of producing offspring by engaging in normal, biological reproductive acts; without synthetic supplementation. 
Marriage - is the word bond between two human beings of opposite sex. 
Marriage - is a promise that carries responsibilities towards the opposite party.
Marriage - it's success or failure - is a commentary on the party's credibility. 
Marriage - is the device used to assign responsibility to the marriage parties - individually and collectively.  Offspring is the operative target. 
Marriage - became a legal instrument used to assign property and parental rights. 
Marriage - is a legally enforceable vow that binds/compels the parties to behave within the context of their marriage - should the marriage dissolve. 
Homosexuality and marriage are mutually exclusive.  Why the Left chooses to attack marriage and destroy the logic and reason associated to it, is purposeful.  The Left's ambition is to eliminate logic and reason based thinking; thinking that uses history and merit to evaluate outcomes and behaviors.  The Left wants absolute control so they can obtain outcomes, and/or force behaviors, that suit their political, or personal, needs/wants, at the expense of personal liberties.  Religion and morality are antithetical to Progressivism.  So is reason and logic. 
As stated above - turn away from comments and the people making them if they attack the sanctity of marriage, and/or deny the relative uses of logic and reason - irrespective of application. 

A majority of US citizens no longer worship God - or they are timid and refuse to fight back to preserve their nation and their religion which is under attack.  It appears homosexual "marriage" will be codified.  That is not necessary.  Gays claim they are denied civil rights.  However, marriage is not a right.  Their goals are broader and much more devious.  To preserve my estate for my children, I had to spend thousands of dollars to create a trust and will.  I was married - but these requirements remain.  Gays too must do the same thing.  If this issue is to include other benefits - insurance, visitation, etc.. change the laws but leave marriage be.  Apparently, having all the legal access as married couples is not enough.  That exposes the fraud of homosexual marriage civil rights.  This is another attack upon the sanctity of marriage and the religious conventions that set it apart.
Your financial income must never influence your political support - particularly when that income, or any portion of that income, is derived from a government/political source. When a politician espouses a desire, or sets a goal that rejects or compromises God, and his commandments, we must reject them.  Since God refuses to force a man to obey his commandments - a politician must never compel a man to keep God's commandments.  Fairness is irrelevant.  We must take care to avoid becoming fixated upon fairness, as it will cause us to sin on several levels - envy, greed, coveting, et al.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Goodness and Godliness

Reading the scriptures rearranges my thinking.  They always prompt me to reconsider my conclusions.  The scriptures, apparently, confuse me and drive me to find answers.  They exert a profound effect.   As I read them Sunday, I wondered if that was the purpose of the scriptures, at least in part - to temper conclusions and perturb thoughts.  We are commanded to "ponder" the scriptures. 

This weekend my attention was centered on Who God is, and the number of Gods running the Universe.  I suspect this revelation will have readers reconsidering my views, sanity, and even my Christianity.  Make no mistake, I believe in the Christian God.  Moreover, I believe in the God(s) named and referenced in scriptures other than the Bible.  I've read and continue to read, the Book of Enoch, the Nag Hammadi, the Book of Mormon, Septuagint, and any scripture I can locate that references the Gods of the Old Testament and Jesus Christ.  I am not afraid of confronting gospels rejected by the Council of Nicaea.  I admire those men, but strongly suspect personal and immediate needs and wants impacted their decision making.  They likely also sought to avoid conflict, condemnation and  issue a group of gospels that worked to advance the agenda they favored.  Unification demands absolutes.  The Council provided absolutes.  The Council were no different than men of today who seek to profit from their labors.  They must. 

In retrospect, it is easy to make comments like mine and suggest they might have tiered the scriptures and encouraged people to Ponder them all.  The Council had their detractors and other interests that wanted an outcome different than the Council's.  The Gnostics, for example, thought each person should form a unique and personal religion - no need for an organized group.  The group provides numerous benefits not available to the single person.  But this post is more concerned with learning about the Gods - their personal relationships, and their domains.  We will discuss these over several posts.

I am a man of little faith.  I rely upon the Hope quotient.  I can Hope, concordantly, I have faith.  I function well when I possess material evidence of God, or possess an ability to extrapolate evidence.  Upon these premises, are the postulates proposed based. 

God's God:  There is a supreme being - one that existed before any matter or assembly of matter, detectable by lesser Gods or man, was found.  I find no record of this entity having a spouse.  It may be impossible in the context presented.

God of the Old Testament, Elohim.  This entity is a perfected being - similar in form to man.  This God has met with man and advised man - 10 commandments/others.  Man was created in Elohim's image.  Is man's image accurate?  We do know man is flesh, while Elohim enjoys a perfected physical form.  The ability of known matter to resemble God's form is dubious/unknown.  Elohim has a spouse - Sophia.  Do Elohim and his wife procreate as man procreates?  Does perfected/unknown matter behave similar to the known elements?  What processes does a perfected, eternal, form follow? 

Evidence suggests Elohim created eternal offspring - angels.  The two states of matter are incompatible, or share a dominant relationship.  The eternal state is capable of interacting with the human form, but the reverse is not possible.  Man must be translated to endure God's presence.  However, the Watchers - God's fallen angels, bred with human women.  That union created giant offspring - they enjoyed a superior stature and intellect.  These offspring were eliminated by God.  God sentenced the Watchers to an eternal and damnable state.  While residing and interacting with man, the Watchers instructed man in temporal improvements - ex. metallurgy - and in matters of spiritual/physical interactions: occult, sorcery, etc..  Noah, (or Noe) flood eliminated the offspring of Watchers.  I have not found if the flood additionally washed away what was taught to man.  Noah's offspring who shared the ark voyage, may, or may not, have known what the Watcher's taught.

Evidence suggest Elohim controls a finite domain.  The extent of that domain is nebulous, somewhat implied, and somewhat denied.  The Bible reads in several translations that Gods - plural - created the earth, and man.  Elohim and Sophia? Elohim and his peers?  WHO were the God(s) referenced in the Old Testament?  What strengths/abilities did they possess, and/or add to the creation processes?  Elohim's "work" may have required their assistance, or unity, provided by others - peer Gods, God's offspring, God's wife, other.

Evidence thus learned portrays Elohim controlling our solar system?  Does Elohim control more - our galaxy?  Universe?  We know Elohim's Chosen offspring - Christ - will eventually inherit and control this earth.  Mormon doctrines reads men who live righteous lives will live with Christ on the earth and procreate (if they perform the eternal marriage rites) - Celestial Kingdom.  Men who are less righteous will inherit lesser "kingdoms" (remedial training to attain the perfected state in my view). Lesser men are directed to reside in the Terrestrial Kingdom.  The least righteous men will go to the Telestial domain. 

Between the Great I am and Elohim are other eternal beings.  These are not referenced in absolute terms, and their purpose/relationship with Elohim and the Great I am is not clearly expressed.  Are these God an absolute peer of Elohim?  Do these Gods reside in differential states  - some more advanced than another?  What are the qualifications to attain Elohim's status?  What are the limitations of that state?  Are there strata for Godly development and advancement? Do these God's control solar systems? Galaxies? Other?  What else did they create and where is it?

God's limits are not expressed in absolute terms, save for his omnipotence and desire to be loved and respected.  Love of God occupies the first three positions in the 10 Commandments.  Is there a reasoning that can accurately be derived from these three Commandments and their placement?  Is something specifically expressed?  In what capacities can God's actions be interpreted and compared to Man's?  I can see a multitude of reason for these first three.  Eternity is a very long time; long enough to grow lonesome and needy for attention.  Does God's body ache for contact?  We do know God is not immune to emotions.  God's wrath is referenced often; so is God's love and satisfaction.  Ergo, if God is susceptible to emotional outbreaks, should we conclude the entire pallet of emotions are shared with our God?  If yes, God can become lonesome.  This conclusion helps me want to express my love of my maker more often.  I will do that.

I want to learn is Elohim and his peers conform to the thesis that suggests they are advanced beings.  Obviously they possess a superior intellect.  However, their commandments and inferences suggest they know of the downsides that arise from certain behaviors in certain relationships.  From what were God's commandments drawn?  I hold that as God's son, I share much with my father.  I further assert God's behaviors towards his children are similar to my own.  This is what has helped me reconcile my relation with God, when life has delivered a hurtful circumstance.  The death of my children's mother was exemplary.  How could God deny her and our children their due.  It also prompted me to learn quantum physics to resolve - or better understand eternal life and what defines our eternal components - our spirit/soul.  I did reach a reasonable answer.  This will be discussed soon.  I'll also post a primer on that topic alongside this post - Quantum Consciousness. 

I must end this post to pay the bills.  I love you Dad.