Friday, March 29, 2013

The Basics

White men, individually, and co-operatively, are responsible for the greatest accomplishments this planet has seen.  People may not like this fact, but it is indisputable.  Even now, with hiring laws and affirmative action preferences mandating "equal" representation (diversity) white men remain the source for most of the accomplishments in the USA.  Increasingly, Asians are contributing - as they have since the genesis of that race.  Other races contributed far less.  Women have contributed in those areas they are biologically and instinctively inclined.  The vast majority of women remain extremely accomplished in areas where they are biologically superior.  The female population remains diminished in those areas where women are not biologically inclined.  Their physiology's prevent their adapting to those areas.  Were are told each is equal - in every way according to Progressive Democrats and people indoctrinated to not think for themselves.  Equality in the eyes of our creator is a fact.  However equality does not exist and will never exist in areas where humans are measured by their behaviors, physical attributes or their measurable intellect.  These truths may appear unfair to some.  Fairness never was, and never will be a criteria for success or proliferation.  The opposite is true.  Ignorance and traits that are diminished (unfairly missing) assure a person or population will not thrive - they are more likely to succumb to the environment surrounding them.  They die out and the gene pool loses traits that do not adapt to, or master the environment. 

A visit to the natural habitats of each race reveals their intellects and accomplishments.  Some are much more advanced than another.  In less than one thousand years, Europeans built the cathedral at Rheims, conquered the globe, wrote Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, created mass production, took flight to the moon, invented ways of immediate communication, tamed the environment, and established societies that better enabled these accomplishments.  While all this advancement occurred, Africans remained in mud huts and subsisted.  The Middle East spiked for a brief time during the Ottoman Empire, then regressed to, and remains in tribalism.  The South East Pacific Islands are slightly improved over Africa, but not much.  India, also has a history where they flourished and technology thrived, but a population imbalance permitted a large number of intellectually diminished people to parasite upon the very intelligent population.  That imbalance disproportionately consumed the raw materials and land spaces there - and - any hope of accomplishing what Europe did.  Asia too saw a significant growth of technology and industrialization.  Like India, a population imbalance, over population of a diminished intellect, and an oppressive ruling class doomed them for a millenia. Harsh political conditions saw the death of 100 million Asians during Mas Tse Tong's rule.  That did not improved the ratio of smart people because many brilliant people were killed as they presented a threat to Mao. 

Breeding by the best and brightest is essential for a society to grow in a manner that provides them the intellectual raw material required to innovate solutions for the society as it grows.  IN several societies the opposite occurred and that has a dysgenic impact.  When the intellectually deficient breed most, a disproportionate number of unsmart, unproductive people arise.  That places a irreconcilable drain upon the society and the society begins to degrade.  If left unchecked, the society will fail - as Europe did during the dark ages.  The best and brightest of Rome was eliminated and the means that enabled Rome to grow and thrive were redirected to placating the unproductive.  The unproductive eventually consumed all Rome produced and they could no longer protect themselves or produce the means to sustain the society.  Other, more aggressive unproductive peoples sacked Rome and looted its treasures.  The treasures were worthless once Rome died.  Roman society provided the means where certain items were worth more than their intrinsic value - coins, gold, other.  When the trading stopped and infrastructure that enabled trade went away, subsistence and the immediate needs of life gained value.  That condition lasted 500 years.  It required the death of millions of unproductive people - who literally lived with rats - for Europe's productive people to re-establish a productive environment.

We are taught Africa is the place where humankind arose.  If that is true, why is Africa not radically advanced?  All the raw materials used to create Eastern Europe are in Africa and many more.  So much so, Europeans traveled to Africa to obtain those materials.  Why do no libraries that contain information, history, and chronicle the means to advance not exist in Africa.  All the learned data from the inception of mankind should be there.  Africa should also contain more than the pyramids and Egyptian artifacts.  Africa should host immense cities and contain the cutting edge of history's technological advancements.  Africa should be the zenith of mankind - if that is where mankind originated... and everyone is equal in every way.  Obviously, we are not all equal in every way. It is much more likely Africa is where a sub set of intellectually deficient people killed off the brilliant, or discovered by happenstance a place where their limited intellect and substance mentality could survive.