Friday, May 18, 2018

Why Democrats Must Ruin Donald Trump - No matter the Cost

Image thanks to TRUTHFEED

Donald Trump's stated political agenda, and those who support the agenda, present the greatest threat the Democrat Party has ever faced. This threat arose because of choices Democrats made over the past 50 years. Those choices partly explain the Democrat's open hostility and hatred of the President. They are so desperate to win a permanent majority to the federal government they are willing to commit crimes, truncate individual liberties, and destroy the Nation. Truth be told, Democrat prefer the destruction of the US Constitution. It presents an insurmountable obstacle to their political ambition - a Marxist (Socialistic) State. Democrat's plans for President Trumps and his supporters (Self-reliant Traditional Christian Americans) are little different. Trump's supporters are no longer neighbors, fellow citizens - people with different political views. In the Democrat perspective, they are enemies of the Party, and by extension the Democrat State desired.

 Main Stream News organizations; given FCC licenses to report unbiased, useful information for all American citizens, has morphed into a sycophantic propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. They are employed to create a perpetual "news" cycle spiked with suspicion, derision, and insults. Destroying Trump is so important Democrats ignored their stated agenda to pursue new policies. Democrat support groups like illegal immigrants, and by extension their amnesty goals (Dreamers) were dropped by Democrats. What explains these vitriolic, irrational actions?

The current iteration of the Democrat Party is ideologically divorced from its historic moorings. Their recent actions to retain and excite their "Base" in the face of dwindling and unreliable support exposes the radical and dangerous actions Democrats took to steal an election. The Democrat's political objectives are a direct threat to individual liberties, Constitutional order, and public safety - by Design! Democrats believe, or have learned from experience, they benefit politically from creating an unstable and unavoidable environment of fear. This practice is deeply rooted in the Democrat Party's DNA. The Ku Klux Klan were their first Terror Wing - established to prevent blacks from voting or assuming new rights - as evidence in their opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Denied the use of the KKK, Democrats needed a new means to disrupt the lives of traditional American families, whom Democrats believed betrayed them. Democrats learned an important lesson from the Race Riots of the 1960s. They learned they could use black violence to intimidate self-reliant, traditional Americans AND gain new, reliable, political supporters. Addicting black families to welfare, and evicting fathers from the home, best assured single black mothers voted Democrat. Blacks continue to vote Democrat at a rate over 90%.

Traditional Americans wanted peace and stability. Democrat exploited this need, and the fears motivating the need - Black Urban Violence became the new Terror Wing for the Party. It also provided a new political tool - Politically Correctness. This permitted Democrats to do nothing to curb urban violence and simultaneously silence complaints about the violence using the New PC Tool - accusations of racism. People, who are afraid to leave their homes, are less likely to vote. They will accept higher taxes when told the money will be used to increase their safety. 

The Democrat’s political ambitions require a model similar to a Socialistic/Marxist State, one that is founded upon Secular Humanism and Moral Relativism. The pair provides Democrats an ability to Re-Define reality - absolutes: right & wrong become the exclusive purview of the Democrat Party. Relative Morality is similarly used to affect political outcomes and excuse unorthodox behaviors - like violence. A Godless environment allows Democrats to adopt defective people; whose chosen behaviors placed them at odds with traditional Christian Americans – and in some cases, criminal statutes. Democrats re-wrote medical, and numerous academic standards to create the perfect Politically Correct environment to protect their nefarious objectives - a Democrat Party Totalitarian State. Democrats secured the support of several Republican politicians – RINOs/Republican In Name Only. They too are prepared to destroy America for personal gain – and the protections Democrats promise them.

Traditional Americans reject the Democrat plans. Inevitably, as Democrats radicalized their political agenda out of need to gain a voting majority, they lost their remaining quasi-traditional supporters – like union members, or any thinking person with a conscience. This defection forced Democrats to court even more extreme support – illegal, deviant, and indolent groups became their focus and mainstay. Democrats implemented a tenuous legal and moral demarcation out of the political needs their choices created. If their new support factions included criminal elements: gangs, drug & sex traffickers, child molesters – so be it! If a new voting group commits acts of terror in America or abroad – that’s OK too. Democrats employ PC standards to protect their supporters from responsibility and external critique. Their supporters are sacrosanct – free from criticism and responsibility. Democrats further secure these votes by bribing their indolent supporters, welfare and subsidy programs are expanded to include every Democrat group. The programs are paid for  courtesy of their political enemy - self-reliant tax payers! Democrats are waging a war against traditional America. Their policy preferences and programs enable: America's enemies abroad; jeopardize constitutional liberties; cast Christian Americans as ignorant and insipid malcontents who needs be ignored; and created millions of disillusioned, drug addicted, incompetent people who rely upon government for their every need. 

Why adopt this extreme posture? Democrats are forced to lie, deflect, and attack to defend the indefensible. Moreover, traditional people are terrified of the “diverse” dangers the violent and criminal Democrat supporters bring to communities. Democrats know they cannot win elections without these votes! They have exhausted the “fringe” for new supporters. This helps explain the Democrat Party’s recent actions and words. Trumps agenda stands to eliminate illegal votes permanently. These are votes Democrats must have to win elections. Democrats must destroy Trump, his supporters, and the US Constitution. They have no choice.

The actions the Democrat Party in the last election were criminal - a purposeful corruption of public trust and the federal government. Their actions will come to light. If Democrats fail to remove Trump from office; so to hide their criminal actions; how they undermined agencies of the federal government to usurp the will of the citizenry – they are finished as a political Party.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Genius of Clive Staple (CS) Lewis - it's NOT what you think!

(Thanks to Truth According to Scripture's web site.)

CS Lewis is most recently known for his Narnia books. Those are a collection in the children's fantasy genre.  A pair of recent movies were very popular with children, and adults like me who enjoy tuning out reality for a time. In highschool, your author was required to read another Lewis book - "Out of the Silent Planet". It too was a fantasy. The genre was quasi Sci/Fi. To recap Silent Planet: Earth was the silent planet because the Gods stopped communicating with the residents on earth; while continuing to communicate with creatures on other planets. Obscure religious themes abounded in the text but were not openly discussed in class. This was ten years after the O'Hare decision to ban school prayer.

Despite the idioms he used when writing, at his heart, Lewis was a reformed and penitent Christian. Lewis chose atheism early in life. His mother's death and other frustrations combined with additional secular instruction in school to turn Lewis away from God.  Later in life Lewis re-discovered his faith while conferring with several significant English authors - JRR Tolkein is Lewis cohort millions know.  He wrote The Lord of the Rings books.  Those too were recently portrayed in cinema.  Lewis & friends named their group "Inklings". When together, they considered philosophical and religious items. In this context, Lewis confronted Christianity from a philosophical perspective. He discovered he was unable to discredit it - using the rules that define proper philosophical evaluation. Lewis' faith in Christianity took hold.  His intellect was immense.  His best works, IMO, are where his passions are invested - Christianity.  He describes Christianity better than the majority of clergy I've met or heard. Lewis' comments greatly influenced the likes Ravi Zacharias - referenced in the upper left links - Mr. Smarty Pants.

I'm currently re-enjoying Lewis' stellar treatise on his religion of choice -  Mere Christianity. (I commend this book to every Christian, and wannabe Christian, who for any reason, lost their faith.)  Lewis' flair with words in this work is purposely unremarkable.  He held advanced degress in English, and Classic Languages.  Like every other brilliant communicator, he knew well the benefits of brevity and succinct, simple phrasing, combined with common life experiences, and references to those experiences.  A writer is most appealing and best understood when everyone, no matter their intellect, comprehends his work. Lewis' practical use of common references are infrequently adjacent turns of language that provide a peek into his considerable mind and writing abilities. Lewis is no prude and openly castigates boors and arrogant snobs who cavalierly, without proper consideration, or, credential, expound Christian comments and secular ideologies incorrectly - or for personal and political reasons.

Don't like reading?  It's all on audio.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Life vs The Culture of Death

The entire purpose for mankind existing is to inhabit a body and learn from the life exercise. Even secular humanists believe this. Religious people view earthly life as a qualifying round for eternal afterlife.  Secularists believe this earthly life is all there is. No afterlife exists in their ideology. When a human's earthly life is the totality of existence, the motivation to maximize its value becomes A Priori - literally. Secularists obsess to acquire as many comforts, meaningful material possessions, and power, as their short lives, and effort, permit.

Christianity's eternity is a very long time. Long enough to render this speck of time that defines earthly life properly. The opportunities resident in the afterlife are predicated by the choices made and behaviors displayed while living an earthly existence.  Your author attempts to avoid interpreting the Lord's motivations and compliance standards, but, scriptures infer some choices made while on earth appear to compromise the soul eternally.  Murder is one act that may rise to that hellish standard.

Conversely, life holds subjective value in the secular ideology. In fact, devaluing human life is a necessary requirement for any secular, subjective, humanistic society. The ideology may not elevate one behavior or choice made over another. The circumstantial morality advocated by secular humanists provides no tempering aspect for the individual or society. The historical consequence of these preferences are obscene, ghastly and dehumanizing.

Morality, right and wrong, good and evil, are radically different concepts in a secular mind.  In the secular context, moral absolutes are stupid, irrelevant, self-defeating considerations - except when they provide the secularists a political argument to attack their opponents. When morality conflicts with instinct or temporal desire, the secularist frames them in the same equivalent and "relative" perspective he uses for other components of life. Good and evil, right and wrong, are contingent upon circumstance - and the Needs asserted in political ambitions. Needs must additionally survive secular redefinition. They are not true needs - essential items for life - needs. They are not needs, that, without which, people suffer significantly then perish. An objective assessment of secular needs reveals they are temporal desires and appetites. The objective of the redefinition is to validate the need, and sate the selfishness that inspired the Need. Moreover, secular Needs are purposely obfuscated; then combined with legitimate needs for a single purpose - to create dependence. Dependence assures allegiance - votes. Vote bribery is the true objective for all secular policies.

The dishonesty required to be an adherent of Secular Humanism is astounding. However, deceit is an ideological imperative, a political reality, readily accepted and expounded by secular adherents. Their aggregate actions compound to destroy traditional values and standards. Advancing government sponsored, special interest placating programs and protections for sacrosanct groups, are devised exclusively to addict people to government stipends and the attendant protective sanctions. A life committed to dependency is the necessary rubric of secular humanism. Equivalence enables, then mandates, selfishness?Dependence trump moral considerations. Not mandating a nominal, self-reliant, absolute behavioral standard, silently endorses ANY standard of behavior.  Not punishing violations of the standard, assures unorthodox and violent behaviors expand and go unchecked. For example - when education is considered stupid, and a waste of time; "Acting White", breeds an ignorant community of self-destructive criminality and violence that does not respect life.

The conflict between secular humanism and religion generically is historic and deadly.  The two standards are antithetical and unable to peacefully co-exist. This is acutely evident if one views the current religious conflict in America. The Progressive's willingness to eliminate opposition, using any means necessary, has always been requisite. Religion is inevitably made illegal.  Historically, every installment of secular humanism has required the murder of many people. Nearly 200 million perished worldwide in the worship of equivalence. Secular humanism is a Death Cult. They are obsessed with death because death is an instrument which must be employed with regularity and vigor to persuade dissenters and eliminate competition. People innately love personal freedoms - and those may not exist is a secular society.

A respect for life sits at the core of Christianity and most religions. All laws and standards adopted in a religious society are contingent upon that belief. When the most innocent members of a society, the truly At Risk, infants in the womb - are brutally dismembered, under the mantle of Choice (to prevent the population dependent upon the state growing too large) it reveals the depravity of the ideology used to argue for retaining the authority to murder the unborn. Democrats must, therefore, maintain an acceptable population size. One large enough to provide sufficient votes needed to win elections, while simultaneously keeping the population small enough to not overtax fiscal resources. It's a dicey problem. Only the murder of the unborn provides Democrats adequate flexibility.

Murder in the secular society is profoundly punitive and perverse. Abortion claims at least 1/3 of all black births in America. Currently, more black infants are aborted than graduate high school in America.  More - One in four urban black males die from violence before reaching age 25. Democrats obsess over, and work to ensure these population control/DEATH policies are enacted and free from modification. Opponents are attacked as racists and tried from a Zero Tolerance perspective. Both policies provides the true measure of secular humanism; its sensibilities and sensitivities. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

God and Men

There is one God ruling earth. That same God heads all the worlds' religions. Some men were unhappy with God's plan - it did not allow them to control other men - and their purses. Those men chose to create new interpretations of scriptures, set new rules, and divide men from one another - and God. Strangely, every religion claims they are God's chosen - the only "True" religion. God may have a preferred religion, but I assure you the men running that religion will foul it up. There may be certain rights and rituals that place a person on firmer footing in the afterlife, but who honestly believes a loving God would turn his back upon a man doing Good in God's name? No fair minded, compassionate Father; no loving God, will do that.

The God of the Bible commands we love one another. Conversely, the leaders of the world's several religions seek to divide men from one another, and, in so doing, divide men from God. This practice is purposeful and must end. These divisions arise to placate the eccentricities of certain members. Dividing men from one another (and God) is done for financial gain; and to control men. These same religious leaders disobey God's central command to never act in God's name to control the free will of another man. Scripture and commandments suggests man must never infringe upon another man's free will. Importantly, NEVER use God to accomplish that ambition. Those actions are sinful. They may be immune from repentance. Misusing God to restrict free will is a sever risk to take, but many so do - presuming they are acting under ther premise of religion. In their twisted logic, they see themselves acting as God's ordained emissary, and presume that protects them - and sanctions their actions to rob or sway free will. These men act in the same capacity as heretics, anti-religious zealots.  When they separate men using religion, they prevent men from uniting to fight back against those forces who want religion outlawed. 

They are wrong.  
Free will is sacrosanct. 

The "murder" or elimination of God has been the on-going objective of secularists and governments for centuries. A man holding no respect for an afterlife, or the precious nature of a human spirit, only concerns himself with the present, and his own welfare. That is the outcome atheists and Progressive Democrats want. By using government authority to regulate away the hereafter, this human existence becomes a matter of competition, and the accrual of selfish, prurient desires. Once God is officially dead, men can act to subjugate and oppress their fellowman for personal gain - without consequence. If men are divided along religious lines, they will refuse to act together - thinking the other religion is wrongheaded, and that person deserves whatever treatment he is getting because he doesn't practice the "Right" religion. 

Only after the United State was founded with rights flowing from God, did the USA begin to inherit God's blessings. The history of our nation reveals the potential magnitude of God's gift and love. The growth and wealth created in this nation, the innovations and spirit of its people, are evidence of what God fearing, free men can accomplish. Sadly, history also documents the behaviors of men, once wealth and comfort are accrued, inherently follow a predictable path. God also issued a warning - if ever man strayed from God's commandments, he would turn his back upon them. The dynamics of this warning are currently playing out.

Only when men are enslaved and/or poor do they pray and behave properly - loving and respecting God. It almost appears God and wealth are incompatible, but they are not. Power craving men (politicians) are readily corrupted as they generally lack any ability to grow wealth from their own work. They are parasites who work to subvert God's commandments - and steal the property and liberties of their countrymen. When they are abetted by men claiming a religious prerogative - the process escalates. 

Time and circumstances are the only variables in this equation. Communism murdered near 200 souls after erradicating religion. Communism was officially rejected in 1989 by its founding nation - USSR. Unbelievably, it remains the preferred model for Progressive Democrat policy making. Democrats embrace the tenets and deployed the policies that legally restrict religion, -prior to permanently removing it. Under current Democrat policy preferences - religious worship is: mocked, limited, and marginalized. The next step religion is officially banned, then made a crime. We are more than halfway to allowing Democrats to establish a God-less government and society.

Men and women who love God must set aside their petty religious differences. It is far more important that men worship and work to do good in God's name. All God fearing people are in the sights of Progressive Democrats who want religion outlawed. Make a fist. Stand together.  Fight to protect your religious freedoms before it is too late. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Christian Fairness and Fealty to God's Commandments

God, our Divine Dad, wants everyone to achieve salvation.  He made the process so simple the least of minds may comprehend the requirements.  He provided Moses the Big Ten - so each person had a benchmark reference on what God expects from us; which behaviors are essentail to obtaining salvation and grace. God did more.  He so loves his children, he designed a process with a "Do Over". Legitimate Repentence enables man to realize the errors made, admit the errors, change behaviors, and pray for Christ's assistance to help in acquiring forgiveness.  God dictated revelations to various prophets clarifying and extending his remarks/commandments.  God made the process as simple, or as complicated, as a man chooses to make it.  Choice, Free Agency, is the operative factor in this equation - (God loves equations in my opinion).  The entire universe operates contingent upon numerous and uber complex equations.  Read up on quantum physics, or a similar discipline, and you'll discover the practical applications of God's design; albeit an amateurish attempt by mortals to comprehend the mind and workings of God's eloquent construct.

This equation is a personal favorite.  It defines matter moving faster than light speed.  This equation shows how eternal life happens; or in our earthly state - how eternal life is possible.  Practical elements in this life provide me Faith.  I'm damaged and the accident causing the damage rendered me incapable of possessing blind faith.  I need help.  Something, anything, that permits me to wrap my rational mind around eternal concepts, are tools I need to cast aside my earthly reticence and truly believe in the God that made us - and his plans for mankind.  God is a loving and affectionate parent.  He granted mankind wide latitude with free agency.  He accepts repentance.  In every way, he wants his children at his side for eternity.  To qualify, we must obey the commandments.

The commandments given mankind are not punitive and given to frustrate man. Commandments are practical necessities for societies to peacefully co-exist and thrive.  They direct man's efforts to communicate with their parent - and other spiritual entities. Worship rules define that process.  Collectively, commandments are not issued to make life troublesome.  Physical impulses and appetites do that.  Lucifer aids in corrupting a man's mind to question commandments, find fault with commandments, blame the person mandating commandments, and to ignore them.  Obedience to the commandments literally compose a child's affection towards their parent.  Commandments serve another more important and less discussed purpose.  Commandments define the physical requirements to enter into the afterlife.  Let's repeat that. Obeying the commandments literally arrange matter within a human soul to make that soul capable of surviving the physical conditions of the afterlife. God's universal design relies upon specific physical conditions, matter, energy, properly arranged and functioning in a perscribed manner.  All the detectable and measurable elements of life are mutually contingent upon  each other. Specific environments require complimentary morphology and energy in order for them to survive and sustain the environment.  Not one aspect of the universe operates or exists outside the predetermined design factors.

Accordingly, each human sensory experience, each deliberation, each decision, each choice exercised, configures a human soul.  The choices are compliant with commandments, or they are not compliant.  No middle ground exists.  The human soul is arranged and compiled by the experiences, deliberations, and choices a person takes.  Non-conforming souls, or consciousnesses, are not able to survive the physical environment resident in the afterlife God designed.

The act of repentance, invites Christ to repair the soul's physical condition and components in order to survive that eternal environment.  That process must also be conforming.  The afterlife's construct will not tolerate non-conforming souls.

The balance of the universe rests upon certain absolutes be placed and they may not be altered capriciously.  Nor may a soul enter the kingdom of heaven in an altered, non-conforming state.  God's practical design is essential and eternal.  Eternal anything requires exacting tolerances and a balance mankind cannot comprehend.  The afterlife is a thing of beauty - where a soul has the opportunity to grow and mature into an organism defined by precision,  balance and a pursuit of perfection.

Correspondingly, preparing for eternity requires a Christian not indulge or entertain anything which jeopardizes God's design or their access to salvation.  This makes for difficult choices in life.  Going along to get along... may visit serious and permanent consequences.  Strict obedience is encouraged - for a reason!  Tolerating behaviors and choices known to be antitheical anathema to the afterlife, may not, cannot, be indulged.  We must resist these vigorously. God expects us to ignore potential negative earthly outcomes and behave properly.  He does not condone acting incongruently.  Choices and outcomes have consequences - for each of us.  No one is immune from the results arising from their behaviors and choices.  This maxim obtains in every aspect of life.  Our families, our associates, those we elect in government, must share a respect and reverence for God's commandments.  The deplorable circumstances in America today are a direct result of misguided people thinking God wishes they be tolerant of destructive and sinful behaviors - regardless of their motivations - or ours own.  Mankind was given direct instructions. Failure for not obeying the commandments is clear and abundant.  Mankind's lack of integrity and weaknesses helped usher in Lucifers design and the gradual, incremental, ascendance towards his plans of collective destruction.

This process is made simpler when temptations and improper behaviors are made legal, permissible, or attractive.  No one is exempt from temptation.  Persisitent exposure weakens resolve and the soul's composition - making it unfit for the afterlife.  Do not believe God will understand your compassionate motivations - being weak and tolerating forbidden behaviors in others.  God may not so do. Some repetative choices exist that place repentance beyond God's reach and past the bounds of repentance.

Associate with others that share your convictions.  Find strength in a common affinity for good behaviors and choices.  God will sustain you through the consequences arising from resisting man made laws that deprive a souls access to the afterlife.  That eternal goal is the one deserving your attention and effort. Sinister forces rejoice each time you fail to remain obedient.  These forces increasingly surround life in America.  Protect yourself.  Your eternal life, is precious to God.

"Choose the Right, when a choice is placed before you.
In the right, the Holy Spirit guides.
And its light is forever shining over you,
When in the right your heart confides.
Choose the right! Choose the right!
Let wisdom mark the way before.
In its light, choose the right!
And God will bless you evermore."

Monday, March 26, 2018

Masculine Malfeasance

FACTUAL U.S. History:

Throughout the first two hundred-years of the United States, (ignoring periodic economic downturns), progress was the hallmark. Behind the plows; on the Mississippi river boat; operating the locomotive; cotton gin, combustion engine, etc…  at Melrose Park; on Wall Street; on the field of battle; everywhere you looked, government, society, religion, and private organizations - deferred to MEN Men, primarily, invented, created, and forged,the Nation's vast accomplishments. They also protected the nation against foreign and domestic threats. Fairness, and politically correct interpretations will not alter this reality. When reviewing history, the opinions of politically motivated social engineers matters not. Men, White Christian Men, are responsible for tthe bulk of U.S. history – supported by their wives, families, and communities. The extent and indispensible components of the female contribution to the Nation, communities, and families were not made in these public arenas. 
Pay close attention here…  The female contribution was essential to the all that occurred - and MORE. The integrity and moral conscience of families and society were, and remain, the primary, ansd exclusive domain of females. IMPORTANTLY, none of what transpired in the history of this great Nation was possible without women. We owe the wives and mothers and sisters and neighbors of our fathers and our father's fathers a vote of thanks and unlimited respect. 

One hundred and eighty years after the founding, the wealth and character of the U.S.A. was at its zenith. We ruled!  No if, ands, or buts… WE ruled... period!  What has occurred since that apex is open to speculation. The Democrat Party has studiously worked to intimidate Americans. This is specifically evident in their political dogma. The how and why American society fell into the disjointed, materialistic, self-serving, dysgenic, special‑interests placating, sexually confused quagmire, that now typifies America society is not open to discussion. To question this matter reflexively indicts the questioner as: stupid, racist, phobic, hater, selfish, nincompoop. Well let me tell you, my brothers and sisters, your autour is used to slander. I intend to destroy the Democrat Party as currently constructed. 
Let us begin here: There are four elements which, when scrutinized, provide insight.  

The Vietnam War:

This conflict stands alone; as it represents the birth, chronicles the consequence, and clearly evidences the extent to which the politically correct, Neo‑Man will go to escape physical harm and avoid offending any interest. Around 57,000, fifty‑seven thousand American Men, and a few women, sacrificed their lives to defend the rights and privileges of these cowards. Cowardly Neo-Men denied the military the wherewithal to resolve the Viet Nam war victoriously. Their actions forever cast the shadow of doubt; and prompt secret whispers - that degrade the brave souls who stood up when called, and served their country. These men were denied their mothers bosom at death, suffered mutilations; physical and mental, witnessed their brothers in arms vaporize, and had their vengeance voided. They were, and remain, despised. Building a wall to their memory does not excuse or repair the damage done to them.
The Viet Nam Vet anonymity serviced another agenda well ‑ the Major Marxist Media. Like purveyors of carrion, the media packaged, prepared and (through a clever marketing campaign that bordered on treason), served up a corrupt assessment, bolstered with opinions that precluded any dissent. The media preyed upon a Nation's nightmares and fostered fears. The citizen was force fed the graphic horrors of war – the means and numbers of dead -- on videotape, and in print; daily. This main course was always complemented with defamatory comments that denigrated the actions of the soldiers fighting in Viet Nam, the military generically, and anyone supporting that war. The media sequaciously squandered the lives of America's soldiers to bolster sagging Nielsen ratings, and, to grow their preferred government model - Marxism. The media's undaunted allegiance to Marxism/ Communism negatively impacted their viewership and ratings. They responded by increasingly covering the human destruction of war - in gruesome detail. They displayed a vigilant version of the evisceration occurring in the Vietnamese peninsula to terrify their audience. They sought to dictate opinion and leverage the re-actions of the government for profit - monetary and political! They intentionally ignored the needs, troubles, and duty of US servicemen. 

F.Y.I.:  The Viet Nam war was a business decision that made President Johnson's wife, Lady Bird Johnson, a millionaire many times over. Have you heard of Halliburton?  Halliburton recently purchased Kellogg Brown Root (KBR) – a company in which Lady Bird held the majority of shares. No bid contracts during the Viet Nam war?  Indeed there were such contracts. KBR was a no-bid contractor for the Viet Nam war. Why would the Johnsons want a war (that lined the Johnson's pockets with millions of dollars) to end? 
Our Viet Nam Vets endured all this and so much more that I am not privy to know. They still fought to protect us. I'm certain those veterans remaining alive take solace in the knowledge - as consequence of their valor, they promoted the Johnson family wealth, the Nielsen ratings, and the re‑election efforts of spineless, self-serving, seditionists. The seditionists continue to endorse regulations that dictate the fitness and proper manner of thought and conduct from their marble lined confines on Capitol Hill. This, they graciously afford their constituencies while synchronously exempting themselves from compliance to the legislation(s) they scribe. 

This is the legacy of Viet Nam.  Ignoring the plight of servicemen in Viet Nam, several political entities proffered their personal agendas. These entities encourage and directed  the moral confusion. They saw traditional Americans abandon the Democrat Party in droves. They conspired with the Democrats to create new voters and gain access to their incomes: gays, minorities, the Women's Movement, the ecologically inane, and the students/sycophants at institutes of higher learning, who, out fear of military service, demanded their wont ‑ to escape the draft at any cost. They colluded to establish politically correct language rules that prohibited any conflicting moral beliefs; and, of course, cessation of the war.  They distracted and convoluted the attention of the Nation (and portions of the Government) that rightfully belonged with those fighting and dying to protect our country's interests.

Championing the self-deluded, morally incontinent, garrulous, niggling, nihilists, the Marxist Media expanded its power and influence. From that base they continue to promote their special brand of fascism ‑ Political Sensitivity ‑ a self-serving embargo enacted upon logic, opinion, speech, and action. Their stratagem seems a blatant attempt to create an environment where everyone will fail at some point -- this provides a news resource. That fuels conflict between special interests (another news resource) and simultaneously threatens anyone who might challenge their wont (yet another news source). The media's propensity to lord their authority, to intimidate and inculcate hysteric masses of humanity to parrot their defective deductions - like mindless automatons they created in their own image, has one objective. This result is their truer ambition, to be the One and Only, the Omnipotent and Omniscient ‑ the great I Am. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.)

The Birth Control Pill:

This insidious monstrosity has functioned well beyond its original application ‑ that being for married women to plan their families. These days, fourteen year‑olds use "The Pill" to regulate their periods (and experiment with sex). The pill affords women the ability to conduct sex without consequence. That generated an unitended contradiction with which they have yet to cope. It allowed women to postpone child bearing in lieu of a career; which spiraled inflation upwards, and generated reams of legal documents and restrictions for the workplace. That added to production expenses, which further fueled inflation. Working women, in their desire to escape criticism and achieve advancement (through means other than merit), have created an environment in the workplace where anything, (and I do mean anything) can be construed as sexual harassment. Additionally, women in the labor force have precluded many fathers from fulfilling their primordial directive of providing for their children and families ‑ a consequence of sexual affirmative action policies. The pill promoted divorce because - women could, through trial and error, and without fear of pregnancy; audition their replacement spouses; live off of, or augment their incomes with alimony or child support; and, expose their children to a parade of sexual partners. The pill prompted a change in fashion to audacious attire bent on promoting sexual promiscuity. The pill allowed one half of three generations of children to grow up without benefit of their fathers. Fifty years ago the pill created a sexual dilemma that at times was thoroughly amusing, if not an atrocious, display of how some females would conduct themselves in pursuit of personal gain utilizing the sexual chip. 

The Housing Act:

This legislation, well intentioned as it was, is another example of the manner through which Congress attempts to legislate around a quandary ‑ static analysis. These bozos are so enamored with their position and stature they actually believe that should THEY enact a law, (with tall hats they listen, with small hats they think) everyone will obey it.  To the contrary, when normally law-abiding citizens are confronted with legal duress - they find legal means to avoid compliance. Such is the case here. When homeowners were no longer permitted to exclude what they considered undesirable elements from their neighborhoods, they fled those neighborhoods and relocated in ones where the purchase price would exclude what they no longer could through choice. Odd how Marxists demand Choice for abortions but few other topics. 

Note: Check the price increases of the average single family home between the years 1968 ‑ 1975. Those increases are on the magnitude of 4 to 5 fold and have quadupled since then. The increase creates a comfortable barrier; well beyond the resources of the aggregate populace of most minority groups. The reader must appreciate a truth - laws cannot, in and of themselves, change behaviors. They can modify behavior in those arenas where legal redress is viable. However, at home or away from intrigue, people's prejudices (which, fortunately, are protected under the constitution,) flourish. Most people prefer living in neighborhoods populated with members of their particular race. It's human nature.  Precisely, birds of a feather will do anything and pay any price to avoid living next to THEM - unless those people happen to be in a similar economic strata ‑ then it's tolerable, but ultimately undesirable.  The tolerance premise is loosely constructed around the idea that individuals who share similar incomes will also share concerns in other areas – including morality. MOST minorities choose living in white communities because they fear living next to their own race! 

The fences are invisible these days but they are more than effective. Bye the bye, when the price of housing went through the roof so to speak, so did everything else. Remember; when women entered the workforce there was an increase to the available labor which drove down wages. But the truly unusual effect was that additional disposable income, per household, increased simultaneously. Business attempted to locate the price ceiling of their target audience ‑ the American family. Add in a fuel shortage… and the economy slid or shifted but the net effect was everyone lost wealth or spending power. As a consequence, working, for most women, is no longer optional. They have through their own desires harnessed themselves to a self-defeating dilemma. For a majority of married women, the extra money they earn through employment is primarily confiscated by daily expenses.  The additional income is just adequate to permit her to enjoy a marginal increase to her wardrobe, and borrowing ability, at the expense of her family and children. Daycare consumes more. It’s no wonder drug use became rampant ‑ it was an entertainment bargain. 

The Male Factor:
Those of us born between the years of 1950 ‑1958, and probably several years thereafter, were robbed.  We were robbed of the wives our mothers taught us to seek;  robbed of the ability to secure gainful employment in our youth;  robbed of security for our families; and robbed of our dignity as fathers - protectors & providers.  We were also made confused. We were really confused: sexually, morally, and socially. I for one believe men and women continue to suffer from the confusion spawned in the great social experiment of the sixties. Unfortunately, the repercussions of that experiment remain. 

Eight thousand years of human behavior that remained virtually unchanged, rightly or wrongly from today’s social corrupted perspective, cannot be dismissed or ignored. There were, and are, bona-fide reasons why men protected and provided, and, women nurtured a moral integrity. These responsibilities extend beyond personal choice. They are instinctual directives that exist within all NORMAL people. Everyone, except the socio-psychopath, politically ambitious, academic totalitarians, or journalistically inclined (which are often mutually synonymous) experience this confusion and anxiety whenever these thresholds are breached ‑ it's unnatural. Consider: Despite many valiant attempts war has not be eradicated, nor poverty, nor bigotry, nor any of the "social ills" that are in reality intuitive human behavioral traits, AND, the negative outcomes that arise when government attempts to control innate human behaviors. For the most part, we are born with these persuasions; and rightly so. These behaviors have preserved us as individual human races

Survival… Like it or not, everything, absolutely every human act is based upon survival, and/or as a consequence of a perceived threat to that survival. Some might argue pleasure is a strong motivator. It is. But survival is the root of motivation for most. People turn to pleasure when they do not perceive their survival is threatened. Then, there is the element of risk which warps the survival perception and many have written volumes of materials trying to explain the means to that end, so we needn't explore it here; simply be aware of it ‑ some people are stupid. Preparation for survival purposes influences all behaviors. It dictates life's roles, prompts domicile location, mandates procreation, supports the theories of natural selection, and most definitively guarantees survival of the fittest. 

The American Society is now an artifice. No matter how finely crafted, this mirage is recognized in our sub‑conscious for what it is ‑ artificial. People delude themselves into believing that if they pretend, others may also pretend with them; so is society based.  Society only exists as long as the pretense is supported by a majority. Once when a majority of societies' members prefer and pursue an alternate course, that survival mandate comes raging back to the forefront so quickly, history tells us the consequences are very often monstrous and epic. 

So it is for life in these United States. We are at once teetering on the brink of social and economic collapse. Men are no longer men ‑ it's rendered illegal. Men have lost their God given rights and authority in society. Those rights have been usurped in lieu of a more politically correct, limp wristed, even-handed approach to threats and survival. When this phenomenon reaches its logical conclusion we can expect the following:

1.    An absence of male aggression and desire to protect. 
2.    Children suffering in poverty because their mothers miscalculated their litigious leverage and the impact divorce would have upon the fathers of their children. 
3.    Sexual dysfunction - not so much from physical malaise as from ill-defined roles that confuse and mentally emasculate.
4.    An exaggerated sense of fashion.
5.    Increased homosexual conduct.
6.    Frustration and ineptitude in the workplace ‑ a result of attention to compliance as opposed to efficiency and production.
7.    The absence of power conflicts in the workplace (which foster creativity and efficiency).
8.    Technocratic employment that facilitates compliance with the plethora of employment regulations as opposed to efficient production.
9.    The demise of a manufacturing base that requires physical strength as a course of employment.
10. Rendering Fathers - nonessential.
11. A lack of respect for a Father's contributions to the family.
12. Denigration of the male persuasion in general.
13. Generations of apathetic children who cannot discern who or what they are, or might become.

Who? What interest, stood to benefit most from suggesting, then indoctrinating society to accept this moral equivalence about-face? What was causal? Marxists needed new votes after the loss of millions of white Christians due to the O'Hare decision, and other expulsions of religion from society. The WHO responsible for the former, also mandated the latter. It is a group that abhors the religious morality which deems their personal preferences and behaviors sinful. Homosexuality is the answer. In 1973, a group of homosexual members of the American Psychiatric Association/APA managed to gain a majority of votes on the organization's board. They gratuitously discarded homosexuality as a psychological diagnosis/disease. That decision opened the floodgates to impose secular morality and further damage religious morality. It was pivotal. 

A cabal of lesbian academics initiated and sustained the "Womens Movement" since its inception. They are intimately aware their sexes' inability to directly compete with males traditionally, physically, mentally. To acquire their ends, they needed men socially emasculated. They additionally needed religion banned from the public square. To accomplish their ends, they sold women and society a Bag of Magic Beans promising monetary gain, greater freedoms, professional advancement, access to indiscrete promiscuity, and by employing a meaningful intimidation campaign enforced with zero tolerance. They also required the workplace be destroyed and cobbled together using a design the hid female inadequacies and unjustly rewarded females over more qualified candidates. Gaining access to employment where physical strength and endurance are required - meant discarding the standards once used to exclude weak and incompetent men. Setting the qualification standards on the floor was the only way to incorporate and justify the females comparative lack of muscle mass, weakness, and absence of endurance. A media campaign in movies, TV, and press ridiculed and mocked fathers and husbands as innately and fatally incompetent. Once women moved into these professions, the loss of lives, limbs, and property were determined by the lesbian cabal/Democrat Party as acceptable costs.

This ineptitude in the workplace remains - military, police, firefighters, etc. The mixing of sexes in the workplace naturally encouraged sexual conduct between co-workers, AND, created an environment where innocent sexual interaction would be deemed a crime. Women held exclusive purview for these offenses. To deter these Crimes - heterosexuality was attacked. That provided another rationale to exonerate and indemnify homosexuality. Curiously, the places that created and refined the employment sex crimes, were later found hiding and ignoring extensive sexual improprieties initiated by the Pillars of the Democrat Party and Marxist Media. This once again reveals their ulterior plans do not include compliance by the Party Elite.

Simultaneously, many women complain - there are no "Good" men left. They may be right. Through a cynical, protracted, self-gratifying course of action, to abate their own sense of confusion, resulting from the moral dilemma that arose out of indiscriminate sexual conduct, many women felt compelled to secure it all. Women correctly surmised that men of quality, the type of men they wanted for mates, would label them sluts.  Women knew their chances of depending on these men were slim, and the other males were intolerably lame. Women believed they had to have it all: autonomy, professional opportunity, the power in the home. Many women made the government their surrogate protector and provider. They convinced themselves they no longer needed men. They believed government would legislate their wont and desire ‑ it did. In a matter of a few years, women destroyed a system that had worked for eight thousand years so they could exercise sexual and professional freedoms. It didn't quite suffice, though, did it? Relationships and family are now constructed on a different plane; a plane that is legally qualifiable; a plane that gratifies self-interests in opposition to the good of the family; a plane that continues to deny people the rewards they need most ‑ a sense of being needed, loved, and special ‑ morally significant. These issues confuse women. Men are confused as well, but some men, myself included, have managed to cling to their masculinity with a vengeance ‑ instinctually compelled.

Moral significance, this is why men placed women on pedestals and treated them with respect. Once women shed their moral code, no man really wanted them for keeps ‑ they were defiled - as mothers. The one and only reason men marry women with sexual histories these days is because they have limited options. So, the majority of men choose women whose sexual pasts they consider least offensive. Women realize this phenomena.  It is why many women work to cloak the depth and breadth of their sexual activities. It's a sad reality. Both parties suffer from the same circumstance that inhibits their truer natures.
Women refuse to recognize a simple fact; men are equally responsible for the deplorable state of society today. We assisted women and their dysgenic goals. Our penises, as always, took command of our better judgments. We mistakenly assumed we'd acquire more sex as a consequence of our complicity - wholly ignoring the comprehensive consequences.
If our forefathers had not eloquently constructed the government, and the society it affords, the female revolt would not be possible. This moral illness is an unsustainable deviance and decadence. It inevitably will collapse under it own absurd, corpulent appetites. Look around, you don't see it elsewhere. There area few nations who depend on the US so heavily they create an illusion of sexual compliance (to placate our government). Do they genuinely afford women full rights and privileges in every corridor under the law - No! Traditional Americans are fools - who stupidly punish our children and families adhering to laws made to punish our faith and fortitude. Women will ultimately choose sides. Enemies will intrude and attack. If they succeed – whom will women blame? To whom will women turn? The architects of deceit will pay a heavy price - when they finally face the consequences of their arrogance. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Socio-Economic Status of the Smart & Successful

Let's examine if (as alleged) money in the home, the age of the home, and its location, predicates academic outcomes. 

The location of any school, its design and attractiveness, the components within the school - desks, computers, chalkboards, cafeteria, auditorium seating, vary widely. Some schools are newer and contain the latest technologies. Others not so much.
The quality of teachers assigned to a school varies just as much. The younger more energetic teachers are typically placed in the older, uglier schools; serve their time, acquire tenure, and, finally move on to the nice new school when they are exhausted from teaching and less enthusiastic. So, from a practical perspective, new schools ought to have a grumpier, less enthusiastic faculty. 

So what explains the disparity of grades and test scores among students?  The disparity is significant.  Progressive Democrats and their useful idiots believe the age of a school, its location & prettiness, AND, the average family income of the school's students - have a direct bearing upon academic performance. This belief is gratuitous and repeatedly proven untrue.  Read on - 

Let’s examine some statistics.
Students in the same buildings, students in the same classroom, NEVER score the same.  A broad spectrum of scores is evident in each school – usually in each class. Students from the wealthiest families do not always score well, or at the top of the class. The same is true in the old school.  Some students in the old schools score extremely well when tested. So, money in the home, and the home's location, does not necessarily assure superior academic performance. Within the old school district, the percentage of students scoring poorly is not all inclusive. Statistics also show a similar outcome of grade disparity in new schools.  The correlate argued by Democrats: academic scores are primarily predicated by the age/condition of a school, AND, the family's income is not causal or comparative.  

These claims are easily proven false and unfounded. So what Causes Academic Success?

Direct Primary Causalities:
Determination is an asset.  All the IQ in the world will not realize a good score if the student doesn’t apply himself.  The smarter student MAY need less time to learn, but they still must examine the study material.
IQ is an important factor.  IQ typically maximizes the benefits of determination. However - a low IQ will defeat all the determination in the world, everytime.
Teacher: A Teacher is potentially causal -if we pressume the teacher is competent and not belligerent against students – unfairly scores work assignments, uses personal or ideological bias in the classroom.
Peers: A student’s peers/friends can positively influence a student positively and negatively.  The Community where the student lives may moderately impact academic performance. That only obtains IF & WHEN the student accepts the influence. Conversely, Dullards often negatively influence their peer group.
Parents: Parents can positively influence the student's performance - but parents  must value education, demand determination, and help the student. 

We are left to ask: What is the greatest causality for academic success? The real answer - few want to learn or know.  The majority of parents surely do not want to know, because so doing negatively reflects upon them! Research reveals Genetics are the primary causality for a child's IQ – high or low. More than anything else, the parents genetic predisposition determines a child’s intellectual prowess. This makes for a problem. No parent wants to learn their genetic stupidity directly retards their child's academic ability. Ergo, "Educators" lie and obfuscate. All factors being equal - a child’s IQ - the product of the child's genetic heritage, ultimately, determines the child's scores – EVEN in Poor Schools! SO, how can students in older schools get high scores? How can students from  wealthy families score poorly? 

Progressives, as usual, have the equation backwards.  Intellect creates wealth.  Wealth does NOT create intellect.  

Smart people are more often successful people. They earn more money. Smart people typically live in newer neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods have nicer schools because they are NEW, not because of the parent's wealth. The offspring of smarter parents are usually smart students. Smart parents place a high value on school and study. These behaviors combined with high IQ  = high test scores. 

Dumb people are often less successful people. They possess less money. Poor people live in older neighborhoods. Poor neighborhoods usually have older schools because their neighborhood is OLDER. The correlate between intellect and success is very, very high. The offspring of dumb parents are, predictably, dumb students. Dumb parents place little value on school and study. These behaviors combine with Low IQ = poor grades and lower test scores. 

The above explains WHY increased spending on education has NOT moved the student academic performance dial whatsoever.

Anecdotal (Serial) Evidence:
In the 1980s - A judge in or near St Louis, MO believed wealth/prettier schools caused better student performance.  He also blamed racial animus for poor test scores.  When a case came before him alleging the school building made some students dumb  perform poorly, he ordered the school district build several new schools – state of the art schools. The schools were built.  They were impressive and costly – several billion dollars worth of schools.  Student performance was measured over the next few years.

NOTE: The results were not published.
An interested party sought out srtudent performance in the brand new schools – Student Performace DECLINED! A much greater percentage of students dropped out of school. Grade Point Average/GPA dropped too. The judge was not charged for wasting tax dollars, nor was he removed from the bench - as should be the case whenever a More Ron judge enters the social engineering fray.

(VERY POOR) John D Rockefeller – the richest man ever – didn’t graduate from high school.
(DIRT POOR) Henry Ford – virtually NO education – His father told him he would be a farmer and saw no need for education. 
(Hill Billy POOR) Abe Lincoln – attended a decrepit, ugly one-room log cabin prairie school for a couple years.  He taught himself with any book he could get his hands upon.
Mark Twain – left school age 11 – another crappy one-room prairie school
Albert Einstein – dropped out of high school and could not pass the version of the SAT in his day.  He too took up the study of physics on his own.  He published one of his greatest discoveries before being accepted to college.
These examples prove innate IQ triumphs over adversity and lack of income in the home.  
Asia and India immigrants typically score higher than Low-Income Americans.

IMPORTANTLY - they score higher while attending the same OLD schools, same teachers, AND... overcome language/cultural barriers. 

Facts Progressive Democrats Want Hidden-
The Stupid choose behaviors that keep them STUPID
1.     The Stupid have very high self-esteem – contrary to popular fiction.
2.     The Stupid think they are better than others
3.     The Stupid think Studying is for suckers.
4.     The Stupid think they have all the answers
5.     The Stupid avoid anyone doesn’t agree with them
6.     The STupid are obsessed with image – Bling, Name Brands, Material Status
7.     The Stupid underestimate obstacles – See #3
8.     The Stupid stubbornly rely on what worked for them in the past – doing nothing
9.     The Stupid claim others are out to get them & keep them down.