Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The IQ Correlate - Socio-Economic Status & Success

Let's examine if (as alleged) money in the home, the age of the home, and its location, predicates academic outcomes. 

The location of any school, its design and attractiveness, the components within the school - desks, computers, chalkboards, cafeteria, auditorium seating, vary widely. Some schools are newer and contain the latest technologies. Others not so much.
The quality of teachers assigned to a school varies just as much. The younger more energetic teachers are typically placed in the older, uglier schools; serve their time, acquire tenure, and, finally move on to the nice new school when they are exhausted from teaching and less enthusiastic. So, from a practical perspective, new schools ought to have a grumpier, less enthusiastic faculty. 

So what explains the disparity of grades and test scores among students?  The disparity is significant.  Progressive Democrats and their useful idiots believe the age of a school, its location & prettiness, AND, the average family income of the school's students - have a direct bearing upon academic performance. This belief is gratuitous and repeatedly proven untrue.  Read on - 

Let’s examine some statistics.
Students in the same buildings, students in the same classroom, NEVER score the same.  A broad spectrum of scores is evident in each school – usually in each class. Students from the wealthiest families do not always score well, or at the top of the class. The same is true in the old school.  Some students in the old schools score extremely well when tested. So, money in the home, and the home's location, does not necessarily assure superior academic performance. Within the old school district, the percentage of students scoring poorly is not all inclusive. Statistics also show a similar outcome of grade disparity in new schools.  The correlate argued by Democrats: academic scores are primarily predicated by the age/condition of a school, AND, the family's income is not causal or comparative.  

These claims are easily proven false and unfounded. So what Causes Academic Success?

Direct Primary Causalities:
Determination is an asset.  All the IQ in the world will not realize a good score if the student doesn’t apply himself.  The smarter student MAY need less time to learn, but they still must examine the study material.
IQ is an important factor.  IQ typically maximizes the benefits of determination. However - a low IQ will defeat all the determination in the world, everytime.
Teacher: A Teacher is potentially causal -if we pressume the teacher is competent and not belligerent against students – unfairly scores work assignments, uses personal or ideological bias in the classroom.
Peers: A student’s peers/friends can positively influence a student positively and negatively.  The Community where the student lives may moderately impact academic performance. That only obtains IF & WHEN the student accepts the influence. Conversely, Dullards often negatively influence their peer group.
Parents: Parents can positively influence the student's performance - but parents  must value education, demand determination, and help the student. 

We are left to ask: What is the greatest causality for academic success? The real answer - few want to learn or know.  The majority of parents surely do not want to know, because so doing negatively reflects upon the Parents! Research reveals Genetics are the primary causality for a child's IQ – high or low. More than anything else, the parents genetic predisposition determines a child’s intellectual prowess. This makes for a problem. No parent wants to learn their family's genetic stupidity directly retards their child's academic ability. Ergo, "Educators" lie and obfuscate. All factors being equal - a child’s IQ - the product of the child's genetic heritage, ultimately, determines the child's scores – EVEN in Poor Schools! This helps explain how can students in older schools can score high and why students from wealthy families score poorly? 

Progressives, as usual, have the equation backwards.  Intellect creates wealth.  Wealth does NOT create intellect.  

Smart people are more often successful people. They earn more money. Smart people typically live in newer neighborhoods. The offspring of smarter parents are usually smart students. Smart parents place a high value on school and study. These behaviors combined with high IQ  = supplement higher test scores. 

The correlate between intellect and success is very, very high. The offspring of dumb parents are, predictably, dumb students. Dumb parents place little value on school and study. Dumb people are often less successful people. They possess less money. Poor people live in older neighborhoods. Low IQ = poor grades and lower test scores. 

The above explains WHY increased spending on education has NOT moved the student academic performance dial whatsoever.

Anecdotal (Serial) Evidence:
In the 1980s - A judge near St Louis, MO believed wealth/prettier schools caused better student performance.  He also blamed racial animus for poor test scores.  When a case came before him alleging the school building made some students dumb  perform poorly, he ordered the school district build several new schools – state of the art schools. The schools were built.  They were impressive and costly – several billion dollars worth of schools.  Student performance was measured over the next few years.

NOTE: The results were not published.
An interested party sought out student performance in the brand new schools – Student Performace DECLINED! A much greater percentage of students dropped out of school. Grade Point Average/GPA dropped too. The judge was not charged for wasting tax dollars, nor was he removed from the bench - as should be the case whenever a More Ron judge enters the social engineering fray.

(VERY POOR) John D Rockefeller – the richest man ever – didn’t graduate from high school.
(DIRT POOR) Henry Ford – virtually NO education – His father told him he would be a farmer and saw no need for education. 
(Hill Billy POOR) Abe Lincoln – attended a decrepit, ugly one-room log cabin prairie school for a couple years.  He taught himself with any book he could get his hands upon.
Mark Twain – left school age 11 – another crappy one-room prairie school
(POOR) Albert Einstein – dropped out of high school and could not pass the version of the SAT in his day.  He too took up the study of physics on his own.  He published one of his greatest discoveries before being accepted to college.
These examples prove innate IQ triumphs over adversity and lack of income in the home.  
Asia and India IMMIGRANTS typically score higher than Low-Income Americans attending the same classes/schools.

IMPORTANTLY - they score higher with the same teachers, AND... overcome language/cultural barriers. 

Facts Progressive Democrats Want Hidden-
The Stupid choose behaviors that keep them STUPID
1.     The Stupid have very high self-esteem – contrary to popular fiction.
2.     The Stupid think they are better than others
3.     The Stupid think Studying is for suckers.
4.     The Stupid think they have all the answers
5.     The Stupid avoid anyone that doesn’t agree with them
6.     The STupid are obsessed with image – Bling, Name Brands, Material Status
7.     The Stupid underestimate obstacles – See #3
8.     The Stupid stubbornly rely on what worked for them in the past – doing nothing
9.     The Stupid claim others are out to get them & keep them down.

Friday, May 22, 2020

White Democrats Despise Black People - a History

Real RACISM is alive and flourishing in the Democrat Party. Little substantive has changed in their perceived racial superiority, or the vehemence targeted at Blacks during slavery and segregation. Democrats continue to believe Blacks are "unclean, simple-minded, inarticulate, Ebonics prone, unattractive and naturally inferior". Why Black people continue to vote Democrat; after what that Party has done to them, is a lesson in onerous oppression; and, Maybe, the Stockholm Syndrome.
The recent Democrat Racist mania is pure PROJECTION - another psychological term for casting their own worst sins at their foes - to avoid being found out.  

The following substantiates these claims.

Immediately after the Civil Rights laws passed in 1964 due to LBJ's dossiers (DIRTY BEHAVIORS) on US Senators, Democrats were forced to convince Blacks they genuinely cared and were committed to creating policies that improved Black lives. In reality, the Democrat promise is a nefarious Fairy Tale replete with monstrous malfeasance. 

Importantly, after securing the Black vote, Democrats immediately turned their backs on Blacks and began creating New Minorities: Women, Hispanics, Gays, WTFs, and recently illegals. Did Blacks miss these insulting changes? Or are they so insecure, dependent upon the Democrat Party they willingly accept being taken for granted? Black opportunity is diluted each time a New Minority is hatched. Some aren’t even Minorities? Women are the majority of the human race! 

“Taken for granted” does not begin to describe the despicable Democrat treatment of Blacks. 

Why do many Blacks remain loyal? It begins with Democrats resurrecting Slavery and discrimination - entirely omitting the fact Democrats were exclusively responsible for both! Relentless reliving the horrors of slavery is an Act of Mental Terrorism. Slavery scares Blacks. It is an emotionally charged, humiliating indoctrination device that riles up explosive anger. Democrats employ it for every Black audience. Volatile Emotions and anger are easily manipulated mixture to direct Black hate at Democrat foes – GOP/Trump. Democrats will never permit sensationalized slavery, lynching, and past discrimination to end. Slavery ignites Black fears. Fear creates dependence and Votes! 

When Democrats lost the Civil Rights battle, they quickly moved to preserve their control in the US Congress and Presidency in the wake of JFK’s assassination. Democrats devised a global strategy to keep Blacks politically enslaved. This quote from President Lyndon Baines Johnson/LBJ quote reveals the objectives and means - 
“These Negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don't move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there'll be no way of stopping them, we'll lose the filibuster and there'll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It'll be Reconstruction all over again. [Said to Senator Richard Russell, Jr. (D-GA) regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1957]” 

After the above statement, LBJ also predicted: "I'll have those Nig_ers voting Democrat the next 200 years!"  

Democrats couldn’t take credit for Civil Rights, so they strategically moved to fill the vacuum JFK’s death created - Democrats pled faux repentance. They offered compassionate concessions, Gifts flowed. Positive words & emotional commiseration began washing away past sins. 

Word Play
The Democrat’s new policies moved Blacks out of the shanty and into the Master’s Mansion. Blacks were elevated to House Negroes. The Negroe word was dispatched. Democrats additionally demanded Blacks be called Colored.  Political Correct speech control began. This condescending word change appeared an act of compassion. Calling Blacks “Americans” was a distinction the Democrats refused to endorse.  This same PC word trap was re-baited two more times. The second word change was Black. On third thought - Democrats determined Black was reconsidered - too harsh. Finally, African American was coined.  

Demanding word changes that razor sharpens race distinction was lost in the Black community who believed White Democrats were looking out for them. Black “Leaders” & the NAACP profited from these second-hand word gifts and hailed Democrats as the only Party Blacks should consider. See LBJ's prediction about Blacking below.)

Black Leaders are no different than the blacks in Africa who captured blacks and sold them into slavery! They continue to do this. And, what other racial/political group of people are entirely assessed by what their "Leaders" say or advocate? None! 

Looking deeper reveals this wordplay was a reflection of the Democrat’s disdain for Blacks. The African American term was sold as respect for Black heritage. Poppycock! African American assured no one mistook their race - Negroe. This distinction was punitive, purposeful. Colored and Minority are nebulous. If Blacks were just Americans, no one knows their race. Democrats wanted it known. Harping on slavery and subtle wordplay baited the trap that ensnared Blacks for the next 55 years.

Many Blacks weren’t well educated back then. These same people were poor, some severely. The excitement and anticipation the repeal of segregation stimulated clouded good judgment. Martin Luther King’s hope was becoming a reality. Second class citizens were “Moving on Up”. Blacks were poised to obtain the whole wide White world. This behavior is emblematic of the Stockholm Syndrome manifested in its obscene glory. Suggesting Blacks were oblivious to LBJ’s (Democrats) pernicious plans is axiomatic.

The Process:
LBJ’s War on Poverty was the first shackle applied to re-enslave Blacks, keep the filibuster, preserve Democrat control, and, coerce votes. The War on Poverty was Welfare on steroids – with caveats. No father could remain in the home of a woman receiving welfare. Working while on welfare was prohibited. Absolute dependence on Democrat policy and the Party was mandatory. 

Money improves lives. Blacks believed Democrat promises that meaningful opportunities were soon to come. However, "Meaningful Opportunity" must intersect all aspects of life. The welfare and wordplay deliberately derailed opportunity – "give them a little something”.  Another tactic arose. The Big Lie was born. Democrats started blaming Republicans for delaying opportunity and stipend increases. Combined with slavery, Democrats used the lie to deceive, and divert Black enmity at their political foes. 

After a few elections, Democrats saw Black support in monolithic numbers. LBJ's plan was working. When Blacks delivered consistent universal votes, did Democrats thank them, No! With the Black vote in hand, Democrats stopped sacrificing ANY political capital for Blacks.  

Simultaneously, white support for Democrats faded. Democrats will say it was their support for Blacks and racism that moved white support away. That’s a bigger Lie. Democrat support for the O’Hair Decision, ending school prayer, initiated the White Flight. White Christians immediately became the enemy of the Democrat Party because they refused to swear absolute allegiance to the Democrat Party. Christians reserved that allegiance for God. Losing the White Working Class was devastating. Political purgatory was the punishment Democrats devised for what they perceived as white ingratitude. 

The problem remained - Democrats needed another large and loyal voting bloc to win elections.

The 1964 Immigration Reform was the first step in acquiring new votes. That act also assured new immigrants would have access and preference for jobs - formerly reserved for Blacks. The immigration reform kept Blacks deprived and subordinate to the Party. (Thank Ted Kennedy for delivering Immigration Reform.) 

The War on Whites
From a practical standpoint, the missing white votes, in part, forced Democrats to initially seek the Black vote. Being compelled to solicit votes, lose political capital, and pander to a community Democrats treated as Sub-Human the previous 200 plus years was humiliating and problematic. Democrat antipathy towards white Christians seethed White Hot. Punishing disloyalty and decimating the political power of white Christians (in perpetuity if possible) became an obsession. They chose to do to white Americans what they did to Blacks - destroy their families, make them dependent.

Democrats declared Women were a New Minority. Democrats issued an ultimatum: NO Real Woman should be forced to remain at home under the yoke of her husband. Real freedom was only available independent of men. They adopted policies that pulled and pushed Women into the workforce. Divorce was aggressively promoted as a liberating act. Concurrently, Democrats assured women they’d support them better than their husbands, without any demeaning familial demands. This program of destruction also provided Democrat an added benefit. They could legitimately tell Blacks they treated whites no differently. White Single Parent families became another dependent, dysfunctional, loyal voting bloc. 

Hispanics were next secured using the "Minority Rubric". Democrats had refined their New Minority chops; flowing from one group into the next with ease. The Democrat Big Tent was erected magnificently. New Loyal voters appeared “out of thin air”. 

Affirmative Action
To reward and keep these New Minority votes, Democrats devised a final nail to the political coffin of white Christians - AFFIRMATIVE ACTION/AA. Democrats hailed Affirmative Action as the cure for GOP resistance to Black opportunity (LIE). Sure a few Blacks prospered with AA - but its true purpose was suppressing white voting. Blue-collar whites, the majority of the white population, were legally disenfranchised from their Constitutional Rights by Affirmative Action. Blue-collar white males and their families joined Blacks in the back of the bus. An unexpected benefit - Black males were most severely disqualified by AA.

An indoctrination campaign to protect and bribe votes ensued. Politically Correct/PC Conventions expanded and inured. PC enabled intimidation and it worked! Many white males lost careers and promotions to the Thought Crime police who carried out their duties with Zero Tolerance. Black males also lost jobs and promotions to New Minority hires under Affirmative Action. 

Democrats knew by increasing the number and variety of minorities eligible for Affirmative Action proportionally diminished Black access to the employment and college admissions set-asides. Democrat even managed to convinced whites Blacks were precluding white professional and academic opportunities. LBJ's Maxim was nearly complete. Democrats managed to damage both groups they despised and drive racial and political wedges between them. Nothing has changed. 

If readers doubt this thesis, consider the words of then-Senator Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (2008) when Obama’s ascension to the Presidency was all but certain.
Joe Biden:  “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”
Reid: the US would be “ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama – a 'light-skinned' African American 'with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.’ ”
Reid's comments are so noxious he was forced to apologize. 

What do these comments actually infer? Both men presented their personal sentiments on the Black race. The polar opposite of what each said, was presumed to be true; the norm. They believe blacks are not often Clean, articulate, with no Black dialect (unless wanted/needed) Nice Looking, First Mainstream, & light-skinned - despicable. The term "Mainstream" in Democrat Speak: Not obnoxious + light skin color = acceptable to Democrats. Unbelievable. 

These are men who served the Democrat Party over 40 years. They are NOT unique. These words are spoken by men trying to restrain their personal prejudices. They can't do it, or won't do it. They're trying to walk a fine line to preserve their aristocratic autonomy. Racial superiority is an ingrained white Democrat sentiment. These supercilious sentiments are not unique to these two men. The Democrat Party's disposition towards Blacks has changed little since Plessy vs Ferguson; the decision that established segregation in 1896. 

The Real Democrat sentiment about Blacks? They must, unfortunately, be tolerated out of necessity.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

You are NORMAL and there are millions like you

It is past time Blue Collar White Christian Males, BCWCM, reclaim the place they earned in society.  Earned! They must act to repeal laws that directly discriminate against them and their Constitutionally ordered rights. In fact, per the 1964 Civil Rights Law, many of the "programs” enacted to artificially elevate, qualify, and protect persons of a different race, ethnicity, sex, or sexual behavior are not only unfair, they are illegal. These practices also place unqualified & incompetent people in positions of authority where their decision making and mental or physical limitations jeopardize the life and limbs of their fellow workers - the people they are charged to help. United, and inspired to action, BCWCMs  have the ability to change these patently prejudicial and onerous laws. You have a responsibility to act.  America needs you now more than ever.

If you’re a blue collar white Christian male, Please realize you are not an odd-ball. Nor are you alone. The majority of America is just like you.  America is more similar to you than you think. There are more BCWCMs than the Progressive press wants you to believe. 

For all intents and purposes, the media is a monolithic monopoly. They speak with one voice and assault the viewer/listener with a constant barrage of lies, half-truths, and purposely damning information about you and others like you. Did you know the media has daily conference calls with top Democrat politicians?  It's true. They regularly collude to your detriment. Why do they do this? Why do Progressives insult you and demean your chosen (taught) behaviors = normal behaviors? They fear you!!! They know the power you hold.  They must compartmentalize and limit your power. They must paint you as a dim-witted (or insane, deplorable) pariah with evil intention. The media and those like them are mentally ill and fearful you may say reject their lies & revolt. 

You think you are powerless don't you?  You've heard the media again and again denounce you alongside a report that you're an out of touch, dying breed, that must be punished for past thoughts and actions - AND - the thoughts and actions of your fore bearers. The People they label as racists never saw a slave or persecuted other Americans.  They were law abiding & working to assimilate others to their detriment.  

You're afraid... admit it, you are and should be afraid. You've seen and heard what happens to the racist.  The nominal Racist, per the Democrat definition, is a blue collar white male.  Yep, that's the extent of it.  Any white male who has the temerity to claim his Constitutional rights or demand an equal playing field - (according to Democrat Party policy) - is a racist that must be punished. The Job loss, loss of promotions, and other punitive actions in a zero tolerance environment ought to scare you. That is why uniting with your racial religious kinsmen is essential. You act in unison. Since Democrats have grouped you, act as a group - always.  The group immediately asserts more power and influence than you can alone.  Inform every member of your group - No one may act alone, or be isolated and bullied alone. Assure, as far as possible to verify each member is genuine and not a Democrat spy.  You can do this.  

Democrats - what prompts their goals - fear and absolute control.  


Half of all eligible voters DO NOT Vote.  You can investigate and discover why, but I already have.  I asked white Christian males why they don't vote.  I also investigated the percentage not voting.  Round numbers - 40 million white males do not vote.  40 MILLION!  Add their wives = 80 million!!! 

There is a direct correlate and reasons WHY white males are disinterested in politics.  Look above...  they've been convinced they are a small group with no power to change what they consider unfair and punitive.  Others buy into the guilt of past racial sins.  They all think there is no difference between the political parties Republican and Democrat - they are correct in their assessment.  Neither party will represent their desires - an end to affirmative action and other race laws.  They want fairness and a level playing field.  Political leaders refuse to act because they also fear being attacked and labeled a racist.  

Approximately 126 million votes were cast in the 2012 election.  65 million Democrat, 61 million Republican.  4 million votes turned the election.  

If half of these male votes are marshaled - 20 million - the political impact will not be ignored. If half their wives vote - 40 million - will terrify politicians from both parties.  The wishes of these white male voting group will be addressed; fast!  The political landscape will change immediately.  The numbers of Progressives/Liberals will become exposed as the minuscule minority it is.  Politicians will act, and that will be the first step in re-making America, an America where all men are treated equally.  

The politicians opposing this voting bloc's wishes are finished.  White male votes can also influence several urban areas that are considered permanent Democrat strong holds. 

Unity is essential.

Some may be concerned demanding white civil rights will undue the advancement of minorities. No, they won't.  Everyone will be measured equally - by merit.  That is as fair as it can get.  There are sound reasons why this corrupt system must be repaired.  As mentioned above, having unqualified people in positions of authority, or where life and limb are endangered - is destructive, dangerous - and stupid!  Only an idiot would ask for the problems these decisions invite - see: mental illness. 

Segregation laws lasted 60 years.  The civil rights laws were enacted in 1964 - fifty-five years ago. If people can gain opportunity by hard work and effort - they have and will.  And, resetting the law will not preclude anyone from anything - save physical size and weight restrictions - that cuts in every direction.  

Slavery ended over 150 years ago.  Virtually no one alive today had a family member engaged in slavery.  Many whites had ancestors who were indentured and apprentices, were, in fact, slaves to the wishes of their masters. The majority moved west and scraped a life for their families and had nothing to do with slaves or racial issues.  Blaming white males collectively for slavery is a planned policy and destructive plan to limit the political power and influence of white males. It requires collusion in every facet of life to accomplish this design. Destroying it will not be easy.  However, millions of votes will move politicians to act, or remove them from office.  Demand an end of Affirmative Action!  Restore your Constitutional Rights!  It’s past time. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Christians Cannot be Democrats

If you are a Christian - you cannot vote Democrat.  It's that simple.  You either love the Lord or the Democrat Party but you cannot do both.  

Democrats tried to drop God from their party platform in the 2012 convention.  They were shamed to put God back in.  Democrats work hand in hand with groups whose sole purpose is the elimination of Christian worship.  

Democrats write laws that defy God, outlaw prayer, the Ten Commandments, etc...  They force Christian to choose between government handouts and Christ. Democrats claim they are protecting the mythical Wall of Separation between church and state - it's a lie, and it's hypocritical.  Democrats work to expand rights and government protections for Muslims, atheists, while simultaneously turning a blind eye and ear to Christian rights.  Choosing to not believe in a God is a religious choice!

Democrat offer government handouts to buy the votes of people who are told they are victims.  We are lectured - "it's not their fault they are poor" even when the recipient of the money does nothing to improve their lives and condition.  Not working and not assuming self responsibility betrays Christ's message.  Yes, Christ did say help the needy, but he said much, much more about personal responsibility.  Not being a drain on your neighbor is another commandment some Christians and Democrats ignore.  

Christ never said it is okay to pretend you're a victim to escape responsibility either.  So, taking welfare money long term - defies Christ's message.  What is long term?  One year is illegitimate.  It is okay to go to church and receive help from the church membership.  They will help you become self sufficient - as Christ instructed.  And, you'll get more for inspiration.

Ministers - you must choose.  God or Democrat Party.  You must refuse welfare money as that money is tainted.  It is given you by your enemies.  Any short term gain will be wiped away once you are no longer able to operate a church.  The time is now.  Pick a side.  

Union members...  take back control of your unions.  Get rid of the Democrat operatives who sell you and God down the river.  Make a fist and move the union to the party who offers real choice - not guaranteed government handouts/jobs to union members. That money is washed in the blood of Lucifer.  

Everyone may suffer financially if Democrats are removed from office.  That's life.  You helped Democrats destroy this country and a vibrant economy for your own personal gain. Did you not think there would come a day when the debt must be paid?  

No one ever gives away anything for free.  Keeping people and families dependent upon government is the new slavery.  Remember - it was Democrats who objected to Lincoln, opposed the civil rights laws, and rejected equal opportunity.

Importantly - Opportunity is NOT affirmative action guarantees.  You can thank Democrats for that too.  Blue collar whites took the place of blacks once AA laws were scribed. Did Christ ever suggest prejudice and injustice are OK?  Democrats want blacks and Hispanics on welfare and dependent.  Getting educated and employed allows a person to make up their own minds.  They won't always vote Democrat and Democrats couldn't risk that.  

Black on black murder is a Late Term abortion to Democrats.  This explains why Democrats really won't work to end those crimes.  Democrats pay lip service to these crimes.  What explains why they persist in ignoring them?  The children who escape being killed in the womb, but are murdered later, are one less problem child they must incarcerate, or provide an abortion to for the children they may later produce, or ???  Did you know if abortion was never made legal the black population is 50% larger today?  That is the kind of compassion Democrats offer.  Democrats are not interested in minorities - they hate them - but need their votes!  If anyone actually examines what Democrats do, and how they "Care" for the voters they claim to adore, you discover Democrats have done virtually nothing to change the policies and practices they have always used to control and keep them oppressed. Democrats are Lucifer's disciples.  

Saturday, March 14, 2020

What Precipitated the USA's Fall -

The following is culled from my first journal - circa 1991 - 


To all those who influenced my life and perspectives: Jesus Christ, Omni (who knew the immeasurable value of succinct) Moroni, and Aamon.

Musicians: Frank Zappa (for providing objective genius) John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck, Peter Gabriel (and the Chamber of thirty‑two doors), Percy Jones, Dave Holland, Lowell George, Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Bill, The Boys in the band.

Writers: George Orwell, CS Lewis, The Marquee De, Herman Melville, Carlos Casteneda, Adam Smith, and Tony Burgess ‑ who brilliantly provided direction for my life.

Artists: Max Beckman, Jan Van Eyck, Leonardo da Vinci, Ludwig Van, George Close and my first born son.

Stanley Kubrick,

Dr. Tim Altenhoffen,

My children - for their forgiveness and love when circumstances compromised my mind and I wasn't my right self. Mea Culpa. 

My wife - Proof God Loves Me  

My buddy the Wease; whom I have not seen in 35 years - without his love, companionship, and inspiration I would never have chosen nor would I have survived ‑ Thank you all. 


Greetings and good tidings.  If you are reading this, there is a distinct possibility that you may actually complete this work; if I successfully straddle a few issues and manage to grasp your attention at this crucial juncture. I, therefore, beg your indulgence and encourage you, particularly the female reader, to pay close attention to this forward.  For contained herein is knowledge, indeed, true insight.  This insight and knowledge are crucial to understanding the speculations and conclusions presented.  Without this insight, you will go on to amass incorrect, assumptive conclusions about your narrator's preferences.  My preferences (for the record) are not of my own choosing. I have, over time, through trial and error, and deadly circumstances arrived at an understanding of the true and real meaning of life ‑ as life pertains to me. Make no mistakes. What the following story pages hold were the ingredients of my understanding. My preferences and perspective were constructed from these. So, with some distinction, you might respect that I am responsible for some good deeds. Additionally, there have been many, many instances when females, who shall remain anonymous, enjoyed the benefits attendant my company.  Although, at this juncture, and undoubtedly hereafter, they will, like Peter of the New Testament, deny any knowledge of my existence, let alone admit to having known me in the context of that ancient scripture.  So be it.  

       But since we're being honest here (and I do mean honest), you must be aware that what you glean from the tiny black characters appearing on the recycled cellulose planes where this story resides, are modified. After-all, what follows is often excruciatingly graphic.  Suffice to say all the good parts actually happened and remember how Shakespeare referred to the rose.

      Next comes the cruel and sometimes boring, sleepy pages of truth that are the author's prerogative.  However, I promise to limit them to no more than ten.  Be forewarned; without learning the insight contained therein, you will not only miss the point and actively seek to denigrate my character; you will find yourself more deeply embedded in the "Politically Correct".  For without this insight you will, through your debate, anonymously serve those interests who would rob you of your freedoms and thereby restrict your actions and thoughts at some future date.


      Throughout the first one hundred eighty years of the United States, (ignoring periodic economic downturns), progress was the hallmark. Behind the plows; on the Mississippi riverboat; operating the locomotive; cotton gin, combustion engine, etc…  at Melrose Park; on Wall Street; on the field of battle; everywhere you looked, society and the people who comprised it deferred to MEN. Men forged the vast majority of accomplishments and comprised the majority of the written history of this nation.  Fairness, and modern, politically correct, perspectives will not alter it. The opinions of politically motivated social engineers matter not - to me. Men, primarily White Christian Men, are responsible for that history – supported by their women. The bulk and indispensable components of the female contribution to the nation, communities, and families were not made in these primary arenas.  Pay close attention here… The female contribution was essential to all that occurred; and more. The integrity and moral conscience of our families and society were, and remain, the exclusive domain of the female. None of what transpired in the history of this great nation was possible without women. We owe the wives and mothers of our fathers and our father's fathers a vote of thanks, commiseration, and unlimited respect.

      One hundred and eighty years hence, the wealth and character of the nation was at its zenith.  We ruled!  No if, ands, or buts… we ruled.... period!   What has occurred since then is open to speculation - how and why our nation, or perhaps more correctly our society, fell into the disjointed, materialistic, self-serving, dysgenic, special‑interests placating, sexually confused quagmire that now typifies life in America.  Well let me tell you, my brothers and sisters, there are four elements which, when scrutinized, provide insight. 


      This conflict stands alone in that it represents the birth, chronicles the consequence, and clearly evidences the extent to which the politically correct, Neo‑Man will go to avoid offending any interest, and, most importantly, escape physical conflict/harm. Their faces have never met a fist! Around 57,000, fifty‑seven thousand American Men, and a few women, sacrificed their lives to defend the rights and privileges of cowards. Cowardly Neo-Men denied them the wherewithal to resolve the Viet Nam in victory. Their actions will forever cast the shadow of doubt; and prompt secret whispers in dark places - that denigrate the brave souls who stood up when called, and served their country. These men were denied their mothers bosom at death, suffered mutilations; physical and mental, witnessed their brothers in arms vaporize, and had their vengeance voided. They were, and remain, despised. Building a wall to their memory does not excuse or repair the damage done to them. However, the Viet Nam Vet did, in anonymity, service at least one agenda ‑ the Media.  

Like most purveyors of carrion, the media packaged, prepared and (through a clever marketing campaign that bordered on treason), served up a corrupted reality that precluded dissenting opinions. The media preyed upon nightmares and fostered fears. The country was force-fed the horrors of war – the means and numbers of the dead -- on videotape and in print; daily. This main course was always complemented with defamatory opinions, and, comments that desecrated the actions of the soldiers fighting in Viet Nam and proponents of that war. The media sequaciously sought to squander the lives of America's youth to bolster sagging Nielsen ratings. Gaining favor with Marxist Americans/Hollywood was another essential objective. The media suffered from their own lack of perception and attention.  and But their undaunted allegiance to the political left – Socialism/ Marxism/ Communism explains their actions and allegiances. The objective was to graphically display the most vigilant version of the evisceration occurring in the Vietnamese peninsula. The media sought to dictate opinion and leverage the actions of the government for their own ends - ignoring the needs, and lives of our servicemen. 

   F.Y.I.:  The Viet Nam war, to the LBJ administration, was a business decision that made Lady Bird Johnson a millionaire many times over. Have you heard of Halliburton?  Halliburton recently purchased Kellogg Brown Root (KBR) – a company in which Lady Bird held the majority of shares.  No bid contracts?  Indeed. The Johnsons gained the family nest egg thru a series of deals made during the depression.  KBR grew out of those deals.  KBR was a no-bid contractor for the Viet Nam war.  Why would the Johnsons want that war to end?

       Our Viet Nam Vets endured all this and so much more that I am not privy to know; and still, they fought to protect.  I'm certain those veterans who remain alive take solace in the knowledge - as a consequence of their valor, they promoted the Johnson family wealth, the Nielsen ratings, and the re‑election efforts of spineless, self-serving, seditionists. The seditionists continue to endorse regulations that mandate and define "proper thought" and conduct from their marble-lined confines on Capitol Hill. This, they graciously afford to restrain the liberties of their constituencies; while synchronously exempting themselves from compliance to the legislation(s) they scribe.

      This is the legacy of Viet Nam. Democrats and their propaganda arm/Media Ignored the plight of servicemen in Viet Nam. Several entities took the flagrant opportunity to proffer their personal agendas. They used and profited from the moral confusion purposely created by the media and the radical Left fringe. Democrat loyalists entered the scene and simultaneously competed for attention and funding: The gay, minorities, Women's Movement, the ecologically inane, and the students/sycophants at institutes of higher learning, who, out fear of military service, demanded their wont ‑ to escape the draft at any cost. They conspired to establish laws that prohibited any conflicting moral beliefs with their own circumstantial secular standards; and, of course, cessation of the war.  They distracted and convoluted the attention of the Nation (and portions of the Government) that rightfully belonged with those fighting and dying to protect our country's interests.                                                               

      Championing the self-deluded, morally incontinent, garrulous, niggling, nihilists, the media expanded its power and influence. From that base, they continue to promote their special brand of fascism ‑ Political Sensitivity ‑ a self-serving embargo upon logic, reason, experience, opinion, and action. It's rather Big Brother like -- Eh, What?  Their stratagem seems a blatant attempt to create an environment where everyone will fail at some point -- this provides a news resource.  It fuels conflict between special interests (another news resource) and simultaneously threatens anyone who might challenge their wont - yet another news source. The media's propensity to lord their authority, intimidate and inculcate hysteric masses of humanity to parrot their defective deductions like mindless automatons they have created in their own image, is for one reason only. This is their truer ambition, to be the One and Only, the Omnipotent and Omniscient ‑ the great I Am. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.) 


          This insidious little monstrosity has functioned well beyond its original application ‑ that being for married women to plan their families.  These days, fourteen-year-olds use it to regulate their periods (and experiment with sex). The pill affords women the ability to conduct sex without consequence; a contradiction with which they have yet to cope.  It allowed women to postpone childbearing in lieu of a career; which spiraled inflation upwards, and, generated reams of legal documents and restrictions for the workplace - that added to production expenses, which further fueled inflation.  Working women, in their desire to escape criticism and achieve advancement (through means other than merit), have created an environment in the workplace where anything, (and I do mean anything) can be construed as sexual harassment. Additionally, women in the labor force have precluded many fathers from fulfilling their primordial directive - providing for their children and families ‑ a consequence of affirmative action. The pill promoted divorce because women could, through trial and error, and without fear of pregnancy, audition their replacement spouses or simply live off of, or augment their incomes, with alimony and/or child support while continuing to experiment sexually and expose their children to a parade of sexual partners.  The pill prompted a change in fashion to more audacious attire bent on promoting sexual promiscuity.  The pill allowed one-half of two generations of children to grow up without the benefit of their fathers, and forty years ago created a sexual dilemma that at times was thoroughly amusing, if not an atrocious display of how many females would conduct themselves in pursuit of personal gain utilizing the sexual chip. Importantly, The physical and mental standards that defined eligibility for employment for decades were necessarily discarded. 


      This legislation, well-intentioned as it was, is another example of the manner through which Congress attempts to legislate around a quandary ‑ static analysis.  These bozos are so enamored with their position and stature they actually believe that should THEY enact a law, (with tall hats they listen, with small hats they think) everyone will obey it.  To the contrary, when normally law-abiding citizens are confronted with legal duress they find legal means to avoid compliance.  Such is the case here.  When homeowners were no longer permitted to exclude what they considered undesirable elements from their neighborhoods, they fled those neighborhoods and relocated in ones where the purchase price would exclude what they no longer could through choice.   Odd how the Left demands Choice for abortions but few other topics.

Note: Check the price increases of the average single-family home between the years 1968 ‑ 1975. 

          Those increases are on the magnitude of 4 to 5 fold and have tripled again since then ‑ a rather comfortable barrier; well beyond the resources of the aggregate populace of all minority groups.  Understand, laws cannot, in and of themselves, change behavior.  They can modify behavior in those arenas where legal redress is viable.  However, at home or away from intrigue, people's prejudices (which, fortunately, are protected under the constitution,) flourish. Most people prefer to live in neighborhoods populated with members of their particular raceIt's human nature.  Precisely, birds of a feather will do anything and pay any price to avoid living next to THEM - unless those people happen to be in a similar economic strata ‑ then it's tolerable, but ultimately undesirable.  The tolerance premise is loosely constructed around the idea that those individuals who share similar economic bases will also share concerns in other areas – including morality and political preference.  Why did numerous minorities choose to live in white communities? Because they fear living next to their own race – fact!

      The fences are invisible these days but they are more than effective.  Bye the bye, when the price of housing went through the roof so to speak, so did everything else.  Remember; when women entered the workforce there was an increase to the available workforce which drove down wages. But the truly unusual effect was that additional disposable income, per household, increased simultaneously. Business attempted to locate the price ceiling of their target audience ‑ the American family. Add in a fuel shortage… and the economy slid or shifted but the net effect was everyone lost wealth or spending power.  As a consequence, working for most women is no longer an option.  They have through their own desires harnessed themselves to a self-defeating dilemma.  For married women, the extra money they earn through employment is primarily confiscated by day care.  The additional income is just adequate to permit her to enjoy a marginal increase to her wardrobe, and borrowing ability, at the expense of her family and children.  It’s no secret drug use became rampant ‑ it was an entertainment bargain.


      Those of us born between the years of 1950 ‑1958, and probably several years thereafter, were robbed. We were robbed of the wives our mothers taught us to seek;  robbed of the ability to secure gainful employment in our youth;  robbed of security for our families; and robbed of our dignity as fathers, providers and citizens of the USA. Our constitutional civil rights were revoked by Affirmative Action. And… we were confused. We were really confused: sexually, morally, and socially.  I for one believe men and women continue to suffer from the confusion spawned in the great social experiment of the sixties.  Unfortunately, the repercussions of that experiment are still with us.

       Eight thousand years of human behavior that remained virtually unchanged, rightly or wrongly from today’s socially corrupted perspective, cannot be dismissed or ignored.  There were, and are, bonafide reasons why men provided and women nurtured that extend beyond personal choice. These are instinctual, biological directives that exist within us all.  Everyone, except the socio-psychopath, politically ambitious, academic totalitarians, or journalistically inclined (which are often mutually synonymous) experience this confusion and anxiety whenever these thresholds are breached ‑ it's unnatural.  Consider: Despite many valiant attempts war has not been eradicated, nor poverty, nor bigotry, nor any of the "social ills" that are in reality intuitive human behavioral traits and the negative outcomes that arise when government attempts to control innate human behaviors.  For the most part, we are born with these persuasions; and rightly so.  These behaviors have preserved us as human races.

      Survival… Like it or not, everything, absolutely every human act is based upon survival, and/or as a consequence of a perceived threat to that survival.  Some might argue pleasure is a strong motivator.  It is.  But survival will always be the root of motivation for most.  We turn to pleasure when we do not perceive our survival is threatened.  Now then; there is the element of risk which warps the survival perception and many have written volumes of materials trying to explain the means to that end, so we needn't explore it here; simply be aware of it ‑ some people are stupid.  Preparation for survival purposes influences all behaviors.  It dictates life's roles, prompts domicile location, mandates procreation, supports the theories of natural selection, and most definitively guarantees Survival of the Fittest.

       Society now exists in an artifice.  No matter how finely crafted this artifice, it is recognized in our sub‑conscious for what it is ‑ artificial. We delude ourselves into believing that if we pretend, others may also pretend with us; so is today's society based.  Society exists so long as the pretense is supported by a majority.  But when a majority of societies' members prefer and pursue an alternate course, that survival mandate comes raging back to the forefront so quickly, history tells us the consequences are very often disastrous.

     We are at once teetering on the brink of social and economic collapse.  Men are no longer men ‑ it's rendered illegal.  Men have lost their God given rights and authority in society.  Those rights have been usurped in lieu of a more politically correct, limp wristed, even-handed approach to survival.  When this phenomenon reaches its logical conclusion we can expect the following:

1.  An absence of male aggression and desire to protect. 

2.  Children suffering in poverty because their mothers miscalculated their litigious leverage and the impact divorce would have upon the fathers of their children. 

3.  Sexual dysfunction - not so much from physical malaise as from ill-defined roles that confuse and mentally emasculate.

4.  An exaggerated sense of fashion.

5.  Increased homosexual conduct.

6.  Ineptitude in the workplace ‑ a result of attention to compliance as opposed to efficiency and production.

7.  The absence of power conflicts in the workplace (which foster creativity and efficiency).

8.  Technocratic employment that facilitates compliance with the plethora of employment regulations as opposed to production.

9.  The demise of a manufacturing base that requires physical strength as a course of employment.

10.  Rendering Fathers optional or nonessential to a family structure.

11.  A lack of respect for the male’s contributions to the family and generic denigration of males in general.

12.  Generations of apathetic children who cannot discern in the slightest who (or what) they are or where they belong.


I continue to listen with great amusement to complaints from women who declare there are no "Good" men left.  I suppose they may be right.  Through a cynical, protracted, self-gratifying course of action that had more to do with abating their own sense of confusion resulting from the moral dilemma that arose out of indiscriminate sexual conduct, women felt compelled to secure it all.  Women correctly surmised that men of quality, the type of men they wanted for mates, would label them sluts.  Women knew their chances of depending on these men were slim and the other males were intolerably lame.  Women believed they had to have it all: the job, the opportunity, the power.  Women made the government their surrogate protector and provider.  They convinced themselves they no longer needed men.  They believed the government would legislate their desires ‑ it did.  In a matter of a few years, women destroyed a system that had worked for eight thousand years so they could exercise sexual and professional freedoms.  It didn't quite suffice, though, did it?  Relationships and family are now constructed on a different plane; a plane that is legally qualifiable; a plane that gratifies self-interests in opposition to the good of the family; a plane that continues to deny people the rewards they need most ‑ a sense of being needed, loved, and special ‑ morally significant.  These issues confuse women.  Men are confused as well, but some men, myself included, have managed to cling to their last bastion with a vengeance ‑ instinctually compelled.  Moral significance, this is why men placed women on pedestals and treated them with respect.  Once women shed their moral matrix no man really wanted them for keeps ‑ they were defiled - for motherhood. The one and only reason men marry women with sexual histories these days? It's because they have limited options.  So the majority of men choose women whose sexual pasts they consider the least offensive. Women realize this phenomena. That is why women continually work to cloak the depth and breadth of their sexual activities.  It's sad really; both parties suffer from the same circumstance that inhibits their truer natures.

      Of late, we have further compromised our integrity and solvency in our eagerness to ignore the whole and service the few.  Our government is a Republic - designed to service the interests of the majority and must be directed to that end.  We can no longer afford to service each and every sacrosanct entity created by Affirmative Action that screams for attention and money no matter how compelling their arguments.  We need a return to the past morally, consciously, and fiscally.  

     Women refuse to recognize a simple fact. Men I'm going on record here for all of us - we men allowed women to do this.  We are equally responsible for the deplorable state of affairs that exists in society today.  We assisted women and their goals.  Our penises, as always, took command of our better judgments.  We mistakenly assumed we'd acquire more sex as a consequence of our complicity.                                                                                           

      Consider:  If our forefathers had not so eloquently constructed the government that promotes the society we function within, the female revolt would have never been possible.  Look around, you don't see it elsewhere.  Sure, there are those nations who depend on us so heavily that they create some illusion of compliance to placate our government so their interests remain intact, but afford women full rights and privileges in every corridor under the law - No Way!  We're the only ones stupid enough to punish our children and families that way.  But remember, it's our system.  We can reclaim it.  We owe it to our progeny.  The stability of this country lies in the balance.